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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/23/19  (275)
charles not flame join catholicmatch.com and hideous gooks will message u    03/26/19  (7)
Deutsche Bank allegations against Trump look serious bros    03/26/19  (88)
just woke up from a nightmare where i was the OP in a 400 poa TMF SUV thread    03/26/19  (17)
how the FUCK is Smollett walking?    03/26/19  (59)
Smollett got off because he tried to help Democrats with his hoax    03/26/19  (3)
All charges against Avenatti dropped    03/26/19  (1)
the Mueller in me is the Mueller in you    03/26/19  (1)
Could you trust a girl if she sodomized you on 1st date?    03/26/19  (1)
Could you trust a girl if you sodomized her on 2nd date?    03/26/19  (2)
lol Jussie crip walking all the way to Hollywood millions    03/26/19  (1)
Bought a $15k diamond for wife several years ago ... LOL    03/26/19  (22)
I'v billed 219 hours this year so far    03/26/19  (11)
De Beers to open Oregon factory to churn out 500,000 carats annually    03/26/19  (28)
LJL at the SPS “services” Apple unveiled yesterday    03/26/19  (1)
Taibbi: As the Mueller Probe Ends, New Russiagate Myths Begin    03/26/19  (2)
I thought Kim Foxx recused herself from the Smollett case?    03/26/19  (9)
Is the Fuji X100 the undisputed best, not ridiculously priced mirrorless camera?    03/26/19  (35)
rate this theeconomist obit on brit who sued govt to fund free truvada    03/26/19  (8)
Rate this 29yo nurse    03/26/19  (8)
looked at calendar. have 1 hour meeting to discuss project tracker. quit job?    03/26/19  (5)
I teared up when that bitch stomped on the Joi stick in BR 2049, not flame    03/26/19  (10)
Jussie Smollett case another blatant example of white privilege    03/26/19  (1)
I still can't believe WcW forced Rey Mysterio to lose his mask in '99    03/26/19  (3)
Not too long ago I had abs.    03/26/19  (2)
MPA would you like a few kind words of support    03/26/19  (23)
April trip east coast (New England to DC). Any ideas?    03/26/19  (41)
peterman dressing up as a "slutty parrot" to bird stomper's halloween party    03/26/19  (10)
Chicago PD wants investigation into AG Kim Foxx's conduct re Smollett (link)    03/26/19  (1)
explain college theatre girls who get fully nude on stage w/ parents in audience    03/26/19  (11)
2nd cousin: We can't let our parents see ;) Shrew gf: We need transparency!    03/26/19  (5)
I hate everything. Please kill me.    03/26/19  (8)
Most MIG-21s just end up crashing    03/26/19  (14)
LOL Congressmen don't even show up to committee meetings.    03/26/19  (4)
If only Ivanka had picked earl over Jared, he'd be running the WH    03/26/19  (10)
Lmao rate these GC Apple TV+ offerings    03/26/19  (5)
So there really are 2 white MAGA hat wearing rednecks in Chicago who got away wi    03/26/19  (1)
A lot of you guys know you're huge fucking gay faggots right?    03/26/19  (1)
I contend "Bird Stomper" has stomped exactly zero birds    03/26/19  (8)
What's a good alternative for accutane that I dont need prescription for    03/26/19  (8)
so we looked at the anti-semitic trope data (steve sailer)    03/26/19  (37)
George Washingtons soiled HEMP WAR DIAPER in glass display at National Archive    03/26/19  (6)
Where is Sickly's NPR Vocaroo?    03/26/19  (8)
John Bolton, in war diaper, standing on Venezuelan beach: "Carlos don't surf"    03/26/19  (8)
I am enthusiastic about the prospect of an early death due to alcoholism.    03/26/19  (1)
US News ranking of political science departments    03/26/19  (25)
Over half a million dollars in debt, & I can hear my neighbors fucking thru wall    03/26/19  (11)
very good chance MPAs gf isnt the one but merely ate the one?    03/26/19  (1)
Dude Has A Perfect Bracket Into Round Of 16. 1st Time Ever Per NCAA    03/26/19  (9)
Avenatti still practicing law after accusing SCOTUS of gang rape & beating woman    03/26/19  (3)
Chicago PD has to be losing their minds right now. Probably planning a coup    03/26/19  (3)
herndon tp    03/26/19  (2)
CNN: Marginalized Persons Targeted By Trump Fear Backlash After Avenatti Arrest    03/26/19  (9)
Nothing In The Rules That A Blind Golden Retriever Can't Have His Own Guide Dog    03/26/19  (4)
someone explain why the wall is a priority over e-verify    03/26/19  (21)
Had a real introspective moment last night about being a lawyer    03/26/19  (123)
Jogurt tp    03/26/19  (5)
xo Liz Warren presents plan to bring megacorps to heel    03/26/19  (5)
Nearly 37, have zero IRL friends, zero prospects.    03/26/19  (30)
Quite disturbing captain marvel wasn't a woman of color    03/26/19  (1)
so this company manhattan prep is paying lsat tutors $116/hr?    03/26/19  (3)
lawman8, you dont seem ur real confident self lately.. was it the NZ SHOOTING?    03/26/19  (51)
Steve Sailer > xoxo > Charles > Tucker > Masses    03/26/19  (17)
Libs finally pick up a win: SMOLLETT charges DROPPED    03/26/19  (23)
Congregation Beth Emeth, 12523 Lawyers Road, Herndon, VA 20171 (Link)    03/26/19  (7)
EPAH, nyuug, or TCTP ... which has the worst taste in women?    03/26/19  (4)
i'm now deciding between a new RAV4 hybrid and a 2016-2018 subaru forester turbo    03/26/19  (29)
rented a nissan rogue last week    03/26/19  (16)
The Pentagon bends the knee: transfers $1 billion to Trump for wall construction    03/26/19  (1)
Citizen audits Post Office, gets 180 reactions    03/26/19  (60)
just bought oakley sunglasses after wearing $5 knockoffs for the last 20 years    03/26/19  (53)
Opioid crisis expected death toll: 500,000    03/26/19  (4)
copy/paste, printing, and doc edit bad on phones just to hehe us into laptops    03/26/19  (8)
Sonnet 73    03/26/19  (3)
XO ROUNDTABLE: Should extortion be a crime, if threatened conduct is legal?    03/26/19  (18)
Still a chance the AP poll finds collusion    03/26/19  (13)
There's a great doc on Netflix, Behind the Curve, about Flat Earthers    03/26/19  (6)
If sex with men for money nets $50/sex, how much sex would you have with men    03/26/19  (6)
There is a village outside Oxford called Horton-cum-Studley    03/26/19  (1)
Live PD not discussed enough    03/26/19  (9)
What $1 million gets you in Cape Town    03/26/19  (21)
Silicon Valley could have 5,000 new millionaires after this year's tech IPOs    03/26/19  (2)
WSJ killing it: Accountability for a Dossier (link)    03/26/19  (6)
Chinese war on a Greek city in 100 BCE    03/26/19  (30)
State Department seizes Hillary's passport. Here we go!! (Link)    03/26/19  (2)
Stormy Daniels lawyer is fucking killing it    03/26/19  (54)
taking questions    03/26/19  (21)
trump is a good president, it's okay to be white & fuck libs    03/26/19  (11)
Current best Bluetooth earbuds?    03/26/19  (22)
Mueller Report Has Moscow in Ecstasy, Opening the Way for More Putin Plots    03/26/19  (4)
Rate this $1M home in SAN FRANCISCO    03/26/19  (1)
GS had 600 traders in U.S. cash equities trading desk in 2000, now 2    03/26/19  (58)
Libs: Gorsuch can be removed from SCOTUS if Mueller finds evidence of collusion    03/26/19  (58)
NYT: Disappointed Fans of Mueller Rethink the Pedestal They Built for Him    03/26/19  (30)
How the hell did Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign pass anybody's smell-test    03/26/19  (21)
Libs do understand all the grand jury stuff has to be redacted first right?    03/26/19  (2)
What the hell does "Salesforce" do?    03/26/19  (20)
Individual mandate is toothless now. Why does Trump want to kill Obamacare?    03/26/19  (16)
Yang: jail largest shareholders if company is fined by DOJ >$100M (link)    03/26/19  (4)
How the fuck did GERAGOS get wrapped up in this cockamamie scheme?    03/26/19  (3)
Cute white Chick sent me this SFW    03/26/19  (11)
Friends of Mueller Society    03/26/19  (1)
Off to court today!    03/26/19  (3)
REMINDER: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NYT, WP, NBC are officially FAKE NEWS    03/26/19  (3)
Millennial: "Why can't I afford a home?" (Buys $17.49 avocado toast for breakfas    03/26/19  (37)
Anyone else have a thing for Candace Owens?    03/26/19  (13)
'cain' is a 19y/o swedish au pair that loves older men with drinking problems    03/26/19  (6)
*WH phone rings at 4am* *Trump answers fully dressed in suit and tie*    03/26/19  (229)
*Avenatti approaches u in an alley* "Psst, hey man, u still got ur bar card?"    03/26/19  (1)
TRUMP Campaign to TV networks: here's a list of dems who lied about collusion    03/26/19  (2)
*laugh track* as Fraser Anning enters Seattle apartment, finds kangaroo    03/26/19  (11)
has NYPD caught the 80yo jewish Columbia prof swastika bandit yet    03/26/19  (9)
old mcspaceporn had a farm, e-i-e-i-o. and on that farm he had a chink,e-i-e-i-o    03/26/19  (3)
how do the 'professional'/bureaucratic class live w/ being cumrags for wealthy    03/26/19  (1)
Silent Hill 2 but it's about figuring out why boner police is so angry    03/26/19  (16)
Jury member involuntarily saying "Ohmygod" as SP stands for opening    03/26/19  (35)
Finally rid myself of cystic acne at 39    03/26/19  (73)
princel    03/26/19  (11)
WeWork CEO: Our $20B valuation is based on our energy & spirituality,not revenue    03/26/19  (10)
If Avenatti is cleared of charges, Kav must be removed from SC (NYT0    03/26/19  (2)
Name the GTTTR and Get Thee's Husband porn video    03/26/19  (20)
been in coma since 11/8/16-- have libs been introspective, pivoted to reason    03/26/19  (11)
"US" libs are angry that Mueller didn't lie. these are radicalized crazies    03/26/19  (1)
GTTTR putting on her favorite bulky Minions sweatshirt for another day online    03/26/19  (22)
IT'S OFFICIAL: Most trannies are now more feminine than most genetic women.    03/26/19  (3)
I 1st came to XO as a law student looking for info on capital markets practice    03/26/19  (2)
Wait, Pete Buttplug is literally gay??? Rofl    03/26/19  (4)
Now Kushner can get down to what really matters. link, but u know already    03/26/19  (12)
CNN President: we are not investigators, we are journalists. No regrets on Muell    03/26/19  (1)
Notice trump is one of the few presidents not aging horribly    03/26/19  (4)
lol highest grossing youtuber is a random girl who unboxes kids toys    03/26/19  (25)
2020 dem nominee: "i will accept the results of the electi.." *audience laughs    03/26/19  (24)
There is a reddit for McDonalds employees https://www.reddit.com/r/McLoung
   03/26/19  (25)
EU bans memes (link)    03/26/19  (3)
*GTTTR recording "unboxing" video of $15 Amazon essential oil diffuser*    03/26/19  (3)
Dershowitz: CNN banned me for not conforming to their story on Mueller Report (l    03/26/19  (1)
WLMAS threads: bumped for years after WLMAS dies of the “sugars”    03/26/19  (2)
James Joyce, I need a rating ASAP!    03/26/19  (3)
Avenatti to drop thermonuclear bomb on xoKavanaugh at 4:30 EDT    03/26/19  (86)
that Taibbi "Hate Inc" series is a good read    03/26/19  (4)
The same ppl behind "Trump Can't Win" brought us "Russia Conspiracy"    03/26/19  (3)
I challenge you to name a more alpha actor than Ronnie Cox    03/26/19  (9)
LJL that libs are all in healthcare reform less than ten years after Obamacare    03/26/19  (1)
LOL at the oafishly large Canadian provinces.    03/26/19  (8)
Manafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy    03/26/19  (86)
Cocaine Mitch McConnell to put GREEN NEW DEAL to a vote TODAY    03/26/19  (2)
The Average Millennial Spends $1850 Each Year on Avocados (Forbes)    03/26/19  (6)
(((Barbra Streisand))): The kids LOVED getting fuckt by Michael Jackson    03/26/19  (34)

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