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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/18/18  (217)
What Do Hotshot Crim Defense Bros Do That A Shitty PD Can't?    12/19/18  (7)
CA's Shitlib Supermajority To Pass 2 Years Free Community College For All    12/19/18  (3)
Corp Slave here taking Qs    12/19/18  (21)
are jigsaw puzzles prole or prestigious?    12/19/18  (1)
"I'm a piece of shit" I say out loud as I pour the rest of the Eggnog carton out    12/19/18  (2)
rate this convo b/w proles i overheard at a bar tonight    12/19/18  (1)
De Beers throws in the towel and will start to harvest lab diamonds    12/19/18  (5)
Millennial: "Yeah, I cut the cord, too" *signs up for $300/mo. of streaming serv    12/19/18  (23)
ricketts family emails    12/19/18  (1)
reminder: politics doesn't matter    12/19/18  (8)
best american city for a conservative?    12/19/18  (25)
MSM ramping up conflation of "interference" with "collusion"    12/19/18  (1)
completely unfathomable in hindsight that people bought into those crypto values    12/19/18  (3)
Teen arrested for murder; released; arrested again for more shootings/murder:    12/19/18  (1)
if diversity is our strength, why do cons say diversity is not our strength?    12/19/18  (1)
Being a flashy high-profile criminal defense solo is the best outcome in law    12/19/18  (36)
I got dinged from the LAPD because of EMPLOYMENT ISSUES - TCTP    12/19/18  (17)
Shit. The insider was right. Mnuchin is blaming the stock market on liquidity.    12/19/18  (3)
FBI's Strzok was friends with Flynn's judge. Judge accepted plea then recused    12/19/18  (103)
Intellectual foundation of law just imploded    12/19/18  (3)
so our 'economists' held meeting in 80s, decided to turn China into Superpower?    12/19/18  (10)
High school athletic trainer jerked & sucked off students for 28 years (link)    12/19/18  (64)
if you can't handle me at my resting IQ then you don't deserve me at my burst    12/19/18  (42)
why do federal TRIAL courts write out full written decisions but STATE cts don't    12/19/18  (41)
Check out Eth. It’s almost 100 again    12/19/18  (12)
Fired an associate at reviews, told her not to come in, still comes in everyday    12/19/18  (58)
Video for RSF!    12/19/18  (193)
DTP/gatormo is being quiet on ZILLIQA b/c he bought 50 million ZIL's & is buying    12/18/18  (3)
rate 80 y/o Peter Brimelow's young wife and family    12/18/18  (1)
rate this clip of Trump asking how to pronounce Cardano    12/18/18  (3)
Guess the flag (medium): 🇯🇴    12/18/18  (4)
watch out bros spaceporn is shitposting again this time as "PhilosopherKing"    12/18/18  (52)
Media based on H. P. Lovecraft works - Films (list). How many have you seen?    12/18/18  (1)
"It's FUD! Whale manipulation! They're trying to accumulate cheap coins!" (DTP)    12/18/18  (13)
very happy ETH is triple digits, handing out some to my friends (luis)    12/18/18  (4)
ur 72yo dad at xmas: “and what about-what’s his name? wiener police?”    12/18/18  (9)
Is there a special name for these kinds of nipples? (pic)    12/18/18  (3)
Do female docs EVER do hernia checks?    12/18/18  (26)
Just finished Nick Rowley’s book Trial by Human    12/18/18  (36)
that devry poster is 120 but he's right about biglaw pay    12/18/18  (43)
Every shitcoin bounce seductively teasing you: "Just keep hodling me, daddy"(DTP    12/18/18  (9)
Oh shit nyuug called out earl too    12/18/18  (39)
eye no rike a riberarism issa juss rike rerigion!    12/18/18  (1)
"sultans of swing" plays as chad bartenders eiffel tower TSINAH's gf    12/18/18  (84)
Get Used to It, America: We’re No Longer No. 1 China probably has become the w    12/18/18  (64)
Time to LAUGH at nocoiners!!!!    12/18/18  (5)
Dark horse for MPM: OldHLSdude    12/18/18  (4)
🥛😫    12/18/18  (4)
eating corn is a great way to see how long ur body take to turn food into shit    12/18/18  (1)
xo 2007: Should I upgrade to an M5? xo2018: Never upgrade your iPhone 5C!    12/18/18  (1)
prostitution is haram    12/18/18  (29)
I've become an abject ideologue and it's starting to bother me.    12/18/18  (1)
Did Timothy McVeigh get anything right?    12/18/18  (2)
forget george W bush. i'm the true miserable ailure.    12/18/18  (1)
ITT: Explain the origins of your now permanent moniker    12/18/18  (89)
You’re old. George HW Bush died 13 years ago    12/18/18  (1)
Just turned off auto software updates on iPhone X    12/18/18  (16)
tsinah is the only person in earth who could mange to get cucked by a fake gf    12/18/18  (23)
'The Waltons' theme plays as Muslim grooming gangs rape your daughters    12/18/18  (2)
Lawyer Sanctioned By FL Bar After Caught Using ScanSnap In Orlando Law Library    12/18/18  (2)
Just finished Nick Lowery's autobiography    12/18/18  (2)
anyone read Fukuyama 'Identity'? basically concedes 'civic nationalism' is plot    12/18/18  (2)
And what do artists do? They hold up the mirror to authority. They're canaries    12/18/18  (1)
im gay    12/18/18  (2)
BOBBY DIGITAL giving out kooky week long vacation ideas    12/18/18  (27)
Liftmos: NYUUG Military Press Form Is Awful / Cheating, Right? That Leg Bounce.    12/18/18  (1)
Einstein wasn't all that smart    12/18/18  (54)
Suffocating realization that your shitcoin was not a "hidden gem" all along (DTP    12/18/18  (1)
i poasted here for years b4 realizing all the law talk was just roleplay flame    12/18/18  (3)
U: "Dr Halford checked me for colon cancer" Nurse: "Doctor Who?"    12/18/18  (15)
Upset Jew loves to get buttfucked by hideous hulking big buck niggers    12/18/18  (27)
Literally 100% of millenial "males" are gay    12/18/18  (2)
They’re really force memeing this Holmes and Watson movie.    12/18/18  (3)
Does this guy have gyno or are his pecs good looking?    12/18/18  (10)
The wall isn't about money. The wall is about morality. (Nancy Pelosi)    12/18/18  (1)
is it too late to enter MPM    12/18/18  (5)
Brief, intense national policy debates from recent decades    12/18/18  (2)
is it weird that ted kaczynski wasn’t THAT smart?    12/18/18  (8)
Your old: Stephen Strasburg is 30 and may not have anymore good years left.    12/18/18  (3)
i cant believe im permitted to post here; i have a 110 iq max    12/18/18  (6)
Can't fathom practicing law any longer but no idea what else to do    12/18/18  (16)
LOL at "lawyers" shit talking scientists here, Scientists have cured    12/18/18  (45)
" ... for the protein. Hi, who just joined?"    12/18/18  (9)
Big bull underwriters    12/18/18  (5)
Dumbfuck Asswipe Mutual    12/18/18  (2)
Fat Gay Faggot Financial Holdings, Inc.    12/18/18  (5)
unkillable snake in kansas forces military retreat (news)    12/18/18  (3)
ITT We Discuss House / Apartment Cleaning Tips    12/18/18  (1)
POLL: Can your wife cook?    12/18/18  (49)
lawman8, what are your top Brawl Stars tips?    12/18/18  (45)
Called in favor to MY pal Carol Channing to record msg of support for me in MPM    12/18/18  (5)
“Butt heeth behter thhan Hillary!” screeched the Trumpmo    12/18/18  (18)
POLL: Does your wife have a cock?    12/18/18  (1)
Interviewer to Rowan: "I see here that u're a connoisseur of 'fat nigger dick'?"    12/18/18  (15)
The future will involve injecting yuge amounts of silicone into are pouches    12/18/18  (1)
most cr alcohol to put in egg nog    12/18/18  (27)
are you going to church Christmas Eve    12/18/18  (6)
who tha GOAT rapper? pac, nas, or big?    12/18/18  (34)
The future will involve injecting yuge amounts of aerosols into the stratosphere    12/18/18  (1)
Long form on Ted Kaczynski followers    12/18/18  (17)
Donald Trump should just disband the judiciary    12/18/18  (4)
spaceporn: i'm one of the ten smartest poasters on xo (link)    12/18/18  (15)
EXEUNT - IS NOW TIME TO BUY? *rubs exeunt*    12/18/18  (7)
You don't actually want love, you want hurt    12/18/18  (4)
whatever happened to all those african pirates? did they just knock it off?    12/18/18  (2)
this is by far the worst time in modern history to be alive - what a sick joke    12/18/18  (5)
Flynn's eyes narrowing as he sees yellow fringe in congressional chamber    12/18/18  (30)
stuck in my current frog monicker like captain ginyu.    12/18/18  (2)
Feederism    12/18/18  (1)
Alan Dershowitz Is Lying To You [PopeHat]    12/18/18  (6)
Trump should order FBI to start recording interviews    12/18/18  (3)
reminder: trump/jared just caused the death of thousands    12/18/18  (3)
no wall, mexico gets $$$$$, criminal justice reform (i.e. minorities kill whites    12/18/18  (2)
what poast makes you irl lol whenever you think about it?    12/18/18  (9)
So libs ruined Mike Flynn's life because he fibbed to his political opponents?    12/18/18  (6)
Wilbur, you should buy a Speedmaster Pro    12/18/18  (3)
ASK ME ABOUT ASYLUM - lawyers aiding human trafficking    12/18/18  (2)
spaceporn did commit defamation, right?    12/18/18  (22)
Congress BENDS THE KNEE:$5.8BILLION to keep Central American peasants over there    12/18/18  (17)
do people want to believe in creationism because they think it is "good"    12/18/18  (1)
do people do drugs in las vegas    12/18/18  (6)
How bad does a psychotic break have to be before you know you need intervention?    12/18/18  (17)
Twitter/MySpace Account of kid who murdered his family    12/18/18  (3)
Dersh throws out a legal HYPOTHETICAL    12/18/18  (98)
LMAO lebron just got blown out by worst team in the NBA    12/18/18  (10)
could very honestly and not flame drink a gallon of egg nog    12/18/18  (18)
dumb libs fucking love “studies”    12/18/18  (8)
WashPost: Some knowledge should remain forbidden    12/18/18  (64)
Rating poasters as insufferable podcast names that don’t exist to my knowledg    12/18/18  (29)
brother's wife cooks dinner for him every night at 5:30 PM. my lib parents MAF    12/18/18  (11)
term for a male shrew?    12/18/18  (18)
everything you’ll ever be is locked in at age 13    12/18/18  (9)
Rowan joyously announcing love for nog at x-mas time    12/18/18  (3)
2 years into the Trump administration: Why don't we still have race riots?    12/18/18  (1)
Frederick Douglass was one of the best writers ever in history.    12/18/18  (31)
Enraged that I wasnt forced to learn an ancient language at young age    12/18/18  (3)
RATE this PRESTIGIOUS YALE crew roster. Tall ass chads.    12/18/18  (4)
*grabs mic at earl's hs reunion* "earl you faggot lol!" (doobs)    12/18/18  (147)
My iphone 6s battery drained very quickly after upgrading to iOS 12    12/18/18  (18)
*doobs and nyuug fighting over mic at earl's HS reunion*    12/18/18  (2)
Love putting in a food order <20m before the restaurant closes.    12/18/18  (4)
did any European countries have civil wars (like the US) over African-Americans    12/18/18  (7)
Rate this 14yo teen flaunting her butt in a string bikini    12/18/18  (2)
How hard to live up to 77?    12/18/18  (2)
black fiance schooled red lobster waiter abt what 'endless shrimp' means    12/18/18  (14)

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