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STICKY: New account requests   05/25/18  (211)
Any married bros NOT have a prenup?    05/27/18  (16)
The people here have a very deranged and warped view of women.    05/27/18  (1)
Elizabeth Warren is quietly working to defang Trump's 'Pocahontas' slur as 2020    05/27/18  (84)
ITT: poast the last time you used a condom    05/27/18  (30)
How do you make your coffee?    05/27/18  (6)
Yale dominates Albany to go Lax national final    05/27/18  (2)
I will edit a law firm's wiki article according to your instructions    05/27/18  (6)
Takei: a "sacrifice he should be willing to make for the cause"    05/27/18  (3)
   05/27/18  (26)
RATE This Wake Forest Tennis Player HOOK Opp In NCAA Finals (VID) #tennis    05/27/18  (7)
The worst Sopranos season is season 5    05/27/18  (8)
Reminder: Transgender soldiers would need to have combat dilators in the field    05/27/18  (54)
Spaceporn: "I'm tired of pegging." Wife: "No, you're not."    05/27/18  (18)
remember steve bannon    05/27/18  (5)
Think Weinstein will get off?    05/27/18  (5)
PSA: Telling a girl "just the tip" and then proceeding to insert fully is RAPE    05/27/18  (2)
Driving wife's car, i hit flowerpot in the driveway    05/27/18  (31)
Russian Army invades Central African Republic at request of its President    05/27/18  (7)
stan lee redpilled    05/27/18  (2)
the rolling turds - street shitting man.mp3    05/27/18  (1)
McDonalds new fresh beef quarter pounders are a game changer    05/27/18  (14)
why do salads in america have so much lettuce    05/27/18  (3)
7 Lucky Losers In The RG Main Draw #tennis    05/27/18  (1)
Trumps war of attrition against Mueller bears fruit among Republicans    05/27/18  (1)
WTF is wrong with being racist?    05/27/18  (50)
Guy going to jail for 15 years for giving away free PC restore software    05/27/18  (45)
Anyone else have an overweight girlfriend who eats ear wax?    05/27/18  (1)
Five Guys is better than Shake Shack    05/27/18  (52)
ITT: List all media subscriptions you currently have    05/27/18  (41)
daniel ricciardo about to drink champagne out of a shoe    05/27/18  (3)
J Alfred Prufrock scrolling through 2018 bumble profiles - "haha wow holy shit"    05/27/18  (9)
To me these houses in Pittsburgh, Pa. are 180    05/27/18  (8)
a couple of movies that are actually good that i didnt like at first..    05/27/18  (24)
Had to ask my wife for money for bluetooth headphones so I can jack off quietly    05/27/18  (1)
"Actually brehj I have two jobs" RSF poasted from Mykonos on a Wednesday in May    05/27/18  (15)
Are trumptard whites prepared to pay 2x-3x as much for lettuce?    05/27/18  (72)
BG Correctly Shits On RG's Shitty Website #tennis    05/27/18  (1)
How do you know if you're a sex addict?    05/27/18  (9)
Baby Guo-Stein writing first Yelp screed using magnetic letters    05/27/18  (4)
The funniest Consuela/libslurper conspiracytard links are the ones    05/27/18  (3)
Roland Garros Day 1 (5/27) Spoilers #tennis    05/27/18  (1)
Hypo: Your dog turns into hot girl (8.5/10) for exactly 60 min. Do you fuck her?    05/27/18  (9)
Radek Stepanek Divorces Hot Russian WTA Star, Knocks Her Up, Remarries #tennis    05/27/18  (1)
White guys going after Azn girls is way worse than white girls going after black    05/27/18  (2)
BSU Bacsinszky Out Of The WTA Top 300 #tennis    05/27/18  (1)
Hulk Hogan responds to Elon Musk tweet    05/27/18  (7)
Resident Evil Code Veronica but its set at Cadwalader    05/27/18  (2)
Met a legit fob Asian psychopath from an app. How to proceed? (pics) (DTP)    05/27/18  (51)
walked past laguardia HS today as school was letting out.    05/27/18  (10)
Why didnt the FBI take the Server from the DNC?    05/27/18  (1)
Tony Blair Pro Skater 2    05/27/18  (3)
Best Elon Musk tweet yet?    05/27/18  (32)
*holds finger under your nose* "smell that? that's my boipussy"    05/27/18  (5)
*Hulk Hogan voice* That duck sauce smells strong, brother!    05/27/18  (11)
tall men. powerful men. men with hair. men with businesses.    05/27/18  (4)
Nigger cums in happy meal gives two kids HIV    05/27/18  (136)
Odds Trump wins in 2020?    05/27/18  (12)
List Dems who have a zero percent chance against Trump in 2020    05/27/18  (5)
Just finished 60 day water fast. Taking questions    05/27/18  (66)
Protip: never jerk off or watch pron    05/27/18  (1)
Got drunk and wore a skirt to the bar last night as a joke    05/27/18  (1)
Oh my God, Tony Blair is such a fucking pimp.    05/27/18  (5)
ITT: Ranking is best directors of all time    05/27/18  (1)
Import third world people -> become third world country    05/27/18  (96)
You have to be pretty retarded to not be racist by now    05/27/18  (5)
oh u enjoy fingering my asshole? fucking faggot please continue    05/27/18  (117)
I had a dream I was back in law school and everyone knew I was racist.    05/27/18  (2)
'Individualist' minorities gloating about creating white minority demo in USA    05/27/18  (1)
how many people here have an abortion    05/27/18  (1)
time to go to church *jerks off and posts gay shit for 16hrs and is late to work    05/27/18  (1)
You can't leave your wife at home, she needs at least a chill part time    05/27/18  (10)
Poll: how much money did you make in the last week?    05/27/18  (12)
Trumpmos, what do you think the next Dem POTUS is going to do to you guys    05/27/18  (9)
pretty dope spanish pop song    05/27/18  (4)
Relationship advice needed, bros    05/27/18  (12)
Crazy that the White House is occupied by a literal traitor    05/27/18  (4)
Would be Lulzy AF if Elizabeth Warren beats Trump in 2020    05/27/18  (5)
GGTP spending Memorial Day weekend in Asian    05/27/18  (6)
So Asian males are 5'6, tan and hairless, tight little waists and cute feet    05/27/18  (2)
uncomfortable truth: "CharlesXII" is a gigantic fucking loser    05/27/18  (116)
i need a manakin w wife' face on it so i can punch it when im pissed at her.    05/27/18  (1)
Only 4 people that have strolled on an extraterrestrial body are alive today    05/27/18  (2)
Lets be real. I hate my life and I want to die. Fuck this shit.    05/27/18  (17)
BUMP DAILY: Has Nancy Leong reported her attempted kidnapping to police?    05/27/18  (34)
*It's just you and Tim Cook in gym locker room*    05/27/18  (5)
Blue smoke staggering into work with a hypodermic needle dangling from her chest    05/27/18  (5)
(To the tune of the Power Rangers theme song) ALL CASH CHINESE BUYERS    05/27/18  (46)
(to "Don't Stop Believing") Just a Chaebong Hyung / A coward piece of human dung    05/27/18  (87)
Airline hostesses in Asia are beautiful    05/27/18  (34)
Baby Guo-Stein's first assault rifle    05/27/18  (1)
LUNTZ ON FOX RIGHT NOW: "My polls showing Trump is finished beca    05/27/18  (6)
How many votes were cast for David French?    05/27/18  (1)
Man in high Castle--worth watching?    05/27/18  (8)
bourdain stirs baby parts "oh yeah u don't get this texture in the 1st trimester    05/27/18  (64)
To red blooded patriotic conservative American males who didnt serve: why not?    05/27/18  (14)
DAVID FRENCH is Bill Kristol's 3rd party candidate    05/27/18  (49)
movie idea: shrews haunted by ghosts of their aborted children    05/27/18  (4)
Lucky Charms leprechaun getting sucked into abortion vacuum    05/27/18  (4)
Breitbart covers political prisoner Tommy Robinson's arrest by UK    05/27/18  (4)
NYUUG done here    05/27/18  (1)
Is a debaucherous life a noble life? Dinosaurs died off 66 million years ago.    05/27/18  (1)
The Hill: already presumes Trump will lose, talks about Paul Ryan running 2020    05/27/18  (6)
Daily Stoic, 5/27/18    05/27/18  (4)
Standing in line outside Radio City to cop NIN tickets, taking ?s    05/27/18  (8)
whatever happened to HITACHI vibrators?    05/27/18  (8)
spent 4 months becoming really good friends with a "lesbian" to fuck her    05/27/18  (17)
Happy 1 Year Anniversary of Lawman8's Particularly Memorable Memorial Day Sex    05/27/18  (1)
All cash Chinese buyers angling for the entire Yale 2019 incoming spots    05/27/18  (3)
Haha YES! Boner police showed up and is being irreverent to BOTH sides!!    05/27/18  (33)
Chaebong Hyung / Won't you come / to tonight's noraebang?    05/27/18  (31)
oh wow this obnoxious smarmy dork uses memes on a dating article. XO 180!!!!!    05/27/18  (9)
Chinese fuerdai runs you over in AMG C63 on way to job that pays off 300K lawl s    05/27/18  (1)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    05/27/18  (679)
rate this Ukrainian beer label (pic)    05/27/18  (7)
"Oh yeah this is amazing" askav slurping Mongolian cock on "Parts Unknown"    05/27/18  (1)
Bush confesses to wife beating    05/27/18  (1)
These kids are dominating Halloween. U: pillow case ghost (or klansman)    05/27/18  (1)
Sexual Penetration: How long can you guys last with condom and going bareback?    05/27/18  (10)
So to confirm we're nearly 2 yrs into DT's first term, and Reps have no legisla    05/27/18  (5)
Xo is rich yet complains online ljl    05/27/18  (3)
Quit biglaw and join army - you can stiill make it    05/27/18  (1)
Cute girls with loose smelly pussies    05/27/18  (2)
Everything is a lie!    05/27/18  (2)
Taking a pipe to all the frauds legs in fraud sport    05/27/18  (2)
Anything left lib frauds havent came for    05/27/18  (2)
Sport is massive fraud thats been ruined so long along with everything else    05/27/18  (2)
Rate this video of Scott Stapp    05/27/18  (13)
fuck the haters: just had chicken saag for breakfast    05/27/18  (2)
Russia's new Su-57 "stealth" fighter is not stealth. It is, however, shitty.    05/27/18  (42)
#1 Shrew psychopath tell: Woman smiling for camera, ignoring her man.    05/27/18  (18)
Assholes who say tis    05/27/18  (1)
why doesnt biglaw just get a big dorm for all first year associates?    05/27/18  (2)
ZAP TO THE EXTREME    05/27/18  (1)
For my last meal I'd actually pick a bacon cheese burger. Bar fries on the side.    05/27/18  (4)
if you want to know what has gone haywire in EVERY single white country: women    05/27/18  (16)
imagine being at DMB - Live at Luther College jfc    05/27/18  (3)
Once we've circled up on the final ask, I'll loop in the relevant stakeholders    05/27/18  (5)
Big Citymos: Do people actually jog in crowded cities? How is this possible?    05/27/18  (25)
that aint no turrrrtle back stimmm    05/27/18  (1)
Fuck my ass! Spent $9,582 today.    05/27/18  (26)
Trump: "Why did libs force me to pardon Hope Hicks?"    05/27/18  (5)
Tekashi 6ix 9ine with ANOTHER banger. That's 7 in a row. (link)    05/27/18  (2)
*WLMAS sets alarm for 8 a.m. so he can ruin the board on a Sunday morning*    05/27/18  (1)
i aint no circle back girrrlllll    05/27/18  (12)
SUMMON:. dirte (OpSop)    05/27/18  (1)
Who will libs side in this case?    05/27/18  (6)
this David Bowie quote on Los Angeles is 180    05/27/18  (11)
Elizabeth Warren used to be smoking. (link)    05/27/18  (8)
Hypo: $200k per year which flyover city do you live in    05/27/18  (44)
Turkey will buy new Russian stealth jet    05/27/18  (4)

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