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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/10/19  (244)
ppl on FOX now refer to ocasio-cortez verbally as 'A-O-C'    01/16/19  (2)
Up to 2800 trophies in brawl stars    01/16/19  (25)
So the CEO of WeWork leases buildings he owns back to WeWork    01/16/19  (39)
Your lawyer Rudy Giuliani admitting all allegations in your answer    01/16/19  (51)
Who was most EVIL character in Sopranos, Wire, Breaking Bad    01/16/19  (39)
There are massive similarities between Hitler and Jesus.    01/16/19  (6)
ITT: COUNTERINTUITIVE Cheapo Moves That Goyim Do, But Jews Don't Do    01/16/19  (85)
Rate this watch company's response to the Gilette ad: "What is a man?"    01/16/19  (5)
Jewish porn stars with big tits    01/16/19  (23)
Ironside, Thoughts On UVA Hottie Danielle Collins #tennis    01/16/19  (13)
Booked a $300 round-trip flight to FRANKFURT in two weeks. Taking suggestions    01/16/19  (37)
is that Ozark show in Netflix any good?    01/16/19  (9)
Broke teen who sold kidney for an iPhone now bedridden for life (link)    01/16/19  (6)
Great, US soliders killed by ISIS in blast in Syria. Now we'll never leave    01/16/19  (26)
*you, 37, looking in mirror before wedding, 34 yr old match.com fiance awaits    01/16/19  (453)
LMAO at Giuliani admitting that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians    01/16/19  (9)
Federal courts to sell rulings to stay open - link    01/16/19  (1)
Vermeule pwns Leiter    01/16/19  (8)
Jalathan "Jalen" Hurts    01/16/19  (1)
"Honey, what does 'Penis of Luis' mean?" "....Uh, fuck if I know."    01/16/19  (2)
Prole goyim get upset when you tell them you don't tip 30% at bars and restauran    01/16/19  (9)
Does CSLG make over a million in gross revenue ? Or net?    01/16/19  (22)
starting to realize I really niggered up my life    01/16/19  (46)
diabolical degenerate shooting his goon    01/16/19  (3)
predict life in the USA vs life in Australia over the next 30 years    01/16/19  (11)
2019: Libs cheering for more aggressive FBI. Cons cheering for Russia    01/16/19  (20)
I question the IQ of anyone who enjoys anything    01/16/19  (4)
Astrological Bulletin - January 2019    01/16/19  (1)
The only situation where my gut is wrong is with women    01/16/19  (2)
Rate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's boyfriend (pic)    01/16/19  (48)
Bros China is EVERYWHERE in Africa, WTF are we doing about it?    01/16/19  (107)
Can a senior associate at a top firm lateral to non-equity at a V50?    01/16/19  (5)
Is it a bad idea to get fired?    01/16/19  (24)
why the fuck do we need a revival of Roswell the Katherine heigl tv show?    01/16/19  (3)
im quite possibly the smartest and best looking poster here    01/16/19  (1)
Are very tall girls (5'9, 5'10 and up) tcr for tall bros?    01/16/19  (51)
Theological Bulletin - January 2019    01/16/19  (1)
Why cant they do driverless cars in downtowns of big cities yet    01/16/19  (34)
Aus Open Day 4 (1/17) Official Thread #tennis #truesttest    01/16/19  (15)
New Message    01/16/19  (1)
Libs: "Russia is trying to divide us! BTW all Trump supporters are Nazis"    01/16/19  (7)
Made fresh tracks all day today    01/16/19  (21)
charles, Attack on Titan question for you    01/16/19  (4)
New xo crew: jersey guys with SUVs.    01/16/19  (42)
Non-zero probability that leolenin is Richard Spencer    01/16/19  (4)
my multiracial baby victims will be intersectional as fuck (sp)    01/16/19  (1)
So is America in a full scale civil war now over immigration+wall?    01/16/19  (147)
Is $300k supposed to be good now?    01/16/19  (115)
NYT: There is nothing wrong with open borders    01/16/19  (60)
Petition to BAN anyone that uses edgy reddit "meh" in their poasting    01/16/19  (25)
dog competes in half marathon, finishes in 7th place    01/16/19  (1)
Getting married. Life has purpose. Job finally secure.    01/16/19  (3)
Will assfaggot rape my son if I have kids    01/16/19  (6)
Rate this sign for employees, posted by GC (Golden Corral, that is)    01/16/19  (19)
ITT: Examples Of GC Flooding The Market w Similar Products Owned By Same Company    01/16/19  (50)
jack bogle: had 19 heart attacks and a heart transplant. u: poast    01/16/19  (1)
most left positions have just become surrealistically stupid    01/16/19  (1)
3rd Altair UCAV takes to the red Soviet skies    01/16/19  (1)
Bassmos: picked up a fender rumble 40 yesterday. great value.    01/16/19  (13)
true detective s3 solved i think (spoilers)    01/16/19  (27)
remember when we destroyed our nat'l demographics in exchange for mexican food?    01/16/19  (1)
Ocasio-Cortez destroys Gov. Scott Walker    01/16/19  (3)
BIZ IDEA: Turd Tongs. when u take a shit so perfect I grab it with ur bare hand    01/16/19  (1)
No puedo. Yo tengo autismo    01/16/19  (12)
petition to ban the next person who says nigger    01/16/19  (3)
Rate Russia’s new take on naval propellors    01/16/19  (1)
ITT, rating poasters as absurd anime premises or fanbase phenomenons    01/16/19  (291)
Insane how "US" libs are obsessed w destroying their own country w open borders    01/16/19  (4)
51 year old white dude drops black teen with THUNDEROUS LEFT HOOK    01/16/19  (210)
Can someone bump the thread about marrying a 35 year old Match shrew?    01/16/19  (1)
Gary writing up AOC for showing up stoned to her Golden Corral hostess shift    01/16/19  (2)
What was the first color?    01/16/19  (1)
Whats the deal with buick?    01/16/19  (6)
You should be able to spread an entire jar of peanut butter on your anogenital g    01/16/19  (1)
Test    01/16/19  (3)
XO Tulsi: "Chomsky was right"    01/16/19  (2)
Cuomo telling audience he punches and attacks "bigots" and advocates for others    01/16/19  (1)
There are still counties in America that are 98% WHITE    01/16/19  (20)
Just started listening to the audiobook about the disappearance of Maura Murray    01/16/19  (1)
Meh, I think most of the criticisms of the gillette ad were unfounded    01/16/19  (4)
WOAH CNN anchor advocating punching people who disagree with them.    01/16/19  (1)
The Ancient Greeks had the same aesthetic sensibilities as DTP    01/16/19  (2)
Centrists done here.    01/16/19  (6)
ur wife's cunt is a superfund site    01/16/19  (11)
Went for a physical today. Doctor told me my dick shrunk almost a full inch.    01/16/19  (2)
You just spend $3k per year on cell phone data if you have a family?    01/16/19  (4)
Can ANOGENITAL DISTANCE be used as a tranny tell?    01/16/19  (7)
πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’NIGGERπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’    01/16/19  (7)
NYU Law grad killed in Kenya hotel siege was 9-11 survivor (link    01/16/19  (1)
Avenatti savages Beto.    01/16/19  (6)
Libs literally believe they are surrounded by Russian-led Nazis on all sides.    01/16/19  (17)
Bassmos: swallowed a minnow and a grasshopper yesterday. great value.    01/16/19  (1)
Meh, I dont see why being born here should give me privilege    01/16/19  (1)
Too bad St. Patty's day couldn't be on a Saturday every year.    01/16/19  (1)
Combined Arms Battalion logistics expert here. Taking Qs about CAB logistics    01/16/19  (6)
Why did "dancing" become so primitive?    01/16/19  (1)
full list of Darden restauraunts itt    01/16/19  (7)
did Nancy Pelosi's grandson get his birthday wish to become Mexican?    01/16/19  (1)
Disney animals dancing, laughing, singing "Holocaust was a lie!    01/16/19  (2)
WP fact-checking Trump's "Mile High" claim for his pile of burgers with precise    01/16/19  (4)
In San Francisco, H-1B Visa Holders Bring a Culture of Street Defecation (NYT)    01/16/19  (1)
Jooz are 50% of the U.S. population, right?    01/16/19  (4)
Remember when Trump called for Canada style immigration & they called him racist    01/16/19  (1)
Peterman: Good. Now shatter the bottle. Trucker: Jesus fuck    01/16/19  (43)
Demographic issues can be totally solved through 2 generations of big families    01/16/19  (1)
risten, modelate democlat hele. I suppoh a common sense bolder seculity    01/16/19  (2)
Is Sharyl Attkisson the best primer on Lib propaganda?    01/16/19  (8)
Is Intermittent Fasting flame?    01/16/19  (18)
haha is your phone working OK?    01/16/19  (7)
everyone who poasts herebis literally a dumb faggottt    01/16/19  (4)
judge: "i'm inclined to drop all charges..." Rudy: "no we're ready for trial    01/16/19  (37)
"i love going dancing" you lied pathetically to the bumble 4    01/16/19  (91)
"I see under 'Interests' on your resume you have 'Exposing the Holohoax.' Can yo    01/16/19  (40)
NOT FLAME: There is a company called "Doob" that makes little figurine of you    01/16/19  (18)
Jesus didn’t come back from the dead    01/16/19  (27)
Meet The Charter School Where The First Language Is Spanish, And The Racists Who    01/16/19  (5)
Do all the poasters with kids pay for private school or live out in the burbs?    01/16/19  (33)
Is it a good idea to make enemies?    01/16/19  (2)
Going to eat pork entrails for dinner tonight.    01/16/19  (2)
"Hehe diaper" said the 35 y/o balding lawyer as he typed "diaper"    01/16/19  (13)
New apartment building wants me to pay 2 $300 "one time fees"    01/16/19  (3)
I've got 53 more bills to edit before my first meeting tomorrow at 830    01/16/19  (3)
Bart is good AG pick. Non partisan enough to pressure comey, Clinton, steel, etc    01/16/19  (2)
technically any Britain region can retroactively sign the US Declaration of Inde    01/16/19  (9)
XO alkies: ever take that rehab drug that makes you violently ill from 1 drink?    01/16/19  (5)
Imagine society of all white republican men, then one of all Dem WOC    01/16/19  (6)
Law school now $100,000 a yr., hehe    01/16/19  (158)
Canadian comedian in court over controversial joke (link)    01/16/19  (1)
The Mission (1986)    01/16/19  (1)
transgender, nuclear-qualified, Navy veteran rabbi isn’t happy with Trump’s    01/16/19  (20)
Got home from class on my b day and my girlfriend was waiting for me like this..    01/16/19  (8)
Artists rendering of what the average "American" will look like in 200 years.    01/16/19  (14)
Hillary Clinton will win the 2020 US presidential election    01/16/19  (1)
comma comma comma comma comma chameleon    01/16/19  (4)
DBG confronts NYPD Traffic Officer after Illegally Parking car (Video)    01/16/19  (66)
Problem with TT's term "Birdshits"    01/16/19  (29)
Haven't watched "news" in months. So negative/anti-Trump it's a joke.    01/16/19  (68)
Thinking about quitting my job and working with my wife    01/16/19  (67)
Does Pelosi really want the SOTU delivered at a Minnesota Trump Rally    01/16/19  (6)
Reminder: Any party that focuses more on food than booze is a SHIT party    01/16/19  (1)
Bump this thread everyday as a reminder that the Holocaust is fraudlies    01/16/19  (2)
Libs 2018: We don't actually want open borders. Libs 2019: OPEN BORDERS NOW!    01/16/19  (10)
Imagine how happy spaceporn junior will be when he finds out he’s adopted    01/16/19  (10)
Prolific posters that don't "get" xo    01/16/19  (37)
Holy shit. Had no idea BETO is Dems 2020 favorite in Predictit.    01/16/19  (50)
Earl wtf is going on with Ed Case.    01/16/19  (9)
James Watson won’t stop talking about race (NYT)    01/16/19  (39)
Libs: "We're not for open borders but hey if you show up you should be let in"    01/16/19  (21)
so the 'Adults In The Room' all want open borders to angrily spite Trump now?    01/16/19  (30)
"Do these guys really want salads? Should I have Melania make some salads?"    01/16/19  (1)

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