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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/14/18  (216)
Kind of creepy if there AREN'T bikini/nude pics of Ocasio-Cortez    12/18/18  (7)
Meet Desmond the 10 year-old drag queen    12/18/18  (75)
This blows my mind: House Ethics Rules prevent me from receiving a $100 gift car    12/18/18  (40)
A full 2 yrs later: NYT still running 5 articles/day on "Russian internet trolls    12/18/18  (4)
Student loan debt is now twice as large as pre-ITE    12/18/18  (47)
17 active investigations against Trump... NBD, totally normal!    12/18/18  (26)
U: debt pwnt, shit law. Plumber: Currently buying second home    12/18/18  (1)
*Gray Parrots talking shit about chimpanzees being low IQ*    12/18/18  (1)
You die alone locked in with your dog    12/18/18  (4)
It Takes a Nation of Millions to Prop Us Up    12/18/18  (1)
I have no desire to visit China or India    12/18/18  (123)
Oh shit nyuug called out earl too    12/18/18  (23)
someone set their Alexa to sync up with live tuna wink$ (video, not flame)    12/18/18  (3)
Re: I will not attend this year’s Christmas Party    12/18/18  (12)
Most American adults dont understand progressive tax brackets    12/18/18  (5)
Why is Bloodacre's dick so small? Because things don't grow in the shade!    12/18/18  (2)
Ocasia-Cortez on all fours, tonguing your balls, "Now can I raise taxes?”    12/18/18  (11)
ITT: We List Non-Traditional Ways to Go In House Counsel    12/18/18  (2)
How does your physique compare to this bodybuilder with Down Syndrome?    12/18/18  (2)
Basically lol @ how avocado became an acceptable fat delivery system    12/18/18  (15)
"On balance? In balance." *head drops into a pile of TuTu and Xanny*    12/18/18  (10)
RSF I'm callin you out boi - POAST a shirtless pic ITT    12/18/18  (401)
AVOCADO is the POTUS of fruits    12/18/18  (13)
hypo: this chick is ur UG thesis advisor and she summons u to her office via ema    12/18/18  (8)
Fwd: Re: I will not attend this year’s Christmas Party    12/18/18  (2)
I have done a YUUUGE amount of AUTISTIC as FUCK planning for 2019    12/18/18  (27)
LOL @ how hard AA fucks you on upgrades LGA-PBI    12/18/18  (6)
When I meet genuine aspie people irl they aren't nasty or unpleasant people, jus    12/18/18  (4)
"Haha, no I know blogging involves a lot of late hours. Haha no worries."    12/18/18  (5)
what's so bad about DYING ALONE    12/18/18  (5)
Should I quit my job and hie to Silicon Valley??    12/18/18  (35)
Anyone ever get the urge to suck cock, take loads and do real faggot shit?    12/18/18  (5)
Marriage worthy girl sings in church (vid)    12/18/18  (17)
It's been three years. Has DJ Khaled fired his personal trainer and chef yet?    12/18/18  (5)
NYUUG makes video calling out PETERMAN; sucks golf ball through a garden hose    12/18/18  (1)
Rudolph's death captured on video in Russia.    12/18/18  (4)
🚨🚨🚨*** BEST THREADS OF 2018 RETROSPECTIVE *** 🚨🚨🚨 MONSTERDONG    12/18/18  (32)
"doggo" taking a wet shit 4 ft from your $36pp brunch    12/18/18  (1)
"Try my flourless no-bake chocolate cake!" *paints hunk of cream cheese brown*    12/18/18  (3)
I honestly don’t see why it’s bad to eat dogs.    12/18/18  (11)
"Haha, that's okay. I'll bring my dog to movie with extra ticket! Haha no worrie    12/18/18  (3)
Gary Sinise seems like a 180 bro    12/18/18  (5)
Michelle Obama claims she's smarter than people at nonprofits, foundations    12/18/18  (1)
you aren't JUST LIKE me so you must be ASIAN and that's BAD    12/18/18  (1)
Why not just get Dentures at 30? Prestigious Pearly whites    12/18/18  (2)
The faggot who made that "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" video just died.    12/18/18  (1)
told scumbag NIGGER that I wasn't going to pay him for his services    12/18/18  (4)
Jamie Stelter is one HOT news traffic reporter.I really enjoy her morning report    12/18/18  (7)
I honestly don't see why it's bad to eat cum    12/18/18  (1)
easton stick is from omaha could've won 49 games for nebraska instead on NDST    12/18/18  (1)
Went on a date with wife earlier    12/18/18  (37)
NY Post: "2nd Child Hurts Parents' Mental Health" (Guess race of family in pic)    12/18/18  (1)
I honestly don’t see why it’s bad to eat corn dogs.    12/18/18  (1)
Long form on Ted Kaczynski followers    12/18/18  (14)
I honestly don’t see why it’s bad to eat hot dogs.    12/18/18  (2)
As a Northeasterner, we tend to look down on the South, but question--    12/18/18  (71)
yo ironside, u wanna talk 90210?    12/18/18  (32)
"I don't do passive income...more like, submissive income." *beady eyes narrow*    12/18/18  (1)
Why do people say modern life is "so stressful" when it's never been easier?    12/18/18  (29)
An Indian railing against Jews, yet in Israel they don't shit in the street?    12/18/18  (1)
Rate this MSNBC guest's take on Trump's criminality, future    12/18/18  (3)
Remember when some of you faggots called yourselves “Whokebians?”    12/18/18  (25)
Is writing a novel the best way to get passive income    12/18/18  (5)
MPM selection committee: waffle stomp tp, you're going dancing! *farts cum*    12/18/18  (1)
hi, i'm "God Emperor Trump." new poster, first day. i'm pickle rick btw.    12/18/18  (4)
Insane Twitter libs pledge they won’t support any white male Dems in primary    12/18/18  (39)
Defense calls pros lawyers a "disgrace to the profession"    12/18/18  (19)
a LARGE NUMBER of biglawyers are SEX TOURISTS    12/18/18  (2)
Video for RSF!    12/18/18  (174)
Alt-Right Message Written On Free Speech Wall    12/18/18  (63)
how do dems suggest that social media sites stop "russian influence"    12/18/18  (13)
how pissed are Dems at all the "jewish influence" during elections?    12/18/18  (1)
is PANAMA CITY, PANAMA a kooky place to visit    12/18/18  (45)
online dating bitch who cancelled last minute now wants to reschedule    12/18/18  (5)
"Another day, another dollar" said the Uighur laborer in a literal way.    12/18/18  (1)
How do men stay engaged in modern society    12/18/18  (1)
"You've been out of pocket a while. Wanna come back to the fold?" This is an aut    12/18/18  (1)
everyone posting geeky shit about "MPM" is a yuge queer    12/18/18  (82)
overall quality of XO posting has really gone to shit this year    12/18/18  (3)
Hehe I change moniker to "most auspicious leader trump." Dey uh never know I azn    12/18/18  (1)
Here are my MPM predictions for 2018    12/18/18  (6)
What ever happened to Foggy Bottom Dreaming?    12/18/18  (3)
My MPM elite 8 prediction ITT    12/18/18  (3)
Re: Your proposed vacation days    12/18/18  (3)
boner police beaming with pride as 6 of his alts are nominated for MPM    12/18/18  (1)
Anyone here own and recommend a Fitbit watch?    12/18/18  (2)
"i know, i'll change my moniker to 'Great Emperor Trump.' that'll fool them."    12/18/18  (7)
National Action Speech in Darlington, reproduction of which is literally illegal    12/18/18  (2)
Mueller accused of rape    12/18/18  (7)
this place has distinctly changed in the past 4 months    12/18/18  (61)
It begins: giant inflatable snowmen fight in Oregon    12/18/18  (4)
you're old: this is the hot lead singer from 90s band 'Garbage'    12/18/18  (3)
rimmed peterman 😝, tasted like a warhead 🤢    12/18/18  (3)
Arugula is 180 on sandwiches    12/18/18  (5)
Whenever you see "California ______" on a menu, it just means they added avocado    12/18/18  (1)
JCM: I will finally be checking TOOL off my list.    12/18/18  (12)
Study: African Americans are baboons who need to be catapulted back to Africa    12/18/18  (77)
Alfa Romeo Giulia - why not cop this thing?    12/18/18  (15)
freshly-minted law grads race for a job    12/18/18  (31)
XO couple named baby after Hitler, promptly jailed for terror group membership    12/18/18  (7)
The ATTORNEY GENERAL of Malaysia is LITERALLY Tommy T (not flame)    12/18/18  (7)
Law Teen Is One Of The Stupidest Forcememes. Just Poast Hot Girls (PIC)    12/18/18  (26)
Breaking. DNC to run COMEY as 2020 Presidential nominee    12/18/18  (1)
My dad dyes his hair black. I don't. I now have more gray hair than him.    12/18/18  (1)
DIKES get wrong CUM at CUMBANK. NIGGER pops out.    12/18/18  (209)
Dingo eating a shark while two snakes have sex.    12/18/18  (22)
2 chicago cops ohlongjohnsonned by train on the south side. nothing to see here    12/18/18  (3)
that devry poster is 120 but he's right about biglaw pay    12/18/18  (29)
Is there organized crime / mafia on the west coast?    12/18/18  (8)
Hot teen gets her ass slapped so hard she has a seizure at school (nsfw)    12/18/18  (14)
things that are racist: milk, okay hand gesture, being white, naming inventors    12/18/18  (2)
2020 was 43 years ago and is 39 years from now    12/18/18  (10)
My xmas gift to XOXO    12/18/18  (7)
NYT goes full white supremacist, NOT FLAME    12/18/18  (131)
Just talked to Bluesmoke. I'll take some questions.    12/18/18  (5)
Nick Foles misses Rams camp to protest drafting of Goff. LOFUCKINGL. So hilariou    12/18/18  (25)
Nigger cums in happy meal gives two kids HIV    12/18/18  (218)
BIGLAW BABY    12/18/18  (1)
Massive Attack—Mezzanine Financing.mp3    12/18/18  (4)
KPMFDMG, LLP    12/18/18  (1)
Tommy in the clock tower: “There’s a birdshit. Another birdshit. Also birdsh    12/18/18  (2)
Tulsi reported DEAD. Not flame:    12/18/18  (8)
ITT: I give you two 35 year old women. You tell me which one you'd date.    12/18/18  (223)
i make more money than spaceporn    12/18/18  (3)
fontina tp    12/18/18  (1)
oy vey, get ready for a bunch of shitty brisket    12/18/18  (1)
   12/18/18  (4)
Taking Questions on TTT America and its birdshits    12/18/18  (8)
JFC, packing up my entire apt in Paris. Fucking HASSLE    12/18/18  (25)
Foreskin Man... fantastic unintentional comedy    12/18/18  (3)
“You’re a fucking idiot!” Musk shouted back. “Get the fuck out."    12/18/18  (172)
how does killing the taliban bomb maker differ from killing OBL?    12/18/18  (8)
Holy FUCK Johnsmeyer is a creative director for Gucci now (PIC)    12/18/18  (8)
need extras to star in remake of "I Spit On Your Grave" starring MPA's son    12/18/18  (4)
NIGGERS = 💩    12/18/18  (30)
Feds tapped Trump white house phone calls after his election    12/18/18  (30)
Taking Questions about 180 Asia and is NOWAGs & Alpha Indians    12/18/18  (3)
NYT Op Ed Recommends Playing With Your Stuffed Animals    12/18/18  (2)
Daily Stoic, 12/18/18    12/18/18  (2)
Berserk Mexican illegal goes on crime-spree and shoots randoms in California:    12/18/18  (8)
list xo poasters who are legitimately good people    12/18/18  (54)
Trump: "And then there's this guy, Dupa--*crowd boos*--folks, folks, hang on--    12/18/18  (38)
nonstop ropes of nigger jizz coating an azn mans ass with AIDS    12/18/18  (5)
i dont know about all chinks, but all turds must definitely die    12/18/18  (1)

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