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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
Hookah tomorrow at 8pm at the Spot in Encino (CSLG)    07/21/18  (3)
Ta Coates got fired from The Atlantic for undisclosed reasons    07/21/18  (46)
i get really impatient now when someone in front of me on line pays w/cash    07/21/18  (45)
All popular sci-fi is shitlib    07/21/18  (2)
Marriedmos when did you last CHEAT on your wife?    07/21/18  (2)
Re: Trump's Puckered Asshole    07/21/18  (182)
skinny horsefaced women with suprisingly big breasts    07/21/18  (2)
A quiet Thin man Googling Infp in a Dark silent room    07/21/18  (19)
luis rate the Gucci Guilty commercial ft Jared Leto    07/21/18  (2)
Marriedmos when did you last MAKE OUT w your wife?    07/21/18  (25)
Scott walker, get anything good when googling infp today?    07/21/18  (12)
Black friend thought "Guardians of the Galaxy" was about grandmas in space    07/21/18  (39)
$100 billion but you can only visit one web site for the rest of your life    07/21/18  (33)
cosas que hacer antes de morir: vivir    07/21/18  (3)
One episode of Hitler sitcom "Heil Honey I'm Home" actually aired in 1990    07/21/18  (19)
I can't talk to people who don't read books    07/21/18  (6)
as Gen X'ers age, will they begin to restore classic 80's station wagons    07/21/18  (7)
Women with really big noses    07/21/18  (3)
Women with really big penises    07/21/18  (1)
sell, luis    07/21/18  (2)
I am an expert on every single Gun in the world because of hickok45. AMA!    07/21/18  (2)
Oldmo here. Dry erase boards on dorm room doors were a medium for poasting    07/21/18  (16)
Read Caro and then read david mccullough    07/21/18  (2)
calling it now: Sports are fucking done here    07/21/18  (20)
Gonna take 10mg melatonin and sleep like I'm dead    07/21/18  (2)
TT youve still made like $350 in the last day ljl    07/21/18  (5)
your ma asking you for the 7th time who the hell is boner police    07/21/18  (2)
Reminder In Vegas everything goes and your business is your business    07/21/18  (4)
Is hank_scorpio a hall of famer?    07/21/18  (5)
Chick I'm dating is built like a brick outhouse    07/21/18  (2)
start coding now    07/21/18  (32)
Error: New password must not be same as old password    07/21/18  (3)
White Supremacists Get 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Director James Gunn Fired    07/21/18  (39)
Everything ive ever said on XO is a contradictory lie to throw off doobs and all    07/21/18  (5)
"My God! That Notary's Buttfucking my wife!"    07/21/18  (27)
Is it possible for someone who is morbidly obese to get healthy again?    07/21/18  (5)
I fucking hate my shit life and theres no legitimate way out    07/21/18  (21)
Hey Ragnus, any updates on your gf's weight / eating habits? (DTP)    07/21/18  (16)
I have dated 2 girls who were both 6 foot. I am 5'8.    07/21/18  (5)
is it possible to hike from western USSR border to the pacific ocean    07/21/18  (6)
Lets go Scott Frost And the Huskers! Im ready    07/21/18  (15)
spent Sunday afternoon napping to summer thundershower, FUCK LIBS    07/21/18  (5)
There is nothing morally wrong about sex with prostitutes    07/21/18  (63)
from models & bottles to joel osteen vids & canned meats    07/21/18  (1)
You should limit yourself to one Major Hobby and one Minor Hobby    07/21/18  (20)
Ranking of canned meats.    07/21/18  (14)
Taking fat strange cock rawdog in the ass and mouth: cr?    07/21/18  (3)
Kavanaugh: Watergate tapes decision may have been wrong    07/21/18  (4)
Red paint, eagle feathers, coyote calling, it has begun    07/21/18  (2)
rating posters ITT as either "breastfeeding" or "chestfeeding"    07/21/18  (1)
Listening to 80s power ballads while drinking coco    07/21/18  (7)
You can read the documents yourself, I've cited them for anyone who's interested    07/21/18  (1)
ROFL bull walks in on skyping white wife    07/21/18  (7)
Benzo here, taking ?s until the guard finds my burner and beats me down again    07/21/18  (2)
Dad goes to pick up 3-year-old and finds him dead after spending over 3 hours in    07/21/18  (47)
balding Matt Damon looks like a lesbian now    07/21/18  (3)
Real talk: i would bet on usyk to beat wilder.    07/21/18  (3)
you can learn sql in like 2 days    07/21/18  (2)
WH frantically backtracking from Ukraine referendum discussed at Treason Summit    07/21/18  (43)
How do we end identity politics    07/21/18  (64)
Watch The Good Place    07/21/18  (3)
Journalists want to make it a hate crime to assault them    07/21/18  (9)
Ta Nehisi Coates: there is no hope for America    07/21/18  (139)
WaPo: Democracy dies in Darkness! Also WaPo: God Bless the Deep State!    07/21/18  (15)
Ta-Nehisi Coates penning epic screed on Trump    07/21/18  (17)
Poast your top sci-fi novels    07/21/18  (2)
This saucy Asian shrews take on vippasana meditation is kinda cr    07/21/18  (14)
So "progressive" liberals want to have a nuclear war with Russia?    07/21/18  (10)
spent Sunday afternoon raping to summer thundershower, FUCK LIBS    07/21/18  (1)
The Power and the Glory - XOXO opinion?    07/21/18  (1)
Everything you need is close by(Boom)    07/21/18  (1)
Ed Sprague: let's bash this TTT    07/21/18  (3)
Theres a 100% chance states break off from union in next 50 years    07/21/18  (6)
JJC now posting as "Trump's 2020 concession speech"    07/21/18  (3)
WSJ: Factory towns are now solid GOP    07/21/18  (44)
World record golden retriever gathering    07/21/18  (2)
Usyk should be #1 p4p now for unifying on foreign soil    07/21/18  (2)
Who is the WOKEST xo poster    07/21/18  (23)
Kenny settled a case for 50K today...we also have 200 cases (CSLG)    07/21/18  (96)
Rate our newest sex toy    07/21/18  (3)
Anyone else just wish they could drive a mint condition 1989 something    07/21/18  (43)
someone start a song thread, need brain fuel    07/21/18  (1)
Tumblr of your cute roommate with a crush on you making you breakfast    07/21/18  (22)
Twitter finally shut down the Ivan Sidorenko feed    07/21/18  (5)
SSRIs are bad for both posting volume and quality. Do not take them.    07/21/18  (4)
Danish Butter Cookies: Let's bash this TTT    07/21/18  (63)
Black Columbia Undergrad DESTROYS Ta-Nehisi Coates re Black Culture    07/21/18  (79)
Hypo: Soviets stay neutral during WWII    07/21/18  (14)
self satisfied and socially compliant chad lites love tapping eachother forever    07/21/18  (1)
David Lynch on toilet loling at $tack$ he maed off his "fans"    07/21/18  (3)
Outside, cold air, stand, wait for rising sun    07/21/18  (1)
Something moving in, I taste it in my mouth and in my heart    07/21/18  (1)
It feels like dying, slow, letting go of life    07/21/18  (1)
SSRIs are bad for both posting volume and quality. Please take them.    07/21/18  (1)
Shrew parents who put kids in 'daycare' should be charged w/ murder of 3y/o    07/21/18  (1)
Is the Redwall series the best book series ever written?    07/21/18  (19)
Baby delivered in Chickfila, gets free food for life (twist)    07/21/18  (17)
James Gunn's pedo tweets are so bad that I wouldn't even post them on xo    07/21/18  (1)
Journalists want to make it a hate crime to verbally assault them online    07/21/18  (1)
Journalists want to make it a hate crime to verbally assault them    07/21/18  (1)
Napoleon Dynamite, in full tactical gear, shooting teachers+students (even Pedro    07/21/18  (10)
(neurotypical cumskin ape)    07/21/18  (4)
I was assigned neurotypical at birth, an error I've since corrected.    07/21/18  (10)
Having kids is fucking exhaustingand they make you not want to go out    07/21/18  (4)
Was Ocean's 8 actually a movie that came out or did I dream that?    07/21/18  (2)
CharlesXII, what do you think of the Narnia series?    07/21/18  (1)
Ecuador about to hand over Julian Assange to UK?    07/21/18  (12)
Does GC systematically delay development of cheaper health care treatments?    07/21/18  (7)
Logic is a patriarchal construct.    07/21/18  (7)
Would I commit fraud if I do this re car registration in California    07/21/18  (7)
Weight loss success stories with OLD PEOPLE are just DEPRESSING    07/21/18  (1)
IQ of average OZY fest attendee?    07/21/18  (1)
list of distinctively "west coast" XOers who AREN'T faggots, retards, or kikes?    07/21/18  (3)
imagine being Assange, having fate decided by retards like May, Merkel, EU tards    07/21/18  (28)
Turns out xo existed in the 70s and 80s as "hobbyists", meeting at Radio Shacks    07/21/18  (26)
ITT: estimate how many IRL friends angry retard wlmas has    07/21/18  (1)
just so you know, theres nothing worse than working with women    07/21/18  (1)
fuck you im watching wedding crashers    07/21/18  (6)
true tales of "florida man": XO mini-meetup edition    07/21/18  (29)
Abandoned aquarium in South Carolina has spawned huge sea creatures (link)    07/21/18  (9)
Does Amazon Prime Video have a single thing worth watching?    07/21/18  (34)
gf admitted to mmf threesome    07/21/18  (169)
Huge Trump guy here--is it possible to lose your virginity after bschool?    07/21/18  (4)
Any predictions on when Alaska breaks from the union?    07/21/18  (3)
safe to assume that poasters that poasted last year but dont anymore killselfed?    07/21/18  (3)
Trump's body language at Treason Summit was embarrassing    07/21/18  (18)
Ted Cruz: bad tweets are a thoughtcrime    07/21/18  (28)
wake up gay faggot kikes lol nigger hehe goodnight xo    07/21/18  (11)
"Men" who don't carry loaded pistols wherever they go.    07/21/18  (5)
*pries boomer's mouth open* *pours molten gold down his screaming throat*    07/21/18  (87)
Redaction is a flawed concept.    07/21/18  (1)
other than Melania, who is the most famous/high-profile escort?    07/21/18  (3)
is TSINAH still a weird austistic friendless loser shitlaw freak from a TTT?    07/21/18  (12)
Dear JJC, shut your goddamn chink mouth you stupid zipperhead gook    07/21/18  (3)
Just saw a sloppy little high school girl skank wearing the shortest shorts ever    07/21/18  (2)
Real talk - an evening with Sila Star must have been a pretty peak experience    07/21/18  (9)
the (((media))) loves pimping stories of goy kids drowning/roasting in cars    07/21/18  (6)
PRORE TERR | MIRK ARRERGY | SILA    07/21/18  (3)
Knock at the door and the monster I was so afraid of lies curled up on the floor    07/21/18  (2)
Randeep Jungowalla you in veddy big trouble friend!    07/21/18  (6)
Faster, Daddy    07/21/18  (1)
Ted Cruz: "Sila didn't give me the GFE either"    07/21/18  (8)
"your skin is as soft as a preacher's belly"--good pickup line?    07/21/18  (1)
"Smells like fucking shit in here" "Oh that's just Randeep Jungowalla."    07/21/18  (4)
imagine being the owner/operator of a subway in sunnyvale, CA    07/21/18  (1)
Sila Star breaks silence, reviews JJC:    07/21/18  (18)
"Men" who don't carry cash    07/21/18  (2)
"Sila, the bitter Trump voters are just mad about my back office finance job"    07/21/18  (5)

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