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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
Are we up to four accusers now?    09/24/18  (4)
So incredibly moved and inspirited by these heroic bros protestin Kava-NAW in DC    09/24/18  (7)
XO Orrin Hatch: "Democrats pull this bullshit all the time"    09/24/18  (17)
Ivanka's big sloppy fat mommy ass    09/24/18  (19)
The history of Byzantium is sad. Just slow, painful retreat into Constantinople    09/24/18  (29)
Is it cruel that we take puppies away from their mother & sibs after just weeks?    09/24/18  (4)
Cruz sucked at debate vs Beto    09/24/18  (56)
Avenatti: new accuser will go public within 48 hours - link    09/24/18  (1)
Got into huge fight with parents about turning guest room into studio    09/24/18  (1)
Has avennati crawled back into his hole yet    09/24/18  (9)
NYT: btw, *NOT* having Old White Men question Ford is ALSO sexist!    09/24/18  (7)
Rate this Mexican actress    09/24/18  (2)
ljl at uspos epic pwnagr today    09/24/18  (2)
"kavana-na-na not gonna work here!"    09/24/18  (52)
SUICIDE SISSY slitting wrists in bathtub, leaving "sorry 4 the mess" note    09/24/18  (6)
The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy    09/24/18  (4)
Mr. Kav.. Kava.. Kavan.. Kava not gonna work here anymore anyway    09/24/18  (11)
File -> Save As -> "Suicide Note.ppt"    09/24/18  (14)
Is Mexico City a CR place for a long weekend?    09/24/18  (6)
Kavenaugh washing rubber in the sink before going back in the rape room    09/24/18  (16)
Kavanaugh flashing the shocker in new SCOTUS pic    09/24/18  (11)
In Iceland rn on vacation. Wtf is up with European womens eyebrows    09/24/18  (17)
Jake Browning is soft. Recall UCONN hoops 2014 wins Nat. Champ as Ollie uses    09/24/18  (5)
New MURDER MAP by state for 2017:    09/24/18  (22)
Averageing 100 drinks a week at this point. Might get kicked off the couch.    09/24/18  (36)
.6 - Firm Admin, Non-billable - draft and revise suicide note    09/24/18  (1)
after thursday does mueller put on his USMC uniform then desk pistol?    09/24/18  (6)
What? Your Pokemon is evolving! (McConnel transforms into blastoise)    09/24/18  (5)
lol fagit ass doctors w/out borders trafficking migrants, gets pwned    09/24/18  (31)
"hehe maybe if i reply 'risten' ppl will think he's azn" the white dork giggled    09/24/18  (49)
Brb sending anon accusation about being fondled by Brett Kavanaugh in the 80s    09/24/18  (1)
Kavanaugh: "I Will Not Be Intimidated Into Withdrawing" By "Smears" And "Vi    09/24/18  (133)
If trump was smart hed hold a prime time speech at which he bashes the fuck out    09/24/18  (3)
Fords Letter to Grassley over the Weekend    09/24/18  (23)
Foreld to appear on Maddow    09/24/18  (1)
Civil War looms ever larger    09/24/18  (2)
Russia Steps Up and Offers to Save White South African Farmers    09/24/18  (54)
Absolutely embarrassing to be of recent ethnic European immigrant ancestry    09/24/18  (2)
TRUMP EFFECT: Republican party favorability crashes to ALL TIME LOWS    09/24/18  (3)
Chris coons is a fucking cuck    09/24/18  (1)
Literal faggot, I mean Marxist, this explains our differing views of apophatic    09/24/18  (5)
A firm handshake and honesty are the best ways to do business, brothers.    09/24/18  (17)
libs are finally having their revenge on Ferris Bueller's Day Off    09/24/18  (1)
Spaceporn threatening to sue random poasters. Should be banned.    09/24/18  (20)
Goin' down to Pounder's gonna have myself a time    09/24/18  (3)
What have Republicucks done since controlling the House & Senate?    09/24/18  (16)
Grassley to Ford: P.S. I look forward to your testimony. XOXO    09/24/18  (2)
Just think how fucking unhinged libs will get if Kavanaugh gets confirmed anyway    09/24/18  (1)
Trump: "Let's change the narrative..." *beep* "Kellyanne, call Rod."    09/24/18  (10)
Kavanaugh chugging a beer and spitting it on clerks, Ogre-style, to celebrate hi    09/24/18  (1)
donny tp is a pillar of ARE community    09/24/18  (10)
Oregon AHAHHAHAHAHAHHA    09/24/18  (30)
America is for British people. The rest of us should leave    09/24/18  (2)
put finger in ear, what feels better    09/24/18  (10)
Going back and reading the RS UVA Jackie...article it's hilarious anybody ever b    09/24/18  (11)
KavaNOW    09/24/18  (6)
This week has been a shit show and its only Monday    09/24/18  (1)
Michael Avenetti: "Kavanaugh must explain 'walnut sauce' reference in yearbook"    09/24/18  (2)
Merrick Garland issuing unanimous decision to order value size Frosty for lunch    09/24/18  (23)
so does consuela post anymore or what?    09/24/18  (5)
This basically vindicates Clarence Thomas    09/24/18  (5)
College with biggest difference between reputation and reality?    09/24/18  (99)
Shrew GF: Kavanaugh has got to go! 2nd cousin: loves drinking games with a dildo    09/24/18  (2)
RSF TAKING QS FOR 50 minutes and 50 minutes ONLY    09/24/18  (60)
Gorsuch & Kavanaugh high-fiving as they spit-roast Kagan    09/24/18  (14)
Need shitlaw PI advice    09/24/18  (12)
Is there any reason to vacation in India?    09/24/18  (1)
Change one word in a movie title to "boihole"    09/24/18  (254)
Xo meet up at kav swearing in ceremony?    09/24/18  (1)
A POTUS like Trump, but not a cuck for the Jews    09/24/18  (2)
what questions will senate dems ask Ford?    09/24/18  (1)
Spaceporn confesses his Judaism    09/24/18  (2)
Kavanaugh has sent more clerks to Sotomayor & Breyer EACH than Thomas    09/24/18  (13)
jane hoya watch out for those GULC Prep horndogs    09/24/18  (2)
To: 'donny'. Seoul Metropolitan Police have been contacted. You have 48 hours to    09/24/18  (5)
desperately alone tp and decent man tp    09/24/18  (8)
Hey spaceporn, show this pic to your kid for a good laugh    09/24/18  (1)
Cant concentrate at work today bc Im so irate over libs lies re kavanaugh    09/24/18  (3)
The LSU politics board is active AF - link    09/24/18  (7)
I have never hated Libs more than I do now.    09/24/18  (61)
wandering into the wilderness to starve to death. thanks for the laffs    09/24/18  (4)
Spaceporn, Obeezy, WLMAS et al are such miserable and lonely people    09/24/18  (13)
sp here. Kid told his teacher that I "suck the bong" & now she wants to meet me    09/24/18  (3)
"No mom you dont get it. 'donny' lives in Korea & is raping spaceporns wifes son    09/24/18  (3)
I said oh no Gtown Prep wont do now But I didnt think the girl would be so rude    09/24/18  (3)
Remember: You wagecuck for THIS:    09/24/18  (3)
benzo using Truvada lawsuit cash to form anti-tsinah PAC, run toupee attack ads    09/24/18  (12)
So this guy Donny has a ton of trust fund money--you know, those trust funds, th    09/24/18  (21)
Best Twitter acct to follow for latest on kav drama    09/24/18  (2)
committing crimes anonymously online doesn't make it not illegal    09/24/18  (50)
/*\ ROSENSTEIN RESIGNS /*\    09/24/18  (91)
Worst rancid SJWs (Obama/Kamala/Kaep) all Mulattoes. Coincidence?    09/24/18  (1)
Donny, consider this a cease and desist. Although i was clear in the past i am r    09/24/18  (63)
Outrage against Cosby sentencing starts tomorrow!    09/24/18  (1)
Told pops Id be disgusted with him if he votes dem this fall    09/24/18  (1)
Child Protective Services has been called    09/24/18  (1)
If you HAD to leave everything behind, start over INTERNATIONALLY. WHERE?    09/24/18  (21)
okay spaceporn here is a formal apology (Morning in America)    09/24/18  (1)
Kavanaugh interview airing on Fox News tonight    09/24/18  (10)
Rate this hot take on Black Panther    09/24/18  (1)
I called Jane Mayer being evil as fuck ages ago    09/24/18  (2)
Good "get", Charles. Mega-ratings tonight.    09/24/18  (1)
If Kavanaugh is confirmed, it will be a tipping point in the fight vs. libs    09/24/18  (25)
Spaceporn super paranoid right now because he's baked out of his mind?    09/24/18  (2)
imagine being an xo maf azn poasting some screed and met with, "risten, rong tim    09/24/18  (1)
Is washing windows literally retarded?    09/24/18  (6)
Russia: "Oh, SA Farmers? Yeah, they're useful. American lawyers? Uhhhh..."    09/24/18  (1)
Schiff to Rosenstein: please don't resign (link)    09/24/18  (1)
corp slave and donny were roommates at hastings    09/24/18  (9)
This Rosenstein firing is the last straw.    09/24/18  (11)
Libs, even your SCOTUS hero RBG is disgusted with you right now    09/24/18  (3)
Just snapchatted spaceporns wifes son sp's anti-chink rant    09/24/18  (1)
Meanwhile, at the Senate Office Building    09/24/18  (20)
New lib attack on Kavanaugh: he's too tough on juvenile crime    09/24/18  (1)
YLS professors cancel class to let students protest in support of Blasey-Ford    09/24/18  (16)
cold nigga truth: spaceporn start blanking your nigger threads    09/24/18  (1)
donny is a trump alt    09/24/18  (1)
Meaning of life is to stimulate brain with as much dopamine as possible    09/24/18  (1)
A black just spit in a public trash pile then looked me hard in the eyes. Was I    09/24/18  (2)
spaceporn, do you now agree with Trump that Mexico is sending rapists?    09/24/18  (2)
Kavanaugh should have gone with the 'If I Did It' defense    09/24/18  (2)
someone needs to make a youtube of Kav's letter over the Independence Day speech    09/24/18  (1)
do we have a working list of xo catholic schoolmos?    09/24/18  (53)
It seems dumb to fire Deputy AG just before midterms. What am i missing?    09/24/18  (19)
Rate this news coverage of snowboarding    09/24/18  (3)
xo linked on zman blog    09/24/18  (1)
Video of Trump team narrowing down SCOTUS picks leaked    09/24/18  (15)
*donny fucking spaceporn's wife in the ass while 4 quotemo alts watch*    09/24/18  (1)
Trumptards: the only demographic dumb enough to be fooled by poorly coded bots    09/24/18  (6)
Ppl who will never be on SCOTUS: Madonna, Danny De Vito, Brett Kavanaugh, Cher    09/24/18  (3)
if we all Google image search for spread-eagle milfs they can't fire us all    09/24/18  (1)
are these Thursday Hearings gonna be televised or what?    09/24/18  (3)
Explain Shinzo Abe's broship with Trump    09/24/18  (1)
Former CIA Director: Trump too stupid to realize hes being played    09/24/18  (4)
Minorities now invading suburbs. TRUMPTARDS: Nowherevto run, nowhere to hide    09/24/18  (61)
Newest character walking around Disney World is black, female doctor    09/24/18  (2)
Heteroflexible: when you're straight, but shit happens!    09/24/18  (2)
Awww hell naugh!    09/24/18  (2)
libs are being poor sports imo. Hillary had every advantage in 2016    09/24/18  (7)
free money: Purdue -3 over Nebrasshit    09/24/18  (2)
thick fat flabby pale ass    09/24/18  (6)
Shocker: Nike donates twice as much to Democrats as Republicans    09/24/18  (14)
when I squeezed the bar aspie-shamed me in tinychat. do I have to go pumo now?    09/24/18  (9)
So now the dildo must vibrate itself to dc all the way across the country?    09/24/18  (7)
CHARLES DIGITAL here, with a weeklong tour of the top sites in EGYPT    09/24/18  (146)
When will the first national politician campaign on an Incel issue?    09/24/18  (1)

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