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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
Hot mom arrested for posting video of blacks fighting at her son's school    02/22/19  (149)
Nothing has changed since 1999 just went downhill    02/22/19  (24)
How Amy Klobuchar Treats Her Staff [NYT]    02/22/19  (33)
The patriots are done STRIP ALL SUPERBOWLS    02/22/19  (4)
Lawman8 on Tinder Date: "You know, after age 35 fertility declines rapidly."    02/22/19  (2)
Keep it real.. is your non xo life actually great?    02/22/19  (127)
Supreme Court orders heroin dealers luxury SUV returned    02/22/19  (30)
i have a confession, i should be in prison for having seen child porn    02/22/19  (5)
why are people saying spaceporn adopted a child just to rape him?    02/22/19  (23)
About 2 do the unthinkable: leaving chill job for a more pressing corporate gig    02/22/19  (9)
Real Q: How do you find a job that requires a very minimal amount of work    02/22/19  (3)
President AOC declaring Emergency to build white re-education camps (2024)    02/22/19  (4)
Where will the Trump Presidential Library be?    02/22/19  (8)
FYI- Starship Troopers was a thinly veiled analogy for our coming War with China    02/22/19  (39)
lawman8 jealously watching the trump train go by. trumpmos fucking and sucking    02/22/19  (10)
“Like, with a comb?” Klobuchar replied    02/22/19  (1)
New Reichian computer game Orgone Trail    02/22/19  (2)
Despite students' Mad Swagger, Harvard Struggles to Modernize Its MBA    02/22/19  (2)
1337 H4X0R!    02/22/19  (1)
Far Cry 5 but it’s Shitlibs in Oregon    02/22/19  (2)
CNN literally arguing to let isis girl back into country right now    02/22/19  (16)
niggermania.net    02/22/19  (1)
Kraft, consisting of five letters, was indeed not the biggest name (WaPo)    02/22/19  (5)
RBG: Alive. Mueller Inquiry: Ongoing. Wall: Stymied. Amnesty: Granted.    02/22/19  (3)
I have had a massive rash on my face for several months. There is no cure.    02/22/19  (6)
Journalist describes Portland townhall as 2019 woke version of the witch trials    02/22/19  (14)
Jussie Smollett: “R. Kelly peed on me”    02/22/19  (3)
post the best David Dees pics    02/22/19  (17)
China commits to buy $1.2 trillion in US goods (link)    02/22/19  (5)
How did Avenatti acquire a sex tape of R.Kelly and a 14 year old?    02/22/19  (17)
Klobuchar al-Assad    02/22/19  (1)
So, basically, no one likes the pedos here but we can't get rid of them?    02/22/19  (12)
holy shit: /r/foreveralonedating    02/22/19  (79)
World of WhoreKraft    02/22/19  (4)
Why aren’t there more blackpill research mathematicians?    02/22/19  (2)
Why doesn't MSM ever have profiles about lives of BIGLAW associates?    02/22/19  (2)
If I have a son, gonna sign him up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes... AutoChad    02/22/19  (2)
Poast ITT if you want to see Consuela raped to death by clowns    02/22/19  (2)
Been hoarding cash, worried about market correction. Use it to pay down mortgage    02/22/19  (1)
Watching daytime talk shows on mute, demonic presence is undeniable    02/22/19  (13)
I'll be in Yale one night in March. Recs for restaurants, things to do?    02/22/19  (22)
🚨 2/22 reminder for lawman8 to spit out the black pill 🚨    02/22/19  (8)
Jim and Pam were a beautiful middle finger to global capitalism    02/22/19  (12)
SP “S-P jr is, not my lover.... he’s just a ricehoal I like to use for sick    02/22/19  (9)
There's not enough mayo (AssFaggot in a jacuzzi with ALL mayo, no water    02/22/19  (3)
T or F: best ROI on home improvement is paying down mortgage    02/22/19  (48)
his name is boner police, why do you ask?    02/22/19  (1)
You haven't lived until you get a handy from an Asian girl in a mp    02/22/19  (4)
80s/90s kids: grew up with time honored cartoons and shows. Kids today: Blippi    02/22/19  (58)
Warren Buffett lost $4 billion today on his stake in Kraft Heinz    02/22/19  (1)
Putin: I am ready for a new Cuban Missile Crisis if you want one.    02/22/19  (27)
Putin: I am ready for a thick black cock in my ass, and I want it.    02/22/19  (1)
Haha YES! Boner police showed up and is being irreverent to BOTH sides!!    02/22/19  (104)
vid of klobuchar smoking a cig getting her pussy eaten (vid)    02/22/19  (3)
Never see kids riding bikes these days. Sad.    02/22/19  (14)
I can see eating pasta with a comb, but salad?    02/22/19  (3)
reddit dude predicted kraft thing yesterday (link)    02/22/19  (5)
Chandler Trial #3 Day 2 - Plaintiff's Case in Chief (CSLG)    02/22/19  (31)
Klobuchar fashioning a shot glass out of empty Tic Tac canisters in purse    02/22/19  (1)
Daily reminder for lawman8 to spit out the black pill    02/22/19  (10)
Why aren’t there more black research mathematicians?    02/22/19  (11)
Bob Kraft isn’t the biggest name caught up in the sting    02/22/19  (47)
How Amy Klobuchar Eats a Reese's (shot of PB cup impaled on a comb)    02/22/19  (3)
Should I cop a refurbished desktop computer? Worth $140    02/22/19  (21)
NH Dem poll 2020 Biden 28, Bernie 20, Harris 14, Warren 9, Beto 6, Booker 3    02/22/19  (2)
How do I prevent Aging?    02/22/19  (35)
"You see what happens, Larry?" screamed Klobuchar, combing salad into her mouth    02/22/19  (3)
How you get a Russian tourist visa?    02/22/19  (2)
Are Staten Islanders the least cucked of the NYC boroughs?    02/22/19  (1)
best episode of "My 600 lb. Life"????    02/22/19  (21)
Smollett says he now sympathizes with Kavanaugh    02/22/19  (1)
Cody Parkey also lives in Jupiter, FL    02/22/19  (1)
✡✡✡✡✡All Goyim are CATTLE✡✡✡✡✡    02/22/19  (19)
if ur not refreshing xo every 30 seconds of ur waking life ur totally insane    02/22/19  (35)
Pussy has no real value.    02/22/19  (45)
those that the gods wish to destroy first they make mad    02/22/19  (2)
If you don't like puppydoods, you're an asshole. HTH 🐶    02/22/19  (4)
GOY: SoW *is* pretty fun    02/22/19  (2)
Describe these NJ Towns    02/22/19  (88)
Video surfaces of Patriots team bus pulling up to Ocean Spa    02/22/19  (1)
lol @ bob kraft getting full body sensual massage pwned    02/22/19  (1)
Biz Idea: "Figut Club" but people inflict emotional abuse on eachother instead    02/22/19  (6)
This new poster "GOY" is incredible    02/22/19  (4)
You got a bag for a belly. You got tits, you need a bra. They got hair on them.    02/22/19  (4)
Hate Groups Are at a Record High in America, and We Need to Pay Attention    02/22/19  (7)
NYT: America's Professional Elite: Wealthy, Successful and Miserable    02/22/19  (118)
demanding that you come itt and rate my friend's IG pic    02/22/19  (31)
NYT: "iPhones Should Monitor If You Vote Trump In 2020 & Your Vote Shared"    02/22/19  (19)
"lmao," the grown man typed with an expressionless face in his office    02/22/19  (10)
Poast a controversial music opinion    02/22/19  (89)
All the News That Fits in My Ass    02/22/19  (1)
What's the sketchiest presidential pardon of all time?    02/22/19  (5)
Kamala RESPONDS to Jussie Smollett hoax (link)    02/22/19  (45)
Luis is my bf, lawman8 is my emotional support animal and Enki is my fuck toy    02/22/19  (3)
*nutella escorting you through museum exhibiting her financial decisions*    02/22/19  (6)
Pretty lulzy and 180 how Henry Aaron lives rent free in board libs’ heads    02/22/19  (6)
Is crypto gearing up for another moon mission #luis #exeunt #eth #zil    02/22/19  (2)
Oh no not paying for a handjob let's write 10 thousand articles & go insane    02/22/19  (1)
I know a 50-something dad who plays in a local band called the Boomers    02/22/19  (1)
* spaceporn escorting you to Comet Ping Pong basement *    02/22/19  (6)
Ohh lordy he squanch me so hard, ohh lordy he squanch me so hard    02/22/19  (2)
it's never too late to die    02/22/19  (1)
Nutella : sun bear :: spaceporn : wife's son    02/22/19  (6)
I never log off from xo, cuz logging off is the cousin of death    02/22/19  (6)
Normal to jack it to “Sexually Broken Fuck Compilation”?    02/22/19  (9)
Idaho cop decides to be a cowboy for his ex girlfriend. Ends very badly.    02/22/19  (6)
So today was the big day for Mueller early morning raids but nothing?    02/22/19  (3)
NY Mag sex diaries are insane    02/22/19  (53)
Bob Kraft reminds me of Ezra from Ray Donovan    02/22/19  (1)
Boomers like this guy crack me up...there are so many like this    02/22/19  (2)
Georgetown Law professor Smollett    02/22/19  (4)
CNN just had a headline saying the Patriots are Trump's favorite team    02/22/19  (4)
theres a porn site called "steakandcheese.com"    02/22/19  (1)
Smollett, r Kelly, Bob kraft    02/22/19  (1)
Every 30something person I know watches Pewdiepie videos now    02/22/19  (8)
theres a porn site called "littleasians.com"    02/22/19  (2)
The Asian kid knocking out the white guy was over a girl    02/22/19  (11)
Patriots Sign Kaepernick (ESPN)    02/22/19  (3)
Bob Kraft, TRUMP SUPPORTER, was caught in a prostitution sting    02/22/19  (1)
Bob Kraft 4th Biggest Name Caught in Parlor Sting    02/22/19  (2)
lol remember when Flake listened to Coons On Kavanaugh cause they're "friends"    02/22/19  (1)
New M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle will kill millions of Chinks and Ruskies    02/22/19  (3)
Client told me: "time is money"    02/22/19  (7)
I am in the office wallowing in inchoate rage & frustration    02/22/19  (2)
Breaking point: Democratic party disavows Bernie Sanders, dons MAGA hat.    02/22/19  (3)
Casey Anthony whispering in your ear, "without God, everything is permitted"    02/22/19  (54)
Super Bowl Result “May have to be re-examined” says Harris    02/22/19  (1)
Smollett now claiming DRUGS made him do it    02/22/19  (9)
Hate crime stats are lol when you actually take a look at them.    02/22/19  (23)
Charlie Weis caught up in prostitution sting.    02/22/19  (2)
Despite Putin's Swagger, Russia Struggles to Modernize Its Navy    02/22/19  (54)
I am a rider, not the horse kind / talkin bout ridin that D    02/22/19  (2)
Just met a Jewish blue collar bro not flame    02/22/19  (9)
Tell me why I should not move to Athens, Georgia and open up small practice.    02/22/19  (3)
Jussie Smollett proffer    02/22/19  (28)
Predict outcome of new Oregon statewide rent control law    02/22/19  (7)
Serious Q fot AutoAdmit kikes--where do all of the smart kikes poast?    02/22/19  (2)
Smollett prosecutor and judge are both nigs    02/22/19  (4)
How many mcgs/tabs of LSD do things start getting irreparably weird    02/22/19  (6)
maybe it's just me, but some random asian chick tugging on my cock isn't appeali    02/22/19  (10)
LOLed in an Uber a few days ago thinking about Trump's presidential memoirs    02/22/19  (4)
PROPERTY MFEs: Why would someone sell their house to a corp that sells it back?    02/22/19  (21)
List of whoremongers in Kraft case lulzy    02/22/19  (2)
R Kelly charged with 10 counts of sex abuse    02/22/19  (2)
Marinating in my own farts, Taking Qs    02/22/19  (14)
You can join the winning team and the elite if you just embrace homosexuality    02/22/19  (1)
(((Bob Kraft))) Charged With Soliciting WHORES    02/22/19  (51)
50 Cent, Ja Rule and DMX team up to create rap song SUPPORTING Smollett    02/22/19  (28)
California may be America's least patriotic state.    02/22/19  (3)
Spaceporn: "The trick is, you "adopt" the escort. Hear me out..."    02/22/19  (3)

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