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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
Forced myself to cum today    09/21/18  (3)
Hearing against lawyer tomorrow who I want to beat the ever-loving shit out of    09/21/18  (2)
* born biologically female poster taking questions ITT *    09/21/18  (5)
Fuck you Chandler. Now I want to hike the Appalachian Trail badddd    09/21/18  (6)
Pro tip: your parents dont want to babysit your kids    09/21/18  (14)
This is how awesome life could be in an all white America (vid)    09/21/18  (21)
we haven't had a BYU campus police blotter thread in a while    09/21/18  (38)
Millennials will start getting AARP shit in 10 yrs but will never be able to ret    09/21/18  (8)
me, fully paralyzed in hospital bed, blinking "maps" in Morse code 2 luis    09/21/18  (9)
Man with "locked-in syndrome" comes out as gay by blinking (video)    09/21/18  (12)
Corp slave here taking Qs    09/21/18  (47)
Dirte..best poaster ever?    09/21/18  (11)
Pics of crypto suicides are starting to pop up online    09/21/18  (4)
lol, another LS classmate is now a high school teacher    09/21/18  (40)
Chandler    09/21/18  (11)
George Zimmer: "spaceporn jr is getting raped. I guarantee it!"    09/21/18  (1)
CHARLES DIGITAL here, with a weeklong tour of the top sites in EGYPT    09/21/18  (125)
Change one word in a movie title to "boihole"    09/21/18  (252)
The media doesn't seem to be "hyping" the Maryland black lesbian mass-shooter    09/21/18  (1)
how will the TRUMPS make ANY money post election?    09/21/18  (7)
I think I'd be okay with dying at this point    09/21/18  (10)
Best part about Kirkland & Ellis: beach weekend every May    09/21/18  (6)
Wait so Millennials are 36 now?    09/21/18  (18)
link to GoFundMe for "MAL finds pics 4 balding law dorks trapped at midlaw offic    09/21/18  (7)
I want to make spaceporn cry    09/21/18  (1)
Chad Impregnates a Cuckold's Barren Wife    09/21/18  (33)
What kind of fucking name is "Douthat"?    09/21/18  (3)
Michael Cohen forgets to swtich Twitter accts, praises himself 4 working w/Muell    09/21/18  (8)
JJC muttering "blue wave" to himself as he pours detergent at parents' laundroma    09/21/18  (29)
China is going to beat the US in the 5G race thanks to Trump not having    09/21/18  (8)
*finds giant monument to HBS in amazon jungle* "Dr. Brady, I presume?"    09/21/18  (4)
you can mine "bradycoin" by searching for undiscovered jjc poasts    09/21/18  (21)
Rachmiel Greenlights Autoadmit Spinoff Series: "Young Luis"    09/21/18  (4)
"and here's my mining rig" "how many btc have u mined?" "I mine JJC posts    09/21/18  (7)
epistolary novel about Chad at HBS and his loyal friend stranded in chi-town    09/21/18  (5)
sad but true    09/21/18  (1)
A lot of retards won't pay attention to wikileaks until after the election    09/21/18  (3)
Wait so Gen-Xers are 50 now?    09/21/18  (4)
millennials should be shoveled into tuna ovens en masse    09/21/18  (1)
If you HAD to have one of these two physiques, which would you choose?    09/21/18  (6)
2018 Electorate: 15% Silents, 12% Gen X, 7% Millennials, 66% Boomers    09/21/18  (2)
So jjc is the only guy who makes striver posts on the internet?    09/21/18  (1)
Drumpf down to 39% in latest Rasmussen poll    09/21/18  (11)
TT sounding out a strange word before hitting back hard w/ a Trumptard post    09/21/18  (7)
HAPPY FRIDAY, NIGGERS!    09/21/18  (111)
I'll still find you poster number 1001 in that thread    09/21/18  (10)
Christine Ford: I don't remember any details except Kavanaugh *libs nod solemnly    09/21/18  (2)
Libs, you screwed the pooch again. You also bungled SCOTUS confirmation    09/21/18  (2)
Lol dumbass xo 2018 Trumptards do you realize that Sup Brady    09/21/18  (12)
Petumkin    09/21/18  (1)
Radios shack    09/21/18  (1)
Our Brady, who art in Chi-Town, hallowed be thy name    09/21/18  (9)
"Money for nothing" plays as Scott Frost ends season 0-11    09/21/18  (5)
If I posed as a housewife, who here would fuck me?    09/21/18  (1)
LJL at Trumptards trying to stem the BLUE WAVE. Truly a futile effort    09/21/18  (2)
Spaceporn strikes me as an ex-Mormon fundamentalist living in a rural area    09/21/18  (2)
Lol at ZERO law professors coming out against the farce of 30 year old    09/21/18  (67)
Man poses as house wife, makes secret sex tapes with 150 men    09/21/18  (32)
HERE I AM. CEO JOHN HOURICAN.    09/21/18  (1)
Did our resident drug user OD yet    09/21/18  (17)
XO power couples    09/21/18  (61)
Would be lulzy to go back in time and release shitty versions of popular songs r    09/21/18  (3)
345 days of sobriety.. move out of Sober Living House?    09/21/18  (58)
Rate this white girl lured to India by sex traffickers - link    09/21/18  (1)
Cleveland Police Department tweets on Browns win (link)    09/21/18  (3)
i love cleveland    09/21/18  (1)
How many times have you read "How to Be a 3% Man" by Corey Wayne?    09/21/18  (16)
evan39 will you cum hard when you watch all the fraud$ get fucked?    09/21/18  (12)
/*\ Chris Garrett: "Yes I groped her. And I hope she burns in hell!" /*\ (FNC)    09/21/18  (5)
How the fuck does anyone get married and start a family?    09/21/18  (6)
If you weigh less than 200 pounds then you aren't male    09/21/18  (7)
The Chad as Jesus meme is among the GOAT things on this retarded bort    09/21/18  (13)
evan39 i want your penis inside my ass (Boom)    09/21/18  (25)
Do you think Kav's wife was turned on or off by the allegations?    09/21/18  (1)
Chad Annointed by a Prolish Woman    09/21/18  (40)
Chad Talks With a Shewish Woman    09/21/18  (21)
She might be hot    09/21/18  (1)
Would you rather live in Seattle or Portland and why    09/21/18  (63)
everything zen. everything zen. (rudolph)    09/21/18  (7)
Do pool hustlers still exist in 2018?    09/21/18  (9)
Summon "il primo" tp (Jesus/Chad guy)    09/21/18  (1)
RATE this belligerent megamanlet chokeslammed by a WIDE AS FUCK bearmode bouncer    09/21/18  (2)
"Gun to your head: do you--" "Pull the trigger."    09/21/18  (83)
NYT: Its easy to lose the larger narrative of the Trump-Russia story    09/21/18  (1)
Rate this shitlib feminazi's tweet and then the TKO from a conservaheroine    09/21/18  (7)
How many rapes end with the perp's best friend body slamming everyone?    09/21/18  (1)
Chad Calms the Shrew    09/21/18  (35)
I keep falling in love with ugly girls on the internet    09/21/18  (12)
Thread for woke posters    09/21/18  (3)
The Gospel According to Brad    09/21/18  (8)
Is BMW X5 flame or cr?    09/21/18  (13)
10% of xo posters are UBER/LYFT drivers    09/21/18  (1)
Chad is Tempted in Central Park    09/21/18  (38)
Chad's First Message in the Bar    09/21/18  (37)
i make so much money now    09/21/18  (5)
Fat 35yo dork with 15yo dotter marries 19yo girl    09/21/18  (30)
#REDWAVE    09/21/18  (1)
why is the media still forcememeing amy schumer    09/21/18  (4)
Chad Impregnates the Five Thousand    09/21/18  (25)
Peterman tears up discussing Kavanaugh assault victim    09/21/18  (1)
Jimmy Kimmel tears up discussing Kavanaugh assault victim    09/21/18  (4)
CNN lets dumb southern trumpmos get on and talk to parade them as freaks    09/21/18  (1)
Top 5 ALPHAS in human history    09/21/18  (19)
Feeling anxious - please tell me something positive and reassuring.    09/21/18  (11)
REAL TALK: I am 56 years old    09/21/18  (7)
What are the odds the media has literally NOTHING on Trump?    09/21/18  (6)
Farting so loud you get sentenced to death    09/21/18  (10)
Would you quit hedge fund jerb in MFH for 80k, 9 to 5 job in flyover    09/21/18  (97)
Nothing in the world is more tiring than an 8+ hour drive. But why?    09/21/18  (15)
When your hemmrhoids are actng up what do you do    09/21/18  (2)
Frankly I dont trust a Scotus justice who HASNT raped someone    09/21/18  (7)
The Finding of Chad in the Bachelorette Party    09/21/18  (17)
The Kavanaugh nomination + accompanying commercials are such contrived nonsense    09/21/18  (2)
AutChad stocking up on Panda Express before the impending tariffs    09/21/18  (1)
Poasters in 2218 reciting the Sup Brady letter like Hail Mary    09/21/18  (43)
no matter what this thread will get to exactly 1000 posts    09/21/18  (1009)
Puppy mill survivor decries ominous Trump rhetoric    09/21/18  (1)
Bought a new wireless optical mouse. Fuck this midget carnie hand twink bullshit    09/21/18  (1)
Do ex-shelter dogs command respect in the animal world like Holocaust survivors    09/21/18  (3)
Why is TMF obsessed with NYC    09/21/18  (75)
There are more memorials to the Holocaust in the US than WWII vets/POWs/etc.    09/21/18  (9)
Hue Jackson (2-32-1) squishy on Baker Mayfield    09/21/18  (2)
literally a religion based entirely on the number six million    09/21/18  (15)
BROWNS WIN    09/21/18  (5)
When did you first suck Russia's cock?    09/21/18  (1)
if Coldplay_fan made eye contact with me at a bar, he would back into a wall    09/21/18  (10)
Rate my hapa son    09/21/18  (44)
Which is more stupid? Living in NJ long term or buying a 60K car    09/21/18  (3)
Jews have the next 3 months off    09/21/18  (1)
Popular terms used in law firm emails    09/21/18  (130)
Crazy how Mueller is making $$ for US Govt while GOP    09/21/18  (13)
Asia posters cum ITT (harvest festival edition):    09/21/18  (14)
Browns to visit White House during week nine bye, schedule permitting    09/21/18  (1)
Nothing exists except atoms and empty space. Everything else is opinion.    09/21/18  (8)
The number killed isnt important    09/21/18  (1)
"... and bless luis, and wilbur m, and bless spaceporn, and bless BOOM. Amen."    09/21/18  (4)
ITT we predict celebrities who will die before 2018 is over    09/21/18  (23)
"Alcohol is pois..." *Jesus smashes bottle of gin against Wilbur's face in hell*    09/21/18  (5)
Whats board consensus on 6 million dead Jews Holocaust figure?    09/21/18  (24)
When women in their 30s just let grey hair grow in ever-increasing abundance    09/21/18  (19)
I gotta keep running. Cant stay still. On to the next thing. Thinking army    09/21/18  (1)
Money is such an odd construct if you think about it    09/21/18  (2)
*spaceporn flicking his clit, admiring his framed master's degree*    09/21/18  (14)
Spaceporn's wife banging on bedroom door "gimme five dorra!"    09/21/18  (7)
JFC, imagine being spaceporn sr. and sitting down to dinner with your "sons"    09/21/18  (5)
coldplay fan wants to be peterman, but his ass is so blown out you can't feel    09/21/18  (1)
spaceporn on phone w/son's kidnapper: "I have particular skills!" *laughter*    09/21/18  (2)
The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First    09/21/18  (30)
lol at people coming after spaceporn, he's a good dude    09/21/18  (15)

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