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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/12/18  (197)
Crazy how niggers only have like 4-5 different phenotypes    11/12/18  (13)
Ginsburg still alive, shitcons blown out    11/12/18  (2)
Ocasio stands on a table in heels. She is so brave.    11/12/18  (11)
Why don't libs debate Nyuug on his matriarchy and First World arguments    11/12/18  (23)
% chance that Trump will win these states in 2020?    11/12/18  (3)
bort: you’re a gookbot NPC; bugposter: lollercaust, love you bro    11/12/18  (3)
Arizona to Trump: Eat a dick    11/12/18  (4)
If 100 people bump this thread, rach will bring back moniker change+dislike butt    11/12/18  (1)
Hypo: You'll receive $1B but can never leave a randomly assigned US state    11/12/18  (226)
Look how great America used to be, the anti-Semite bemoaned as he showed    11/12/18  (8)
Today has been so satisfying i’m just going to retire on top    11/12/18  (1)
Friend of mine has retarded baby. Poasts photos of it as if it was a normal baby    11/12/18  (10)
didnt expect THOT_RAVAGER to be such a content creator    11/12/18  (11)
'Big Law Killed My Husband': An Open Letter From a Sidley Partner's Widow    11/12/18  (487)
Why are so many home contractors scum?    11/12/18  (5)
180 BILLION! Just discovered a hack/loophole to change moniker    11/12/18  (9)
The cumtown bit about Mario wearing the racist hat kills me    11/12/18  (3)
GC frowning as you strengthen family relationships and local ties    11/12/18  (9)
Can people in prison sleep in on weekdays?    11/12/18  (22)
Should I just buy a dodge charger?    11/12/18  (27)
GC glaring at you as you introduce yourself to your neighbors    11/12/18  (14)
tbf obama did an amazing job completing his primary objective    11/12/18  (1)
the internet is effectively fenced in now. leads away from knowledge.    11/12/18  (38)
Prison is a lifting IFNB paradise    11/12/18  (2)
I'm pwning the fuck out of this metaphysics fraud and will bash him to a pulp(Bo    11/12/18  (61)
Holy shit this is what the Oscars used to be like    11/12/18  (29)
Lutheran Missouri Synod cr?    11/12/18  (13)
CHARLES DIGITAL here, with a weeklong tour of the top sites in EGYPT    11/12/18  (281)
Jerome Corsi getting indicted 180    11/12/18  (2)
Crazy how many problems Dems have found with democracy in last 2 years 4 days    11/12/18  (7)
Democrats: the party of the wealthy and successful    11/12/18  (20)
Busch commercial that will drive libs insane    11/12/18  (3)
Hypo: this 1989 Gillette commercial airs during the SuperBowl this Sunday    11/12/18  (27)
in the future it will be illegal to think about America before 2008    11/12/18  (3)
Anyone else not give a fuck about CA wildfires?    11/12/18  (20)
Friendsgiving is Yet Another Lame Millennial Trend    11/12/18  (65)
using martingale approach for bet-the-firm litigation    11/12/18  (3)
Where can I go to escape America if just for a year or two    11/12/18  (15)
Wait, Trump canceled wreath laying for WWI soldiers because of RAIN?    11/12/18  (23)
Can’t stop jerking it to Instagram thots between 20-40lbs overweight    11/12/18  (49)
Shitlaw Killed that Other Guy Who Never Did Any Work: A Letter from Chandler    11/12/18  (8)
XO Heartiste - Devastating critique of porn    11/12/18  (12)
Kenny just got a 100k global settlement offer on a case    11/12/18  (6)
inhousemo here. any trick like chipotle guac hack but for bet-the-company lit?    11/12/18  (5)
he had a deep, hereditary mental health disorder and lacked essential coping mec    11/12/18  (9)
quietly retiring itt without fanfare    11/12/18  (11)
He was so fat and gay we called him Dupa. He ate cum.    11/12/18  (2)
rate youtube thumbnails for vids by swedish white nationalist "The Golden One"    11/12/18  (9)
lol Dupa had one quad 'espresso' today    11/12/18  (2)
Hi, I'm Dupa    11/12/18  (4)
Sinema and Ocasio-Cortez scissoring forever    11/12/18  (1)
Would love to date Blu Cantrell    11/12/18  (2)
Ridin with a new chick, she like HoldUp    11/12/18  (2)
Which "It Girls" will be remembered in 500 years? Marilyn Monroe? Madonna?    11/12/18  (19)
Charles XII, how MAF are you about the midterm election?    11/12/18  (34)
Let wife listen to TinyChat for 5 mins. She instantly came from HoldUp's voice.    11/12/18  (8)
Facebook executive outed as Trump supporter, fired from Facebook    11/12/18  (77)
Telling that there's never been a pop song about giving up women and fucking men    11/12/18  (2)
Chicago has a Museum of Broadcast History where you can watch every show ever    11/12/18  (1)
Kat Timpf: 30 y/o woman on 'Accutane'    11/12/18  (6)
New method to cheaply, safely, and permanently lower/deepen your voice    11/12/18  (9)
Rate this vid of Obeezy during his college hockey days    11/12/18  (1)
Beto just celebrated Friendsgiving with President Obama and It. Was. Everything.    11/12/18  (1)
What are some 180 movies to watch (no npc shit)    11/12/18  (45)
GRINDR HACK 2018 - How to get free GRINDR XTRA    11/12/18  (2)
So, Friendsgiving just happened. Wow, just wow.    11/12/18  (4)
If Syracuse beats Notre Dame, do they move into top 4?    11/12/18  (2)
TT : mango lassi :: nyuug : mango Lassie    11/12/18  (12)
What are some words straight males should never use?    11/12/18  (66)
"No worries." "Cheers, be well."    11/12/18  (1)
The xo Seattle Mariners    11/12/18  (2)
Reminder: nyuug on pace to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record    11/12/18  (5)
gab.ai back up    11/12/18  (1)
Tom's Diner except its "Stu-pid Nig-ger" instead of "Do do do do"    11/12/18  (1)
Cali libs relocating to Arizona to turn it blue in 2020    11/12/18  (4)
mind-boggling how the "US" "media" is the propaganda arm of the DNC    11/12/18  (7)
Genetics is destiny. Sucks. But can mind overcome?    11/12/18  (7)
Matt “mouth” Breida    11/12/18  (1)
Chandler I wish I had sold Eth when u did    11/12/18  (1)
Can we stop with the casual n word usage thx    11/12/18  (4)
Look at shiteating grins on Merkel & Macron watching Ramsey Putin & Reek Trump    11/12/18  (15)
so the shitlib cancer of CA is spreading to AZ?    11/12/18  (2)
been figuring out chemical cocktail to safely induce seizure for biglaw/fam vaca    11/12/18  (1)
Is there a market for getting gay married to Europeans to cop EU citizenship    11/12/18  (1)
Jews won    11/12/18  (1)
Kerry to Fox News host: Veterans fought so you could be a 'complete fool on Twit    11/12/18  (23)
Examples of LAME Reddit Answers    11/12/18  (6)
here's how to get under Biden's skin    11/12/18  (8)
An IFNB Lullaby    11/12/18  (6)
Being white and living in China    11/12/18  (78)
Nigger+Kike=Nike    11/12/18  (28)
"JJJr's work is so derivative" whined smug SF man who sniffs own farts    11/12/18  (5)
Trump says midterms “very close to a complete victory” for him    11/12/18  (46)
What was life like as an Egyptian Pharoah?    11/12/18  (5)
XO FACT: Jews singlehandedly won WWII for the Allies    11/12/18  (7)
xo losers hate holiday gatherings    11/12/18  (2)
Twinkubus--Nice to Blow You (IFNB)    11/12/18  (1)
What are some 180 NPC movies to watch (no human shit)    11/12/18  (20)
Charles, have you tried upgrading your wardrobe?    11/12/18  (25)
WSJ: House Democrats are going to bury the REAL Russia scandal (link)    11/12/18  (72)
Why do Hispanics get affirmative action? Blacks and Native Americans, fine    11/12/18  (8)
Thought$ on California burning?    11/12/18  (5)
do absurdists just walk around like "whoa does anyone REALIZE how ABSURD this is    11/12/18  (18)
Bros, this week is TRANSGENDER AWARENESS WEEK    11/12/18  (11)
probably just gonna stack cash and fuck random women for the rest of my life    11/12/18  (4)
So Dems are going to hold Senate seats in Alabama AND Arizona?    11/12/18  (37)
Pope Francis: Merry Christmas and As-salamu alaykum    11/12/18  (1)
Which historical figure will you be cosplaying as at Charles's wedding reception    11/12/18  (13)
mean spirited YT about luis    11/12/18  (1)
Wilbur, I know you dont drink poison. but do you still get THE FEAR?    11/12/18  (2)
Mirthless Korean-American SJW reviewing comedies for AVClub seeking MPA for    11/12/18  (1)
Tbf Kat timpf shouldn’t be going to poison dispensaries (aka “bars”) anywa    11/12/18  (1)
Anyone play Hitman 2?    11/12/18  (1)
tell me moar about Vizslas    11/12/18  (7)
Barbie used to come with a scale permanently set at 110 pounds    11/12/18  (12)
Simpsons announces bonuses. Cadwalader announces associate death panels    11/12/18  (8)
Just bought XO premium. Can someone PM me to see if its working    11/12/18  (3)
ernest goes to cadwalader    11/12/18  (10)
the world is a cadwalader    11/12/18  (64)
someone please explain the Cadwalader is terrible meme    11/12/18  (77)
Rach announces u can get 5 moniker changes/month with XO Premium    11/12/18  (5)
U choose: Cadwalader securitization associate or UK infantryman at the Somme?    11/12/18  (2)
do dadmos here at least acknowledge that this is their future?    11/12/18  (12)
i know it's been said, but Rick Scott is scariest looking person i've ever seen    11/12/18  (2)
reddit tranny catches 15yo cousin crossdressing and mildly force-feminizes him:    11/12/18  (5)
Does whole world at this point realize German Empire = good guys in ww1?    11/12/18  (52)
Do you know any Lawyers that named their pets after Legalese terms?    11/12/18  (15)
‘Midlaw Killed My Husband’ an open letter from the widow of a LA real estate    11/12/18  (17)
*Don Jr. indicted*    11/12/18  (1)
Dem 2020 poll: Biden 26, Sanders 19, Beto 8, Warren 5, Harris 4, Booker 3    11/12/18  (42)
Trump should announce mueller has until 12/31/18 to finish up    11/12/18  (1)
Had the most insane nu male experience at a “Friendsgiving” jfc    11/12/18  (35)
It's sort of hard to relate to youngs who have not been married w/ kids forever.    11/12/18  (1)
This mueller probe is a fucking sickening spectacle    11/12/18  (3)
Trump is totally going to fire Comey now isn't he? That will be hilarious.    11/12/18  (62)
That dumbfuck Jared ducked everything up. Yet DJT sticks with him    11/12/18  (1)
Schtick idea: ARE Reptile, but Nazi instead of Soviet.    11/12/18  (4)
twins & i picked up and eiffel towered some slut at a lie algebra symposium    11/12/18  (3)
$100 million cash but you lose ur voice & can never speak again    11/12/18  (16)
Cocaine bros poast ITT    11/12/18  (7)
holy shit why are filipina chicks all fucking nuts?    11/12/18  (31)
dolphins: 3x as smart as humans; just chill out in ocean all day    11/12/18  (3)
Got a handjob last night. Twist: It Was A $2000 handjob. Taking ?s ITT!    11/12/18  (19)
Why do non white men, esp turds, vastly overrate blondes    11/12/18  (69)
FATCEPs, what's your PED stack atm?    11/12/18  (2)
When law shrew jr associates close their office doors, they’re masturbating    11/12/18  (2)
Would be great if Trump won & libs got so mad they ousted Matt Lauer in response    11/12/18  (253)
Sinema: "But Mr. President, I just HAVE to get this bill passed!" Beto: "Well...    11/12/18  (9)
Holy Fuck Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1996) is shitlibby as hell    11/12/18  (28)
Biglaw killed my dads    11/12/18  (2)

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