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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
lol @ minorities, theyre not even human    09/22/18  (7)
Melbourne, Australia: Africans Commit 128x More Robberies, 68x House Invasions    09/22/18  (1)
Lol many of your great grandmothers were FLAPPER SLUTS    09/22/18  (7)
Phone: "Congrats you matc-" *THROWS PHONE AT WALL*    09/22/18  (19)
TINYCHAT    09/22/18  (11)
It'd be awful if someone attacked an iPhone launch day & I hope nobody does it.    09/22/18  (17)
WhittierTP here, with a manga guide on how to turn ur BF into a cock-loving slut    09/22/18  (48)
PayPal bans Alex Jones from receiving money    09/22/18  (7)
Alex Jones banned from talking on the phone by AT&T and Verizon    09/22/18  (4)
all banks, cellular companies, ISPs, supermarkets refuse Alex Jones service    09/22/18  (3)
Police and fire depts will no longer respond to 911 calls from Alex Jones    09/22/18  (7)
college dings applicants for following alex jones on twitter    09/22/18  (2)
assfaggot, I am flying to Europe Wednesday (PF)    09/22/18  (31)
My friend from high school went to Harvard and is now a realtor, EXPLAIN?    09/22/18  (6)
Senate GOP: Maybe if we give Dane a little more geld he'll go away    09/22/18  (4)
Verizon blocks all phone calls to and from Alex Jones    09/22/18  (6)
The Depressive Realism Model    09/22/18  (54)
Rate this behind-the-scenes photo of Cruise and Hackman from the set of The Fir    09/22/18  (25)
TRUMP LOGIC: must fire Rosenstein over NYTimes Story, btw NYTimes is fake news!    09/22/18  (4)
600k in NY v 500k in Chicago v 650k in LA    09/22/18  (35)
Manafort in jail, 3-d gun weirdo being extradited, GOP losing midterms, MAGA!    09/22/18  (1)
I feel like the office would be even too offensive for libs nowadays    09/22/18  (19)
Naked nigger explains diversity nap to white woman    09/22/18  (9)
"your boyfriend? so you're gay?" "no me and all my boyfriends are straight"    09/22/18  (25)
Reminder WSU QB killed self to death with a big gun or he'd be starting now    09/22/18  (6)
Last quarter check in - 2.1 million net so far (CSLG)    09/22/18  (5)
Gave chip flavor    09/22/18  (2)
Gf has never done psychedelics, want to do them together but she's resistant    09/22/18  (1)
Hard working scientists give MOLLY to an Octopus    09/22/18  (34)
Trump supports, how many times have u been yelled at/spit on for ur dumb views?    09/22/18  (3)
Kirsten Gillibrand does not get bashed nearly enough here    09/22/18  (46)
lol, some k-pop boy band called BTS has like 300m views on every song    09/22/18  (1)
Bands where the drummer is the best musician in the band    09/22/18  (100)
What xo poasrer would you trust to write your obituary?    09/22/18  (17)
Your son, cradling Halford's head as he expires, (Pic)    09/22/18  (53)
Halford resting his flacid cock on doobs's snout for discipline training.    09/22/18  (101)
Halford pulling the true Excalibur from your son's anus    09/22/18  (25)
Fully nude Halford Parkour-chasing your son thru Rio favela    09/22/18  (45)
anyone else here a HYPERBOREAN REALIST?    09/22/18  (8)
doobs yelling I GOT HIS BABY BITCH like black girl in back of Halford's snaps    09/22/18  (15)
Xmas Pig 2    09/22/18  (104)
What party will win U.S. House in November? Honest answers only, no trolling    09/22/18  (1)
Your future wife's pussy on getting 22mil hits and counting on YouTube (vid)    09/22/18  (11)
NYT: a "merely credible allegation" is enough to disqualify Kavanaugh (link)    09/22/18  (49)
Are jews going to hell for saying jesus is full of shit?    09/22/18  (13)
Having a bleeding cum and blood covered cawk shove fucked In eye socket    09/22/18  (3)
*accidentally click "like" on cute girl's old photo* *blood pressure SKYROCKETS*    09/22/18  (4)
Your future obituary just a baby picture and the text 'he was happy once'    09/22/18  (27)
Some say The Kike's nose grew three sizes that day    09/22/18  (11)
Guys - I need 2.5 months to prepare for testimony on a 25 second incident    09/22/18  (1)
it's amazing how coked and drunk jordan peterson seems in early videos    09/22/18  (6)
wow NO ONE is in chat sad    09/22/18  (2)
Buff Faggot are you man enough to attack my crack?    09/22/18  (1)
Video of Bram the Bunny Part II    09/22/18  (207)
Republicans thought they were winning Kavanaugh argument. Then Trump tweeted.    09/22/18  (3)
George Groves to rematch Badou Jack after he wins Super Six    09/22/18  (3)
Making pastrami and beef jerky tonight    09/22/18  (6)
the bartender liked my eddie money & nirvana - but at Williams, unfortunately    09/22/18  (3)
I think Nebraska pulls off the upset in The Big House.    09/22/18  (5)
Had to turn off House Hunters 'cause this chick has a voice like Minnie Mouse.    09/22/18  (1)
Nebraska is making up Akron game by playing Bethune cookman on bye week    09/22/18  (4)
do we know what kind of asian RCP90 is?    09/22/18  (2)
2011-2014 Lexus IS-F is now a collectors item    09/22/18  (10)
BLOCKED FG    09/22/18  (7)
Diapered up butt slut punish whore arson hehe ljl    09/22/18  (4)
Taking my wife's name and questions itt    09/22/18  (1)
I have a friend that wants me to do a window washing business with him    09/22/18  (7)
BREAKING: Major news. White House has drafted an executive order for President T    09/22/18  (1)
Good news for shorts and baldmos    09/22/18  (12)
TSINAH high as fuck on speed sweating like a motherfucker pounding his ugly gf    09/22/18  (1)
ITT: We discuss buff faggot and corporate slave tag teaming a chick    09/22/18  (14)
i'm a novus ordo cuck, in a novus ordo world    09/22/18  (1)
Everything is retarded casinos are tranny fun bun suck Vegas cawk    09/22/18  (3)
I want the $uck the cawk of aids riddled tranny in a double wide tree heeeee    09/22/18  (8)
Boom colorado buffs undefeated your thoughts?    09/22/18  (2)
this is a post-facebook world    09/22/18  (1)
This entire fraud world is complete shit.. and XO enforces the negativity    09/22/18  (5)
My wife is amazing    09/22/18  (2)
corp slave drank 8 Fat Tires at the tsinah cigar bar and left without paying    09/22/18  (4)
Do females post here anymore?    09/22/18  (5)
Women going crazy! Chick stabs 5 at maternity center including 3 infants    09/22/18  (4)
Boom if you WERE a fraud, you would deny it, would you not? Yes or no.    09/22/18  (8)
This website is getting far too homoerotic    09/22/18  (4)
hair thinning is terrible, makes u want to have real short hair    09/22/18  (1)
Facebook for Autists    09/22/18  (2)
POLL: porno rental for $19.99, buff faggot threesome with corp. slave, BUY?    09/22/18  (2)
Went to crazy rural bar full of old loggers. They were MAF about Kavanaugh    09/22/18  (16)
YOUR OLD: USC quarterback born in 2000.    09/22/18  (7)
Are We on the Verge of Civil War? (NRO)    09/22/18  (15)
best south beach nightclub for a horny faggot bottom who CRAVES COCK???    09/22/18  (7)
Why are Republicans so fucking ugly?    09/22/18  (5)
I met my wife    09/22/18  (1)
I love my wife    09/22/18  (4)
has anyone seen retarded nigger tp around lately?    09/22/18  (16)
*bathtub tsinah reads benzo poast* "MOTHERFUCKER!" *drops egg sandwich in water*    09/22/18  (35)
tsinah is the only person in earth who could mange to get cucked by a fake gf    09/22/18  (10)
Theory - if Thunder Collins was rocking a 8 inch meastick, wife wouldnt be crazy    09/22/18  (16)
Life without marijuana indiced haze is LJLL    09/22/18  (7)
Shirtless dad, son arrested for gunning down neighbor in trash fight (vid)    09/22/18  (102)
I wish fascism would've worked better    09/22/18  (1)
POLL: who here wrestled in high school?    09/22/18  (2)
Ted Cruz asked if he lost his dignity    09/22/18  (1)
I can outdrink all of you    09/22/18  (2)
Her name is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Use it.    09/22/18  (7)
I would have made a great Navy SEAL    09/22/18  (51)
XO Dadmos: If you arent swaddling your infant, you need to start    09/22/18  (5)
Why dont you become a missionary in Japan    09/22/18  (1)
not flame, whats the most cr city in Nebraska to move to?    09/22/18  (3)
WHITEMOS: best way to DE-tan after summer?    09/22/18  (3)
Should I get this $8k a month 1 bdrm apt?    09/22/18  (25)
I honestly hardly want to kill myself anymore    09/22/18  (6)
Liking EVERY single pic of your crush on Instagram --power move?    09/22/18  (2)
summon: harrison tp    09/22/18  (2)
"You're not going to shoot my husband," the white woman said confidently    09/22/18  (9)
TSINAH: "i really love arguing" *gets 155 on LSAT* *pays sticker at FSU*    09/22/18  (120)
ITT: we think up ORIGINAL ideas for vampire movies    09/22/18  (40)
underrated: Vampire's Kiss (1988) w/ Nic Cage    09/22/18  (3)
do women get turned on when they see a guy wearing size 13s?    09/22/18  (1)
Interview with the Vampire (1994) - what the hell was that shit all about?    09/22/18  (10)
Is there anyone I haven't pwnd philosophically on board    09/22/18  (5)
"Witch Hunt" secures numerous convictions; pays for itself    09/22/18  (8)
Chad Impregnates a Cuckold's Barren Wife    09/22/18  (37)
Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld and Athena Chan Zuckerberg were wed today by Rabbi Linda C    09/22/18  (15)
coldplay fan, are we cybering or what?    09/22/18  (2)
list of cool songs    09/22/18  (5)
BIOLOGICAL FEMALE, taking Q's    09/22/18  (35)
Corporate Slave - are your size 14 feet narrow or wide?    09/22/18  (1)
Italian anarchist is peak intellectualism    09/22/18  (1)
whats the origin of the tsinah cuck meme    09/22/18  (18)
*tsinahs toupee blowing off as benzo tokyo drifts his maserati past FL dui court    09/22/18  (46)
The Chad Dumpster Defender    09/22/18  (1)
DESCRIBE west virginia on 200k    09/22/18  (39)
Solo. First 30k month. Taking Q's.    09/22/18  (40)
It's that time again. POST YOUR HEIGHT, WEIGHT, INCOME, 401K BALANCE    09/22/18  (39)
USC losing 30-17 at home to WSU. Very odd.    09/22/18  (2)
Who reminds you of Obeezy more: Chris Hayes or Peter Strzok?    09/22/18  (1)
GOP sets Monday vote for Kavanaugh    09/22/18  (31)
this spic who made Hamilton seems insufferable    09/22/18  (2)
"sultans of swing" plays as chad bartenders eiffel tower TSINAH's gf    09/22/18  (77)
What are they "negotiating" with Ford? Why is it taking so long?    09/22/18  (1)
Is the marketplace of ideas a lie?    09/22/18  (12)
*Grassley bursts into hearing on all fours, Ford riding him w/dominatrix whip*    09/22/18  (8)
live streaming the Super Nintendo Sailor Moon RPG tonight    09/22/18  (1)
Cliffs on Beto-Cruz debate?    09/22/18  (2)
Joe Biden MUST have raped like 4 women in the past in college    09/22/18  (3)
rate my cheat meal    09/22/18  (24)

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