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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/12/18  (197)
Inshallah, Isis will launch more successful attacks soon    11/14/18  (21)
Lawyermos: your house burns. How much do you get from insurance?    11/14/18  (1)
Stress Tests during Banking Interviews (Maybe Law).....is this shit true?    11/14/18  (15)
Democrats are the REAL Russia colluders!    11/14/18  (25)
can someone please start being posting 10-level meta-sarcasm like boner police    11/14/18  (9)
FUCK LIBS: WI company giving employees a GUN as Xmas bonus    11/14/18  (5)
CUMSKIN dork SPENCER STONE stabbed --- 180 INSHALLAH BROTHERS!!!    11/14/18  (11)
Ocasio cortez and 6ix9ine look remarkably similar    11/14/18  (1)
Which Middle Eastern country should I visit this year: UAE, Egypt, England?    11/14/18  (6)
WSJ: House Democrats are going to bury the REAL Russia scandal (link)    11/14/18  (73)
so Spaceporn posted "suggestive" pics of his kid and wonders why pedos want him?    11/14/18  (1)
rate my physique (uvt)    11/14/18  (51)
Lindsay Graham says Trump will have Senate's support if he fires Mueller    11/14/18  (3)
Breaking: Jared Kushner rescinds joint defense agreement w/ Trump    11/14/18  (3)
Fuck it, I'm gonna say it: College really wasn't all that great.    11/14/18  (152)
Scientists: Kalmans --> lowered IQ. Spaceporn (has Kalmans): not true    11/14/18  (22)
Hey pumo ,.,...,..,.,..:,,:,..,,.;:,,..,:
,.;.:..:.,:,::,. when did you know you
   11/14/18  (113)
A Boltzmann dick spontaneously appearing in spaceporn jr    11/14/18  (6)
Not a wave expert but normal to lose 40 gerrymandered seats w/ roaring economy?    11/14/18  (23)
Is the economy good or is it flame??    11/14/18  (4)
Have you ever met a legit Special Forces Operator?    11/14/18  (85)
Firefighters are setting the California fires for overtime $$$    11/14/18  (1)
Got hit on by a 40 year old whitey..does that mean i look 40    11/14/18  (24)
Why don’t those threatened by fire just jump into bath tub?    11/14/18  (15)
just sucked a dick, this is so fucking gay    11/14/18  (11)
This place seems obnoxiously enamored with itself, like a gayer online Harvard    11/14/18  (11)
Cause of CA wildfire discovered to be Carol Channing's dry vagina flaps rubbing    11/14/18  (1)
Minimum income to buy a porsche cayman or 911?    11/14/18  (27)
ok heres how blacks lissed me off this morning    11/14/18  (3)
Rate this email from employer who I ghosted    11/14/18  (34)
Trump to Retroactively Apply AA Ban: WLMAS slowly fading out of Grad photo    11/14/18  (69)
Mort K recoiling in horror as Paladin Anderson saves you from biglaw    11/14/18  (7)
everything is low IQ    11/14/18  (1)
What happened to "The Crew" (T-14 only)    11/14/18  (16)
Hey Ghostface Billah/petumkin, do u still have that lulzy Hitlerjugend haircut    11/14/18  (2)
Atheism is low IQ, I'm convinced *something* is going on. Not sure what.    11/14/18  (82)
"The closing's in a church, I can't enter til it's desecrated. You need to step    11/14/18  (2)
Petition to add "Apt Pupil" to the list of things XO approves of    11/14/18  (4)
Modern London: Muslim kills pregnant muslim woman with crossbow, baby survives    11/14/18  (3)
black TN congresswoman calls whites 'uneducated', racist for voting GOP    11/14/18  (1)
Black lawyer on disability wakes up, inhales fifth of Jim Beam, logs in as WLMAS    11/14/18  (2)
Children take after their mothers' romantic habits, study finds    11/14/18  (6)
Black candidates in Georgia & Mississippi 3x as smart/impressive as whites, why?    11/14/18  (1)
The right wing racism here is pretty shocking, worse than ever. Its scary    11/14/18  (22)
White homeowner kills e armed black home invaders. Here’s why that’s racist    11/14/18  (1)
I'm fucking addicted to red wine.    11/14/18  (31)
IQ of my friends who couldn't follow along with the Big Short?    11/14/18  (26)
chandluizabo    11/14/18  (11)
been wandering streets *whistling*, yelling out "HERE, BONER! BONER! C'MERE BOY"    11/14/18  (2)
Gustavus Adolphus memory holed?    11/14/18  (13)
Navy Seal thanking of counsel for his service    11/14/18  (3)
Morning, Obeezy! Ready for another day of getting rejected by 4’s?    11/14/18  (8)
nigger hehe 🦍🍉🍗    11/14/18  (34)
What is it Lassie? ... A Nigger,... in the woodpile? Lassie that's not uncommon    11/14/18  (7)
"I've got a subpoena for you!" "thank you for your service hehe"    11/14/18  (1)
"Well instead of guns we use arguments" said lawyer after soldier @ Career Day    11/14/18  (1)
*hits xo locker room sign “Get rejected by a 4 today”*    11/14/18  (5)
I LOVE MY WIFE -- Unisex T-shirt    11/14/18  (2)
out of my 3 dads, colt is the only one to tell me not to go to law school    11/14/18  (4)
Gay Turds on horses take over Wall Street    11/14/18  (4)
*indigent low-IQ nonlawyer petumkin/FLW making another hilarious "Biller" pun*    11/14/18  (7)
Rate this cute Nebraska couple featured in NYTimes weddings (link)    11/14/18  (7)
used to hate j maw but he's probably the best poaster right now    11/14/18  (17)
who's fucking idea was it to put a "DK Mode" into goldeneye    11/14/18  (2)
Fuck it, I'm gonna say it: 19th Amendment was really that bad.    11/14/18  (5)
Shitlib foreign shrew journalist: "what are you, Donald Trump?"    11/14/18  (4)
Johnsmeyer was literally featured in AM Metro newspaper    11/14/18  (13)
Trump: "Where are the Lost Boys. Bring the Lost Boys up here."    11/14/18  (16)
The pension crisis in California is going to sink the state    11/14/18  (50)
19 year old tindersloot's opening message was I look like a brad    11/14/18  (1)
Caravan of spaceporn sons ducklegged parading to seek asylum in South America    11/14/18  (3)
anyone know where i can settle down with a 5 who has taken 3 miles of cock    11/14/18  (3)
LGBT Splinter Group From Migrant Caravan Is The 1st To Arrive In Tijuana    11/14/18  (18)
The penis risen from catatonia, her throbbing sink hole it be-staked    11/14/18  (4)
Remember that Billl O'Reilly guy who libs took down?    11/14/18  (10)
Russia Hacked Election With Influential Voices Like "ARE Reptile"    11/14/18  (5)
The industrial revolution and it's consequences... (Smithsonian)    11/14/18  (4)
I am a weird obsessive who will work ceaselessly on trivial problems.    11/14/18  (2)
Barron Trump summoning army of undead psychopaths to ravage London    11/14/18  (6)
Tinder and casual sex culture blows my mind    11/14/18  (43)
Lol. Strzok changed Comey's conclusion from "gross negl" to "extremely careless"    11/14/18  (67)
Todays AMNY Cover: "We NEED more cops!" Then go to page 10    11/14/18  (10)
Who will be USC's next football coach?    11/14/18  (1)
Cute cheerful 22 yo 7.5 w/ lifetime 3 partners incl me settle down Cr?    11/14/18  (1)
Warranted Law Teen Belief by Alvin Plantinga    11/14/18  (6)
Disgusting lack of second cousin threading this close to thanksgiving    11/14/18  (10)
Pretty crazy that Milton became so learned to prep for his poetry.    11/14/18  (4)
I refuse to believe this retarded rumor colt is a bowlcut chink named Herman    11/14/18  (10)
My Dating Life Is Like Over    11/14/18  (28)
When Does Teenager Die? Adults Eat Teenagers Alive, No Record Of Their Death.    11/14/18  (12)
Vlad ships Houthis some Krasnopol guided artillery. Hilarities ensue.    11/14/18  (2)
There's this weird group called "Lost Boys" who run the party scene at my UG    11/14/18  (63)
In latest fuck you to SpaceX Putin unveils new nuclear powered space ship engine    11/14/18  (5)
Anyone have prole in-laws? How do I deal with these people    11/14/18  (38)
RATE the complaint in CNN v Trump    11/14/18  (161)
Peter Pan type hat. Handsome as fuck.    11/14/18  (32)
Newsboy Boner Police running from a crowd of sexually rapacious hoboes    11/14/18  (8)
SJW 2nd cousin ruining Thanksgiving    11/14/18  (1)
twins and i hovering around a coffee table doing blow like in boogie nights    11/14/18  (11)
anyone else get banned from JD Underground?    11/14/18  (51)
2 Lamar High School (Houston) teen boys dead in murder-suicide    11/14/18  (7)
shrew Lucilla conspiring with Roman deep state against Commodus TRUMP    11/14/18  (2)
"the family has asked i read a 2016 post from AssFaggot" *priest clears throat*    11/14/18  (91)
nothing is stopping you from taking student loans forever and staying in college    11/14/18  (6)
BEEFMODE    11/14/18  (1)
Daily Stoic, 11/14/18    11/14/18  (1)
Millenial and Gen Z men are fucked    11/14/18  (14)
Blue eyes are ugly unless extremely light/pale blue    11/14/18  (36)
Sony's approach with PS1 classic is the same with their regular consoles (cowgod    11/14/18  (4)
Chilmata (dogshit) is a Bald Fraud with an 1100 SAT score    11/14/18  (8)
Thanksgiving teens?    11/14/18  (4)
I’ll bump your thread if you bump mine    11/14/18  (3)
Dear Trumptards, explain why a literal Russian prostitute is firing WH officials    11/14/18  (9)
the Planet Fitness --> Vape Store --> Call Center 'pipeline'    11/14/18  (4)
Dozen Saudi faggots take a walk in Yemen. Houthi bros cook and eat them.    11/14/18  (3)
Tucker Carlson tries MMA, gets his ass beat    11/14/18  (8)
Spaceporn furrowing brow over McDonald's placemat maze as pumos advance on son    11/14/18  (6)
Ignoring 4 Corner Earth Days will Destroy Boring Humanity. I am organizing Chil    11/14/18  (5)
Crazy Rich Asians signaled the top in Chinese market    11/14/18  (4)
Spaceporn jr falls into orangutan enclosure; guess what happens next    11/14/18  (1)
The awful, mundane truth about humans    11/14/18  (1)
ITT: Link your "guilty pleasure" songs    11/14/18  (30)
Unsaid truth: CA fires are due to elec demands of pot growers    11/14/18  (3)
hilarious to me in hindsight how jealous xo was of boner_police    11/14/18  (2)
Queens residents OUTRAGED over Amazon HQ2 announcement    11/14/18  (100)
sending firm my notice today, long time coming    11/14/18  (5)
Lutheran Missouri Synod cr?    11/14/18  (30)
Shitlaw Boss wants to sell his Account Receivables    11/14/18  (6)
Did some real good adulting today. Proud of myself (10 zillion upvotes)    11/14/18  (15)
whittier OCI do you know anything about Japanese pro wrestling    11/14/18  (7)
Lassie remake: millennial Timmy calls AssFaggot to help him put stuff in his ass    11/14/18  (11)
would you rather be a public defender trial lawyer or post conviction relief PD?    11/14/18  (5)
anglican lawyer just isnt funny, bros.    11/14/18  (87)
Lassie ran for 591 episodes    11/14/18  (13)
In honor of America's veterans, I am giving hypos (Krampusnacht)    11/14/18  (158)
sp getting tuition waiver at Farleigh Dickinson    11/14/18  (1)
Boner police has his hair in curlers and is getting an MFA to save our marriage    11/14/18  (9)
Asian girl was FURIOUS when learning Blue eyes weren't dominant gene    11/14/18  (2)
name of my wireless network: bootycockshaboingboingfaggot    11/14/18  (15)
Be embarrassed if everyone in your workplace looks like you --Natalie Portman (v    11/14/18  (59)
Elie Mystal completely unhinged rants on Twitter re: WHITE WOMEN. LOL @ this fat    11/14/18  (116)
Indian festival where children and dunked in cow shit (vid)    11/14/18  (5)
Do people really believe all Africa is a shithole bc of racism, not IQ?    11/14/18  (1)
Is this law teen who died in the fire too thicc?    11/14/18  (6)
and the best part? the site is owned by a Jew literallly named Cohen    11/14/18  (1)
Satanism and Atheism have the same moral principals    11/14/18  (2)
Is there any doubt Ms. Frizzle was Jewish?    11/14/18  (9)
every movie is being made with the Chinese market in mind    11/14/18  (1)
What race/class are you rolling for the xoxo WoW Classic guild?    11/14/18  (7)

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