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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/12/18  (214)
My NBA bets today: Celtics over Wizards, Detroit over Charlotte, Kings over Wolv    12/12/18  (10)
Boy Scouts Considering Bankruptcy    12/12/18  (27)
I can envision my death.    12/12/18  (4)
Anyone else feel weird about how much $ they make?    12/12/18  (3)
Poastradamus crying as ETH price drops below # of Scoutmasters who raped him    12/12/18  (15)
Chandler steps to podium, croons “No appeal on the docket today just mah own s    12/12/18  (3)
what are some things you think xo is dead wrong about    12/12/18  (15)
Oh gimme the BeefBoy and free my soul...    12/12/18  (447)
Historically interesting things WILL happen in your life. But you'll be 70s/80s    12/12/18  (16)
If ur a single guy and don't own an Air Fryer, ur literally insane    12/12/18  (36)
RSF YOU HERE?    12/12/18  (1)
   12/12/18  (5)
*Mueller turning beet red* "Watchu mean Trump isn't working for Putin?"    12/12/18  (9)
"America runs train on Duncan!" squealed duncan_donuts as he shook his rump nude    12/12/18  (47)
Reminder: Judaism Is Set Up To Prevent All The Evils Of Loneliness    12/12/18  (43)
The next generation of women: Girls doll the literally shits glitter    12/12/18  (1)
“Wannabe Dictator’s Buttboy” - Mika on Mike Pompeo    12/12/18  (2)
Mom MAF At Ultraortho Slut's Bitch Sister Not Sending TY Note For Thanksgiving    12/12/18  (2)
reminder: nobody really understands how computers work AT ALL    12/12/18  (40)
CA to tax text messaging (link)    12/12/18  (5)
Boy Scouts bankrupt because libs demanded gays leering at your boy scout's butt    12/12/18  (1)
which US city name is most at odds with its namesake?    12/12/18  (71)
Into the Beef Boy Classic, under them skies of blue...    12/12/18  (47)
exeunt is a modern day Sylvester McMonkey McBean to coiners and nocoiners    12/12/18  (2)
I've Seen The Posers and The Damage Done (Neil Hung)    12/12/18  (14)
What is the credited next step when aging out of big law?    12/12/18  (7)
MEGACHURCH pastor buys wife $200K LAMBO SUV #lawman8    12/12/18  (24)
famous songs with actually brilliant lyrics    12/12/18  (118)
If you're not blowing Chandler's phone up you aren't living    12/12/18  (1)
George Harrison - The Concert for Big Rod's    12/12/18  (27)
Rate this bass player ITT    12/12/18  (9)
Holy shit I just laughed    12/12/18  (1)
I want I. I want I. I want IFNB.    12/12/18  (15)
Damn daddy where r u?    12/12/18  (4)
Vince Carter scored 13 points tonight on 5 for 10 shooting    12/12/18  (4)
Roher. Tell your children not to fuck my A.    12/12/18  (30)
Mike Pence: And for those reasons, I cannot, in good faith, pardon Donald J. Tru    12/12/18  (45)
Watchu doin? Nothing stimmin' at the fully nude gyyyyym    12/12/18  (2)
Stim stim stimmin' on Pounder's floor    12/12/18  (23)
Discuss Changes in Biglaw Past Decade    12/12/18  (261)
FBI: Why'd u do it? FR bomber: "Islam." FBI: *slams desk* Don't make me ask agai    12/12/18  (198)
I think GTH is losing it. He's far too deep into XO these days    12/12/18  (10)
ATL: Paul Weiss promoting white people to partner is NOT OK    12/12/18  (21)
Poastradamus is butthurt bc ETH reminds him of dad and uncle raping him    12/12/18  (3)
Poastradamus' parents getting the cum cleaned out of his Cub Scout uniform    12/12/18  (21)
Russia releases tablet PC with zero Chinese/American/Japanese parts    12/12/18  (10)
xo cousin koresh    12/12/18  (1)
Hawaii State Court Judge Signs Arrest Warrant For President Trump    12/12/18  (1)
one glass of lemonade has five pounds of sugar    12/12/18  (32)
I'm lifting weights in here, so take off all your clothes    12/12/18  (66)
Deep State is so incredibly mind-blowingly perplexed that Trump is 100% clean    12/12/18  (63)
ITT: your TOP 3 fucks of 2018    12/12/18  (8)
Sam Kinison on gays    12/12/18  (8)
I stand here totally nude, draped in crystals, ready to take down ZOG    12/12/18  (24)
frozen burrito instructions: microwave for 90 sec or put in oven for 5 hrs    12/12/18  (29)
Can never remember going to a doctor and having a health problem resolved    12/12/18  (70)
Libs scrambling and moving back to "Stormy Daniels" in desperation?    12/12/18  (2)
Thus guy's cock rootted off    12/12/18  (1)
"Well I'd like to see ol Donny Trump wriggle his way out of THIS jam!"    12/12/18  (3)
Backspace is my best friend and we met on Birthright    12/12/18  (3)
*fills GF's Neti Pot w/ warm, stagnant, amoeba-filled lake water*    12/12/18  (5)
something must be done about libs    12/12/18  (2)
“I have come here to take dozens of cumloads in my ass and chew bubblegum” (    12/12/18  (2)
Trump on fallout national debt: "Yeah, but I won’t be here"    12/12/18  (36)
rate this obese women and her expertise in collectible beanie baby value    12/12/18  (8)
SMALLEST metro areas WITH a major sports team?    12/12/18  (15)
this fucking strumpet, this fucking whore    12/12/18  (1)
rate this woman who sleeps with tigers    12/12/18  (1)
Just heard abt Normandy Landing. Why weren’t we prepared? Call ASAP    12/12/18  (1)
"what a slut" says gc watchin u 'get the app' & horizontally integrate ur gmail    12/12/18  (1)
ITT rate my new t shirt    12/12/18  (3)
Dwight Yoakum plays a USO show for NYC biglaw associates (vid)    12/12/18  (1)
I think I'm going to UN-RETIRE from SHITLAW    12/12/18  (26)
A LAWYER comments on the JUDICIAL LYNCHING of James Fields:    12/12/18  (1)
List actually funny standup performances from the last decade    12/12/18  (1)
$2500 to send a demand letter    12/12/18  (19)
imagine deep state finding your xo log as you run for office    12/12/18  (2)
Thoughts on smoking??    12/12/18  (20)
(((Coach))) Corey Wayne    12/12/18  (3)
today is the anniversary of my black lab's death    12/12/18  (40)
124yo mueller conducting cadaver synod on trump’s corpse for campaign fin. vio    12/12/18  (1)
Biggest metropolitan area without a major sports team?    12/12/18  (30)
Passive income bros: REITs or own investment properties yourself?    12/12/18  (10)
Funshine Carebear taking questions.    12/12/18  (2)
itt: you predict how humanity will end    12/12/18  (2)
Will Putin offer Trump sanctuary in Moscow?    12/12/18  (5)
This Russia investigation is so retarded I mean what the fuck    12/12/18  (1)
ITT we list QUALITY brands and products which stand out in DURABILITY and VALUE    12/12/18  (119)
Dollar Tree    12/12/18  (32)
I read a study the other day that nicotine improves productivity by 20 percent    12/12/18  (1)
RATE this yoga girl    12/12/18  (27)
left work not flame 2 hrs in and been posting in bed with juul nonstop    12/12/18  (1)
juul    12/12/18  (3)
Wait so Uber hires obese Mexican tranny felons to supervise their driverless car    12/12/18  (3)
Maybe I'll rebrand myself as "Dupa" - someone thought this IRL and then did it    12/12/18  (6)
Are we still luis threading or is that over    12/12/18  (2)
Why does GC assume people want driverless cars?    12/12/18  (15)
term for a male shrew?    12/12/18  (1)
At a bar SOLO 180    12/12/18  (3)
lol Dupa had one quad 'espresso' today    12/12/18  (5)
No politics expert but normal for “POTUS” to be named in 5 indictments per w    12/12/18  (13)
ITT: I rank the L.A. neighborhoods    12/12/18  (42)
He gotta have that >6 feet | >6 figures | >6 inches    12/12/18  (9)
Nigger Semen, Doo Doo & Feces LLP    12/12/18  (7)
What is the most sickening example of GC?    12/12/18  (65)
PredictIt has market on which GOP opportunist will stick impeachment 🔪 in    12/12/18  (14)
ITT: I rank the Seoul neighborhoods    12/12/18  (1)
DBG stole his 2018 Thankgiving drama content from the Berenstain Bears (PIC)    12/12/18  (15)
The five emoji skin tone options don’t accommodate a diverse world    12/12/18  (4)
16 year old virgin wins trip to Sex Island hooker orgy with unlimited sex    12/12/18  (35)
Listened to 25 covers of Love Without End Amen tonight, this was the best one    12/12/18  (20)
Woman forces her SLAVE to GAY MARRY her so she can stay in US.    12/12/18  (1)
Reuters: literally every Trump building overseas was used to launder Russian $$$    12/12/18  (45)
finished finals. rec me some books fags    12/12/18  (4)
Don't forget this classic holiday tale for your kids this year    12/12/18  (5)
Wait, so Obama DID wiretap Trump, right? Lawman8, where are we on this?    12/12/18  (2)
luis is a cute young man with a fat juicy penis    12/12/18  (3)
United States v. AutoAdmit.com    12/12/18  (13)
What fundamentally "broke" you? What was the point of no return?    12/12/18  (78)
Weird 90s Smashing Pumpkins music vid where Billy Corgan played gothic BIGLAWYER    12/12/18  (1)
Davos | Bilderberg | AutoAdmit    12/12/18  (3)
how maf is jjc that tctp has a job in finance    12/12/18  (61)
God warning the abyss not to gaze long into Mr. Jinx    12/12/18  (24)
Blonde Scandinavian white woman hates white "men"    12/12/18  (25)
I can't wait to tell a bunch of 36 year old bald jewish lawyers about this    12/12/18  (28)
per the Changes to Biglaw thread: is 30 minutes to respond a long time?    12/12/18  (6)
If you wanna go a get a stim from me, turtleback in the nude with the big Ds    12/12/18  (11)
GC glaring at you as you introduce yourself to your neighbors    12/12/18  (20)
Pretty sure GC is following me in cars and shit, watching me at grocery store    12/12/18  (2)
   12/12/18  (2)
Crypto forum got 2 new posts today    12/12/18  (2)
Don't have a car in LA. I take the metro to work. taking Q's.    12/12/18  (6)
Serious question: Why would anyone do AA?    12/12/18  (9)
Serious question: Why would anyone do Dupa?    12/12/18  (1)
Smash Ultimate 12/12 megathread    12/12/18  (2)
Kushner-Trump bribery racket    12/12/18  (12)
After a family member died I was in a spiral of depression and anxiety. Halp.    12/12/18  (40)
Cohen, Pecker & Weisselberg    12/12/18  (3)
BETA O'DORK Is your odds-on favorite to win the Dem nomination!    12/12/18  (11)
The unemployed Howard grad who ended Trump's presidency from his moms basement    12/12/18  (47)
u n ur hs gf, on a warm summer day, picking boolberry from the bush    12/12/18  (10)
libs: be yourself no matter anyone says! libs: america must care what everyone    12/12/18  (2)
Trump is going to wind up like Pinochet or Marcos dodging prosecutors into old a    12/12/18  (4)
Alcoholic WLMAS is going to get his ASS FUCKED by the state bar    12/12/18  (13)

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