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Why is there no modern Jack the Ripper?    01/18/18  (69)
Amazon HQ2 top 20 list    01/18/18  (61)
Cornell students bully one of their own for appearing on FoxNews    01/18/18  (44)
Second Penn Law Student Kills Self    01/18/18  (40)
Told wife i would pay to replace the floor in one room of house.    01/18/18  (38)
Imagine being 40 and having to lie and cover up about being from NJ    01/18/18  (35)
Rate my shoes/pants I am wearing today    01/18/18  (33)
*Gets shit pushed in by JULIA* *2 min later, makes a poast about her IQ*    01/18/18  (33)
Trump supporter gets expelled from U. Alabama over racial slurs    01/18/18  (32)
RATE Prince William's new haircut    01/18/18  (31)
lol NFL Divisional Playoffs down Twenty Three Million (23,000,000) Viewers    01/18/18  (29)
Dems force government shut down. Economy tanks. Dems blame Trump. Dems win    01/18/18  (21)
Started chill and fratty 2nd jerb today    01/18/18  (21)
Anyone else listen to Pod Save America?    01/18/18  (20)
Wtf was with the Beatles and their Indian music phase    01/18/18  (20)
Rate this experts opinion on Trump/Mueller outcomes    01/18/18  (20)
why do boomers live off of scheduling "meetings" & "calls"    01/18/18  (20)
Is being OF COUNSEL at a BIG LAW FIRM a good gig?    01/18/18  (19)
Haitians barred from applying for visas for low-skilled work in U.S.    01/18/18  (19)
Is it CR to reduce 401k contributions in light of market peak and tax cut?    01/18/18  (19)
Guitar bros: buy a 1K gretsch or save for Es-335/3K gretsch at midlife crisis    01/18/18  (19)
Is Kendra Sunderland the hottest girl in porn?    01/18/18  (18)
Working toward a world where that Grace and Aziz date no longer happens    01/18/18  (17)
Taking Qs about jury duty yesterday    01/18/18  (17)
remember when Timberlands and baggy jeans were in style?    01/18/18  (16)
I seriously lol whenever I think of / see a pussyhat    01/18/18  (16)
Rate this Orange County white 20yo chick who works in sales NSFW    01/18/18  (16)
Disney has Star Wars fanbase in a cockcage by witholding Solo trailer    01/18/18  (15)
Fake News awards were a dud    01/18/18  (15)
Amazon runs Whole Foods into the ground immediately.    01/18/18  (14)
Quitting my job today. Any protips?    01/18/18  (14)
Millennial Moses uses dildo staff to part Rio Grande to get illegals into US    01/18/18  (13)
BAT is mooning. Good time to Sell?    01/18/18  (13)
taking a sabbatical is massively credited. taking/giving Qs    01/18/18  (13)
Jersey Shore is headed to Miami!!    01/18/18  (13)
If Mexico is paying for the wall then why is Trump asking congress to appropriat    01/18/18  (12)
NYT gives up writing op-eds, dedicates pages to pro-TRUMP letters    01/18/18  (12)
Party of Five REBOOT: Family is Hispanic, parents not dead but DEPORTED    01/18/18  (11)
Coastal urban elites: how does instacart work and is it worth it?    01/18/18  (11)
34-34 or 40-40, the most prestiigous jeans size?    01/18/18  (10)
Rate this teen wearing her high school graduation gown NSFW    01/18/18  (10)
Notice a pattern with the journalists who've won the Fake News Awards?    01/18/18  (10)
Not flame. RSFs receptionist told me he was OF COUNSEL!!!    01/18/18  (10)
spaceporn literally thought Indians benefit from AA    01/18/18  (10)
Norwegian shrews vs. American shrews    01/18/18  (10)
starting "No Internet Sundays"    01/18/18  (9)
NYT dial estimating Julia's IQ slowly ticks from 115 towards 85    01/18/18  (9)
app idea: 148Date (pronounced 'fourteen eighty date')    01/18/18  (9)
New PAC called: "I am going to assassinate Donald Trump" NOT FLAME LINK    01/18/18  (8)
Seems insane to care more about illegals than the USA    01/18/18  (8)