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lets have a brutally honest conversation about ethereum    01/17/18  (50)
Do liberals believe merit should be irrelevant US immigration policy?    01/17/18  (39)
Is the crypto crash a prelude to the sock market crash?    01/17/18  (38)
Newly-single CHAD flirting with The Girl (evan39)    01/17/18  (37)
Have $10k to invest in ETH. At what price do I buy in? How much of a drop?    01/17/18  (36)
RATE this tight-bodied brunette teen    01/17/18  (35)
Democrats win state senate race in WI in a district Trump won by 17 points    01/17/18  (31)
Jewish group OCCUPIES the Senate, demands DACA now!    01/17/18  (29)
My cost basis on ETH is $20. 180 to see all you fags scurry like rats    01/17/18  (29)
Remember that sad sack story of the illegal here for 30 years getting deported?    01/17/18  (27)
Wait until Coinbase can't pay out sell orders. Then this gets crazy.    01/17/18  (27)
Rewrites the "Monster Mash" as "Crypto Cash"    01/17/18  (27)
Apple to bring back to US $250 billion in foreign cash (link)    01/17/18  (26)
We are living in a late-stage decadent, rudderless period that precedes collapse    01/17/18  (26)
Tell me the DEFINITIVE birth year range of the Millennials    01/17/18  (25)
ITT: Please list maudlin songs to pair with alcohol    01/17/18  (25)
RATE this travel map 2013-2017 (pic)    01/17/18  (25)
Steve Job's daughter Eva is a legit stunner (Business Insider)    01/17/18  (23)
Everyone in the slack is saying sell    01/17/18  (23)
Showered at the gym today, didn't wear sandals.    01/17/18  (23)
Can I afford a Mercedes C43 AMG? ($180k salary)    01/17/18  (22)
just looked at US crime stats w interesting takeaway - Latinos are good doods    01/17/18  (22)
Guy offers Trump $100k to step on a scale    01/17/18  (22)
Another NYT babe.net Aziz Ansari Op Ed    01/17/18  (20)
Is Master of None a good show?    01/17/18  (19)
Why haven't feminists attacked all porn as sexual assault?    01/17/18  (19)
I'm a fat, bald, retarded tutu addict and I want YOUR vote (tsinah)    01/17/18  (18)
Yasmine Bleeth    01/17/18  (17)
Shes_a_jar_WILCO.mp3    01/17/18  (17)
POAST ITT: if you have been or are a Sugar Daddy    01/17/18  (16)
Why couldn't Trump hire an attractive press secretary?    01/17/18  (16)
haha okay ETH that's enough haha    01/17/18  (16)
CharlesXII, beckersted: thoughts on Ross Douthat?    01/17/18  (15)
Need help, took out HELOC to buy bitcoin @ $19k, wife is asking where $ is    01/17/18  (15)
Holy shit how many star wars meltdown threads are there 1800000    01/17/18  (15)
SimGlitch: Jews don't know how to apply for and utilize Sec8, ebt, chip etc.    01/17/18  (14)
why did jjc think girls would want to fuck him because of his mba    01/17/18  (14)
The question is, where the does the Crypto bottom stabilize and return to normal    01/17/18  (14)
what practical application does bitcoin hav if you aren't hirin contract killers    01/17/18  (13)
You only "lose" at "gambling" if you suck=fact    01/17/18  (13)
I wish i had an ESP power to flick up the numbers on ETH with my mind    01/17/18  (12)
Anyone's thoughts on Ativan?    01/17/18  (12)
Who is gatormo and why does he come to this site?    01/17/18  (12)
Poll: what is your least favorite famous guitar style (including basses)?    01/17/18  (11)
Democrats doing their best to blow 2018 elections    01/17/18  (11)
Comedy sketch about Aziz Ansari rape allegations (Youtube)    01/17/18  (11)
RESOLVED: Chandler can use referral links *OR* beg for crypto. Not both.    01/17/18  (11)
American women seem truly horrible    01/17/18  (11)
Rate this girl who lost 50 lbs after a bad breakup    01/17/18  (11)
Your future victim: sizing you up in the morning to decide if you raped her    01/17/18  (11)