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Net Worth down to $861,201 --- ljl JOOOS    12/15/18  (25)
Yoga girls do this weird pose where they look at their camel toe    12/15/18  (17)
How DARE you call us CRIMINALS when all we did is ENGAGE in CRIMES!! (GOP)    12/15/18  (14)
Reminder: Flynn and Cohen only plead guilty to spare their families    12/15/18  (14)
reeses pieces vs reeses cups    12/15/18  (11)
Jesse 'Andre Ward' Hart    12/15/18  (10)
Apple is "in talks" to merge with Amazon (Bloomberg)    12/14/18  (7)
My lumbar spine hurts from sitting all of the time and no exercise    12/15/18  (7)
Life is hell    12/15/18  (7)
currently passing the time posing as an asian girl on kik raceplay rooms    12/15/18  (7)
Jfc instagram is toxic    12/15/18  (7)
Is there footage of Trump doing the ALS ice bucket challenge    12/15/18  (7)
Is ADHD a real medical issue or just made up to force drugs on children    12/15/18  (7)
H1B turdskin gets 9yrs prison for manually piping sleeping plane passenger (link    12/15/18  (7)
what exactly does Playgirl magazine show    12/14/18  (6)
Bro just bought 6ft Christmas tree on sidewalk and brought it into MFH bar    12/15/18  (6)
so I guess MPM isn't happening this year? seeding threads should be underway    12/15/18  (5)
a certain "chill" kind of 1920s-style, entrenched monopoly-based economy    12/15/18  (5)
Homeless man pushes Lawyer under the wheels of a truck in DTLA    12/15/18  (5)
Stephen Miller: Shitlibs Fighting For Illegal Aliens, Trump Fighting For America    12/14/18  (4)
media silent on INSANE December crime wave in Dallas, police force nonexistent    12/15/18  (4)
Remember when DJT was taunting Kim Jong Un on Twitter about the size of his    12/14/18  (4)
Post something positive that would make a rando xo misanthrope happy    12/15/18  (4)
Biker runs over two bicyclists    12/15/18  (4)
Wow did the FBI fuck over Flynn (not flame)    12/15/18  (4)
I quit all social media a week ago. I don’t miss it at all.    12/14/18  (4)
Starving African kid reading "If you eat lunch every day you're a loser" thread.    12/15/18  (4)
Real talk: Trumptards should be sent to Guantanamo Bay for diversity training    12/15/18  (4)
Thoughts on The Mule    12/15/18  (4)
"Wait, economics isn't, like, real?" you thought as society Totally Collapsed    12/15/18  (3)
The Fall of the Cucks:(((Weekly Standard)) BENDS THE KNEE, Shuts Down Operations    12/15/18  (3)
that pumo with the parantheses at the end of it    12/15/18  (3)
at bars, women want you to make a hard, dominant move and then kiss    12/15/18  (3)
buds    12/15/18  (3)
Name a better cheap sub sandwich company than Jersey mike's    12/15/18  (3)
there's a reasonable evolution-based explanation for about everything in life    12/15/18  (3)
Why don't tech companies start building/sponsoring apartment buildings?    12/14/18  (3)
would it be weird for a 38yo lawyer to go on an old row spring break cruise?    12/15/18  (3)
Why doesn’t that retard Trump do something about healthcare costs?    12/15/18  (3)
if i wrote that, would i be cool?    12/15/18  (3)
BASH (Bourne Again SHell)...let's BASH this TTT!!!    12/15/18  (3)
People are dying in hospital parking lots after TX judge's ruling    12/14/18  (2)
I fucking hate Christmas and I’m not buying my wife and kids a tree    12/14/18  (2)
My wife just bitched at me for staying up and poasting.    12/14/18  (2)
Why decriminalising sex work is a good idea (((Economist)))    12/15/18  (2)
Problem with "Mrs. Maisel" comic character on Amazon show: she's not funny    12/15/18  (2)
libs inverted the definition of morality and usurped it    12/15/18  (2)
38y/o paunchy of counsel w/ 1 kid, listenin 90s Conor Oberst while redlining SPA    12/15/18  (2)
Made ~3 million this year but my wife cucked me repeatedly    12/15/18  (2)
New salamander discovered in Florida    12/15/18  (2)