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***WORLD SERIES GAME ONE ***    10/23/18  (104)
I think my 18yo babysitter was coming on to me last night    10/23/18  (89)
what is the most prestigious cocktail?    10/23/18  (60)
Learn to code is pretty credited advice, it worked for me    10/23/18  (47)
Wait, the black woman running for GA governor has $170k in credit card debt?    10/23/18  (46)
Fucked a new 176cm German-Danish last night. Several LULZY twists.Taking ?s ITT.    10/23/18  (41)
Unhinged lib dad tricks son into wearing nail polish on first day of school    10/23/18  (40)
Obama comes out strongly against immigrant caravans (video)    10/23/18  (30)
What age did you finally actually start to feel OLD?    10/23/18  (28)
Muslims look backwards. Jews look inwards. Christians look Upwards.    10/23/18  (27)
ANOTHER caravan of 1000 on its way to the US now    10/23/18  (26)
name posters that have had an outsized impact despite a brief poasting career    10/23/18  (24)
XO alcoholics/Irish people - Woodford Reserve or Knob Creek for solo late night    10/23/18  (23)
Rate this HSBC exec that wakes up at 5:30am to meditate, always eats green    10/23/18  (23)
Capitalist decadence damaging Chinese culture.    10/23/18  (22)
your gf's multi-hour ruminations on her hair color and style    10/23/18  (21)
Crazy idea here. Maybe $3B to Israel and $200M to Mexico is backward    10/23/18  (21)
hypo: 50 toddlers fight 1 tiger. Who wins?    10/23/18  (21)
My personal banker doesn't shake my hand    10/23/18  (20)
sex is so fucking disgusting    10/23/18  (19)
remember how much IGWC hated the poster "Dennis"    10/23/18  (17)
PSA: Smoking weed ruined my life    10/23/18  (16)
HSV2/Herpes: we no longer testing for this?    10/23/18  (15)
I have gained a solid 20 pounds in the last 3 months    10/23/18  (15)
It's sad that CHADS and BECKIES have monopolized your memories of the past (DTP)    10/23/18  (15)
Canadian rapper forgets to "just jump" and falls to death during plane rap stunt    10/23/18  (14)
Why do mid-20s white women look like this? (pic) (DTP)    10/23/18  (14)
Can someone explain this Caravan thing to me?    10/23/18  (13)
Employer wants to verify my previous jobs before hiring me TCTP    10/23/18  (13)
If each of the 50 states became independent nation, which would be the best?    10/23/18  (13)
are open relationships flame?    10/23/18  (12)
elites super pwned proles with belief in fairy tales and afterlife    10/23/18  (11)
Why is the Dem message so incoherent? They just play off of the GOP.    10/23/18  (10)
Lol Tucker and Jorge Ramos    10/23/18  (10)
In the Rest Stop Bathroom Sucking Many Men    10/23/18  (10)
TCtp -- serious question -- where do you see your life/career in 5/10 years?    10/23/18  (9)
one time when I was 7 I sat and read a whole book full of Family Circus cartoons    10/23/18  (9)
Anyone teach LSAT part time on the side for Kaplan    10/23/18  (9)
Which pre-1900 US POTUS could win in 2020?    10/23/18  (9)
ex insists that smart conservative woman is an "oxymoron"    10/23/18  (9)
why arent we talking about richard spencer throwing huge titted wife down stairs    10/23/18  (9)
Princess Kate keeps it classy while vile divorcee Meghan Markle looks nasty (pic    10/23/18  (8)
Trump to cancel Obama's jobs foreign outsourcing program (link)    10/23/18  (8)
Blow ur juul into ur iPhone and u can get cool new snap filters    10/23/18  (8)
got an offer of 50k on a chiro only case    10/23/18  (8)
Fantasy football bros, should I pickup Kerryon Johnson?    10/23/18  (8)
can anyone explain this tranny on charturbate who legit has a pussy one day then    10/23/18  (8)
anyone NOT regret private preschool?    10/23/18  (7)
Can Law Schools Reform Policing? Georgetown Is Trying    10/23/18  (7)
whites blaming jews 4 everything = blacks blaming whites 4 everything    10/23/18  (7)