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My wife is pregnant and won't stop taking adderall. How bad is this?    11/23/17  (86)
Auschwitz had a swimming pool, bakery, post office. Hey could u pass the gravy    11/23/17  (63)
No traffic. Arrived at my in-laws place 5 hours early for Thanksgiving.    11/23/17  (59)
I told a shrew on dating site she looks older than she says (pic)    11/24/17  (50)
Its thankgiving: What are you drinking today?    11/23/17  (50)
Macys Thanksgiving parade is a GC orgy    11/23/17  (50)
Regret dumping a girl on an almost daily basis    11/23/17  (43)
Know a guy who makes $40k month as a day/swing trader.    11/23/17  (43)
Wife left & took babby 4 tksgiving. Going 2 feed homeless instead of being alone    11/23/17  (40)
Raid leader giving us homework for thanksgiving    11/23/17  (37)
Californians are struggling, living paycheck-to-paycheck    11/23/17  (33)
Happy Thanksgiving, XO! (Pic of me and my bros)    11/23/17  (33)
What is the credited gf for an INTP    11/23/17  (32)
CHARLIE ROSE ASKED ME TO WATCH A MOVIE SCENE! (NYDN frontpage news)    11/23/17  (32)
Would TSA be needed if US prohibited Muslim/Arab travel?    11/23/17  (31)
27 cities around the world where expats are happy, rents are affordable, and job    11/24/17  (30)
ITT: We share pics of are Thanksgiving meals    11/23/17  (30)
taking q's    11/23/17  (30)
How dangerous is it to give an 18 yr old alcohol and fuck her sans condom?    11/23/17  (29)
Happy thanksgiving! I found tommy turdskin as new Reddit account    11/23/17  (29)
{$} Official Black Friday Deals Thread {$}    11/24/17  (29)
Blue Smoke, posting from black family Thanksgiving    11/23/17  (28)
I have 3 different friends that bought $3K vacuum cleaners from D-T-D salesemen    11/24/17  (27)
latest "amerimutt" meme on /pol/ is 180    11/23/17  (27)
Saw an Indian nearly rape a white woman last night.    11/23/17  (27)
have libs destroyed the classics major in colleges?    11/23/17  (26)
Best thing about thanksgiving is sitting around the table, everyone is white    11/23/17  (26)
if i suspect that a woman is a slut, i immediately lose all attraction    11/23/17  (24)
are roombas GC flame?    11/23/17  (23)
Really alpha cousin & his hot black gf are hosting Thanksgiving. They HATE Trump    11/23/17  (23)
BREAKING: Hawaii judge overturns Trump's turkey pardon    11/23/17  (23)
Celebrated Thanksgiving today. Cousin had a miscarriage during dinner.    11/23/17  (23)
6pm dinner not fucking served yet fucking starving    11/23/17  (22)
Im pretty sure shitlibs are going to get pwned over next 5 years    11/23/17  (22)
Are people seriously taking addy on a daily basis?    11/23/17  (22)
Wild Turkey Day! Taking questions, cars, guns, booze, law.    11/23/17  (22)
Zero desire to or interest in having kids. What am I missing?    11/23/17  (21)
Just date a girl who earns poverty wages and have her get food stamps, etc    11/23/17  (21)
Idiot sister thinks her shit LAC is the center of the world    11/24/17  (21)
Alcohol is a dirty drug    11/23/17  (21)
Should I make my brother an xo moniker account    11/23/17  (21)
29 tp flexed because of wmtp?    11/23/17  (20)
How many drinks can you have before your SO notices?    11/23/17  (20)
DrakeMallard really left like a total bitch. 180    11/23/17  (19)
Heading out to dinner, what is the CR drink order tonight for REAL MEN?    11/23/17  (19)
my girl cousin is dating a NIGGER. him and his 'mama' are coming to dinner    11/23/17  (19)
Do any high schools still mandate GREEK?    11/23/17  (19)
cant sleep. keep thinking about automation. growing pop. we are FUCKED    11/23/17  (19)
Anyone here attend a private boarding school? Choate? Shadduck? Exeter?    11/24/17  (18)
Three men fuck a roast turkey until it falls apart (PornHub)    11/23/17  (18)