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Forgot to tell wife that parents are visiting; Wife is going BALLISTIC    09/21/17  (42)
Do you know any law profs who slept with students?    09/20/17  (39)
fucked a 18 year old chick from guam. Smelly pussy, but she swallowed    09/21/17  (30)
Why are eye doctors so fucking shady about giving people their prescriptions?    09/20/17  (28)
who got banned?    09/21/17  (27)
Board Olds: what is one piece of advice you can giver under 30's for being happy    09/20/17  (26)
Moving to Are country didn't really "fix" or change anything for me    09/21/17  (19)
The Gaslighting of Lawman8 by the Coward Coldplayfan    09/20/17  (18)
co-ops are the worst... $1000 in fees, W.T.F.??    09/21/17  (17)
Peterman pretending to be passed out behind a Stanford dumpster    09/20/17  (15)
got fired from dominos pizza delivery now a degenerate pothead taking qs    09/21/17  (14)
How are businesses with high turnover rates able to function?    09/20/17  (14)
Ran into a former partner working at grocery store    09/20/17  (14)
My granddad called me a week ago to talk out the blue. Today he had stroke    09/20/17  (13)
DECIDED: Chumbawamba Tubthumping... xoxo's new theme soon    09/20/17  (12)
LJL I don't think my wife's sister meant to text me this pic (link)    09/20/17  (11)
I get about 2 hours of productivity per day from caffeine. I use it to poast    09/20/17  (11)
What have we done to deserve second coming of Rach?    09/20/17  (10)
ISIS could have blown up dams and drowned millions. Why didnt they    09/20/17  (10)
Rate this gassy, bloated shrew in a bikini (pic)    09/21/17  (9)
Peterman trying to login, gets "You obviously love great trucker threads" popup    09/20/17  (9)
So Rach is 1998 Vince McMahon at this point?    09/21/17  (9)
Heart warming video of dad showing son his new vagina for the first time    09/20/17  (8)
"I'm feeling bearish on it today" Peterman mewled while gluing pubes to his ches    09/21/17  (7)
Who shitmodded the seal team 6 thread and why?    09/20/17  (7)
Women were much better when domestic violence was normalized    09/20/17  (7)
JCM you could clean up on here:    09/20/17  (7)
Earl, are native Hawaiians violent proles?    09/21/17  (7)
Did this University of Michigan student fake his own death?    09/20/17  (6)
Younger Jews are becoming pretty tall suddenly    09/21/17  (5)
How many hours should it take to 100% complete Super Mario 64?    09/20/17  (5)
Job market is easier now that I'm 25 than when I was 22    09/20/17  (5)
How much do eyeglasses cost without insurance?    09/20/17  (5)
sweetcums    09/20/17  (4)
So tired I want to kill myself    09/20/17  (4)
These few paragraphs: why retirement on XO is fucking FRAUD LIE FLAME    09/20/17  (4)
the internet is a sentient, malicious entity    09/20/17  (4)
Possible to work doc review as a part time job, nights/weekends only?    09/20/17  (4)
A court-appointed psychiatrist diagnosed Kaczynski as suffering from paranoid s    09/21/17  (3)
When Obama talked about "green jobs" did he mean working @ pot dispensary?    09/20/17  (3)
Faggist sensually caressing every tie in the Mens Dept before settling on purple    09/20/17  (3)
fuck the law, going back to school to train as a 'Professional Cuddler'    09/21/17  (2)
Farting so you momentarily lift off, appearing taller.    09/20/17  (2)
I will teach you to be rich is actually a CR noob financial book    09/20/17  (2)
Going to start blank bump replying to the first post in every thread to fuck up    09/20/17  (2)
"Go easy on my piles" the trucker bellowed as Peterman ate his ass    09/20/17  (2)
I started rock climbing and it's fucking awesome.    09/20/17  (2)
Peterman "paying out" a full days cum from his ass like a slot machine jackpot    09/20/17  (1)
Keto is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. And its so easy    09/20/17  (1)
Roger Goodell lifts Najeh Davenport's lifetime ban. The RB is expected to sign w    09/20/17  (1)