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Can anyone else military press 2 plates on the barbell?    02/27/17  (49)
CalTech has more grad students than undergrad. How does that work?    02/27/17  (46)
Fact: moonlight was better than garbage la la land.    02/27/17  (32)
Rate this attractive NY Times Wedding couple (SFW)    02/27/17  (31)
Concealed carry bro fires gun at shoplifter (vid)    02/27/17  (30)
Prole neighbors always begging for "gas money" (evan39)    02/26/17  (24)
Did u ever watch "Flight of the Navigator (1986)" Disney film    02/27/17  (21)
2 cute 17yo teens in bikinis    02/27/17  (20)
Ljl at following pop culture & trying to be part of the "zeitgeist" idiot flame    02/27/17  (11)
Why do white ppl like white furniture or light, vintage colors    02/26/17  (11)
Self-driving cars will NEVER share the roads with regular cars    02/27/17  (10)
evan39 you could make 150k managing Rosauers    02/27/17  (10)
POLL: Have u ever hired illegal aliens ?    02/26/17  (9)
Just spilled a can of Monster on my stereo now it keeps yelling SAIL    02/26/17  (8)
@realdonaldtrump "Attend press dinner? Nah I'll just watch & tweet like a bitch"    02/26/17  (8)
Is DR a shithole? Should I go on vacation there?    02/27/17  (7)
play poker with REAL satoshis for free:    02/27/17  (7)
DBG any big cc disputes lately?    02/27/17  (7)
Evan39 do you lift weights? How big is your neck    02/27/17  (7)
I'm 25 miles from the nearest town. Watching NYC ballet on Apple TV    02/27/17  (7)
Is Moonlight being overrated because of libs?    02/27/17  (7)
j maw threads are like the bathtub scene in Gummo    02/26/17  (7)
STICKY: A little decree about archiving    02/27/17  (6)
evan39 rate these high school wrestling Chads in their singlets (link)    02/27/17  (6)
Guy rushed Oscars stage and said "Prior to entering the NFL, Davenport allegedly    02/26/17  (6)
la la land - worst oscar movie since crash?    02/26/17  (6)
Ever walk into a bar right as one of the Jock Jams start playing    02/27/17  (5)
Lol at the nigger faggot best picture    02/27/17  (5)
no body = no case evan39 cr?    02/26/17  (5)
What kind of person dreams of going into "asset management"?    02/27/17  (4)
DOZENS of gay truckers have been briefed on the poasting habits of earl, askav,    02/27/17  (4)
Once in Tokyo we got suckered into going to a Filipina hostess bar    02/27/17  (4)
NYT replies to accusations of fake news with an epic video    02/26/17  (4)
Doctor removes colony of spiders from a mans ear (vid)    02/27/17  (3)
Law professor: I am Rosa Parks but on a plane.    02/27/17  (3)
So basically 99.99 percent of people lie, cheat, steal, commit fraud?    02/27/17  (3)
anime perverts, rate this perverted anime:    02/27/17  (3)
Van Jones calls out fellow shitlibs on safe spaces    02/27/17  (3)
What's the appeal of fried chicken and tonsil stones?    02/26/17  (3)
Which cuck AIDS lib is posting as "gayporn" now?    02/27/17  (2)
In HS the biggest Chad in school took me under his wing    02/27/17  (2)
Conan > Kimmel, Meyers, Fallon, Corden, Oliver    02/27/17  (2)
In Europe you can sleep in most hostels for free btw    02/27/17  (2)
If libs have their way we'll have a tranny on Mount Rushmore and the moon    02/27/17  (2)
Yo Quan real talk doe Moonlight was lit said LeDarius before tossing his dice    02/27/17  (2)
boner police the hairdresser thought my Audi was "so nice"    02/26/17  (2)
Rate this $2.5 million house in Portland    02/27/17  (1)
Spaceporn wondering why everyone on XO is talking about their S investment    02/27/17  (1)
Here is how to tell you are in a prole area of the northwest    02/27/17  (1)
just lost another loan because of Ditech, LJL    02/27/17  (1)