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*Do Not Get Married**Do Not Get Married**Cannot Stress Enough*    02/25/18  (116)
why is xo against leasing cars?    02/24/18  (76)
Niggers at top schools have SAT scores 450 points lower (out of 1600) than azns    02/24/18  (72)
Alpha beats up his gf, gf's side dude, and gf's mom all at once    02/24/18  (71)
it feels like so many of xoxo's poasters have given up    02/24/18  (56)
Do people who got a 170+ through superstudying get lower grades than naturals?    02/24/18  (53)
180 quote from Bill Kristol about idiot conservatives    02/24/18  (49)
United, Delta Airlines cut ties with NRA    02/24/18  (49)
/*\/*\/*\/*\ Schiff Memo RELEASED /*\/*\/*\/*\    02/25/18  (45)
Imagine being a 20 yr old college bro and finding out your ex fucked a 28 yr old    02/24/18  (43)
Excluding traffic stuff and drugs, what the last CRIME you committed?    02/25/18  (42)
Why was Japan able to recreate itself so fast postWW2    02/25/18  (42)
Taking ?s on firearms; pull-up technique; and beer recommendations    02/24/18  (42)
Guy selling me his car is a fucker    02/24/18  (42)
Trudeau in India: overstaying welcome, banghra dance, paling around with terrori    02/24/18  (39)
The difference between American and Swedish cultures are stark    02/24/18  (33)
Where are the happily married xo bros?    02/25/18  (32)
lol @ wayne lapierre naming the jew    02/24/18  (31)
Met a Canadian girl at a party, she told me about her meeting Americans abroad    02/25/18  (29)
Frankly, XO did 29tp a favor by driving her to pumo posting    02/24/18  (29)
Top 50 Universities in the World    02/24/18  (29)
Rate this POWERCUCK'S online dating profile    02/25/18  (28)
At what age should I stop living with roommates?    02/24/18  (28)
Trump voters literally think Russia is their friend, CIA/FBI is their enemy    02/24/18  (27)
What posters here have Middle-Eastern heritage other than Julia & diesel?    02/25/18  (26)
Institutes of Technology are ttt    02/24/18  (26)
Did you go to a college or university for undergrad?    02/24/18  (25)
Carrie beats up a 4chan incel on Homeland lmao    02/25/18  (24)
Prince Ali scene but it's Krampus rolling through Agrabah in his 2018 honda CR-V    02/25/18  (24)
Bernie going down the Russia conspiracy theory rabbit hole, very sad.    02/24/18  (23)
hugs are bad mmkay (nytimes)    02/24/18  (23)
we incarcerate negros at a far too high rate    02/24/18  (22)
How gay to move to Arizona?    02/24/18  (22)
srsly the fuck's wrong with American culttture    02/24/18  (21)
Hard working family man tells COP off    02/24/18  (21)
lol - people pay $10k more for Acura RDX, which has less cargo room than CR-V    02/24/18  (20)
Even mid-range MFH brunch spots will put you back $150+ per person    02/24/18  (19)
Rick Gates's first act of cooperation / Trump fucking: refusing to waive venue    02/24/18  (19)
The pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen    02/24/18  (19)
just fed my kid toast and tomato bisque. now i will take him.to library.    02/24/18  (18)
17 year old here. Should I go to Amherst or Brown?    02/24/18  (18)
xoxo missed golden opportunity to use 1080 instead of 180 during these Olympics    02/24/18  (18)
my ambition is returning    02/24/18  (18)
i am, without a fucking doubt, an ENTP    02/24/18  (17)
180 how Bannon turned out to be a patriot who keeps publicly rooting for Mueller    02/24/18  (17)
Possible to pay women in Thailand like 25-50k to have & raise your chile?    02/25/18  (16)
american culture has gone unchanged for the last 8 years lmfao    02/24/18  (16)
blading back office sql monkies with debilitating emotional problems    02/24/18  (16)
White guy attempts to volunteer in the ghetto; is promptly mugged and murdered:    02/25/18  (15)