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If you could redo college what would you do differently    10/20/18  (113)
⚾⚾⚾ Official LA Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers NLCS Game 7 Thread ⚾⚾⚾    10/20/18  (112)
I propose two laws. You pick which one gets enacted.    10/20/18  (108)
ITT: state why you're poasting on a friday night (mandatory thread)    10/20/18  (99)
How can I defend the horseface comment to friends this weekend?    10/20/18  (65)
Females still dating late 20s/early 30s    10/20/18  (65)
I'm 36, wealthy, have zero friends, zero prospects, terrified on buying home    10/20/18  (48)
What do you do with friends if you give up booze?    10/20/18  (45)
what is the single most iconic moment of all time?    10/20/18  (44)
Taking Qs from a PRIVATE JET    10/20/18  (40)
Kidmos: how long did it take to get pregnant?    10/20/18  (38)
My barber wants to get a beer with me. How do I play this?    10/20/18  (36)
Hypo: your daughter graduates college, is single. She asks which city to live in    10/20/18  (35)
What's it like to go to Washington State?    10/20/18  (34)
Mazda 3 hatchback v. Mazda cx-5...which is CR    10/20/18  (31)
***BUCKEYES V PURDUE***    10/20/18  (29)
White House reporter on CNN from Alabama loves college football.    10/20/18  (25)
Miley Cyrus is currently the most well-adjusted Disney Channel starlet    10/20/18  (24)
RATE this Amy Schumer Instagram post re white NFL players (link)    10/20/18  (24)
Straight men have no idea how to judge other men's looks....    10/20/18  (24)
NPR: ‘Mountain Dew Mouth’ is destroying Appalachia’s Teeth    10/20/18  (24)
ANN COULTER tears CNN a new one (link)    10/20/18  (23)
Growing up every girl I knew had a big crush on James Franco    10/19/18  (23)
Who is the white movie equivalent of Tyler Perry?    10/20/18  (23)
Rate this white blonde. Is her ASS too big??? NSFW    10/20/18  (22)
What $895,000 gets you in WEST VIRGINIA:    10/20/18  (22)
Rate this gay Jew getting scalped (vid)    10/20/18  (22)
What movie should I watch with the wife tonight brothers    10/20/18  (21)
ITT: we share super embarrassing moments from AIM    10/20/18  (20)
Protip for watching Halloween (1978)    10/20/18  (20)
Rate my Friday night fuck. She travled 2 hours by van to me (TT6)    10/20/18  (20)
Dean Heller (R) = DUN HERE    10/20/18  (20)
See a lot of dudes buy drinks for chicks at the bar and then someone else fucks    10/20/18  (20)
LA people, how often do you visit the San Fernando valley?    10/20/18  (20)
Do big 10 fans like the 11:30 am starts    10/20/18  (19)
Twitter trans-activist shitlibs coming for Brian Leiter (link)    10/20/18  (19)
LOL, the US no longer has a 1st-world life expectancy    10/20/18  (19)
Alabama is absolutely destroying Tennessee    10/20/18  (18)
MPA here with my annual HALLOWEEN MOVIES WATCHED SO FAR    10/20/18  (18)
I don't want more brown people in America    10/19/18  (18)
Libs are so delusional, it's so fucking scary/sad    10/20/18  (18)
at a swim meet. got my shit together this time.    10/20/18  (18)
Dont think I could handle the lump sum Mega Millions jackpot    10/20/18  (18)
Mel Gibson’s New Police Brutality Movie Is a Vile, Racist Right-Wing Fantasy    10/20/18  (18)
mega millions now at $1.6B    10/20/18  (17)
Nebraska’s season is a fluke and favored to beat Minnesota    10/20/18  (17)
Rate this song by 21 y/o musician who has more $$ than us    10/20/18  (17)
prole tell: never had a party where bard recited the Iliad in Ancient Greek    10/20/18  (16)
Rating poasters as movies I think are slashers but other people dont    10/20/18  (16)
Been watching "bad" 80s/90s movies lately, they blow the current shit away    10/20/18  (16)