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ITT: We create 1,000+ poast thread listing everyone Trump has won against    01/20/18  (192)
That urbanbaby shit is disturbing    01/20/18  (63)
House DACA bill literally criminalizes poverty    01/20/18  (58)
Fucked about 100 girls in the last 5 years. Taking ?'s    01/20/18  (56)
Cuckold who used iPhone to catch wife in the act deserves a medal(NYPOST)    01/20/18  (55)
i learned a lot of poasters' irl identities last night    01/20/18  (52)
do you know any girls that had kids with a black men?    01/20/18  (51)
someone has been poasting w PN's real name and you can't call RSF fat    01/20/18  (48)
401(k) isnt really a good deal unless you earn $1mm+ (Julia)    01/20/18  (44)
That guilt telling a single mom' son you'll take him fishing before ghosting her    01/20/18  (43)
Fat Plodding Law Beaver used to push RSF's shit in on a weekly basis    01/20/18  (41)
DACA is OFF the table.    01/19/18  (39)
Lol, xoStormy Daniels confirms TLSTrump has a TPD. LJL.    01/19/18  (39)
Anyone going to consume poison tonight?    01/20/18  (38)
faggot (((MOD))) RSF just cried to (((rach))) had me banned when i NEVER *outed*    01/20/18  (36)
What are NYC jobs that are virtually impossible to get elsewhere?    01/20/18  (34)
Final 888 list    01/20/18  (34)
so Dem position is to hold government hostage for illegals?    01/20/18  (34)
what do ppl do when they retire early? must be boring    01/20/18  (33)
did your gf go to the women's march    01/20/18  (31)
Nice rural areas that are only an hour away from the city to buy house in?    01/20/18  (30)
Wait, so Dems are literally filibustering healthcare for poor children? Wtf    01/19/18  (30)
I for one am happy seeing spammers get banned: FUCK YOU assholes for    01/20/18  (29)
Lol, xoHitler used to complain about fake news all the time    01/19/18  (29)
Might move to NYC. How much should I pay for an apartment?    01/20/18  (28)
It took me a week to realize that she isn't interested (evan39)    01/20/18  (25)
So does everyone in FedGov have a paid vacation?    01/20/18  (25)
Just take a step back and realize how absurd it all is    01/20/18  (25)
PN here: RSF chill the furrkk out with ur alts; ur gona have a stroke lil buddy!    01/20/18  (24)
chink bugman gets ate by a tiger    01/20/18  (24)
The problem is no one can touch me because I roll with the deepest crew.    01/20/18  (24)
Work kind of sucks right now    01/20/18  (23)
Top ten war movies    01/20/18  (23)
so WMTP's "mod" powers basically extend to deleting threads calling him a fag?    01/20/18  (23)
the buck stops w/ "lead moderator" WMTP re: half of xo getting outed last nite    01/19/18  (23)
Evaluate this quote about hiring practices at the Gestapo    01/20/18  (23)
Any Bort Olds expect their kids to get into HYPS for undergrad?    01/20/18  (22)
Trump says women's march is in his honor.    01/20/18  (22)
3 states where I auto assume the people from there are prestigious    01/19/18  (21)
Is google Home better than alexa?    01/20/18  (20)
ITT, rating poasters as deep and profound anime scenes    01/20/18  (20)
Fuck it, the best-looking man of all time is Gregory Peck    01/20/18  (20)
Remember The Fappening? That was unbelievable    01/19/18  (20)
Libs, thisnis how they do in that SHITHOLE called Mexico. Take a good look.    01/20/18  (20)
The right attempts political persuasion. The left attempts social persuasion    01/20/18  (19)
Look forward to spammers getting banned for being DUMB CUNTS    01/20/18  (19)
lmao at all of the threads RSF deleted just for making fun of him    01/20/18  (19)
Did I really get outed last night?    01/20/18  (18)
I'm fucking spinning. That's how much they mad and hatin on me.    01/19/18  (18)
Any good podcasts recommendations?    01/20/18  (18)