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Rundown on the lawman8 vs BLP showdown?    04/21/18  (155)
GQ declares 21 novels you dont need ro read. Spoiler alert: all by white males    04/21/18  (141)
"Let's give it a few more minutes to see if they join."    04/20/18  (104)
Caltech UG might be the most hardcore UG/Grad program    04/21/18  (81)
Do high IQ women take pride in having tits and ass, being hot, etc.?    04/20/18  (69)
Are All Big State Schools Unfriendly & Cold & Don't Coddle?    04/20/18  (64)
Avicii dead at 28    04/20/18  (60)
/*\ DNC UNHINGED: DNC sues Russian Federation, Guccifer, Donald Trump Jr., Wilki    04/20/18  (57)
Great article on HER loss    04/20/18  (57)
Xo might be the last bastion of truly free speech on planet earth    04/21/18  (55)
Kangaroo dies after Chinese zoo visitors throw rocks at it to make it jump    04/20/18  (54)
BREAKING: DNC sues Trump campaign and Russia    04/20/18  (53)
Rate 36 y/o Jessica Alba after 2 kids    04/20/18  (51)
Are professional cyclists the most physically fit athletes in the world?    04/20/18  (45)
French Revolution was humans one chance to get it right and we blew it    04/20/18  (44)
Rate my plan for paying for kids' college    04/20/18  (41)
Comey leaked; OIG to investigate    04/20/18  (40)
What is it about law that makes people suicidal?    04/20/18  (38)
wait is this thing about benzo going to jail today real???    04/21/18  (38)
Bought COCAINE for the first time in 5 months. CR? Or bad idea?    04/20/18  (36)
Got 23andme results, taking ?s    04/21/18  (33)
Prole tell: starting conversations with strangers in the grocery line    04/20/18  (33)
Government just told everyone in America to throw out all their lettuce    04/21/18  (32)
Trump's parentheticals are 180    04/20/18  (31)
Currently sitting in UNCONSCIOUS BIAS training. It is a living XO meme    04/20/18  (31)
DNC sues Gulfstream for not flying Hillary Clinton to Wisconsin during election    04/20/18  (30)
About to buy and move into my 3rd apt. Rent out other 2. Set for retirement.    04/20/18  (29)
Hot 26 yo girl finishes 2nd in Boston Marathon - RATE HER (pic)    04/20/18  (28)
ITT you poast one joke    04/21/18  (28)
Proof XO is full of up tight dweebs, it's 420 and not a single thread about it    04/20/18  (27)
New Hillary revelations    04/21/18  (27)
This Smallville actress sex cult thing is still completely insane to me    04/21/18  (26)
xo codePIG$: ever try to build your own vidya game?    04/20/18  (26)
Hey guys Egyptologist here taking qs for a few minutes    04/20/18  (25)
Fucking bitch coworkers....Boss said 100% WFH may be rescinded    04/21/18  (25)
here is how i rate the races by female attractiveness    04/20/18  (24)
Macron announces refugee crackdown; libs irate    04/20/18  (24)
Just got a "No rush, first thing Monday morning is fine"    04/21/18  (23)
90s baseball tp i got an HR SCREENER for an in house gig in the city u live in    04/20/18  (23)
sexual harassment at coachella (teen vogue)    04/20/18  (22)
How is Pompeo already negotiating with North Korea? Hasn't been confirmed yet    04/21/18  (21)
How TTT is an MD program ranked b/w 50 and 100?    04/20/18  (21)
Rate these 2 law teens from UVA (pic)    04/20/18  (21)
marrying an import... worried about the cultural differences    04/20/18  (21)
Poll: whose wife/gf is pro-Trump and/or anti-shitlib    04/20/18  (21)
Why is porn legal?    04/20/18  (21)
*tsinah casually committing felonies*    04/20/18  (21)
I know a female lawyer that bought a Porsche cayenne right b4 filing 4 divorce    04/20/18  (20)
I couldn't buy a watch that was below 50k (wmtp)    04/21/18  (20)