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Replace one word in movie title with peterman. Peterman redemption is mine :-)    09/25/17  (44)
Dog has "sleep apnea". Wife wants to buy $7000 machine for it. What do?    09/25/17  (35)
List of black NFL players killed during their career in the last 10 years    09/25/17  (28)
rate this shrew travel pic and caption    09/25/17  (20)
You have to be really smart to get the humor of Rick and Morty. Very intelligent    09/25/17  (20)
0 drug/alcohol use, life still not amazing.    09/24/17  (20)
Are blacks unable to see that millionaires lecturing working class poor fans is    09/25/17  (18)
Calling bullshit on the 53% statistic    09/24/17  (15)
It's September. I tried scheduling appt @ DMV. earliest availability is Oct. 23.    09/24/17  (13)
Who started the flame that drinking beer is manly? I like beer but look at    09/24/17  (11)
Lol at MAF white trash Trumpfags boycotting the NFL. Millions are still going    09/24/17  (10)
A bunch of (((Hollywood))) types bought UFC on margin and will go bankrupt    09/25/17  (9)
reading transcripts of Ultimate Warrior promos. JFC this guy was a true genius    09/25/17  (9)
anyone see "mother!" by Darren Aronofsky?    09/24/17  (9)
ITT we guess jjc's IQ. 95? 100?    09/24/17  (9)
ESPN gives XO steeler a headline    09/25/17  (8)
why did johnsmeyer retire?    09/25/17  (6)
What kind of pic to use for JSwipe?    09/24/17  (6)
REMINDER: Mexican cartels have catapults, boats, submarines, tunnel experts    09/25/17  (5)
Hey libs what fun thing are you planning to ruin this week?    09/25/17  (5)
Black construction worker beats up his boss    09/24/17  (5)
RATE this tweet about Trump's NFL plans.    09/25/17  (4)
Can we give Puerto Rico back to Spain?    09/25/17  (4)
Chicks in their mid 20s are fucking ghastly    09/25/17  (4)
Fireman Roger Goodell trying to extinguish fire by spraying it with gasoline    09/24/17  (4)
Why are tons of mid-20s folks who have college degrees living w/ parents    09/25/17  (3)
NFL to replace veterans day with Social Awarness month in November    09/25/17  (3)
FACT: Most 'victims' of domestic violence had it coming    09/25/17  (3)
if u aren't waking up in the morning and going to law school ur insane and a fag    09/25/17  (3)
Apple Watch fitness tracking is elaborate flame.    09/25/17  (3)
Out of work coal miners cheer wildly in WV sports bar as NFL players protest USA    09/24/17  (3)
Pic of last 10 Fields medal winners watching Rick and Morty    09/24/17  (3)
itt: list all the things goodell fucked up    09/24/17  (3)
Saw a few minutes of the game today, lots of Subaru, Whole Foods, & Truvada ads    09/24/17  (3)
Watching football! Suck it libs!!! Wait, what the fuck?    09/25/17  (2)
You obviously love great journalism....    09/25/17  (2)
Rate this cute girl next door blonde (Hannah Hays)    09/25/17  (2)
anyone buying the Pixel 2 over the iphone 8/X?    09/24/17  (2)
Wings. Beer. Sports. Lectures on privilege.    09/24/17  (2)
Funny that people kneeling for the National Anthem will be what kills the NFL    09/25/17  (1)
Korean serial killer targets chaebong hyung (link)    09/25/17  (1)
Goodell allegedly texted Steelers players "get back in" (link)    09/24/17  (1)
how would you reformulate family law/divorce in the US?    09/24/17  (1)
There are worse places than the U.S.; If you don't like the U.S., then leave!!    09/24/17  (1)
Who here owns an F10 BMW?    09/24/17  (1)
POLL: are you fearful of opening ur mailbox/reading correspondence ?    09/24/17  (1)
Trumptards irate as Jorge Ramos runs for his 3rd TD of the first half    09/24/17  (1)