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Holy shit nyuug “speaks Korean at a 1st grade level”    12/11/18  (219)
Going to WAR with my coop board    12/11/18  (143)
Selfish Asshole Brought Booze To Shabbat Dinner For Only Him & Host To Enjoy    12/11/18  (108)
Jerry Brown’s CA: Continuous budget surpluses. Trump’s US: LJL    12/10/18  (94)
ITT, I give you three women. Pick one to be yours (as gf, fling, whatever u want    12/10/18  (91)
srs question: does anyone like upset jew tp?    12/10/18  (68)
if you're not excited about the Lion King remake you are dead inside    12/11/18  (59)
What are you getting your WIFE/GF for XMAS?    12/11/18  (55)
Time announces person of the year shortlist    12/10/18  (53)
retard tell: being against abortion    12/11/18  (43)
Kavanaugh quickly cucks over Planned Parenthood case    12/10/18  (43)
Have huge bags under my eyes. Dermatologist and a plastic surgeon said FUCK OFF    12/10/18  (43)
Rate this South Park scene depicting modern wageslavery    12/10/18  (41)
LONZO BALL fucking sucks    12/11/18  (41)
Just finished re-watching "Survivor" Season 1. Amazingly different America.    12/10/18  (39)
Planning to bang this bookish, busty librarian type off SA    12/10/18  (39)
What are some underrated SOUPS with MEAT?    12/11/18  (39)
bump this thread if u r 4 luis    12/11/18  (39)
RIP Japan: World View: Japan Invites Hundreds of Thousands of Foreigners to Work    12/10/18  (38)
Where are the bort Trumpmos who will stand by their God-Emperor    12/10/18  (38)
Chandler Trial #2 Day 3 - Closing Arguments (CSLG)    12/11/18  (38)
Thoughts on True Detective Season 3?    12/10/18  (36)
Getting my braces off tomorrow    12/10/18  (34)
Countries that are Safe and also SJW Free?    12/11/18  (31)
Would you vote for Tucker over Trump?    12/11/18  (31)
I can't imagine being a mid-30s shrew on a dating app    12/10/18  (30)
Is Trump the most famous person in the world?    12/11/18  (29)
Lawyers, When Do You Use "Mr. ___" Instead Of First Name In Email    12/10/18  (29)
New job wants me to take a drug test    12/11/18  (27)
What would it take for YOU to become actively violent in the streets?    12/11/18  (27)
"There is no Europe, if Jews don't feel safe in Europe."    12/10/18  (27)
Russia puts nuclear armed bombers in Venezuela    12/10/18  (27)
Hannity and Tucker reportedly feuding right now    12/10/18  (26)
Hypo: $500 million or you can travel around Africa without fear of harm    12/10/18  (26)
The point of season 1 of True Detective is very Jordan Peterson-esque    12/11/18  (26)
44 former senators urge Little Marco and co. to grow a sack and defend democracy    12/11/18  (24)
every day I wish i could go back in time and vote for Hillary Clinton    12/10/18  (24)
Lawcenter - a law-related version of Sportscenter    12/10/18  (24)
my dogs is faggot. has he ever made a good poast?    12/10/18  (24)
So nobody's going to discuss how big a cuck Kavanaugh turned out to be?    12/11/18  (24)
RATE this MFH apartment that's selling for $295k    12/10/18  (24)
Is daily use of melatonin safe?    12/10/18  (24)
Online gig platform workers complain of mistreatment, advocate for open borders    12/10/18  (23)
In hot tub smoking pack of menthols retiring tonight for good taking last qs    12/11/18  (23)
In 1988, tiny Japan's GDP was almost 60 percent of U.S. GDP.    12/10/18  (22)
Best exec MBA with my stats?    12/10/18  (22)
Chiefs winning the Super Bowl this season a foregone conclusion?    12/10/18  (22)
Rate my Bumble success story.    12/10/18  (22)
need to decide whether to accept Navy JAG commission or do biglaw at graduation    12/10/18  (21)
Maori Woman what guitars do you have    12/10/18  (21)