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Liz Warren vindicated!    10/16/18  (189)
most culturally impactful movie of the last 25 years?    10/18/18  (164)
Serious question: why should I give a fuck about Khashoggi getting killed?    10/19/18  (163)
in your opinion, who were the WORST three poasters of all time?    10/20/18  (156)
⚾⚾⚾ Official LA Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers NLCS Game 7 Thread ⚾⚾⚾    10/20/18  (149)
Trump UNLOADS on Liz Warren 😤😤😤😤😤    10/16/18  (149)
Are rich English people peak humanity?    10/18/18  (145)
I propose two laws. You pick which one gets enacted.    10/21/18  (140)
Wapo Datelab not even trying anymore... white guy feels unworthy of fat negress    10/17/18  (134)
Who here has posted for 10+ years on xoxo and can prove it?    10/18/18  (127)
Justify why you did not major in Engineering (mandatory thread)    10/17/18  (122)
BMW unveils the new X7    10/17/18  (119)
Emoji-ize your moniker    10/17/18  (117)
name that BOM thread based entirely on emojis    10/21/18  (116)
for lonely xo'mos: these poasters will *always* engage u on these subjects (list    10/17/18  (115)
If you could redo college what would you do differently    10/20/18  (113)
LOL @ how classy Obama is compared to Trump    10/17/18  (110)
You remember your first blow job?    10/18/18  (108)
rural asians are done at Harvard    10/17/18  (108)
Trump calls Stormy Daniels “Horseface”    10/17/18  (107)
⚾⚾⚾ Official Houston Astros v. Boston Red Sox ALCS Game 4 Thread ⚾⚾⚾    10/18/18  (100)
ITT: state why you're poasting on a friday night (mandatory thread)    10/20/18  (99)
Is Rodgers a better QB than Brady?    10/17/18  (99)
Trump DOE denies 99% of PSLF forgiveness applications    10/18/18  (95)
Cherokee Nation: Liz Warren’s disgusting spectacle dishonored us.    10/16/18  (95)
if you’re a male below 200 pounds you technically aren’t an adult    10/20/18  (94)
New York Times releases article on the NPC meme    10/17/18  (92)
Rate my current lifting #’s (Earl)    10/17/18  (90)
Guess the famous xo meme via emoji game    10/17/18  (89)
38 y/o of counsel in elevator, notepad in hand, heading to partners office    10/19/18  (87)
⚾⚾⚾ Official LA Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers NLCS Game 4 Thread ⚾⚾⚾    10/17/18  (87)
what is the moast prestigious ACADEMIC BACKGROUND for a gf?    10/19/18  (86)
Rate this bloated birth control law shrew in a two piece (pic)    10/18/18  (85)
Corey Booker accused of sexual assault ... by a man    10/21/18  (85)
how to (easily) fuck hot 18-24yo girls on the reg?    10/15/18  (84)
Females still dating late 20s/early 30s    10/21/18  (84)
sad to see people trying to carry water for the saudis    10/20/18  (82)
Reminder: Tax revenues are at an all time high despite Trump “tax cuts”    10/17/18  (82)
I'm 36, wealthy, have zero friends, zero prospects, terrified on buying home    10/21/18  (80)
Long time lib here. I have to say, conservative agenda seem to benefit me much    10/17/18  (80)
What will HUG be like if/when AA is outlawed and Asians are >50% of students?    10/19/18  (79)
Rate Emma Watson's VC finance/tech douche (CHAD) boyfriend    10/18/18  (78)
I guess Warren is running. Real talk - she would crush Russian puppet Trump    10/19/18  (77)
I’m 38. Dating anyone over 30 in nyc is miserable.    10/16/18  (77)
Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Dismissed, Trump Entitled To Legal Fees    10/16/18  (76)
Been getting really into pop punk lately. Taking questions ITT.    10/19/18  (76)
Critics LOVE The Connors (link)    10/17/18  (76)
Is Any Girl You've Ever Fucked Now DEAD?    10/21/18  (76)
BAM - u get obj 9 blonde feminine wife but have to pose for pics like this    10/18/18  (75)
I thought the NPC thing was a dumb fad, but then Twitter flipped the fuck out    10/15/18  (75)
ITT XO is Shark Tank.    10/17/18  (75)
LOL did anyone watch the Liz Warren VIDEO?!    10/15/18  (74)
Officially retiring as a Cheatmo. Fucked a smoking hot Brazilian former model    10/20/18  (73)
Dems are closing beaches in FL because of the #RedTide (link)    10/18/18  (73)
How can I defend the horseface comment to friends this weekend?    10/21/18  (72)
Jezebel: #MeToo needs to apply to "gray areas" like regret sex (link)    10/19/18  (72)
the backspace nyuug feud is awesome    10/21/18  (72)
ITT Books that made you cry.    10/17/18  (71)
ITT: ugliest posters on xo    10/18/18  (70)
so the Saudi "journalist" killing is fake news?    10/18/18  (69)
Is the Liz Warren thing the biggest selfpwn in recent memory?    10/16/18  (67)
this tweetstorm is BY FAR the best explanation of the NPC meme i've seen    10/18/18  (66)
HOLY SHIT - is this the most offensive/ridiculous political ad this year?    10/19/18  (65)
Migrant caravan supported by van with Star of David on it (not flame)    10/21/18  (64)
XO's gentle treatment of Charles is like women flattering their fat friend (DTP)    10/21/18  (64)
Harvard Crimson: Cis Queers, We Have A Problem    10/20/18  (64)
***BUCKEYES V PURDUE***    10/21/18  (63)
Mueller ready to deliver core findings on Trump probe after midterms: report    10/17/18  (63)
Incel ejaculates on innocent chick in public, hilarity ensues (video)    10/20/18  (62)
Deposing a cop in 30 min... give me ??s to ask (CSLG)    10/16/18  (62)
Backspace mailed me a lot of tea. Pretty 180    10/17/18  (61)
Former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussing U Mich football on Twitter    10/17/18  (61)
2016 Election Night: For all the people here that WANTED Trump to win......    10/18/18  (61)
if a middle eastern calls you `my friend`, u are about to get screwed    10/20/18  (60)
be brutally honest—why haven’t you killed yourself yet?    10/19/18  (59)
CNN: Elizabeth Warren fucked up with this DNA test gambit (link)    10/16/18  (59)
Finally fucked my first Turdskin chick. Finally. Will give more deets tomorrow.    10/19/18  (59)
Elizabeth Warren: "I didn't tell a lie, I'm 1/512th Native American."    10/15/18  (59)
Conturds in panic mode re: warren    10/16/18  (58)
White conservative nationalist here, I’d vote for Bernie if he forgives studen    10/17/18  (58)
Golf: I have a 43 degree PW (??). Wedges start at 52. Sub 4i for 48?    10/18/18  (58)
I hate it when I see tall men with midget women    10/18/18  (58)
Most millenials job hop. Why does that piss you off???    10/21/18  (57)
ITT: RANK your top TV shows    10/18/18  (57)
Charity functions are the best way for UMC/Upper class people to socialize    10/16/18  (57)
Why are all well-known civil wars North v. South (Korea, Vietnam, American)?    10/19/18  (57)
Depressing quotes from article about living in NY on minimum wage    10/17/18  (57)
Worst parts about living in Colorado?    10/17/18  (56)
Californiamos: don't vote for any government aid to help the homeless/housing cr    10/19/18  (56)
there's a 4th circuit nominee who is fucking 36! graduated ls in 2007!    10/19/18  (56)
2 white guys try to assault a Mexican, Mexican drags them like rag dolls    10/17/18  (56)
Taking Qs from thr AIRPORT/AIRPLANES all DAMN day    10/15/18  (55)
🚨Penn. Democrat forced to resign after FB posting "I stand for the flag" (lin    10/18/18  (55)
People who humblebrag about having lots of “meetings” should be shot    10/18/18  (54)
relationship falling apart at age 32...really don't want to start dating again    10/16/18  (54)
What do you hate most about yourself?    10/19/18  (53)
⚾⚾⚾ Official LA Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers NLCS Game 5 Thread ⚾⚾⚾    10/17/18  (53)
What exactly do libs want done re Saudi Arabia    10/20/18  (53)
🚨🚨🚨 Pocahontas is in a current tweet storm🚨🚨🚨    10/16/18  (52)
what does xo think about big game hunting    10/19/18  (52)
Which poaster is the "your favorite poaster's favorite poaster" of xo?    10/18/18  (52)
Former CIA director calls to overthrow Saudis over journalist death    10/19/18  (52)
is it illegal if i pull over, drink a beer in a parking lot, then resume driving    10/21/18  (52)
name that movie based entirely on emojis    10/14/18  (51)
Rate this opening from Bumble 5:    10/17/18  (51)
I honestly can't understand how Trump has so much energy    10/19/18  (51)
upset jew i have no idea why you hang out with all these internet stormtroopers    10/15/18  (51)
Emma Watson's hot little body (2006-2018)    10/20/18  (51)
OK FAGS: 20 days out, predict which party wins the majority of US House Seats    10/18/18  (51)
How the hell is Harvard UG 15.8% black?    10/19/18  (50)
Lindsey Graham offers to take DNA test, promises to beat Warren like war drum    10/17/18  (50)
Prefer the Blonde or the Brunette (PIC)    10/21/18  (50)
What do you do with friends if you give up booze?    10/21/18  (50)
Scrolling through "Teen Vogue" "News & Politics" section is very sad    10/17/18  (50)
Will fuck a white South African girl who fled blacks. Taking Qs (TT6)    10/21/18  (50)
NYT: White liberals hate other whites, ashamed of America    10/19/18  (49)
SUMMON: defense attorneys    10/18/18  (48)
Trump threatening to revoke aid to ALL countries assisting the immigrant caravan    10/16/18  (48)
JCM was fucking guys she met off the board    10/21/18  (48)
Partner screamed at me for cc’ing him on an email. FML.    10/16/18  (48)
What's it like to go to Washington State?    10/21/18  (47)
no idea why all jews wouldn't just go to Israel    10/16/18  (47)
**Amazon HQ2 announcement to come Monday or Tuesday**    10/21/18  (47)
Today I learned the CEO of In-N-Out Burger is a 36 y/o IBS shrew worth $3B    10/19/18  (47)
Hegemon, im call you out    10/17/18  (47)
It still blows my mind that the Astros are in the A.L.    10/18/18  (47)
Public school teachers are overpaid    10/21/18  (46)
Poast a pic of your bookshelf 📚    10/20/18  (46)
Imagine waiting until your career is established to start dating then Tinder com    10/16/18  (46)
I dare you to find any flaw with this WOC 10 #ironside    10/15/18  (46)
keep yukking it up about pocahontas while no wall, exploding debt & entitlements    10/16/18  (46)
Biden topped poll of 2020 Dem nominee field with 33 percent support    10/16/18  (46)
xo bros what is the CR response to Saudis murdering reporter/chopping body    10/17/18  (46)
what is the single most iconic moment of all time?    10/21/18  (46)
People in Spain look so decent compared to Mexicans    10/18/18  (45)
외쿡인쌍놈들아 화났냐?    10/16/18  (45)
one of my female coworkers likes to talk about her sex life and how shes horny    10/19/18  (45)
Sotomayor:"People said I lacked intelligence for this job. I changed their minds    10/20/18  (44)
Had four drinks last night -- hungover as shit. What the fuck.    10/18/18  (44)
Rate my interview. Did I get the job??? -TCTP    10/21/18  (44)
I got a fucking raccoon climbing up my staircase staring at me every night    10/18/18  (43)
So we hate the NFL and Harley Davidson but love Kanye and the Saudis now?    10/19/18  (43)
Weed is so chill man, it’s like harmless. *loses 10 iq points, becomes schizop    10/19/18  (43)
CNN: Trump says with "ZERO PROOF" that democrats are behind migrant caravan    10/19/18  (43)
how retarded am i to take taxis everywhere rather than uber?    10/21/18  (43)
Harvard Cites Weaker Teacher Recommendations for Asian-American Applicants    10/17/18  (43)