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5 year old without concept of death's finality writes his own obituary    07/15/18  (181)
Planned Parenthood commercial: protect your right to fuck anyone anytime! (Liter    07/18/18  (169)
More painful: losing wife at 55 or kid at 5?    07/16/18  (163)
Earl, nutella other lolyers making 400k+. Do you feel like you are crushing it?    07/18/18  (162)
This Papa Johns shit is insane    07/19/18  (161)
Rate my kid's first birthday set up (CSLG)    07/16/18  (160)
Politico: It is time to go to Nuclear War with Russia    07/18/18  (144)
~{#BarExam}~ Official Bar Exam Discussion and MBE Question Thread ~{#BarExam}~    07/16/18  (143)
XOXO trumpmos lose all credibility with putin summit response    07/17/18  (135)
Just watched Tucker. Standing O for Charles, that was 190    07/18/18  (124)
Scary story abt NJ hospital waving Russian agents into US like 3rd base coach    07/17/18  (124)
Honestly, it should be illegal to be a billionaire. 100% taxation after $1B.    07/18/18  (123)
Mueller handing parts of cases to US Attys Offices, DOJ = not good for Trump    07/17/18  (121)
Why is Texas so bad at football?    07/14/18  (119)
Unpopular opinion: Revenge of The Sith is the 3rd best Star Wars film    07/20/18  (114)
13-year-old girl beheaded after seeing grandmother killed in Alabama cemetery    07/19/18  (109)
Is this Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in her PRIME? 2010 BU vid    07/18/18  (108)
Do we need immigrants? Y/N    07/14/18  (108)
my cleaning lady asked me to borrow $400    07/16/18  (106)
XO is a complete embarrassment now.    07/18/18  (100)
Wife wants to hire day laborers from Home Depot instead of paying for movers    07/20/18  (99)
Chandler starts trial this week. Who wants to come with me to watch (CSLG)    07/18/18  (99)
Shocker - Barack Obama endorsed the idea of universal basic income    07/19/18  (98)
BREAKING: another racism scandal at HARVARD    07/17/18  (98)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses Israel/Palestine.    07/17/18  (96)
describe your getting out of bed routine    07/20/18  (95)
I believe the following poasters are members of the secret snapchat group:    07/20/18  (95)
Not a Trumpmo, been supportive/open minded, yesterday he fucked up    07/18/18  (94)
TRUMP: "The US acted stupidly"    07/16/18  (94)
PDDJ smearing curry on DBG pre-coitus.    07/15/18  (94)
i can answer ?s abt the field of economics, if you'd like    07/19/18  (92)
So collusion now rests on Trump admin coordinating with Wikileaks to leak docs    07/17/18  (92)
what are some prestigious medium/smaller cities    07/16/18  (91)
Netflix reports shitty subscriber growth, down 14% AH    07/17/18  (89)
Still cant get over how stupid DTP's opinion on deadlifting is    07/16/18  (89)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs"    07/18/18  (88)
ITT: The complete Q&A libs are latching onto for Russian fauxrage    07/17/18  (88)
You can name anyone in the country POTUS, who do you pick?    07/17/18  (87)
Joel Osteen seems to be hated by are bort kikes, gonna look more into him    07/14/18  (84)
Rate this take on argumentative athiests    07/14/18  (82)
unpop opinion: trump is accelerating the fuck out of are culture war loss    07/20/18  (79)
RATE Justice Sotomayor's future law clerk    07/17/18  (79)
37 people turned down YLS after being admitted (link)    07/20/18  (78)
Why is Russia our enemy?    07/18/18  (78)
Who are the current Hall of Fame MLB pitchers?    07/14/18  (78)
HYPO: you inherit CSLG's professional life but also his height    07/20/18  (77)
Nutella has a laugh out loud retarded try hard white chink name IRL    07/13/18  (75)
200K in checks today - Thanks Farmers! (CSLG)    07/18/18  (74)
Latham Chairman Career Ended by Sexting    07/16/18  (74)
Ocazia-Cortez is an hispanic identitarian, not a 'socialist'    07/16/18  (73)
Proposal (peace offering) to Board Trumpmos    07/19/18  (72)
Kavanaughs opinions go through 50 drafts.    07/15/18  (71)
Beta black guy uses the race card on Tinder and gets PWND    07/20/18  (70)
TMF and MND drive beamers and sleep on a futon what the hell    07/18/18  (70)
What did Trump get out of this press conference?    07/17/18  (69)
How is it possible for 30s men/women to date when getting fat/going bald? (DTP)    07/16/18  (69)
You are a huge faggot if you "go in house" from big law    07/18/18  (68)
Currently weigh 189.5 lbs PIC    07/14/18  (68)
Whats it like being IQ 120? Smart enough to be arrogant, totally unearned, easil    07/19/18  (67)
Physicists sort of zeroing in on fact universe springs from a "consciousness"    07/18/18  (66)
Pick two: skinny, big tits, sane    07/18/18  (65)
Why did Trump's DOJ indict Russian NRA liasion hours before Putin conference?    07/18/18  (65)
Putin PWND Trump at Helsinki    07/17/18  (65)
I deposit 1MM into TDA. XO Trades it. (with proof)    07/19/18  (65)
Trumptards, can we at least agree that we need a civil war?    07/18/18  (64)
Remember when libs were decent people?    07/16/18  (64)
Black Columbia Undergrad DESTROYS Ta-Nehisi Coates re Black Culture    07/20/18  (63)
WaPo: Trumps America is just like the Holocaust (link)    07/19/18  (63)
Not counting DC, which US state has a higher % of whites today than in 2000?    07/14/18  (63)
Body positive landwhale victimized by catcalling minorities    07/19/18  (62)
Board Trumpmorons - do you think Russia did anything at all? All media lie?    07/19/18  (61)
think I realized that "fitness exercise" over sports is utter and complete flame    07/16/18  (61)
How much should 5'10" 5'11" 6" 6'1" 6'2" weigh?    07/17/18  (61)
lawman, you are 180000 but need to tone down the Christ shit    07/15/18  (60)
Russian spy who conspired with NRA to help Trump was getting ready to flee USA    07/19/18  (59)
Anyone ever notice that Hillary COMPLETELY lied about Libya, and got a free pass    07/17/18  (59)
So trumpmos dont care about small govt and free markets anymore?    07/18/18  (59)
Test drove the Subaru Outback and Honda CRV this weekend    07/16/18  (59)
Has any actor, like Seinfeld, only played fictional versions of themselves?    07/20/18  (58)
Why are the Chinese so unethical?    07/19/18  (58)
Is Florida as trashy as it seems?    07/17/18  (58)
I've concluded that women are generally low value.    07/18/18  (57)
Reminder: "Upset Jew" is the typical Israel-first Neo-Con kike    07/19/18  (57)
Appeaser-In-Chief Blames America First, Calls America Foolish and Stupid    07/16/18  (57)
TMF grilling for me <3    07/14/18  (57)
If Google Maps is any indication, Israel is a shithold    07/19/18  (56)
Elon Musk calls British rescue diver a "pedo guy"    07/16/18  (56)
Going on a first date tomorrow. Would normally just do drinks but weve hung out    07/16/18  (56)
Non-lawyer here. Son broke his arm at playground. What do?    07/14/18  (56)
Douchebags Who Write "Senior Associate" In Their Signature Block    07/19/18  (55)
lol Trump: "I meant to say 'I dont see why it 'WOULDNT' be Russia.'"    07/18/18  (55)
Which one of these 27865 Republican quotes bashing Trump/Putin is the worst?    07/17/18  (54)
this girl deadlifts 502, you poast    07/16/18  (53)
At a DUI arraignment for 6.5 hours today. 12 voicemails and 37 text messages    07/17/18  (52)
dirte, do you like BBW???    07/17/18  (52)
Why won't trump answer whether he thinks putin meddled?    07/16/18  (52)
rate this Indian doctor who went BUCKWILD molesting in pool on vacation    07/15/18  (52)
The JQ is in no small part about accepting Christianity as deeply Jewish    07/18/18  (51)
Triples and HRs should count as doubles for the purposes of records.    07/17/18  (51)
Hey guys come dick ride me ITT (CSLG)    07/15/18  (51)
was Nixon called Maos bitch for visiting China?    07/17/18  (50)
White Girl Sexting Masterman Here, sup. Taking ?s about sexting White Girls ITT.    07/15/18  (50)
Lets try this again: recommend a king bedframe for TMF and MND    07/15/18  (50)
Senate GOP withdraws judicial nominee Ryan Bounds, delivering a blow to Trumps    07/20/18  (49)
GAY NYTimes Wedding Announcement - Rate Prestige of Couple    07/19/18  (49)
Being An Astronaut Seems Like The Height Of Prole Goy Achievement    07/16/18  (49)
How is owning and renting out property any better than wagecucking    07/16/18  (49)
Just fucked massage girl at the shop. Taking Qs    07/20/18  (48)
Sacha Baron Cohen gets Republicans to endorse arming preschoolers    07/17/18  (48)
Advice for poors    07/15/18  (48)
this is a Christian discussion bort now    07/15/18  (48)
Moderate Dem here, but Trump seems to be doing a great job    07/19/18  (48)
Hannity is just completely awful    07/19/18  (47)
Mueller's trial exhibits leaked. Manafort (and all Trumpmos) FUCKED    07/19/18  (47)
What exactly did Trump do wrong?    07/18/18  (47)
Earl, nutella other biglaw slaves at 40. Do you feel like you threw life away?    07/18/18  (47)
do any poasters actually have fat wives?    07/17/18  (47)
Anyone here have a Tesla 3?    07/15/18  (47)
ITT: a long read about how DTP and :D are wrong about pain, injury, and deadlift    07/15/18  (47)
At 7/11 I bought "Rap Snacks", potato chips with rappers on them    07/14/18  (47)
Celebrities with famously huge cocks    07/14/18  (47)
Judge Jeannie kicked off The View. Whoopi cusses her out    07/20/18  (46)
luxury, full-service apartments with LOTS of amenities are CR    07/20/18  (46)
Anyone have a good FORMULA to regain motivation to get work done?    07/16/18  (46)
Going to pull the teaching trigger    07/16/18  (46)
Reminder: few people under 40 support Trump, board Trumpmos are fringe lunatics    07/19/18  (45)
Real talk, your asshole should be clean most of the time    07/18/18  (45)
Can you send around your notes after this call? Thanks.    07/19/18  (45)
Rate this Jewish Wapo Reporter walk his shit back in real time    07/16/18  (45)
University of Minnesota proposes tranny pronoun policy    07/17/18  (45)
lol - prosperity theology teaches that Jesus was wealthy?    07/16/18  (45)
Best indicator of how fat American has gotten: THIS is considered normal (DTP)    07/18/18  (44)
Sucks that libs will make history textbooks say Trump won due to Russia hacking    07/17/18  (44)
If No clients lined up how much living expenses to save before going solo    07/17/18  (44)
Djoker Is 4 Sets Away From Combined Decima At Top Two Slams #tennis    07/18/18  (44)
I spent like $1300 on Prime Day    07/18/18  (43)
Our last two presidents = barely qualified for state senate    07/17/18  (43)
Why are GOPe and FoxNews outraged over Trumps press conference?    07/16/18  (43)
Most irreplaceable men in history?    07/16/18  (43)
can't believe how many of y'all are into joel osteen now, holy shit    07/14/18  (43)
Bar exam bros: what are you doing to study for the final 1.5 weeks?    07/20/18  (43)
1999/2000 white collar malaise movies Matrix, Office Space, Fight Club.    07/19/18  (42)
6 years of SOLO shitlaw. Sick of the fucking stress.    07/19/18  (42)
"DEFEND ARE BORDERS" unless its Russia invading our electoral process    07/17/18  (42)
Bryce harpers wife is surprisingly average    07/17/18  (42)
Rand Paul: Response to Trump Putin meeting is Trump Derangement Syndrome    07/19/18  (42)
Rate this 20yo WOC valet I met (Epah)    07/17/18  (42)
U.S. has "meddled" in foreign elections for decades    07/16/18  (42)