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Pornography should be completely banned    09/18/17  (92)
4 US Female tourists attacked with acid in France (NY Times)    09/18/17  (82)
URM Admissions to Law School    09/18/17  (72)
This southern milf sure tweets a lot of bikini pics of her teen daughters (link)    09/18/17  (68)
looking back, college was a huge fucking waste of time    09/20/17  (59)
What is the female version of a "man cave"?    09/20/17  (52)
UMC wagecucks are deluded if they think they are any better than proles    09/19/17  (45)
I'll come right out and say it. The Peterman shit isn't funny or original    09/16/17  (43)
why do employers match 100 percent of an employees 401k?    09/19/17  (40)
Do you know any law profs who slept with students?    09/20/17  (39)
Forgot to tell wife that parents are visiting; Wife is going BALLISTIC    09/20/17  (38)
NFL ratings for week 1 down 13%    09/18/17  (38)
Can someone explain the nyuug military thing?    09/20/17  (36)
Finally saw a clip of this Rick & Morty bullshit. people here like this??    09/18/17  (36)
ITT: the gender and racial breakdown of the people at our jobs    09/17/17  (36)
ITT: we post our checking account balances    09/20/17  (33)
two more jewish noses on NYT weddings section    09/19/17  (31)
fucked a 18 year old chick from guam. Smelly pussy, but she swallowed    09/21/17  (30)
$70/hour for death penalty cases [NYT]    09/20/17  (30)
Joshua "Tree" national park actually has hundreds if not thousands of trees    09/20/17  (30)
Stay at V5 firm or go with departing partner to smaller firm?    09/19/17  (29)
This Native American teen was kicked out of her tribe for taking sexy pics (link    09/18/17  (29)
a $120k salary in Calfornia is a take home pay of $79,897 after taxes, social se    09/15/17  (29)
Why are eye doctors so fucking shady about giving people their prescriptions?    09/20/17  (28)
Why do so many students think a 140 to 170 jump on LSAT is reasonable?    09/16/17  (28)
basically, if you aren't at least decent on excel, you're fucked for most jobs    09/20/17  (27)
What kind of person goes to NYU undergrad?    09/19/17  (27)
Dealing with anxiety    09/19/17  (27)
Why do goyim tolerate HOAs? They like to feel like a serf?    09/16/17  (27)
Board Olds: what is one piece of advice you can giver under 30's for being happy    09/20/17  (26)
Found out I'm being underpaid. Best strategies for getting the money I want?    09/20/17  (24)
Trucker using a funnel and some black powder to make Peterman "roll coal"    09/20/17  (24)
Where have all the white people gone?????    09/20/17  (23)
GF and I have a combined yearly income of $64,570    09/18/17  (23)
Basically everything I enjoyed in the past has been ruined by libs    09/18/17  (22)
Bam, you wake up, are 43, have two kids, and this MILF is your wife    09/19/17  (20)
Recommend Netflix stuff to watch    09/19/17  (20)
Was 1950s America as fucking great as it looks?    09/18/17  (20)
White American girl I fucked last night literally worships Big Korean Cock now:    09/21/17  (20)
The Talmud is so bizarre and its practitioners so crooked. Compare to Rus Orthod    09/17/17  (19)
jews are destroying america    09/16/17  (19)
i hate when sports analysts refer to former nfl coaches as "coach"    09/14/17  (19)
The Gaslighting of Lawman8 by the Coward Coldplayfan    09/20/17  (18)
California is basically a Latin American country    09/17/17  (18)
Chinese Yuan BTC trading down to 6.5% last 24-hrs volume from 10% yesterday    09/15/17  (18)
co-ops are the worst... $1000 in fees, W.T.F.??    09/21/17  (17)
Moving to Are country didn't really "fix" or change anything for me    09/21/17  (17)
The Atlanta Falcons new stadium is really a hideous piece of shit    09/18/17  (17)
Wave Race 64 came out 25 years ago and still has the best water graphics of any    09/20/17  (16)
Ted Kaczynski was a weird faggot loser, and wanted to be a tranny    09/19/17  (16)
Photos of History of First Class Airplane Travel; Good old days    09/18/17  (16)
rach removed the improvement sticky and we didn't get a last 6hrs thread button?    09/18/17  (16)
who got banned?    09/21/17  (15)
Peterman pretending to be passed out behind a Stanford dumpster    09/20/17  (15)
Drinking about 3 servings of vodka every night in bed. How bad?    09/17/17  (15)
explain the Crypto    09/15/17  (15)
How are businesses with high turnover rates able to function?    09/20/17  (14)
Ran into a former partner working at grocery store    09/20/17  (14)
Even when conservatives "win" they lose    09/19/17  (14)
Just binge watches Narcos S3 this weekend; Thoughts?    09/18/17  (14)
Dear Anglo Saxos, Mexicans are your friends, not your enemies.    09/17/17  (14)
How does being in-house at a private equity fund compare to biglaw?    09/16/17  (14)
got fired from dominos pizza delivery now a degenerate pothead taking qs    09/20/17  (13)
My granddad called me a week ago to talk out the blue. Today he had stroke    09/20/17  (13)
are old-school video game fans more conservative bc of longing for the past?    09/20/17  (13)
POLL: how much is you average GAS, ELECTRICITY, WATER bill per month?    09/19/17  (13)
What do Muslims in Southern California do for work?    09/19/17  (13)
Stone Cold Steve Austin SPRINTING down the ramp to beat the fuck out of IGWC    09/18/17  (13)
Do I need ANTIVIRUS software on my new laptop?    09/17/17  (13)
Ugh. Just panic sold everything. Reassure me please. Feels like it will only go    09/20/17  (13)
My boss is female. I feel like quitting job because of her    09/17/17  (13)
wait wait hold up, did Peterman get the bullying vocaroo DELETED?    09/15/17  (13)
Holy shit Patrick Ewing looks like a raisin now (pic)    09/15/17  (13)
Who here owns a c7 vette? Would you buy again?    09/14/17  (13)
DECIDED: Chumbawamba Tubthumping... xoxo's new theme soon    09/20/17  (12)
tax treatment of adding shared swimming pool?    09/20/17  (12)
Why are so many "hip" restaurants brightly lit inside and look like a hospital    09/20/17  (12)
ARTICLE: the average salary for Americans by age    09/20/17  (12)
Fuck bros got to close to the client, now partner is sending me out of the count    09/19/17  (12)
The only CR thing to do & only reason to live is putting a baby in a woman    09/18/17  (12)
Would u buy a nigbot?    09/18/17  (12)
which would be worse, NK nuking SK or Japan?    09/17/17  (12)
Peterman using the hand dryer to heat up a hot pocket between "shifts"    09/16/17  (12)
Anyone tried Soylent 2.0?    09/17/17  (12)
Is Peterman the new Whok & how did it come to this?    09/16/17  (12)
LJL I don't think my wife's sister meant to text me this pic (link)    09/20/17  (11)
I get about 2 hours of productivity per day from caffeine. I use it to poast    09/20/17  (11)
Do biglaw attorneys ever end up as contract attorneys?    09/20/17  (11)
Stereotypes about Albanians in US?    09/19/17  (11)
Why does getting dumped hurt people so bad. Is it due to their ego?    09/18/17  (11)
Coldplay is one of the shittiest currently active bands    09/17/17  (11)
why is Japan so superior to the rest of the Asian countries ???    09/20/17  (11)
REMINDER: Every week, month, year of NODRINK that passes, the more lucid you are    09/16/17  (11)
Looks like ETH is in serious trouble soon if this chart out of China is correct    09/15/17  (11)
What have we done to deserve second coming of Rach?    09/20/17  (10)
ISIS could have blown up dams and drowned millions. Why didnt they    09/20/17  (10)
I'm 25 year-old. Taking ?s.    09/20/17  (10)
RATE: Ending demand letters with "murum aries attigit"    09/19/17  (10)
Why do female gymnasts arch their backs so much?    09/20/17  (10)
Saw a HS lacrosse Chad walking with 3 hot chicks today    09/16/17  (10)
Wife: "who is Peterman and why does he fuck truckers?"    09/16/17  (10)
My law firm allowed unrestricted access to its servers so I regularly downloaded    09/15/17  (10)
Dad has never said Mexican(s) without God Damn or fucking in front it    09/15/17  (10)
--{$}-- School-related On-topic ETH Price Countdown Thread --{$}--    09/15/17  (10)
CharlesXII would you let xoxo crowdfund Sonic Mania for you?    09/15/17  (10)
MOAR MOARDONGSPLZ PLZ    09/16/17  (10)
Peterman trying to login, gets "You obviously love great trucker threads" popup    09/20/17  (9)
Is forming babby prole? What if u form like 8 babbys?    09/19/17  (9)
What is the credited penis-measuring technique?    09/19/17  (9)
Never understood y its called "shitfaced" when usually its more like "shitpants    09/19/17  (9)
Friend took LSAT yesterday after studying for 9 months. Total disaster    09/17/17  (9)
sweet spot for hapa chicks = 3/4 asian    09/17/17  (9)
Wow Miss Teen Idaho looks surprisingly fertile (pic)    09/16/17  (9)
Why no tomatoes in Chinese foo    09/17/17  (9)
THIS is a crypto bort! not a law bort!    09/15/17  (9)
reddit: "The shaming of camgirls doing ASMR needs to stop."    09/14/17  (9)
So Rach is 1998 Vince McMahon at this point?    09/20/17  (8)
Heart warming video of dad showing son his new vagina for the first time    09/20/17  (8)
How roughly can a neovagina get fucked?    09/20/17  (8)
just found out gf is cheating on me with Jackson Galaxy    09/19/17  (8)
ljl at chipotle    09/19/17  (8)
Lol at Michelle Obamas job being taken by an immigrant    09/18/17  (8)
Dumb fuck GOP still pushing for obama care "repeal"    09/20/17  (8)
I'm doing it guys. I'm cutting my dick off.    09/18/17  (8)
POLL: would u ever work in administration at a Porn company?    09/16/17  (8)
I hear a lot of guys running the I-84 corridor are pumping and dumping Petercoin    09/17/17  (8)
If Nighthawks were painted today all 3 customers would be looking at their iphon    09/15/17  (8)
i want to be VERY clear about this: peterman sucks and fucks truckers for $$$$    09/16/17  (8)
Seems like this Clay Travis dude is single handedly gaping ESPN every day now    09/15/17  (8)
Drank for the first time in 40 days    09/15/17  (8)
Peterman is utterly done here now (link)    09/14/17  (8)
Why does senior management use terms like "going forward" ???    09/14/17  (8)
Who shitmodded the seal team 6 thread and why?    09/20/17  (7)
Women were much better when domestic violence was normalized    09/20/17  (7)
JCM you could clean up on here:    09/20/17  (7)
Twitter, facebook etc are much more toxic than XO    09/20/17  (7)
ITT list some comfort foods that are NOT PROLE    09/19/17  (7)
Lasagna is Racist.    09/19/17  (7)
If I have to work past 45 for GC, I will legit kill myself    09/19/17  (7)
Rate my TGIFridays order: half slab Jack Daniels ribs, 3 sliders    09/18/17  (7)
Hu$kers can still win B1G& make playoffs 2 tough losses to great teams    09/16/17  (7)
Southern California is packed with Mexicans but lots of ppl want to live there??    09/15/17  (7)
evan39 do you sense the cultural morass, everything is bad and sucks    09/15/17  (7)
Its very bad court--the way they run things, the way they do business...    09/14/17  (7)
Does anyone have experience buying/shorting BTC on margin?    09/20/17  (7)
I've noticed how blacks mostly communicate on Twitter with memes and gifs    09/15/17  (7)
Earl, are native Hawaiians violent proles?    09/20/17  (6)
Did this University of Michigan student fake his own death?    09/20/17  (6)
HOLY SHIT LaGuardia totally PWNED the kike mayoral candidate    09/19/17  (6)