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Trumpmos, get ready to get angry

Dem efforts to curb gerrymandering are already paying off. B...

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Date: November 9th, 2018 1:35 PM
Author: "'""'"'''''''

Dem efforts to curb gerrymandering are already paying off. Below is the republicans' % of House popular vote compared with % of House seats won in each of the past 5 elections.

2010 - GOP won 51.7% of PV, 55.6% of House seats

2012 - GOP won 47.6% of PV, 53.7% of House seats

2014 - GOP won 51.2% of PV, 56.7% of House seats

2016 - GOP won 49.1% of PV, 55.4% of House seats

2018 - GOP won 46.9% of PV, 45.2% of House seats

The 2018 PV results are most similar to 2012 when GOP won just 47.6% of the PV but won a 53.7% majority due to gerrymandering. Except in 2018 that advantage no longer exists. Eric Holder is becoming a God in the Democratic party:




And its only going to get worse for Republicans with Colorado, Michigan, and Missouri each passing anti-gerrymandering measures on Tuesday which will affect future elections. A similar measure in Utah is still too close to call but has a narrow lead at the moment:


Dems have also gotten better with their messaging. The MI proposal was entitled "Voters, Not Politicians". The last time Dems attempted this they called it some bullshit like "Proposal for fairness in congressional redistricting."

Dems are targeting North Carolina next, where on Tuesday Dem candidates won 50% of the House PV but just 23% of the House seats:



TL;DR: GOP is utterly fucked after 2018.