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Kid went positively hysterical over halloween candy last night bros

He has his bag that he still carries around w him all over t...
Great Emperor Trump

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Date: November 9th, 2018 1:37 PM
Author: Great Emperor Trump

He has his bag that he still carries around w him all over the house because he's freaked I'm going to get ahold of it and eat all his candy. That's what happened a couple years ago.

Anyway, I got ahold of the bag last night and took out some sour candy and said "Im going to eat this." He said, "NO! NO! STOP!" and started whine-crying. I looked on sort of surprised, said, "Nah, I'm still gonna eat it. Man up!" And then he just went totally full-on hysterical, screaming like he was being murdered, stamping on the floor, crying all over the place, couldn't breathe! "Okay," I said, putting the candy back, "Okay, calm down, jeez! Calm down dude! I'm not gonna eat it if it means that much to ya! Jeez! Calm down!" and so he calmed down, sort of sniffling slower and slower. Then he crept back into my lap and we continued watching Bill and Ted. Then he got a piece of candy out of his bag to eat for himself and I said, "Are you seriously going to eat candy and not share any w me, when I'm right here?" He looked up at me, his eyes still wet from the sob-fest of a few moments before, and said defiantly, "YES!"