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Donald Trump's 'Racehorse Theory' of marriage/breeding

Fred had theories. He shared them with his kids. Donald es...
he's a fuking moron, its almost like genes regress when u sp...

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Date: January 11th, 2019 4:21 AM
Author: Drinkwater

Fred had theories. He shared them with his kids. Donald especially liked one of them:

This is a very deep part of the Trump story. The family subscribes to a race horse theory of human development, that they believe that there are superior people, and that if you put together the genes of a superior woman and a superior man, you get superior offspring.

There are other instances where President Trump alludes to his “superiority…”

President Trump cares a lot about IQ, however (leaving race aside for a moment). He regards his as high and his critics’ as low. In 2013, he tweeted, “Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure,it’s not your fault!

He also tweeted, “I know some of you may think I’m tough and harsh but actually I’m a very compassionate person (with a very high IQ) with strong common sense.” On several occasions, he has said that he believes in what he calls the “racehorse theory.” He will point to his head when he says this. He means breeding, genes. “I had an uncle, went to MIT, who is a top professor. Dr. John Trump. A genius. It’s in my blood. I’m smart. Great marks. Like really smart.” Again, Trump: “Good genes, very good genes. Okay, very smart.”

(For someone who is very smart, he uses words none of us have ever used like “ bigly”. His lexicon must be incredible.)

Lets continue…

This May Be The Most Horrible Thing That Donald Trump Believes |

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. has offered a litany of racist comments, which it turns out may be rooted in his deeper belief in the inherent superiority of some people ― and not others.

The Frontline documentary “The Choice ,” which premiered this week on PBS, reveals that Trump agrees with the dangerous and abusive theory of eugenics .

Trump’s father instilled in him the idea that their family’s success was genetic, according to Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio.



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Date: January 11th, 2019 4:30 AM
Author: .,.,.,.,..,.,.,....,.,.,,,.,.,...,..,....,,,,,.,., (AZNgirl POTUS shutting down AZNmen's reproductive organs FOREVER)

he's a fuking moron, its almost like genes regress when u spend ur fuking entire life not having a real jerba nd just living off ur dad