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Why is my girlfriend so addicted to performing analingus? (Susan James)

Susan James Answered May 12, 2019 Addicted? That&rsquo...

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Date: July 11th, 2019 3:25 PM
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Susan James

Answered May 12, 2019

Addicted? That’s a pretty strong statement and also clinically incorrect. I doubt she wants to perform analingus so much that it interferes with her daily functioning (that’s what addiction is.)

I assume she actually really enjoys performing analingus. Two reasons she probably enjoys it; it is mentally very pleasurable to do things that are forbidden or taboo (and analingus is one of the most taboo sexual acts), and it’s very stimulating to give pleasure to your sexual partner (and receiving analingus can be very pleasurable.)

Do you enjoy receiving analingus from her? If yes, then just enjoy. If not, request that she stop. But don’t judge her as being damaged either way.