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Anything more disgustin, pathetic than desperate pleas from pols to "chip in $3"

Something about the phraseology of "chipping in" s...
very slow psychedelic trip

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Date: December 2nd, 2019 5:15 PM
Author: very slow psychedelic trip

Something about the phraseology of "chipping in" seems especially offensive when coming from people like this

Join Ilhan and Stand with Bernie. Chip In Now.

Chip in $20.20 before our monthly fundraising deadline. - Elizabeth Warren


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You can chip in to their legal fund here: Support Jews Saying Never Again Means Never Again

Kamala Harris

August 28 ·

We can’t win this election without you. Just one in every 450 people who sees this ad will donate. Can you help us push that up to two in 450 right now by chipping in? This fall, we need to open more field offices, hire more staff, and spread our message across the country. With your help, we can.