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Biden Despacito

Biden trolled for playin...

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Date: September 16th, 2020 12:34 AM
Author: gibberish

Biden trolled for playing 'Despacito' at Hispanic Heritage Month event: 'The extra levels of cringe’

Biden (Getty Images)

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden put his moves on the display, although briefly, as he danced to 'Despacito' during an event in Florida on September 15, which has sent the people on Twitter into a frenzy. The video which has since gone viral shows Biden being introduced by Puerto Rican-American singer Luis Fonsi at an event held in Kissimmee, Florida, to kick off the Hispanic Heritage Month. As soon as the former vice president took to the stage, he pulled his iPhone out of his pocket and began to play the singer's hit song 'Dispacito'.

Not only did he just play the song to honor the singer's Spanish roots, but he seemed to enjoy it a bit himself as Biden couldn't stop smiling and grooving to the song, like anybody else. However, Twitter couldn't let go after seeing Biden dancing to the song on stage and many used the opportunity to troll the Democrat. A large number of people took to Twitter to express their opinion about Biden's short jig, including actor Howard Morton, who tweeted,".@JoeBiden plays "Despacito" from his iPhone ... Does a bit of a dance, too."

However, the rest are seen discussing Biden's act for various other reasons, some of them being simply hilarious. One user on Twitter noted that Biden chose to play the 'Despacito' as it would have appeared on the top search. The tweet read, "This couldn’t have been planned! When you search Spanish songs “Despacito” is the first hit. Biden just went with it". While another Twitter user said that the presidential candidate wouldn't have chosen the song had he known the lyrics. "The EXTRA levels of cringe if you actually understand the lyrics of Despacito. FFS," read the tweet.

“Donald Trump doesn’t seem to grasp that the people of Puerto Rico are American citizens already,” Biden said. “I’m running to be president of all America.” Before Biden spoke, Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin and Fonsi spoke about Latino power and the importance of voting for Biden in November.

Singer Ricky Martin (L) looks on as Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a Hispanic heritage event at Osceola Heritage Park on September 15, 2020 in Kissimmee, Florida (Getty Images)

After all this, some called out Biden for using this as a tactic to attract votes from the Latinos. They tweeted, "When the demonicrats wanted Black peoples vote they wore traditional African garments & went on one knee When they wanted the Latino vote biden played Despacito on his phone Bc they didn't ACTUALLY do anything for the minorities in 47 yrs so they need cringe parlour tricks". Another added, "This is frustrating. Joe Biden’s idea to appeal to black voters? Get Cardi B to interview you. Joe Biden’s idea to appeal to Hispanic voters? Play Despacito. The pandering from liberals is un-effing-real. Worse than Hillary making that stupid “hot sauce in my bag” joke." Another wrote, "Has Joe Biden ever googled the translation to Despacito? The lyrics are absolutely filthy"