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lsd here are my thoughts on Satanism

Satanism is often thought of as RED - as anger, as fire, as ...
effete tripping boltzmann
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Date: February 19th, 2021 10:31 PM
Author: effete tripping boltzmann

Satanism is often thought of as RED - as anger, as fire, as the red skin of the devil. Red is certainly the color of passion, of fire, but red is truly the color of BLOOD that was spilled *for* us. And it’s related color, orange, is the color of the spirit of fire. For this reason, even the hell fire preaching evangelicals are not necessarily demonic.

Rather I believe the color of Satan is an icey sort of blue, which is very difficult to understand compared with the blue that is the color of the father as originator, blue that is also the color of the spirit of air, and the white dove. But I believe this blue, which is also the color of self-righteousness, of original sin, of this self-straining towards our own purification, of, in the final analysis, narcissism, is the truly demonic. It’s a demonic sort of crystallization of man’s self-righteousness, that grows uncontrolled in the low temperatures of disinterest.

It is not ultimately passion that is demonic, but indifference.

The father has a certain sort of indifference to him, but he has a blinding light about him that distinguishes him from the demonic. The blinding white light (all colors) is his infinitely loving core, the blue periphery just a dissipation of his infinite care.

With evil, there is no redeeming infinite white, there is ultimately just this off-blue indifference. That is why it is demonic. It is indifference for its own sake. True evil


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Date: February 23rd, 2021 2:02 AM
Author: clear orchestra pit patrolman