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upset jew to his mossad handler: "sorry, i've done what i can. the goyim know."    05/16/21  (8)
Holy fucking shot taxes are complicated when you “trade”    05/16/21  (14)
Gates was weird and couldn't get women (NYT)    05/16/21  (78)
how tall is Barron?    05/16/21  (25)
Christopher Nolan is a genius.    05/16/21  (36)
Keegan-Michael Key helps SNL put out a Chappelle Show worthy skit    05/16/21  (3)
peter thiel lurks here but won't poast    05/16/21  (17)
Wife wants to move to UES (UWSmos)    05/16/21  (36)
Big Ticket Purchases: Buy the things you want NOW! Prices will be outrageous in    05/16/21  (1)
how demand inelastic is silver?    05/16/21  (2)
Israel bombs the fuck out of the Associated Press building    05/16/21  (111)
Youth hockey coach blindfolded his Chad teen players & jerked them off while    05/16/21  (36)
do you fear AI bots will take over the world? y/n and why/why not?    05/16/21  (2)
KushJew and TrumpCuck emboldened the Israelis too much    05/16/21  (2)
ITT irrefutable proof benzo is an insane white trash loser    05/16/21  (24)
This latest Israel thing finally has Kikes worried that we’re all sick of them    05/16/21  (32)
so US only declared war on Nazis afterUSSR got attacked? lol "our" media is good    05/16/21  (14)
You can’t “win” a war unless willing to put whole towns to sword/torch    05/16/21  (3)
Michelob Ultra hard seltzer is cr    05/16/21  (4)
Wait there is a T10 coin called INTERNET COMPUTER?    05/16/21  (6)
starting to realize incarnating on this planet was a poor choice    05/16/21  (1)
Wow teen girls are really attractive compared to adult women    05/16/21  (13)
Ocasio-Cortez, pregnant with swollen tits, coming at you with kitchen knife    05/16/21  (136)
Demons are not assigned territories. They're assigned families.    05/16/21  (7)
I'm seeing more dog parks and less playgrounds in communities now    05/16/21  (8)
Lert's make an official list of the worst hit singles since 2000    05/16/21  (5)
Trumpmos I don’t want to ruin your Sunday evening but    05/16/21  (7)
what's up with women showing off a camel toe now?    05/16/21  (8)
Just spent 3 hours doing my taxes thanks to my stock gains Jfc    05/16/21  (2)
is dunkin > krispy kreme?    05/16/21  (14)
Did everything “right”, when do I get to enjoy “living” on this “plane    05/16/21  (1)
I'll straight up kill someone if they try to vaccinate me with experimental crap    05/16/21  (18)
Biden tasking the US Army to GO TO WAR AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE    05/16/21  (11)
90% of the country will be calling for Fauci’s head by end of year (lsd)    05/16/21  (3)
Just got banned from an online dating site    05/16/21  (7)
Shit's coming apart.    05/16/21  (2)
Actual jail in Turkmenistan where you can buy hot Nordic teen political prisone    05/16/21  (2)
It’s readily evident Jan 6 was the Reichstag Fire, with Libs as the Nazis    05/16/21  (19)
Getting really down and black hole pilled about future boyos    05/16/21  (1)
Luis our contact in Marrakesh has been burned. Get out now!    05/16/21  (8)
board Eagle Scout roll call    05/16/21  (6)
Board Jews getting maf today now that board is more anti kike than ever    05/16/21  (19)
taking question about dating a high volume escort    05/16/21  (73)
What would Jeremy Bentham think about all of this?    05/16/21  (6)
Henron executives indicted for produce-trading fraud    05/16/21  (2)
explaining the Tel Aviv state of mind while sitting on the beach with a beer    05/16/21  (2)
Boy Scouts to Mandate BLM badge    05/16/21  (52)
Bill Burr screaming "MY FUCKIN WIFE IS BLACK"    05/16/21  (3)
Life hack: hire mediocre escort, but use her as bait to fuck swingers’ wives    05/16/21  (1)
retiring fuck u all    05/16/21  (6)
"Dad, even when I shitmod him, the meth-head pauper keeps saying mean things!"    05/16/21  (1)
Reminder: All libs are pedophiles    05/16/21  (48)
post the 14 words every girl wants whispered in her ear    05/16/21  (7)
Hey benzo and RSF    05/16/21  (2)
Do you have a good relationship with your dad?    05/16/21  (7)
Tom Cruise Nationalism    05/16/21  (3)
Would you fuck this 32yo teacher?    05/16/21  (63)
Reminder: Libs kill respectable institutions and then wear them as skin suits    05/16/21  (136)
Reminder: Rudolph outed Charles    05/16/21  (2)
Someone explain Andrew W.K.'s schtick to me.    05/16/21  (19)
Reminder: White libs are the lowest form of scum on planet Earth    05/16/21  (2)
Reminder: Libs are vile, disgusting garbage and should be regarded as subhuman    05/16/21  (3)
Prince ls posting and gakkkked on tutu    05/16/21  (3)
Link will out perform btc and eth for the next 2 years    05/16/21  (7)
If Visa and Mastercard blacklist gun shops, how fucked is gun the industry?    05/16/21  (24)
u will never experience the unadulterated joy of gifting ur kid an n64 xmas day    05/16/21  (1)
So now they're admitting there's different levels of vax quality depending on $?    05/16/21  (2)
โ˜‰..โ˜‰    05/16/21  (19)
taking question about dating a high school escort    05/16/21  (2)
How high will DOGECOIN go before crashing?    05/16/21  (3)
theres literally no reason why we cant jump in there and get a crusade going    05/16/21  (1)
Big if True | Nig if Jue    05/16/21  (1)
ITT: your *reasonable* solution for Israel-Palestine conflict    05/16/21  (89)
So, does this bort belong to Feds, Soros, Obama or some Masonic cult?    05/16/21  (7)
I stand with Israel on this. Who's with me???    05/16/21  (1)
๐Ÿงก๐Ÿฆž๐Ÿงก    05/16/21  (2)
๐Ÿฆž Wait, Jordan Peterson poasts here? ๐Ÿฆž    05/16/21  (4)
it must have been disappointing for Trumpmos when he won FL then lost election    05/16/21  (6)
where can I find hot as fuck young jewish chicks?    05/16/21  (6)
Summon evan39    05/16/21  (6)
Crypto news / Tether USDT - Backed 49% by unspecified commercial paper    05/16/21  (26)
Heard Jordan Peterson do the “see you ten more times before you die” line    05/16/21  (20)
How do you people even fuck a 30yo+ woman? That's too thirsty honestly    05/16/21  (3)
rate this Kazakh movie about Mike Pence    05/16/21  (1)
Worst part about an injury is psychological    05/16/21  (4)
I visited your home this morning, spaceporn, after you'd left.    05/16/21  (24)
๐Ÿงฎ Honest Poll: Who took your gf/wife's virginity?    05/16/21  (8)
trump was just a caretaker for obama's legacy    05/16/21  (2)
Chatty barber intruding into your rich inner world    05/16/21  (4)
Where is BOOM?    05/16/21  (2)
Right now seems like the perfect time for Canelo vs. Billy Joe Saunders.    05/16/21  (6)
How do I actually buy SAMO? Not on Raydium. Bonfida not available in US.    05/16/21  (11)
Crypto bull market is over btw    05/16/21  (13)
Spaceporn do you even have ANY plan for when Yung actually home invasion’s u?    05/16/21  (1)
Rate: My lifetime earnings from the SSA    05/16/21  (20)
French is the best language, has cool words like 'oubliette'    05/16/21  (10)
Nigger Knocker ๐Ÿšช    05/16/21  (2)
Board Trumpmos need to GBTR    05/16/21  (4)
Black professor creates 180000000 museum in Michigan:    05/16/21  (8)
If I had the choice to do it all again, I wouldn't do dentistry    05/16/21  (3)
I pronounce TSINAH “Tih-suh EYE-nah”    05/16/21  (2)
SF: releasing mug shots just reinforced racial stereotypes. (link or no link?)    05/16/21  (2)
cowshit and henry aaron, let's bash these TTTs    05/16/21  (14)
Current MLB batting average is .235, the lowest batting average of all time    05/16/21  (22)
"What Dreams May Come" is 180    05/16/21  (6)
LINK about to EXPLODE    05/16/21  (2)
CDC director: “No need for everybody to start ripping off their masks“    05/16/21  (7)
OP here    05/16/21  (21)
WSJ: Microsoft removed Bill Gates from the board because of sexual misadventures    05/16/21  (1)
colt firing 2 belt-fed machine guns while I suck his dick to keep him awake    05/16/21  (119)
Reminder: SAD made 350k+ this yr; fucked 300+ women;had 3 organic gfs this year    05/16/21  (16)
LINK to $500, bump this thread when it happens with a quickness    05/16/21  (1)
Four years of the Trump movement condensed into 8 seconds    05/16/21  (3)
Rate this non-lawyer's attempt at a closing argument for Chauvin defense    05/16/21  (1)
Rate this Ukrainian film about Biden Crime family    05/16/21  (30)
who else hates Mondays?    05/16/21  (2)
"NOT NOW MOM!" "I'm on the internet setting the record straight about JEWS!"    05/16/21  (1)
Rate this individual who allegedly ran out on his bill in asian restaurant    05/16/21  (6)
Goyim knowing has reached 1930s levels.    05/16/21  (34)
It's 180 how the cheating wife gets got in Contagion    05/16/21  (3)
Retarded pauper Benzo (Chris Gravens) thought he would make $$$ trading options    05/16/21  (14)
You idiots who think the vaccine puts a microchip in people are fucking crazy    05/16/21  (3)
LOL at crippled GAS DRUNK pauper retard benzo    05/16/21  (13)
Tony assails AJ’d phenotype    05/16/21  (2)
"He's my best friend, mom. He goes to Tufts." "But honey. You're 33."    05/16/21  (32)
Random college athletes    05/16/21  (1)
"he went 2 TUFTS!"*reflexively chuckles*"and he majored in LIT!"*spits out drink    05/16/21  (13)
People who got the vaccine are just plain stupid and dishonest at this point    05/16/21  (1)
Haha yeah, sure. We all got vaxxed at the synagogue. Sorry, no goys allowed.    05/16/21  (1)
Is it true that Henry Aaron / Voodoo Child likes to get freaky with vegetables?    05/16/21  (1)
At what price should we buy Bitcoin?    05/16/21  (8)
It was smart of libs to butter up azns with StopAZNHate before taking away SATs    05/16/21  (5)
Are truly dirt poor Asians and Indians as violent as "poor" American blacks?    05/16/21  (4)
if you were dumb enough to get vax'd hopefully you did it in super rich area    05/16/21  (13)
Even if there's just a pizza sitting alone in a room, that pizza is having a piz    05/16/21  (5)
SARS was likely a lab leak too, cr?    05/16/21  (13)
Rate this nude, all girl tribute band Judas Priestess cover “Living After Mid    05/16/21  (1)
Chinese construction foreman in sub-Saharan Africa sighing “it’s all so tire    05/16/21  (8)
SERF’S UP!    05/16/21  (4)
Christianity lacks utility    05/16/21  (1)
bluetooth causes mental illness (NEJM)    05/16/21  (2)
JFL if you didnt put ENTIRE NW in LINK and EHT today. YOURE NGMI    05/16/21  (3)
"Use the pipe, Mario" - Obi Wan Marathi    05/16/21  (125)
San Clemente Fills Skatepark With 37 Tons Of Sand After Skaters Ignore ‘No Tre    05/16/21  (29)
i call him blumf    05/16/21  (1)
We are super early on DeFi only 2.5% of wallets, SOLmos are going to MAEK IT BIG    05/16/21  (5)
LTR's and marriage are 100% finished, if you're not on track for one it's over    05/16/21  (8)
Whats TMFCR SOL Wallet?!?!    05/16/21  (4)
Hope you guys bought MCDEX    05/16/21  (6)

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