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Just took these pics of Miami Beach building collapsed (pics)    06/24/21  (4)
He was a lawyer Boi, she said I want taller boi he wasn't good enough for her    06/24/21  (6)
CNN: Judge grants Jan 6 suspects clemency if "sufficient loyalty" to Biden demon    06/24/21  (2)
Study: Potato nutrients reduce sodium retention, reduce hypertension risk    06/24/21  (31)
Cathy was just waiting for Tommy to get his little pisswyrm out of her stock    06/24/21  (6)
xo Josh Hawley BTFO'ing critical theory (link)    06/24/21  (1)
All women on dating apps looks retarded and basic    06/24/21  (1)
FBI shitheads are destroying the lives of people who didnt enter the capitol    06/24/21  (40)
So obvious that LIFE begins at CONCEPTION    06/24/21  (164)
Many Capitol rioters unlikely to serve jail time    06/24/21  (15)
Your boss threatening to fire you if you dont take anti-white diversity training    06/24/21  (2)
"Go deep, daddy." (luis lying naked on your bed, lifting up his legs)    06/24/21  (7)
Salma Hayek: My breasts keep growing ‘a lot’ — but they’re natural    06/24/21  (8)
MDH, tell us about the time you OVERDOSED    06/24/21  (6)
Masterpiece Cake Shop fined for not creating gender transition cake    06/24/21  (47)
i'll say it. cslg is a faggy kike and always will be    06/24/21  (7)
Tether has over $60bn AUM and just 13 employees. Thats a record AUM/empl. spread    06/24/21  (12)
really hope the chinese defector to DIA story is real    06/24/21  (116)
Dr. Strangeberg, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Jews.    06/24/21  (1)
Is it dangerous for Japan to host the Olympics?    06/24/21  (4)
They're giving TREASONOUS INSURRECTIONISTS just PROBATION!?    06/24/21  (3)
It must be so easy to be trans if your asian bc you're already so androgynous    06/24/21  (1)
Who are the gorgeous duds (tm) of xo?    06/24/21  (2)
Benzo, it looks like your fellow meth-head "lot sister" is posting as a quotemo    06/24/21  (4)
What's everyone doing for the Fourth of July? (TSINAH)    06/24/21  (16)
A Jewish pedophile is shot dead in Minnesota. MDH grimaces in Miami    06/24/21  (1)
Rate this Oliver Darcy quote about the vaccine    06/24/21  (12)
America is democratic minus getting disbarred, jailed, or fired for Trump suppor    06/24/21  (2)
*Salma Hayek suppressing tears, disgust and she reluctantly rides ur 4 inch dic    06/24/21  (1)
First person charged for illegally demonstrating in the Capitol building    06/24/21  (10)
BuzzFeed SPAC is hilarious for targeting $1.5bln valuation    06/24/21  (2)
"No!! Math is RACIST, you white pieces of shit!" (EPAH's last words to mom & dad    06/24/21  (5)
Bloomberg: Millennials are the...wealthiest, most educated generation ever???    06/24/21  (1)
"Libs are DONE" shrieks Henry Aaron as the crane hoists him on the Whale's Dick    06/24/21  (20)
Being scared of the vaccine is like being scared of a roller coaster    06/24/21  (12)
Explain people who move across the country for unimpressive jobs    06/24/21  (9)
NYC elects PRO-COP mayor Eric Adams    06/24/21  (1)
Finally got rid of most of my ARKK shares    06/24/21  (38)
Rudy disbarred    06/24/21  (4)
Former public defenders should be barred from holding prosecutor positions    06/24/21  (8)
⬤ New York Times Prole Porn ⬤    06/24/21  (98)
still lol when I think about SPLC putting Charles Murray on "extremist" list    06/24/21  (1)
Being scared of vacation is the life of a lawyer    06/24/21  (1)
New Manhattan DA promises not to prosecute trespassing, disorderly conduct, etc    06/24/21  (117)
Why fail me when you can Yale me    06/24/21  (1)
which poaster is most likely to die?    06/24/21  (18)
Board libs, can we get your thoughts on abolishing bail and restorative justice?    06/24/21  (12)
GOAT non-steroids MLB player from the modern era? Cal Ripken Jr?    06/24/21  (61)
Building collapse in MIAMI.    06/24/21  (16)
Beating the S&P long term is actually pretty easy if you're disciplined    06/24/21  (28)
Not flame, just registered my kid for K-5 at a charter school because of CRT    06/24/21  (26)
let me explain the concept of META NARRATIVES again to you retards    06/24/21  (36)
Sell all crypto and just wait until CSLG's signal?    06/24/21  (4)
Your wife is julianna zobristing you with your best friend    06/24/21  (8)
What are they so Proud about?    06/24/21  (2)
If you are not DOUBLE BREWING your coffee, you may be a homosexual    06/24/21  (3)
"If you accept Biden as your lord & master, you may go free. If not, well..."    06/24/21  (3)
Vegas MFEs. Get ITT and help me plan some shit to do in Vegas this weekend    06/24/21  (41)
I can’t believe I used to be lib    06/24/21  (41)
Pauly D is missing after Miami condo collapse. Pray for him.    06/24/21  (2)
So TT was right about ARKK?    06/24/21  (5)
Tranny sprinter on girls advantage: “I’m 6’2”. I’m more wind resistant    06/24/21  (2)
Shit ARKK just keeps going up JUICE JUICE JUICE    06/24/21  (3)
Heartwarming NPR Video: At Age 3: Transitioning From Jack to Jacki    06/24/21  (121)
*Requiem for a Dream w/ girls double dildoing but it's Henry Aaron/Voodoo Child*    06/24/21  (52)
Tommy T bouncing on your cock "I drink JUICE you MAFcumskin JUICE goodBIRDSHIT"    06/24/21  (65)
Have you ever gone to work, billed for the whole day, and gotten 0 done?    06/24/21  (16)
Is it sodomy to fuck a woman’s ass?    06/24/21  (4)
Tommy T proudly showing you his girlcock    06/24/21  (2)
July is one of the best months after November    06/24/21  (20)
Anybody else here a massive penisfaggot? Poast itt if so    06/24/21  (2)
It was axes and plows that made this country    06/24/21  (5)
Possible RECORD HEAT in parts of the Pacific Northwest this weekend    06/24/21  (25)
Rank from scariest to least scary    06/24/21  (9)
So TT was right about SNL/Trump?    06/24/21  (7)
Turns out TT was right about literally everything    06/24/21  (7)
TBF, TT was right about one thing - American whites are absolutely the worst    06/24/21  (17)
Stelter's show bombs to smallest audience of the year with just 656,000 viewers    06/24/21  (17)
Very horny for Tommy Titshit's tight brown asshole right now    06/24/21  (3)
Front page of the Globe today    06/24/21  (4)
libs are sick but xo is sicker    06/24/21  (12)
LOL @ envious TOMMY TITSHIT dreaming of BIG CHINESE COCK    06/24/21  (14)
Must be hell to be a "public defender" lowest of low and poorest don't respect y    06/24/21  (15)
Florida is fucking garbage Exhibit 1,000,003    06/24/21  (2)
My dopamine receptors are chewed off little faggot nubs    06/24/21  (9)
Newsom will officially face a recall election (link)    06/24/21  (4)
New TX law creates Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Antisemitism Advisory Council    06/24/21  (14)
will FBI at least allow me to keep a (small) folded US flag in my pocket?    06/24/21  (25)
Kamala Harris breathlessly moaning in your ear, "Don't Come"    06/24/21  (8)
SCOTUS rules 8-1 for naughty cheerleaders    06/24/21  (10)
lol @ stttanford    06/24/21  (5)
So DeSantis is policing speech and political views as FL univs ?    06/24/21  (1)
Black People, I’m Calling Your Bluff    06/24/21  (7)
Ralph cifaretto, are you against male on female ass sex?    06/24/21  (2)
Crowd twerks on ambulance responding to deadly Juneteenth shooting (vid)    06/24/21  (1)
feel bad for that poor kid    06/24/21  (2)
Abortion is ugly but it beats having millions more minority criminals    06/24/21  (24)
Saw an ABC segment re Biden's response to crime spike. He seems demented.    06/24/21  (17)
Vandy Breaks Stanford’s Beck in Walk-off CWS Win    06/24/21  (1)
Finally, a high resolution picture of tic-tac UFO    06/24/21  (1)
Tic tac UFO captured on video.    06/24/21  (14)
'That dog could fuck,' doobs calmly explained    06/24/21  (11)
do people actually think there are fewer blacks in STEM because of racism?    06/24/21  (28)
that simone biles ad for grubhub or whatever is so fucking grating    06/24/21  (4)
Pro Tip: Ask a "pro choice" woman what abortion policy makes sense    06/24/21  (4)
luis how can I work with you    06/24/21  (3)
god i hate old liberal white women    06/24/21  (16)
New video of Miami apartment building collapse looks like 9/11    06/24/21  (15)
Rate this Juneteenth celebration in Oakland (link)    06/24/21  (1)
Harvard to replace SAT/ACT with DUNK CONTEST for class of '28    06/24/21  (8)
BOARD LIBS: have you gotten one of these yet? (Link)    06/24/21  (1)
libs won't stop until Harvard is an HBCU    06/24/21  (1)
The iron law of oligarchy    06/24/21  (1)
BAM: FBI agent shows up at your door and asks if you’re a member of autoadmit    06/24/21  (2)
lib hysteria is so feminine they freak out because "apple news" tells them to    06/24/21  (3)
Non-stop sirens ripping along Alton Rd, Miami Beach. Must be survivors    06/24/21  (1)
the "US" media is so uncritical of Biden it's insane    06/24/21  (11)
Post applications ITT to be my xoxohth internet boyfriend    06/24/21  (1)
how many young men like the cartoon spree shooter is clown world creating    06/24/21  (3)
Everyone at Redneck Rave agreed only whites aren't allowed own culture    06/24/21  (2)
God please send a fortuitous 1981 Soviet-style condo building collapse    06/24/21  (1)
Found benzo’s twitter    06/24/21  (3)
If you don’t get a vaccine you’re a dumb right wing conspiracy retard    06/24/21  (1)
Anyone find it 180 how the SCOTUS right has red pilled the SCOTUS left?    06/24/21  (1)
Homogeneous Nordic city tops best places to live for 1,855th time in a row    06/24/21  (1)
you should be eating liver at least once a week    06/24/21  (3)
Unemployment Benefits are Infrastructure (WaPo)    06/24/21  (1)
"hon why r u googling 'dickgirls'?" no its okay babe this isn't google it's a la    06/24/21  (2)
civilizational castration complex    06/24/21  (1)
Just cashed out slightly more than 7 figs in crypto profits    06/24/21  (1)
Who was in that apartment building that the FBI wanted to kill?    06/24/21  (1)
moneyless society    06/24/21  (1)
Juice Wrld Equities    06/24/21  (8)
https://streamable.com/yra5bn    06/24/21  (5)
I figured out obeezy’s IRL info (TSINAH)    06/24/21  (78)
Ricky started listening to juice wrld at age 38    06/24/21  (20)
Houston engineering firm to design downtown building via "black mathematics and    06/24/21  (4)
Reminder, raise your sons right or they will turn out like Magic Johnson's son    06/24/21  (13)
Following Chinese lead, Iran bans Bitcoin and arrests miners    06/24/21  (2)
has a definitive "most beautiful woman in the world" ever existed?    06/24/21  (12)
not enough kardashian or taylor swift discussion on this board    06/24/21  (20)
Cornell offers course exploring astronomy through lens of 'racial blackness'    06/24/21  (4)
Yang started ahead, finished near bottom, just like Asian applying to Harvard    06/24/21  (4)
When are we going to get past all of the bs & focus on the truly important.    06/24/21  (1)
I'm a simple man: I hear the word "untrammeled", I think of Alan Trammell    06/24/21  (8)
crazy that after all the TDS libs support a corrupt dementia patient    06/24/21  (1)

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