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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
that simone biles ad for grubhub or whatever is so fucking grating    06/24/21  (2)
Abortion is ugly but it beats having millions more minority criminals    06/24/21  (18)
BAM: FBI agent shows up at your door and asks if you’re a member of autoadmit    06/24/21  (1)
lib hysteria is so feminine they freak out because "apple news" tells them to    06/24/21  (3)
Harvard to replace SAT/ACT with DUNK CONTEST for class of '28    06/24/21  (7)
So obvious that LIFE begins at CONCEPTION    06/24/21  (90)
Masterpiece Cake Shop fined for not creating gender transition cake    06/24/21  (15)
New video of Miami apartment building collapse looks like 9/11    06/24/21  (10)
Pro Tip: Ask a "pro choice" woman what abortion policy makes sense    06/24/21  (3)
god i hate old liberal white women    06/24/21  (13)
Non-stop sirens ripping along Alton Rd, Miami Beach. Must be survivors    06/24/21  (1)
'That dog could fuck,' doobs calmly explained    06/24/21  (9)
the "US" media is so uncritical of Biden it's insane    06/24/21  (11)
July is one of the best months after November    06/24/21  (15)
luis how can I work with you    06/24/21  (1)
Saw an ABC segment re Biden's response to crime spike. He seems demented.    06/24/21  (16)
Tether has over $60bn AUM and just 13 employees. Thats a record AUM/empl. spread    06/24/21  (1)
Must be hell to be a "public defender" lowest of low and poorest don't respect y    06/24/21  (14)
Rank from scariest to least scary    06/24/21  (4)
FBI shitheads are destroying the lives of people who didnt enter the capitol    06/24/21  (36)
Post applications ITT to be my xoxohth internet boyfriend    06/24/21  (1)
Board libs, can we get your thoughts on abolishing bail and restorative justice?    06/24/21  (9)
Possible RECORD HEAT in parts of the Pacific Northwest this weekend    06/24/21  (18)
how many young men like the cartoon spree shooter is clown world creating    06/24/21  (3)
Being scared of the vaccine is like being scared of a roller coaster    06/24/21  (6)
Everyone at Redneck Rave agreed only whites aren't allowed own culture    06/24/21  (2)
Heartwarming NPR Video: At Age 3: Transitioning From Jack to Jacki    06/24/21  (105)
God please send a fortuitous 1981 Soviet-style condo building collapse    06/24/21  (1)
Found benzo’s twitter    06/24/21  (3)
I can’t believe I used to be lib    06/24/21  (35)
If you don’t get a vaccine you’re a dumb right wing conspiracy retard    06/24/21  (1)
Anyone find it 180 how the SCOTUS right has red pilled the SCOTUS left?    06/24/21  (1)
Homogeneous Nordic city tops best places to live for 1,855th time in a row    06/24/21  (1)
you should be eating liver at least once a week    06/24/21  (3)
which poaster is most likely to die?    06/24/21  (17)
Unemployment Benefits are Infrastructure (WaPo)    06/24/21  (1)
"hon why r u googling 'dickgirls'?" no its okay babe this isn't google it's a la    06/24/21  (2)
BuzzFeed SPAC is hilarious for targeting $1.5bln valuation    06/24/21  (1)
civilizational castration complex    06/24/21  (1)
Just cashed out slightly more than 7 figs in crypto profits    06/24/21  (1)
Who was in that apartment building that the FBI wanted to kill?    06/24/21  (1)
moneyless society    06/24/21  (1)
Juice Wrld Equities    06/24/21  (8)
https://streamable.com/yra5bn    06/24/21  (5)
I figured out obeezy’s IRL info (TSINAH)    06/24/21  (78)
Ricky started listening to juice wrld at age 38    06/24/21  (20)
Houston engineering firm to design downtown building via "black mathematics and    06/24/21  (4)
Finally got rid of most of my ARKK shares    06/24/21  (30)
Reminder, raise your sons right or they will turn out like Magic Johnson's son    06/24/21  (13)
Have you ever gone to work, billed for the whole day, and gotten 0 done?    06/24/21  (15)
Following Chinese lead, Iran bans Bitcoin and arrests miners    06/24/21  (2)
has a definitive "most beautiful woman in the world" ever existed?    06/24/21  (12)
Beating the S&P long term is actually pretty easy if you're disciplined    06/24/21  (14)
not enough kardashian or taylor swift discussion on this board    06/24/21  (20)
Cornell offers course exploring astronomy through lens of 'racial blackness'    06/24/21  (4)
Yang started ahead, finished near bottom, just like Asian applying to Harvard    06/24/21  (4)
When are we going to get past all of the bs & focus on the truly important.    06/24/21  (1)
I'm a simple man: I hear the word "untrammeled", I think of Alan Trammell    06/24/21  (8)
crazy that after all the TDS libs support a corrupt dementia patient    06/24/21  (1)
17yo cannot consent to sex! LOL of course 3yo can consent to gender switch    06/24/21  (1)
Depiction showing that even 1300 years ago, cucks bowed before big dicked men.    06/24/21  (4)
"dad can i wear a dress?" *grabs 5 yo son, lifts him overhead* "NO, FAGGOT!!"    06/24/21  (1)
My dopamine receptors are chewed off little faggot nubs    06/24/21  (7)
Sim glitch - Heather Graham is still hot as fuck    06/24/21  (12)
hooker: "did you just call me a turbo gook?" rsf: "haha oops wrong tab"    06/24/21  (20)
"so what do you do for fun" "I'm a niche microcelebrity on racist twitter"    06/24/21  (4)
does anyone still believe "Biden" actually won?    06/24/21  (48)
Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff wants to understand "White Rage"    06/24/21  (5)
anyone else MAF 24/7    06/24/21  (6)
let me explain the concept of META NARRATIVES again to you retards    06/24/21  (35)
if you don't let your son wear a dress you might scar him psychologically    06/24/21  (3)
white women feverishly typing in zoom chat during diversity seminar    06/24/21  (4)
"Jafar, we had no hope. We were fucked." 'What changed?' "They came from the sky    06/24/21  (1)
Rate this Oliver Darcy quote about the vaccine    06/24/21  (11)
shitting out a whole live fish    06/24/21  (29)
Imagine if the greeks that fought for helen (b-cups) could see modern porn    06/24/21  (3)
950 GA military ballots came back in sequential order, 100% for Biden    06/24/21  (32)
No More White Women 2024    06/24/21  (1)
feel bad for that poor kid    06/24/21  (1)
Shitlaw boss replied to counter offer with “Pay up, cumstain”    06/24/21  (3)
Peterman died the way he lived - his head in a toilet w a butthole full of jizz    06/24/21  (144)
Oliver Darcy: “I never take off my skates, and don’t come in my mouth”    06/24/21  (38)
listening to Nas' Everything as u get ready to speak before the Committee    06/24/21  (1)
NYC: black male punches 82-year-old vet, steals his cane (vid)    06/24/21  (13)
Oliver Darcy died how he lived: head in a toilet & ass full of semen    06/24/21  (33)
Oliver Darcy’s hands trembling as he opens a thin envelope from Chapman Univer    06/24/21  (74)
Oliver Darcy pens thoughtful moderate screed on ATL glory holes and why    06/24/21  (2)
Oliver Darcy crabwalking naked on a yacht in Dubai, mewling    06/24/21  (22)
180    06/24/21  (1)
Oliver Darcy making “outcalls” in CNN office mens room    06/24/21  (16)
Study: Potato nutrients reduce sodium retention, reduce hypertension risk    06/24/21  (19)
Oliver Darcy on Tel Aviv beach in a speedo serving cocktail to Ted Turner    06/24/21  (18)
Daruis Rucker version of Wagon wheel sucks    06/24/21  (1)
Was really touched by the Indeed tranny commercial.    06/24/21  (2)
There were 300,000 slaves shipped to the US, total    06/24/21  (51)
do people actually think there are fewer blacks in STEM because of racism?    06/24/21  (25)
wtf is wrong with white people.    06/24/21  (13)
GOAT non-steroids MLB player from the modern era? Cal Ripken Jr?    06/24/21  (58)
libs seem like miserable, unhappy people    06/24/21  (4)
Opposing counsel used “fuckload” in a petition    06/24/21  (1)
lets discuss wether we are high status people or low status people today    06/24/21  (17)
Subway's Jared: Bench pressing 245, <10 bodyfat YOU: Firing up Dominoes Tracker    06/24/21  (7)
New Manhattan DA promises not to prosecute trespassing, disorderly conduct, etc    06/24/21  (109)
Stalin tp Ativan withdrawal thread    06/24/21  (35)
IKEA serves fried chicken and watermelon to celebrate Juneteenth    06/24/21  (1)
imagine being one of these doltish FBI mormons propping up pedo satanic oligarch    06/24/21  (10)
who's got the ball--is it freud or jung?    06/24/21  (1)
average low-level white collar job is as hard as biglaw, pays 1/10th as much    06/24/21  (11)
would you date a fit bird who happened to be a bit of a misery guts?    06/24/21  (10)
Has anyone who has been vaccinated died from COVID yet?    06/24/21  (4)
Rate Trae Young's sister    06/24/21  (5)
Do you stop getting morning wood in your mid 30s?    06/24/21  (40)
state mandated exercise    06/24/21  (2)
Two Wongs Don't Make a White: Against The H1B Meritocracy (National Review    06/24/21  (11)
Psychoanalyst's Ball    06/24/21  (1)
Shit threads with low poast counts that get bumped for days    06/24/21  (259)
found a video of bloodacre showing off his skate moves (link    06/24/21  (6)
dumbass Mark Cuban lost 100% of his investment in Titan and now wants regulation    06/24/21  (51)
The "United States of America" is the most successful Satanic project in history    06/24/21  (1)
which poasters have had covid?    06/24/21  (11)
a memory from recent years that stands out in my mind is from july 2018. i was h    06/24/21  (3)
"Or 'fag-tarded', as I like to say, haha. Hi, who just joined?"    06/24/21  (4)
what if we've just projected our innate desire for human sacrifice onto "elites"    06/24/21  (1)
Meet the Woo mixtape by Pop Smoke is literally a modern classic    06/24/21  (1)
TODAY IS MIDSUMMER!!!!    06/24/21  (3)
I just put my entire NW in $LINK not flame lol    06/24/21  (1)
Summer is over    06/24/21  (54)
LJL at USA: pedestrian bridge collapses in DC!    06/24/21  (14)
nothing like starting off the morning w Van Morrison's Latest Record Project    06/24/21  (2)
July is for the straights 🇺🇸    06/24/21  (1)
all women should be in conservatorship of their fathers    06/24/21  (11)
⬤ New York Times Prole Porn ⬤    06/24/21  (95)
Building just randomly falls down in Miami:    06/24/21  (21)
Spilled soda on work laptop. No big deal?    06/24/21  (5)
non Native Americans are "culturally appropriating" this land & should go back    06/24/21  (3)
New TX law creates Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Antisemitism Advisory Council    06/24/21  (8)
JULY is for STRA
   06/24/21  (2)
last July "CNN" had a panel of women screaming about Trump's 4th celebration    06/24/21  (1)
I want to set off fireworks on 4th but worried FBI will come toss me in a van    06/24/21  (3)
Going to start entering my time Trump style    06/24/21  (218)
Is it weird to start your day with a bier or zwei?    06/24/21  (1)
What's everyone doing for the Fourth of July? (TSINAH)    06/24/21  (9)
ever bring pillow/mat to office, shut door, sleep 8 hours straight, go home?    06/24/21  (5)
"Even my monocle?" Peterman asked the repo man. "Especially your monocle."    06/24/21  (252)
Russia says CIA tried to kill its chief naval weapons engineer    06/24/21  (1)
Anyone who links a TikTok video here should be executed as a CCP spy    06/24/21  (4)
Commission for Jan 6, but nada on global pandemic origins. Good call libs.    06/24/21  (10)

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