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Cubs Ben Zobrist cucked by preacher he employed, also robbed by said preacher    06/22/21  (48)
Imagine it’s 1648 & ur fucking a fresh hairy French 16 yr olds pussy in Norman    06/22/21  (15)
Yes or No - $1,000/m check for blacks as reparations    06/22/21  (115)
my wife had sex with one of the roofing dudes    06/22/21  (2)
holy shit Owen Wilson has died at 52 of a suspected heroin overdose in LA    06/22/21  (22)
Libs = Hutus. Whites = Tutsis. Get ready    06/22/21  (6)
Seattle bans display of American flag in city buildings    06/22/21  (4)
$100 Chinese body armor stops AR15 and .357 magnum    06/22/21  (2)
Petition for Rach to STICK In Memoriam for Owen Wilson    06/22/21  (1)
They’ve turned THIRTY % of 20 year olds non-heterosexual (link)    06/22/21  (52)
ARE Reptile is exactly the person you'd expect to get deep into Talmudic Judaism    06/22/21  (2)
More and more men are neets these days (Bloomberg)    06/22/21  (5)
just copped $25 Amazon Fire TV Stick - 4K    06/22/21  (11)
WSJ: Tip 20% for takeout. And don't forget to tip TikTok content creators!    06/22/21  (27)
visual media should be banned    06/22/21  (2)
Really want to resign my job. Have savings. Want to just quit and look for work.    06/22/21  (1)
GUNNER AT A TTT is the moast 180 current poaster    06/22/21  (22)
My dry cleaner has disappeared - has almost all my work clothes    06/22/21  (8)
Dupa, knife question in this OP for u    06/22/21  (9)
Any good stocks to buy?    06/22/21  (3)
Law Center Reject Pleads Guilty to Cyberstalking GULC Interviewer (xo Daily Mail    06/22/21  (7)
does fart nigga tp still poast?    06/22/21  (1)
SOL INVICTUS    06/22/21  (8)
Going on a 180 ROAD TRIP starting next week, UNGHHHH    06/22/21  (17)
wgwag    06/22/21  (3)
No respite or relief for the diffuse thinning man    06/22/21  (1)
Why didn’t exuent tell us when he was selling his SOL?    06/22/21  (11)
Fresh Reverand Jessie Lee Peterson stream 6/22    06/22/21  (3)
True or False: FROTTAGE is the most prestigious penisfaggot sex method    06/22/21  (8)
REMINDER: even writing “he or she” is not inclusive anymore    06/22/21  (7)
New Netflix original movie "Karen" highlights the dangers of white women to BIPO    06/22/21  (30)
“Well, it’s definitely not going to zero.” (Doc checking nocoiner’s bloo    06/22/21  (1)
bitcoin broke $30k support, its over bros    06/22/21  (3)
Census 2020: MS v. South Carolina    06/22/21  (1)
just lost half of my savings on some leveraged runescape gold plays    06/22/21  (2)
NEET Nationalism    06/22/21  (5)
im gay    06/22/21  (1)
you are gay    06/22/21  (1)
Rate this 1997 New York Times piece on Critical Race Theory (full text)    06/22/21  (5)
let's go create some content    06/22/21  (1)
hi    06/22/21  (1)
Don’t tell the “FBI” but I think Seth Rich was a patriot who did the right    06/22/21  (2)
hey cute feet bro    06/22/21  (3)
New Kellogg's gay pride cereal an orgy of pansexual toons and flavors (nt flame)    06/22/21  (9)
Thousands Of Women Report Period Problems Potentially Tied To COVID Vax    06/22/21  (35)
I’m a famous influencer like Jew Fats    06/22/21  (1)
35mm cameras, vinyl records, mechanical watches = all better than modern shit    06/22/21  (1)
Gorgeous SOL    06/22/21  (1)
Crypto is the best chance for 20-40x gains. Foolish not to put 1 yr's salary in    06/22/21  (22)
Will buy 1 million in crypto next bear cycle (CSLG)    06/22/21  (21)
The Conan O'Brien Cinematic Universe    06/22/21  (1)
Am I being an asshole to my mom?    06/22/21  (38)
XO poasters were warned about crypto numerous times and still HEDL    06/22/21  (161)
Passed my background check!    06/22/21  (9)
Dear NOCOINMOS: SOL has already recovered a lot today    06/22/21  (7)
Stalin tp Ativan withdrawal thread    06/22/21  (31)
blanket blank bumping nocoiner ridicule. if crypto goes to 0 I did it ironically    06/22/21  (1)
Looks like everyone moved on from those Fauci emails already    06/22/21  (8)
Anyone else addicted to alcohol?    06/22/21  (43)
Oh no! You were right nocoiners! Now I'm ONLY up 500% over the past 12 months!    06/22/21  (8)
anything more annoying than someone eating chips/crackers around u?    06/22/21  (2)
Xo retards: Chinese bio weapon! Also, just a mild cold! Fraudvirus!    06/22/21  (11)
What’s credited for PRIME DAY?    06/22/21  (12)
"Luka, which is Latvian for 'Doug McDermott', & Doncic which means, 'but slower'    06/22/21  (50)
Just remember when crypto finally bottoms to buy (CSLG)    06/22/21  (12)
Prime Day confirms Amazon is just a front to shovel Chink garbage to USA    06/22/21  (7)
Nathan J Robinson pens 9,000 word screed on Taibbi and Greenwald    06/22/21  (47)
OCDmos destroyed: Disorder is NOT linked to higher IQ    06/22/21  (3)
really hope the chinese defector to DIA story is real    06/22/21  (115)
There is NOTHING more prole than public transportation    06/22/21  (72)
what is the most prestigious homosexual act?    06/22/21  (22)
The Michael Bloomberg Democratic Presidential Nomination Campaign    06/22/21  (6)
My credit card charges an annual fee - what the fuck?    06/22/21  (30)
Crypto mooning again BUY BUY BUY 🚨🚨🚨    06/22/21  (1)
"What the hell is this place?" the bewildered FBI agent asked in church    06/22/21  (1)
"CRT is imaginary" isn't going to work for libs    06/22/21  (7)
I've taken SuperShuttle many times to save a few bucks: how prole?    06/22/21  (7)
Good client gift: Dr. Seuss' "The Pocket Book of Boners" (1931)    06/22/21  (1)
CRT was just invented by this guy? You all act like it’s mainstream.    06/22/21  (82)
Prime day! 30% off wildly overpriced shit!    06/22/21  (9)
"A bible, an American flag - this guy was pretty far gone" (FBI)    06/22/21  (1)
The ultimate purpose of american world gov't is to convince tomboys they're tran    06/22/21  (12)
More destructive nuking: Hiroshima, or LSD destroying that pumo?    06/22/21  (2)
FBI agent pulls out gun "Put the American flag down!"    06/22/21  (2)
The #tetherinvestivation is heating up    06/22/21  (1)
ATL Article on Ho Ka Terence Yung, Psychopath, Pianist, and Law Center Reject    06/22/21  (10)
Best PC laptop for under $400?    06/22/21  (17)
CRT is imaginary! he bellowed as the Lincoln statue fell on his head    06/22/21  (4)
George Floyd biopic begins filming, Chris Hemsworth in lead role    06/22/21  (2)
Is chase sapphire reserve still an elite credit card option    06/22/21  (12)
Entire CIA turns selves in following defection to US of Chinese Spy Chief    06/22/21  (5)
They will engineer babies to have bovine meat intolerance    06/22/21  (1)
Trans weightlifter Laurel Hubbard set to make history at Tokyo Olympics    06/22/21  (10)
Random pumo appears to call you an idiot for not trusting FBI or vaxx    06/22/21  (47)
benzo “they call me deepthroat” Darcy “yea I gotta go thx for the info”    06/22/21  (33)
Will China's spurning of crypto ensure it's left out of it?    06/22/21  (2)
cowgod no posting as "job interviewer". IGNORE ALL COWGOD POSTS    06/22/21  (1)
Lab analysis of Subway tuna sandwiches fails to identify tuna DNA    06/22/21  (8)
Trumpmos who gave $ post-Election: How Cucked Do You Feel?    06/22/21  (14)
Crypto is ‘the future of finance’: Why Gen Z is ditching traditional investm    06/22/21  (3)
I’ve been buying a lot of WW2 era watches lately    06/22/21  (22)
there was blatant election theft that night feels like I'm taking insanity pills    06/22/21  (5)
"2 Men Enter, 1 Man is Relieved" chant RigPigs entering Peterman's toilet stall    06/22/21  (3)
My friend is making $7-10k per week coding & modeling shit for Roblox    06/22/21  (9)
Just Interviewed an in-house applicant for the second time in 5 years    06/22/21  (4)
Spent wkd eating and drinking w/ friends. Feel like shit now. Getting old sucks    06/22/21  (3)
Bump this thread if you still 100% support SOLANA and PRESIDENT TRUMP    06/22/21  (6)
"I can't babe, I;m in a 100 post speculative thread abt women checking out cocks    06/22/21  (4)
BAM! coworker asks u in front of group 'What are your thoughts on white privileg    06/22/21  (96)
"Flared base? Is that a challenge?" *beady eyes narrow*    06/22/21  (56)
WaPo hit piece on Rufo (re CRT) utterly collapses    06/22/21  (42)
“Dexter” but cop raises gay son to only sodomize the bad ones    06/22/21  (1)
Go on the Record: Will THE COLLAPSE happen in our lifetime?    06/22/21  (39)
cslg, hair fully-parted down the middle, rollerblading to mall to hit on chicks    06/22/21  (9)
What're we mad at libs for today, boys?    06/22/21  (13)
Malthusian anarcho-primitivism is our only salvation    06/22/21  (1)
Old Lib: "Corporations are evil, man!" Modern Lib: "Coke using a pride flag! Yay    06/22/21  (2)
For three weeks in January 2021, the board traded stock tips.    06/22/21  (1)
Donavan Brazier finished LAST at the US Olympic trials, won't go to Tokyo    06/22/21  (1)
woke ideology is as toxic as porn or mass media    06/22/21  (2)
Covid is a joke I was asymptomatic! *infects and kills grandparents*    06/22/21  (3)
Reminder: Libs kill respectable institutions and then wear them as skin suits    06/22/21  (140)
The indignity of life in this kike casino country is a daily torture    06/22/21  (3)
"They finally got him on tax evasion." "Capone?" "No, NYUUG. Small dick tax    06/22/21  (1)
Minimum IQ necessary to "get" Tim and Eric?    06/22/21  (6)
Wife makes me pay a SMALL DICK TAX every day    06/22/21  (2)
still cant believe anyone took that covid shit seriously    06/22/21  (2)
Libs = boot-licking worshippers of the CIA and the FBI lmao    06/22/21  (6)
It would be pretty 180 if Rudolph were cooked alive in a tuna oven    06/22/21  (3)
A good bottom can clean his ass 100%. Whereas even the cleanest vagina is dirty    06/22/21  (7)
Azn casino hasn't opened in Vegas. Already has 150+ "reviews." Nice job azns    06/22/21  (4)
One guess for which senator was first to congratulate gay NFL player    06/22/21  (8)
Smallest group of lateral hires at law schools: white men.    06/22/21  (4)
Just paid my wife $175 to have sex with me    06/22/21  (10)
Just paid my wife $175 to have sex with someone else    06/22/21  (1)
How do you creat a VISUAL MANGEMENT system in excel?    06/22/21  (2)
The primary goal of public school must be to eliminate any achievement gap    06/22/21  (1)
how long until benzo ends up on death row?    06/22/21  (1)
Had about 8 drinks and a few bumps of coke on Saturday. Still hungover.    06/22/21  (14)
Hoping the next season works the Islamists back in, they were a fun villain    06/22/21  (1)
You have polluted your body and your mind    06/22/21  (2)
Is the CIA/FBI compromised by CCP moles or is this false flag flame    06/22/21  (2)
Xoxohth on my left monitor. Look to the right. More xoxohth.    06/22/21  (1)
Haha no its just a few neighborhoods. Just be aware of ur surroundings.    06/22/21  (2)
If CSLG is going to put $1 million into crypto, you should put at least $10k    06/22/21  (17)
Sometimes I forget how awful women look without makeup    06/22/21  (32)
The @AutoAdmit twitter account should retweet this tweet    06/22/21  (6)
took my son and a friends so to a certain infamous pizza place haha    06/22/21  (10)
What percentage of adults are NORMAL? Not taking prescription meds, straight, dr    06/22/21  (5)

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