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CLEVELAND GUARDIANS. Thanks libs    07/23/21  (56)
libs are going absolutely insane over "cases" again wtf is going on    07/23/21  (3)
is eating gas station sushi with a folk in your car prole    07/23/21  (1)
Upset Jew now posting as "Ass to Mouth."    07/23/21  (15)
WaPo: Thousands of bullets have been fired in this D.C. neighborhood. Fear is pa    07/23/21  (8)
Black guy buys abandoned house, fixes it up nicely. Everyone on twitter complain    07/23/21  (78)
Should I start drinking at 12 PM at Tight Ends Plano?    07/23/21  (4)
UC Schools will require annual "or more frequent" booster jabs to attend (link)    07/23/21  (1)
David Cole pens incredible screed about niggers + jews destroying America (link)    07/23/21  (24)
Lib politicians: DEFUND the police!! Also, police in our building get $2 billion    07/23/21  (1)
the way TBF thinks "she" is a genius is truly hilarious    07/23/21  (37)
Should I just buy a Honda civic?    07/23/21  (7)
very stable genius    07/23/21  (2)
Shitlib Gov tells media that unvaxxed are choosing a "horrible lifestyle"    07/23/21  (11)
What sounds good for breakfast?    07/23/21  (14)
Lawman8 is an Asian 30-something male with erectile dysfunction & autism    07/23/21  (2)
Bc we’re in a Marxist cultural revolution, Cle Indians change name to Guardian    07/23/21  (1)
Buffalo and West Virginia are going to be the next booming places.    07/23/21  (9)
LOL - COVID lockdowns led to 5x more suicides among kids than virus    07/23/21  (36)
In defense of Coolboarders    07/23/21  (2)
I just came up with a song that would win a Grammy in 2021 (link)    07/23/21  (4)
Why doesn’t Dwayne The Rock do MMA and prove he’s not all meat with no sizzl    07/23/21  (15)
The vaccine IS the virus    07/23/21  (16)
a man who fucks a whore even once is eternally ruined imo    07/23/21  (35)
I don't care if someone else is unvaccinated    07/23/21  (33)
I'll say it again. JD Vance is saying/tweeting solid AF stuff. Gosar-level.    07/23/21  (15)
Cleveland Indians fans all jumping ship to support Mumbai Indians    07/23/21  (3)
JD Vance JD    07/23/21  (2)
How difficult to mount a tv correctly?    07/23/21  (19)
They want to make native Americans invisible to society then genocide them    07/23/21  (1)
There are internet messages boards devoted to making you feel poor, insecure    07/23/21  (6)
Beltway media shown to be racist as fuck.    07/23/21  (4)
holy shit a racist poasts here?    07/23/21  (5)
Clearwater beach vs Miami beach??    07/23/21  (76)
OYT, you need to accept that you may not find anyone and that that is okay    07/23/21  (7)
Bezos at conference: "Raise your hand if you've been to space...Really? Just me?    07/23/21  (8)
Cowgod laugh factory exit scam gamecube elsa spiderman vaccine    07/23/21  (10)
m4m covid bugchasing in mfh    07/23/21  (2)
the survival threatening world situation has created a desire for UFO's    07/23/21  (1)
I make wise men retreat and turn their knowledge into foolishness.    07/23/21  (3)
Board Sci-Fi fans. More excited for DUNE or FOUNDATION    07/23/21  (21)
Peterman spotted at Pilot Flying J    07/23/21  (9)
Bad news. Lowball offer from Geico. But...hold on! But u can fuck my wife    07/23/21  (6)
Chinese UNESCO votes revoking Liverpool from world heritage site    07/23/21  (1)
teleportation is settled science    07/23/21  (1)
xo is pretty gay    07/23/21  (8)
I dont care for these big city east coast real estate guys coming to Midwest    07/23/21  (1)
a dissertation devoted to divination, aliens, and teleportation    07/23/21  (1)
need u guys to rate these tasteful historical-themed wedding photos    07/23/21  (3)
please bow your heads for the spirit divination    07/23/21  (1)
Florida has more covid hospitalizations than entire west coast + northeast combi    07/23/21  (20)
Olympics Opening Ceremony official thread    07/23/21  (17)
We currently must open door to Afghans, Cubans, Haitians… close door to all Me    07/23/21  (3)
American UMC culture is disgusting and needs to be destroyed.    07/23/21  (11)
17,503 DEAD, 1.7 million injured reported in EU database of vaccine side effects    07/23/21  (34)
I live the life of a der sturmer cartoon character (CSLG)    07/23/21  (4)
LMAO at all these losers like Musk who can’t afford california anymore    07/23/21  (2)
I live the life that you thought you would live growing up in the 90s (CSLG)    07/23/21  (100)
Jacob's Ladder - The Rise and Fall of Empires    07/23/21  (2)
I live the life of your pre-pubescent fantasies (CSLG)    07/23/21  (2)
is Pac-12 even trying to counteroffer OU & UTexas?    07/23/21  (11)
Lol at shitty USA women’s soccer team    07/23/21  (3)
Logan Paul is a superstar and he still fights so why doesn’t Dwayne The Rock    07/23/21  (1)
Your toddler, shouting to her preschool class, a word that rhymes with "Kite"    07/23/21  (10)
So 3rd party recruiters make 20% of the placement's salary?    07/23/21  (2)
the wellbutrin appears to be doing something    07/23/21  (1)
"you need th experimental vaccine to fend off the experimental virus we created"    07/23/21  (17)
LOL 2 prominent Asian American female scholars discussing race issues on Twitter    07/23/21  (34)
holy shit the metrics    07/23/21  (2)
You to Time Traveler Gen. Lee: "and his middle name was Hussein, crazy right?""    07/23/21  (11)
xo VIS crew checking in    07/23/21  (1)
“Kike” & “White” sound very similar but are two distinct words    07/23/21  (5)
fetlife now scrubbing "unvaxxed" as fetish:    07/23/21  (1)
Is it medically accurate term to put “sm” at the end of jizz “jizzsm”    07/23/21  (1)
How to decide whether to jump ship and switch firms?    07/23/21  (24)
jogging/running is the most fun exercise    07/23/21  (7)
What happened in 2013 that started a decline in black/white race relations? (lin    07/23/21  (3)
RSF taking seaside/poolside Qs from NOT St. Tropez    07/23/21  (86)
Post ITT if Rach has ever given u a personal warning    07/23/21  (6)
America RIP 1776-2017. Killed by shitlib cultural poison. "E pluribus unum"    07/23/21  (3)
64 percent say racism against Blacks is widespread in US: Gallup    07/23/21  (15)
I find Canada fascinating for some reason    07/23/21  (94)
July 2021 poll: which countries handled/is handling covid the best?    07/23/21  (2)
Texas and SEC negotiations break down over UT's 100 percent gold endowment    07/23/21  (1)
Cleveland Guardians of the Galaxy ft. Chris Pratt    07/23/21  (2)
God libs are so fucking gay and stupid    07/23/21  (5)
How long has it been since you’ve had a wet dream?    07/23/21  (4)
LMAO: Tether commercial paper was used to speculate on Chinese real estate marke    07/23/21  (61)
Anti vax fundamentalist Christian, 34, dies of COVID-19 (DM)    07/23/21  (7)
Doing legal research hungover at 10am while listening to Fallout New Vegas radio    07/23/21  (1)
Smokers time warp    07/23/21  (2)
Reminder: measles, mumps, and rubella aren’t deadly. Don’t vax ur kids.    07/23/21  (14)
Bbooom ejaculating with arms at side and blank expression    07/23/21  (98)
So many mystery meat brown people wandering around in public wtf    07/23/21  (51)
study links eucharistic prayer to spontaneous 5-HT agonist appearance in starch    07/23/21  (1)
You must ready yourself for violence and disorder which is at the doorstep    07/23/21  (1)
I'm white-knuckle angry over a tedious irl argument over the bloodline of cohens    07/23/21  (3)
what doesnt the Pope just order his subjects to get the injection?    07/23/21  (1)
No AZ audit chatter? Hmph.    07/23/21  (79)
alright something has to be done about libs    07/23/21  (15)
arizona trance vortex and native american communion rites with tobacco and bliss    07/23/21  (1)
Are Catholics permitted to reject de fide teaching?    07/23/21  (42)
"Of course, we are barbarians. We are proud to be barbarians."    07/23/21  (1)
Outdoor showers are God’s gift to man    07/23/21  (4)
The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind (TT)    07/23/21  (7)
there are multiple demoralization psyops being run here    07/23/21  (58)
Cleveland Browns announce committee to pursue name change    07/23/21  (7)
Vox: The problematic white-savior complex behind choosing “Guardians”    07/23/21  (2)
cleveland mcclevelandface    07/23/21  (1)
starting 2 think all of those ancient stories of jews being persecuted were lies    07/23/21  (7)
2-year-old extuent shitting in a parking lot    07/23/21  (1)
the flu didn't "disappear", listen to yourselves    07/23/21  (2)
Flu Has Disappeared for More Than a Year    07/23/21  (16)
How many xo poa's are pumped for this year's COMIC CON?    07/23/21  (2)
Libs announced Guardians on a Friday purposefully to ruin your weekend.    07/23/21  (6)
Just looked at old pictures from high school. Broke down crying in nostalgia and    07/23/21  (3)
RSF is fucked!!! Italy now also demanding vaccine passports for dining, leisure    07/23/21  (46)
Starlight Express 2 - all black cast, about underground railroad    07/23/21  (2)
in 200 years jews will say the USA persecuted jews    07/23/21  (1)
Jen Psaki banging your son's bully    07/23/21  (2)
idk why you guys are so upset, the "indian guardians" is a pretty sweet name    07/23/21  (1)
"sir they're making popular buddy movies across racial lines" 'release the 1619    07/23/21  (15)
Comic Con is 180    07/23/21  (2)
why does cleveland refuse to honor its south asian community?    07/23/21  (4)
Why is Obeezy spamming again    07/23/21  (14)
Is determinism the CR philosophy?    07/23/21  (55)
Rate my IQ: I’m stunned theyre going for Covid 2.0    07/23/21  (32)
How upset are libs right now that I’m at Cracker Barrel?    07/23/21  (10)
You will be banned from all mlb stadiums, You will accept name changes, You will    07/23/21  (1)
Bort libs, what do you do to help the middle class?    07/23/21  (19)
Monsignor who wanted to ban Biden from communion outed as gay faggot    07/23/21  (3)
Have any foaming at the mouth libs explained why they get MAF over vax?    07/23/21  (17)
turn on nbc now savannah guthrie showing sideboob    07/23/21  (1)
Law '24 class FUCKED FOR LIFE due to overenrollment    07/23/21  (10)
I'm so sick. Why didn't I listen!?!!    07/23/21  (1)
wtf Naomi osaka lights the olympic cauldron in dreadlocks    07/23/21  (2)
The Olympics Rely On, but Don’t Support, Black Girl Magic (NYT)    07/23/21  (16)
Cleveland Chose Guardians so they could keep “dians” portion of logos    07/23/21  (3)
Will antivaxxers get pipe raped by the Indian Delta Variant?    07/23/21  (11)
there's nothing wrong w the Cleveland Indians it was just "George Floyd" hysteri    07/23/21  (7)
Whiteboy Summer has been underwhelming.    07/23/21  (3)
When you were young did you love John Stossel?    07/23/21  (2)
As a goy me and my family are heavy contributors to the Yahrzeit Fund    07/23/21  (4)
Can we do a podcast on the eucharist    07/23/21  (8)
All this hysteria for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate, 99.9% younger than 60?    07/23/21  (54)
It’s a bloodbath for RSF today. Time to log off big fella    07/23/21  (1)
Sadaharu Oh looking rough    07/23/21  (1)
The Cleveland DLA Piper Enjoyers    07/23/21  (1)
Pretty insane RSF got caught with a quotemo and he gets a free pass. Insane!    07/23/21  (10)

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