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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Couple friend set me up on blind double date w/their friend. she left in 25 min    09/17/21  (59)
SOLtards, how does it feel losing your life savings this week?    09/17/21  (9)
Trump: “Kushner more loyal to Israel than the US”    09/17/21  (21)
"Oh Malcolm, my penis burns!" "That's okay Dewey. Put it in my mouth and I'll h    09/17/21  (1)
Why do Nintendo fans outnumber Sega fans like 500:1 on the Internet    09/17/21  (11)
I wish I was Gen-X and 22 years old in 1994.    09/17/21  (3)
Is this a SOL buying opportunity?    09/17/21  (83)
What are odds Chinese real estate crisis causes big recession in US?    09/17/21  (6)
I had earthworm Jim on SNES and it just felt wrong    09/17/21  (29)
Coups in Haiti, Coups in Zimbabwe, Coups in Guinea    09/17/21  (4)
I have 93% of my NW ($70,000) in SOL    09/17/21  (19)
End Road Work serving you a delicious sukiyaki of your own liver    09/17/21  (2)
cowshit why are so many scumbag games Hard?    09/17/21  (17)
cowshit needs to go to ATL and figure out what the hell is going on w/ doodikoff    09/17/21  (1)
Who actually operates 89 year old Dan Rather's Twitter account?    09/17/21  (15)
is my asshole ruined? (pic)    09/17/21  (4)
this is your average 20 something male today (important video)    09/17/21  (27)
Durham indicts Perkins Coie lawyer. Accessed private Trump info & faked connect    09/17/21  (17)
Doodikoff, straight up, how much do you weigh?    09/17/21  (49)
I wonder what kooky Friday news dump we'll see today    09/17/21  (1)
*** SOLTARD SUICIDE WATCH THREAD ***    09/17/21  (2)
*Paula Abdul beat* "Straight up now tell me are you gonna invest in SOL forever"    09/17/21  (1)
Rate this female game on filtering out TTT men    09/17/21  (67)
That first call of the morning. Dreading it. God I hate being a lawyer.    09/17/21  (20)
Father of 2 mowed down by Hispanic suspect who police can’t locate    09/17/21  (9)
All the retarded ethnic people on here squabbling about computer coins lol    09/17/21  (2)
Hurricane Ridge Webcam    09/17/21  (173)
Crypto eating shit ljl die coinqueers    09/17/21  (7)
General Moley    09/17/21  (2)
Who was the better D1 athlete??? Obeezy or doodikoff?    09/17/21  (8)
Norm McDonald gets posthumously METOO’d    09/17/21  (59)
Female dating advice: "If you're fat, try acting more entitled and rude."    09/17/21  (11)
Nicki Minaj on Breakfast Club: "Only one who reached out is Mel Gibson"    09/17/21  (6)
Chinese defector tried to warn US “intelligence” agencies on COVID    09/17/21  (1)
beckersted is a pussy and I'd smash him in a RUSSIAN CHAIN match    09/17/21  (6)
Trump: There's this guy on Twitter, great guy, Yaaaaaan Perroddddd    09/17/21  (1)
In Galapagos, Ecologists Warn Holocaust Museum Could Harm (NYT    09/17/21  (4)
anorexic asian woman in her 40s running through your neighborhood on verge of he    09/17/21  (3)
What are are expectations for parrot coin?    09/17/21  (6)
fuck you cucks. I support Milley. He made important 1st step to military junta    09/17/21  (2)
i love AUKUS but i reallly looove COCKUS    09/17/21  (1)
Buy SOL or die    09/17/21  (1)
Doodikoff--is your birdbro still alive    09/17/21  (1)
De Blasio: "is the city sealed off?" "a few dirtbikes got out, sir"    09/17/21  (12)
The Partner's Wife, a Johnny Grishammi Novel    09/17/21  (4)
exeunt after SOL net short acquired: "pull it"    09/17/21  (5)
Biden’s judicial nomenklatura nominee on “rhetorical advocacy “    09/17/21  (7)
Any xo cryptobros get in on the PARROT IDO?    09/17/21  (49)
if doodikoff listened to me he would be married within a year    09/17/21  (30)
i can't sleep in past 7am anymore    09/17/21  (6)
What would the Sopranos mcmansion be like if the show started today?    09/17/21  (40)
Thousands flood ABC affiliate's Facebook page with vaccination horror stories    09/17/21  (2)
real talk: now is the time to try to get a job in china/hong kong    09/17/21  (36)
Read this article in light of what you now know about COVID (NSAM 57)    09/17/21  (12)
How to arrange mortgage knowing that the US wont exist in 2030?    09/17/21  (1)
Plaintiff Accused Us of Sending Bad Check Bc Bank Couldn't Cash a $200k Check    09/17/21  (13)
Theory: doodikoff talks about xbox gamepass on dates    09/17/21  (5)
Lisping cop shoots jogger, starts crying    09/17/21  (8)
XO Brad Pitt told Shia LaBoeuf to stop being a Jew and convert to Christ    09/17/21  (66)
We need to ban the unvaccinated until we figure out what the hell is going on    09/17/21  (2)
doodikoff did nothing wrong    09/17/21  (3)
humanity peaked at the boardy barn in the late 90s    09/17/21  (3)
it's a shame none of the Alex Kidd sequels ever came close to the first    09/17/21  (1)
has the science been settled on booster shots yet?    09/17/21  (2)
Doodikoff: obese fatfuck video game consoooomer    09/17/21  (1)
So SOL's official Korean "ambassador" is a total crypto noob who sellcucked?    09/17/21  (6)
JFC you SOL FOMO moonboys didn’t follow my advice and buy Audius    09/17/21  (9)
Wikipedia's FORMALIZED series on Console Gens    09/17/21  (4)
What if this is a publicity stunt to get attention for van life girl’s blog    09/17/21  (2)
Sussmann’s indictment    09/17/21  (22)
Couple friend set me up on blind double date w/their friend. Ended up being dude    09/17/21  (2)
I am the poorest person here    09/17/21  (1)
Not buying SOL now should be a diagnosable mental illness    09/17/21  (2)
American Empire falls the same way as the Roman Empire: 3rd world immigration    09/17/21  (39)
CCP: "George Soros is the Son of Satan"    09/17/21  (26)
Theory: doodikoff smells horrible    09/17/21  (3)
Rate this 2021 Calvin & Hobbes    09/17/21  (18)
My wife wants me to start wearing a condom again "to make cleanup easier."    09/17/21  (10)
Just bought some elastic waistband Jos. A Bank pants with a SHIRT GRIPPER bar    09/17/21  (4)
Im a crypto boi, in a scamcoin world, its fantastic, so price elastic    09/17/21  (249)
"Time for work." *sits down, sips coffee, stares at Johnny Castaway screensaver*    09/17/21  (2)
How Facebook Hobbled Mark Zuckerberg’s Bid to Get America Vaccinated    09/17/21  (1)
Isn't it hilarious & disgusting when u think about it that a penis "cums" lmfao    09/17/21  (4)
Board libs, describe YOU'RE response when Trump is reelected this fall, thank    09/17/21  (6)
2751, American Empire has overspread the Solar System, 4th of July = Interplanet    09/17/21  (1)
I want to carry a sidearm and work for The Corporation.    09/17/21  (1)
itt list your op three poasters u would fuck if u met them irl    09/17/21  (22)
RATE this HOUSE    09/17/21  (45)
Sending e-mail to boss re: working remotely from Thailand    09/17/21  (1)
Did Rach really gtfo to Brazil? Seems prescient    09/17/21  (4)
how did A&M only drop two spots after nearly losing to CU Buffs    09/17/21  (2)
girl from allentown pa has pronouns on her fucking website bio    09/17/21  (3)
Asian girls - perfect girlfriend material if you're a white man    09/17/21  (206)
Happy Friday, lawcucks! Monday is but three days away!    09/17/21  (1)
Dieting pro tip! Eat asshole of skinny woman! Get DAT SKINNY GUT BACTERIA!    09/17/21  (5)
Anyone watch 100 Foot Wave    09/17/21  (2)
so XO wants a Mitt Romney type who's somehow going to implement radical agenda    09/17/21  (3)
my sol buy orders are all under $130    09/17/21  (3)
Exeunt: Please let us know when you are buying IDO like PRT    09/17/21  (1)
Minneapolis school goes virtual due to homeless encampment (link)    09/17/21  (23)
What are the best college football matchups this weekend    09/17/21  (15)
Lmao nyuug do you understand that nearly everyone here is up more than you    09/17/21  (27)
Libs today will look sane by comparison when Trump is reelected    09/17/21  (2)
Libs describe YOU'RE suicide solution when Trump is reelected    09/17/21  (2)
Describe lib meltdowns when trump is reelected after being impeached    09/17/21  (2)
Tommy how hard would it be for you to restart your practice    09/17/21  (27)
Libs are setting themselves up for mental breakdown when Trump is reelected    09/17/21  (3)
Will libs have any tears left to shed when Trump is re-elected in 2020?    09/17/21  (2)
can't wait to lick tears off libs' faces when Trump is reinaugurated    09/17/21  (3)
they probably killed robin williams    09/17/21  (1)
We need to get spaceporn disbarred, he's a disgrace to our profession    09/17/21  (25)
There will be lib suicides when Trump is reelected over their hero Bernie    09/17/21  (23)
it’s already next week    09/17/21  (1)
Soldiers can stop following General Milley orders if scared for country    09/17/21  (6)
at least Gustav Holst doesn't have to witness this shit    09/17/21  (6)
de Blasio: "don't u even think about keeping a gassed up dirt bike in NYC"    09/17/21  (15)
Why doesn't Nintendo open up full back catalog of games to Switch?    09/17/21  (47)
Nigerian child takes Ivermectin, attacks self in a mirror (CNN)    09/17/21  (3)
*makes jump on dirtbike before drawbridge raises* *segway riding libs turn back*    09/17/21  (15)
PLTR making moves    09/17/21  (29)
Will cons run a real candidate in 2024 or just concede the race to libs again?    09/17/21  (19)
nyuug is the benzo of crypto    09/17/21  (1)
reminder Trump won    09/17/21  (1)
what XO wants in a POTUS is like what the kids in the Poochie Simpsons want    09/17/21  (6)
rate this massage girl that is NOT AN ESCORT I fucked for $380    09/17/21  (36)
nyuug, you should have spent time on tiktok shilling your coins instead of here    09/17/21  (1)
really sad they're keeping this going just to prop up a corrupt senile figurehea    09/17/21  (1)
asmr asian pussy swallowing a white cock    09/17/21  (8)
itt post things that nyuug & benzo have in common    09/17/21  (1)
Anyone else fascinated by true crime stuff    09/17/21  (1)
in retrospect it makes perfect sense that nyuug would become a crypto "daytrader    09/17/21  (2)
jab me with that fauci ouchie! ooh ooh ooh!    09/17/21  (1)
where can i buy gold/silver? what's the best place to do so    09/17/21  (9)
Woman's gynecologist fails to disclose that he's also her father lmao    09/17/21  (32)
Are there any good new games out at all?    09/17/21  (6)
ITT the best Switch games    09/17/21  (18)
who the fuck is whok and why are retards constantly talking about him?    09/17/21  (2)
People talk about OBESITY epidemic but no one really comprehends    09/17/21  (37)
whok is like that weird special needs kid    09/17/21  (4)
Lifehack: read Stalin thread titles in 2nd cousin voice    09/17/21  (2)
Is this a credited Rittenhouse shirt?    09/17/21  (7)
Rate this impeccable Alex Jones satire from 1988: time travel?    09/17/21  (1)
the harder he cums the happier i am    09/17/21  (3)
Please attend the weekly xo sprint retro so we can discuss what went wrong/right    09/17/21  (1)
Men and women are distinct and complementary - we are not blank slates    09/17/21  (21)
NYC libs DESTROYING DIRTBIKES    09/17/21  (4)
don't be afraid to lock in profits (nyuug up $17)    09/17/21  (12)
This is why you always take profits    09/17/21  (2)

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