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#StopElfViolence disappears after it becomes apparent orcs behind 99% of attac    10/19/21  (22)
the unbearable whiteness of gandalf the white    10/19/21  (2)
The War on Noticing    10/19/21  (16)
It's underrated how beautiful the Pacific Northwest is and how libs ruined it    10/19/21  (45)
collapse of chinese real estate (most of their GDP & wealth) will be biblical    10/19/21  (1)
What direction is Shiba Inu going?    10/19/21  (9)
1517: Protestantism. 1717: Freemasonry. 1917: Atheistic Communism.    10/19/21  (15)
Roald Dahl's fatal flaw: he Noticed (((patterns))) that goys are not supposed to    10/19/21  (32)
The War on Sanity, 1945 - 2021    10/19/21  (18)
Anime idea: Gay Grandpa vs. Globohomo Gaijin hivemind    10/19/21  (11)
Disney’s It’s a Small World After All fined for Noticing differences (link)    10/19/21  (15)
Dalai Lama sanctioned by UN for Noticing human differences (link)    10/19/21  (8)
Preferring golden retrievers to pitbulls is Gondorian Supremacy    10/19/21  (2)
"The Great Escape" except Gentiles fleeing kike sim nightmare    10/19/21  (13)
Black Labradors Matter    10/19/21  (23)
Sheepdog Lives Matter    10/19/21  (24)
Come ITT and I will give you a genuine compliment    10/19/21  (117)
Being a minority is hell, which is (((why))) white goys should opt for that    10/19/21  (2)
“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell” - Ed Abbey    10/19/21  (6)
FLW    10/19/21  (5)
Is Freemasonry Satanic?    10/19/21  (11)
Baby lion devoured by hyenas; "At least I'm not a hyenaphobe" the lion smirks    10/19/21  (26)
Army officer friend confirmed anti white wargaming    10/19/21  (46)
exeunt after tether scam implodes: "i choose to live my life as a cayman"    10/19/21  (31)
so Lion King was really a cautionary tale about the Biden presidency?    10/19/21  (36)
why do hyenas have such a bad reputation? Lion King?    10/19/21  (12)
Normalcy bias- thinking vaxxx shit is petering out    10/19/21  (15)
JFC, many of my friends have turned into angry Libs    10/19/21  (51)
How did Japan become so gorgeous?    10/19/21  (64)
We Need to Talk About The Lion King’s Simba Supremacy and Hyenaphobia (NYT)    10/19/21  (20)
liveleak vid of TT getting killed by chinaman driver while nobody stops 4 hours    10/19/21  (11)
“I hope you’re all ready for some gay shit today” (episcopal priest sermon    10/19/21  (34)
Why is anti-white venom never “racist”?    10/19/21  (16)
Never cared about Whok one way or another till he called me Cunt    10/19/21  (3)
Arbitrum is 180, who cares if ETH 2.0 even happens    10/19/21  (2)
gay, no malarkey, blm, civil libertarian, feminist, globalist, Jew, he/him    10/19/21  (1)
Phil Collins Take Me Home, building time machine 1985 w Lily Collins, tp    10/19/21  (11)
COVERED CALLS | LAW SCHOOL | AGWWG    10/19/21  (16)
Cringe xo memes: shrew gf, second cousin, Golden retrievers    10/19/21  (3)
Can someone explain the Anglican priest meme    10/19/21  (12)
BASED China forces (((Apple))) to remove KORAN APP from the App store    10/19/21  (9)
HYPO: $5M to be dropped in Sahara with 2 camels and (almost) any gear. Accept?    10/19/21  (59)
cowgod    10/19/21  (1)
guess how many times cuttingtable checks SOL price each day    10/19/21  (4)
Roosh on "Modern" medicine    10/19/21  (2)
Indian man feeding Chicken Tikka Masala to Golden Retriever tp    10/19/21  (7)
Do you have any "Sexual Bucket List" goals? Name them!    10/19/21  (1)
"Am I better than jinx?" whok asks 10th Angelican pastor    10/19/21  (7)
wanna see a magic trick? "why doesn't USDT show reserves?" *exeunt disappears*    10/19/21  (2)
"lmao at those fiat retards" said the retard with e-shekels propped up by USDT    10/19/21  (1)
I'm in shock at how much I need to eat to practice a fucking sport    10/19/21  (10)
Where is the xo Aryan brotherhood to rid this board of the kike menace?    10/19/21  (3)
NYT focuses on “racial inequity” of covid btw whites and BIPOC. Ignores Asia    10/19/21  (6)
Luis, a LIQ whale    10/19/21  (1)
More evasive about their CP stockpile: Tether, or Spaceporn?    10/19/21  (7)
'wives' no longer exist in america and havent since 70s    10/19/21  (2)
Has anyone ever met an Asian with a strong regional American accent?    10/19/21  (42)
“Brandon to face sedition charges: FBI insider” (CNN)    10/19/21  (2)
What are some things that you painfully "tried to like"    10/19/21  (99)
You pussies give "notice"? I just blow people off block and disappear    10/19/21  (1)
Has anyone else here held 10 for Brandon?    10/19/21  (4)
The homeless should fuck you up! You created it you deserve it fags    10/19/21  (1)
Women don't really care what kind of car you drive    10/19/21  (49)
Why didn’t Charles just deny, deny, deny?    10/19/21  (14)
States that legalized weed for recreational use    10/19/21  (1)
american-born azn chick in tight fitting blouse & high heels w dyed blonde hair    10/19/21  (27)
P0astradamus, a BTC maxi, has converted all coins to fucking SAMO dog coins    10/19/21  (1)
Lol at e musk claiming over 60 billion in fake profits so far this year    10/19/21  (3)
Why is homelessness so much worse in the US compared to “peer” countries?    10/19/21  (53)
Fuck off.m getting fake Monopoly money isn't hard    10/19/21  (1)
Floridians explain what’s going on in your state    10/19/21  (2)
nothing left i want to experience on this gay earth: enlightened? or depressed?    10/19/21  (1)
Dead decapitated German shepherd puppy for sale    10/19/21  (3)
Would you continue working if you had 6 million in Bitcoin?    10/19/21  (39)
Redditors discuss whether $200k in LA is "rich"    10/19/21  (106)
If you have 300 billion musk I have an 11 foot cock and bridge for sale    10/19/21  (1)
The Atlantic: Should minorities renting from racists be forced to pay rent?    10/19/21  (2)
Hispanic and Asian caucus in NYC vote to remove Jefferson statute    10/19/21  (2)
Fuck you Elon musk and your fake claim to 300 billion in Monopoly money    10/19/21  (1)
Is investing in Real Estate the only CR if you get cancelled/one wrong move    10/19/21  (4)
what kind of CUCKED FAG would pay these FAGGOTS anything    10/19/21  (2)
i have 300K of debt i will never pay, just deal with a phone call 2-3x a year    10/19/21  (6)
No babe, that's hot young homo. You're thinking of assfaggot.    10/19/21  (12)
No one knows shit about shit And the internet is full of false info    10/19/21  (1)
Has there ever been a President who set the country on fire like this? Carter?    10/19/21  (9)
I see no reason why SOL can't go to $10k by eoy.    10/19/21  (9)
an Asian Grace/how sweet the sound/that saved a wretch like me    10/19/21  (22)
Luis the type of poaster to safely remove his USB drive    10/19/21  (1)
should i dump all (or some) of my cardano for solana?    10/19/21  (10)
Oberlin let cisgender men fix radiators in Women/Trans housing    10/19/21  (18)
an alien world consisting solely of Asian valley girls & golden retrievers    10/19/21  (13)
Roosh is about to die of fraudvirus    10/19/21  (28)
Wife's 37 year old friend desperately wants to marry    10/19/21  (411)
lol that Oberlin radiator repair guy story reads like an Onion article    10/19/21  (5)
World behind USA’s back: “Just pretend they’re a military power”    10/19/21  (5)
What was the culture of 2011-15?    10/19/21  (5)
lol @ no one talking about Consuela taking a Roosh and goign god pill lmao    10/19/21  (7)
NYC bros: Is Regis prestigious?    10/19/21  (22)
REMINDER: NASA's next flagship mission, the Europa Clipper, launches in <3 years    10/19/21  (7)
„DER STEINER ANGRIFF WAR EIN BEFALL!!” screams TBF as he slams MacBook close    10/19/21  (6)
Could humans survive, and thrive, on Neptune?    10/19/21  (11)
startign to enjoy premature ejacing then pulling out of bitch and passing out    10/19/21  (3)
Laundrie just went on Nancy Grace in mustache/glasses as "Laundrie" expert    10/19/21  (1)
Karen -possibly cute - with a microphone goes on a rant midflight (video)    10/19/21  (8)
fucked up human garbage    10/19/21  (1)
Rank Manhattan Project scientists in order of importance    10/19/21  (6)
no the guy w stadiums full of people booing him is very popular    10/19/21  (10)
Oberlin HVAC repairman tp    10/19/21  (1)
Is there a non “conspiracy theory” explanation for graphene oxide?    10/19/21  (2)
just had a dream that I was a schizophrenic bum living on the streets    10/19/21  (1)
I will solve any problem you have ITT    10/19/21  (1)
starting to think this vaccine isn't a vaccine at all    10/18/21  (3)
The USA will be the last Jewish scam for the next 1,000 years    10/18/21  (14)
Fauci in fight of his life to be remembered as a Jonas Salk figure    10/18/21  (22)
Why has there never been a homosexual in space? (Wired)    10/18/21  (2)
just so everyone’s aware, i’m gay    10/18/21  (12)
brian laundrie walking around in a covid mask: damn, this is easy    10/18/21  (11)
this postgame show is HILARIOUS    10/18/21  (6)
Texas Nationalist Movement interview    10/18/21  (3)
Fully stocked Toys R Us. You and 5 others are locked in for fatal battle.    10/18/21  (19)
REAL TALK: Online gambling shouldn't be legal    10/18/21  (3)
RIP Colin Powell. Probably last universally respected office holder in America.    10/18/21  (99)
exeunt after tether scam implodes: "i choose to live my life as a gatormo"    10/18/21  (1)
can someone explain this 'let's go brandon' meme?    10/18/21  (11)
lets go brandon meme gives me hope for this shit country    10/18/21  (1)
brandon's dark winter    10/18/21  (2)
Tried starting a "Let's Go Brandon!" chant on my practice group's quarterly Zoom    10/18/21  (3)
pro-tip: Buy COAL stocks    10/18/21  (51)
they destroyed Nixon for basically nothing    10/18/21  (5)
if you put sriracha on a hard poop it doesn't taste so bad (benzo)    10/18/21  (2)
Rate the new Amazon prime puff piece doc trailer on Pete Buttfaggot    10/18/21  (2)
anybody following the Chinese RE implosion?    10/18/21  (29)
How prestigious is Horace Mann in NYC?    10/18/21  (33)
25 years later Frazier’s apartment is still decorated perfectly    10/18/21  (5)
"Does she really matter" I wondered as the coked out 25 year old sucked my dick    10/18/21  (1)
Honestly I think a lot of you guys aren’t focusing on mind-muscle connection    10/18/21  (11)
ballsy of the Bills to go for it on 4th an 1 w 30 seconds left instead of gay fg    10/18/21  (1)
"Hey kid. Catch." *biglawyer underhand tosses CPAP mask*    10/18/21  (14)
RAFAEL DEVERS TP HOLY SHIT    10/18/21  (12)
What leads me to the Christian faith    10/18/21  (72)
beebee named vice-führer of TBF's inclusive Reich    10/18/21  (1)
"I just feel like you're not truly committed to 1488," laments ur Filipina wife    10/18/21  (63)
Astros will be lucky to get back to Houston    10/18/21  (1)
College students all for "Diversity Quotas," except for sports    10/18/21  (4)
but i TRUMP from there!    10/18/21  (4)
when sharia law    10/18/21  (2)
TBF: „In uns selbst allein liegt die Zukunft des XO Posters”    10/18/21  (4)
"I'm up for anything, here I'll prove it!" dupa glibly retorts, shoving the gun    10/18/21  (1)

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