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Micro$oft noobs, don't click this. <<Trigger Warning>>    12/08/21  (1)
Give this girl a second chance or ATD    12/08/21  (3)
Thoughts on my new Rug?    12/08/21  (9)
RATE this weird Celine Dion ad (link)    12/08/21  (7)
do you judge ppl based on the cleanliness of their vehicles?    12/08/21  (5)
It's objectively insane there hasn't been a Hitler biopic    12/08/21  (46)
Biden polling at 22% (link)    12/08/21  (23)
what is the Cr object to put in your ass?    12/08/21  (8)
87 year old Waukesha white woman arrested for statutorily raping a teen    12/08/21  (5)
3 male Alaskan grizzly in their prime VS 2 hippos (all in prime)    12/08/21  (6)
What's the rationale for being a late 30s single childless shrew?    12/08/21  (88)
1 male African lion in its prime VS 8 chimpanzees (all in prime)    12/08/21  (12)
1 male German Chad in his prime vs 8 nebbish Orthodox Jews (all in prime)    12/08/21  (1)
It's called a Dance Party and you do it about 3 times a day.    12/08/21  (76)
Told my wife to pick up a chocolate Frosty. She got a vanilla.    12/08/21  (11)
is it just me or do blacks look less evolved, more like monkeys, etc?    12/08/21  (2)
Service partner watering equity partner's office plants to justify his existence    12/08/21  (5)
My baby girl never gives up! TT6    12/08/21  (18)
it’s not illegal to whisper “nigger” in a baby’s ear    12/08/21  (2)
why is kill em all the ONLY good metallica album    12/08/21  (4)
documentary idea: arkan vs. spaceporn    12/08/21  (5)
There were 44,000 French Canadians in 1740    12/08/21  (3)
Pfizer CEO says 4th shot needed due to Omicron    12/08/21  (5)
Try reading English language written in Cyrillic script    12/08/21  (1)
spaceporn is an alpha male    12/08/21  (2)
Going away to college is the biggest rupture imaginable    12/08/21  (53)
Nothing of note has happened since WW2    12/08/21  (1)
LOTR - last great non-DEI movie?    12/08/21  (18)
Florida man arrested after threatening to leak politician’s topless photos    12/08/21  (5)
EMERGENCY meeting of XO Kindness Club    12/08/21  (44)
Activist hedge fund runs Moderna proxy contest, wants pro-weekly booster CEO    12/08/21  (1)
Elizabeth Holmes on the stand, tears rolling: "and then he grabbed a pipe"    12/08/21  (20)
woah    12/08/21  (2)
Is exeunt becoming more red pilled?    12/08/21  (14)
Turns out many of our elites are dumb as fuck.    12/08/21  (8)
deep state: "you wasted 'omicron' on this variant?!?!"    12/08/21  (2)
Evanston develops math classes available only to black kids    12/08/21  (19)
It Feels Like We're on the Cusp of Something Significant    12/08/21  (20)
Omicron went from .3% to 96% in a month    12/08/21  (33)
CDC should start giving variants black names to sound scarier    12/08/21  (2)
What are the phenotypes like at Ole Miss    12/08/21  (27)
rach recites the parable of the stomach and its members to bring back the pumos    12/08/21  (1)
Ever done DMT?    12/08/21  (2)
Single 30yo, offered fully remote job. Where to move to in US?    12/08/21  (47)
I love NBA basketball and anime imho.    12/08/21  (5)
Singapore's crime rate is so low shops don't even lock up at night    12/08/21  (42)
“All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.” --Baruch Spinoza    12/08/21  (2)
lol @ julia    12/08/21  (10)
xo didn't really become "funny" until blank bumps were popularized    12/08/21  (18)
Did anyone watch that congressional crypto hearing today?    12/08/21  (7)
Can someone link to thread with Hegemon's recs for LVPO and night vision?    12/08/21  (18)
So Biden is going to start a war with Russia over Ukraine?    12/08/21  (3)
Twitter BANS account that was updating people on GHISLANE MAXWELL TRIAL    12/08/21  (19)
Even though I have big boobs, I am a lawyer    12/08/21  (13)
2021 - Solo Attorney - Revenue check-in    12/08/21  (39)
PSA: if you’re not MAF 24/7/365 you simply don’t love justice enough    12/08/21  (14)
The internet is so full of shit ..any retard can get something stupid going    12/08/21  (9)
what’s the typical hourly rate for a good bull    12/08/21  (4)
Ricky’s daily commute is 85 miles one way    12/08/21  (2)
“u can do anything” *blows into tube to move wheelchair* (Boom)    12/08/21  (1)
What was JS Bach's IQ?    12/08/21  (2)
How much of Peterman's crypto wealth has been converted to fiat    12/08/21  (2)
Progs have faith BIPOC's have a different kind of knowledge    12/08/21  (1)
another reason not to believe climate change data    12/08/21  (1)
Norwood scale committee in open revolt over classification of SP's hairline    12/08/21  (65)
Robert E Lee statue will be replaced with a JUSSIE statue    12/08/21  (1)
Pumos should be called Poasters of Punctuation    12/08/21  (5)
Political Podcasts Should Be Regulated - Warping People's Minds    12/08/21  (1)
Please help me plan a future for me and my family    12/08/21  (35)
Ricky is solidly lower middle class    12/08/21  (5)
Robert E. Lee statue to be MELTED DOWN - no reason for southern men to be loyal    12/08/21  (194)
Chimp trained to use bow and arrow with longbow vs prime Silverback    12/08/21  (2)
What percentage of lawyers never remove their law licenses from the tube or    12/08/21  (2)
Modern Russian beach girls look like American women from the 1940's:    12/08/21  (1)
Why didn't anyone tell me that Lauren Boebert has big ass titties?    12/08/21  (11)
What's stopping you ?    12/08/21  (12)
Sexually suggestive games you played as a kid    12/08/21  (18)
MUST WATCH Ben Shapiro episode today    12/08/21  (3)
Fox News Christmas Tree in Manhattan set on fire (link)    12/08/21  (5)
Yum    12/08/21  (4)
"All I want for Christmas, is jinx!" (sings whok in the shower)    12/08/21  (4)
Imagine how intimidated our enemies feel when Pres Biden enters the room    12/08/21  (16)
I’m a man, 48 years old, full-figured, divorced.    12/08/21  (2)
If you ain't in PG County you ain't shit    12/08/21  (1)
14 yr old teen rapes 87yr old woman at Waukesha library    12/08/21  (37)
benzo: "want to see the real biggest rupture imaginable?"    12/08/21  (1)
cowgod, where does the Post-Games Economy go from here?    12/08/21  (6)
whok, your engagement in mr.jinx's themed threads began to plummet 2 wks ago    12/08/21  (1)
Lotta real tough pumos in these parts    12/08/21  (1)
FF7 sold 3.09 million units in the US and everyone on the internet has played    12/08/21  (1)
Kyle Rittrnhouse likes phat booties (link)    12/08/21  (32)
You're not one of my real dads!    12/08/21  (1)
USA today: Black students do bad in math, is it racist?    12/08/21  (46)
what's wrong with zoomer women (pic)    12/08/21  (3)
Crime stats getting quite kooky    12/08/21  (1)
Does "Baked Alaska" poast here?    12/08/21  (17)
*julia's baby getting vertigo trying to get milk from her cockeyed knockers*    12/08/21  (58)
Is there a single metric the U.S. has a positive longterm outlook on?    12/08/21  (27)
Birth control and preventing pregnancy is so stupid for women    12/08/21  (6)
Redskins are on nice streak! Fuck you libs I'll cut your jugular    12/08/21  (7)
Girlfriend says she's going to follow me wherever I go(Boom)    12/08/21  (10)
"Daddy, given how popular the BBB policies are, why is Biden polling so low?"    12/08/21  (1)
Trump gauchely planning huwhite uprising after labor day    12/08/21  (2)
this spaceporn vs hegemon feud is 180000    12/08/21  (72)
The Max Headroom Christmas Special (1986)    12/08/21  (6)
Alcibiades pissed off the Athenians when he destroyed a bunch of herms    12/08/21  (6)
Declaring random associates the expert of some topic & insisting they know it    12/08/21  (1)
Libs declare alphabet racist, insist on new "inclusive syllabary" (link)    12/08/21  (2)
My brother is about to buy a $1.1 mil House in San Diego    12/08/21  (31)
TN student has IEP allowing him to jizz on fellow students in class (link)    12/08/21  (23)
"My name is Po Boy Antony, King of Kings"    12/08/21  (6)
My small child just FLOORED me by asking if a loot crew can loot itself    12/08/21  (3)
Dems convinced their base that ending Roe = abortion banned nationwide    12/08/21  (8)
I am a training twink for Pounders / and I revive the main bros    12/08/21  (2)
Spaceprawn! RingRing Brothers called to offer you old job back!    12/08/21  (39)
I plan to adversely possess absentee equity partner's corner office    12/08/21  (2)
Spaceprawn! I say Grill Bacon! Do someting other than squanch for once!    12/08/21  (21)
Spaceprawn! Stop dereeting threads and get warranty for kid this time!    12/08/21  (23)
I make fun of Pensive for his novel but it will actually trigger people.    12/08/21  (5)
Congress seemed pretty chummy with crypto dudes today. Very bullish    12/08/21  (4)
Spaceprawn why you rog in to board as "some other ghost"? What that mean?    12/08/21  (9)
ur future Jewish MiL freaking out when her Christmas Chinese has spaceprawns    12/08/21  (1)
name a 3 letter organization that isn't pure evil    12/08/21  (28)
Many of us have dedicated our entire lives to this place! It's serious business    12/08/21  (8)
So which guy is Raping Terry Gross?    12/08/21  (15)
Biden supports racism against Asians    12/08/21  (4)
Tinder date ended shortly after I explained why I was similar to a sociopath...    12/08/21  (27)
Equity partner casually taking a bite out of service partner's head    12/08/21  (4)
Can you google how various magic tricks are done?    12/08/21  (2)
Hunter Biden selling "paintings" to anonymous buyers for $500k a pop    12/08/21  (93)
lmfao the ADL now lists "which dad" as white supremacist hate speech (link)    12/08/21  (8)
imgur is such astroturfed lib trash it's unreal    12/08/21  (15)
had a dream McDonald's had this weird promotion    12/08/21  (1)
Shitlib professor: "CIVIL WAR NOW KILL ALL REPUBLICANS"    12/08/21  (51)
Dangerous Wild animals infiltrating Chicago suburbs.    12/08/21  (1)
They're calling obese people "of size" now?    12/08/21  (33)
Incels you’d be shocked and appalled at how women behave with us    12/08/21  (7)
Rate these A1C results 12/6/2021    12/08/21  (43)
No you can't buy Xbox but how bout this $300 oversized control pad (Microsoft    12/08/21  (1)
Stupidest advice XO gave me was to buy a cheaper house than I qualified for    12/08/21  (58)
Omicron ? Ljl sounds like some geek sci Fi movie    12/08/21  (8)
GOP senator: let's preemptively nuke Russia over the Ukraine situation    12/08/21  (3)
So it's easy to find good paying jobs right now?    12/08/21  (2)
Unions have no power! Kellogs to replace all 1400 striking workers    12/08/21  (21)
   12/08/21  (4)
"Seismic shift" in hispanic polling as spics say "no senor" to libs    12/08/21  (4)
I was raised on Hot Pockets and Sega Genesis and now Im a decamillionaire, champ    12/08/21  (7)
Quit law and maek cereal cr?    12/08/21  (2)
87-year-old woman carjacked and RAPED by nephew of Milwaukee mayor contender:    12/08/21  (11)

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