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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Affirmative Action has been bad for America - it stuck us with Clarence Thomas    01/25/22  (6)
What is your take on the Lib claim that "Billionaires shouldnt exist"    01/25/22  (93)
Hundreds of fighter pilots refuse to get vaccine    01/25/22  (10)
Oops F-35 lands wrong on aircraft carrier, falls off into South China Sea    01/25/22  (5)
*receives standing ovation as I check myself into Bellevue*    01/25/22  (23)
Covid-19 Deaths Top 2,100 a Day, Highest in Nearly a Year - where is rudolph???    01/25/22  (1)
31 y/o Anti-Vax Retard gives up HEART TRANSPLANT b/c won't get VAX    01/25/22  (50)
"We were roommates in Bellevue." "Washington?" "Uh....no..    01/25/22  (1)
Why isn't Dallas-Fort Worth more expensive?    01/25/22  (14)
you are literally a foaming at the mouth retard if you think humans went to moon    01/25/22  (63)
"Ukraine" is literally a Russian word for "borderland".    01/25/22  (75)
Why do people attack Poastradamus?    01/25/22  (1)
There is no Russian invasion threat to Ukraine    01/25/22  (6)
Tried watching "TV" recently, commercial breaks were like 9 minutes long wtf    01/25/22  (20)
Strap poastradumbass to a 5G tower, spray him w chemtrails, launch him to moon    01/25/22  (3)
Lol @ poastradumbass arguing chemtrails dont exist    01/25/22  (7)
I watched The Alpinist - dude climbed mountains and missed covid    01/25/22  (19)
Jews raped child actress Heather O’Roarke to death not flame    01/25/22  (44)
Peterman, gakked on TiNa, pogo sticking btw the bigrigs in his daisy dukes    01/25/22  (24)
Omicron has infected 25% of the US, will infect 50%, you know who is not getting    01/25/22  (7)
"My! Sorry for the cum fart! As I was..." *barfs cum* (Peterman @ MBA interview)    01/25/22  (188)
Sucks that crypto is recovering & we can’t mock cointards at the moment    01/25/22  (19)
If markets close down more than 1.5% at EOD I will be washed out.    01/25/22  (4)
Peterman: Good. Now shatter the bottle. Trucker: Jesus fuck    01/25/22  (73)
What percentage of US is unvax and not previously infected? 2% in UK    01/25/22  (1)
it's like the mountains elevated Marc's consciousness to another level    01/25/22  (1)
Rate my new apartment (benzo)    01/25/22  (3)
Obama started saying Kyiv instead of Kiev    01/25/22  (6)
Meet a first-generation college grad with $250,000 in student debt:    01/25/22  (44)
This is what women in a healthy society look like (video)    01/25/22  (21)
*Simpsons monorail guy* What's it called??? Solana!!!    01/25/22  (16)
US GDP in 1978 v. 2021    01/25/22  (16)
"Flared base? Is that a challenge?" *beady eyes narrow*    01/25/22  (61)
Truck carrying 100 lab monkeys crashed near Scranton; odd actions by CDC    01/25/22  (4)
being unvaxxed is extremely prole. Sorry that's just the reality    01/25/22  (121)
I have real-life mob connections. Honestly, it feels good & they're good people.    01/25/22  (3)
*stock market puts blade to your throat--retracts* "dude I'm just kidding"    01/25/22  (16)
"STOP THE STEAL" (TSINAH being cut off at all you can eat buffet)    01/25/22  (52)
IMF to El Salvador: u can't use bitcoin as legal tender, please stawwwp.    01/25/22  (4)
Murdered LA chick was absolutely gorgeous    01/25/22  (103)
So the Earth's magnetic poles could start shifting at any moment and we'd all di    01/25/22  (6)
How do you get yourself to focus "in the moment"?    01/25/22  (5)
Two stealth omicron COVID variant BA.2 cases reported in Washington state    01/25/22  (1)
The in-house law sluts at my org are all hot & chill    01/25/22  (3)
lol @ spelling it "compass" instead of "cumpiss" or "cumpuss"    01/25/22  (1)
Woman walking Appalachian trail got off course & ended up in Michigan (link)    01/25/22  (2)
I can see a fleet of Kirov airships approaching from my Seattle law office    01/25/22  (21)
Which NATO countries will control each occupation zone of Russia?    01/25/22  (2)
California literally a Yurok word for homosexual meth sex for money    01/25/22  (1)
You ever see a plane passenger make a stink about being between two fatties?    01/25/22  (24)
Rate these VCs who invested in SOL getting PLOWED UP THE ASS (link)    01/25/22  (18)
Here Bacon, here Bacon, that's a good kitty. Ready for some Cheese Pizza?    01/25/22  (16)
Don Jr’s GF is older than his stepmom, Melannia    01/25/22  (17)
Spaceporn Jr shrieking in terror everytime Bozo the Clown comes on TV    01/25/22  (38)
Spaceprawn! RingRing Brothers called to offer you old job back!    01/25/22  (40)
What is your take on the xoxo claim that "lmao libs u gonna die"    01/25/22  (1)
Boomer internet forums where they all sign their posts    01/25/22  (112)
HSBC leaving US due to 'compliance risk'. DrakeMallard, any comment? (link)    01/25/22  (23)
"Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" but it's you giving oral to a balding V50 of counsel    01/25/22  (4)
"It was a perfect drinks party" (Boris Johnson)    01/25/22  (3)
The McLuhan scene from Annie Hall but he and Allen start having gay sex    01/25/22  (1)
rating poasters as Scarlatti sonatas    01/25/22  (2)
what will libs do when the GOP has 60 senate seats    01/25/22  (31)
SAMO is starting its next moon again. NFT launch January 31. DAO coming    01/25/22  (7)
Rate: The chinese Elon Musk    01/25/22  (1)
Oak Lawn has 'rainbow' sidewalks (link)    01/25/22  (1)
Baldmo Bumble 4 murders Bumble 9 WOC to death (DailyMail)    01/25/22  (1)
*44 y/o lawyer watches disgusted moonfaced Azn escort add extra lube, grimacing*    01/25/22  (4)
Biden BENDS THE KNEE, repeals OSHA vax mandate    01/25/22  (1)
Links to other places no one knows exist like xo    01/25/22  (14)
Whitefish, MT thread for 1/25/22    01/25/22  (1)
What is your take on the FLW claim that "exeunt isnt rich"    01/25/22  (3)
I want to have sex with luis.    01/25/22  (33)
Is the College Of William & Mary an "Elite" school?    01/25/22  (6)
If you want to scour your gut, drink a lot of black coffee on an empty stomach    01/25/22  (8)
New York STTTate Judge: Mask Mandate Unconstitutional    01/25/22  (6)
"Canada" is literally a Michigander word for "settlement"    01/25/22  (1)
Garbage truck driver average annual salary is $225k    01/25/22  (4)
still have no idea wtf people did before computers    01/25/22  (33)
Go ON RECORD, how does Ukraine situation end?    01/25/22  (59)
Michael Avenatti to REPRESENT HIMSELF in trial re stealing Stormy Daniels' $$$    01/25/22  (6)
protip: check out "Lofi Lia" on spotify (lofi remixes of classic video game musi    01/25/22  (5)
Remember that penis size rating website where you could send pics & measurements    01/25/22  (2)
"They hate America, Jews and women," (u explaining "I Love ISIS" T-shirt)    01/25/22  (2)
Iranian official talks about the "Iran-Russia-China coalition"    01/25/22  (1)
epah: why u getting so upset about crypto if u don't have any?    01/25/22  (4)
Check your T levels if you don’t want to have sex with Luis.    01/25/22  (15)
Ricky i've been volunteermaxxing lately pretty 180    01/25/22  (1)
French food overrated - very heavy.    01/25/22  (8)
Anecdotes from an alpha aspie ADA.    01/25/22  (1)
Cortes’s men wandering Mexico was closest to alien contact humans will get    01/25/22  (88)
me & luis are going to gentrify stockton    01/25/22  (1)
Since 2005, my top two gaming thrills have been BOTW & Rainbow 6 Terrorist hunt    01/25/22  (17)
Assume 1500s English ghost appears&speaks: could I understand him?    01/25/22  (8)
Turn on the TV and it’s just Jews arguing with other Jews    01/25/22  (3)
Genuinely don't understand how California isn't more segregated    01/25/22  (3)
Is Southern OC in Cali quietly the best place (Dana point etc)    01/25/22  (1)
Women are telling me to avoid women with kids..it's a bad deal    01/25/22  (5)
Started doing clean and jerks. Fun lift.    01/25/22  (11)
2005 was 28 years ago - sincerely hth.    01/25/22  (3)
Clinton's political mastery in this moment during 92 debate    01/25/22  (14)
Survey: Chile, Taiwan, Bhutan, UAE, Uruguay found less CORRUPT than USA ljl    01/25/22  (2)
White lib women worst for putting out kids? Which are best ?    01/25/22  (8)
tedbeckersted tp is just Luis Guzman the actor flaeming us    01/25/22  (5)
Non-Jewish Midwest Prole Chad Catholic here. All xo isolationist pussies deserve    01/25/22  (83)
lmao at anyone 30+ y/o who cares about "fitness"    01/25/22  (153)
it’s insane just how many standard deviations of horrible american women are    01/25/22  (2)
2022: "Chads" are now closet homo circleheads named Caleb    01/25/22  (1)
Footage showing Tonga ‘volcano’ was caused by a weapon system (video)    01/25/22  (33)
why the fuck is jordan peterson wearing a tux on rogan? if it's a joke it's funn    01/25/22  (1)
Cialis best?    01/25/22  (2)
guy posting "you're a prole not to be vaxxed because RESTAURANTS" = pure xo    01/25/22  (12)
Penile injections? They good?    01/25/22  (1)
31 year old Boston man with bad heart REMOVED from Transplant list for novax    01/25/22  (5)
Neil Young cancelled for fetishizing cinnamon girls    01/25/22  (1)
US Home Prices Decelerate For 4th Straight Month    01/25/22  (48)
Which penis vacuum device is best?    01/25/22  (1)
*43 y/o fat lawyer drowned in axe cologne going to date w/ "cat mom/Lyme Survivo    01/25/22  (3)
Anyone recall spaceporn thread w/ his hairline described as chefs hat/pie crust    01/25/22  (4)
Antichrist is going to be gay    01/25/22  (6)
Spaceporns hairline megathread    01/25/22  (78)
"Hold on babe, I think yordle is about to drop an effortpoast"    01/25/22  (4)
The original "spaceporn" has not posted or lurked in 5 years    01/25/22  (39)
Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan: Who wins?    01/25/22  (10)
Any good stuff on HBO Max or Netflix    01/25/22  (1)
just copped ABA2K16 for PS4: Cravath's ratings are insane. makes them too good    01/25/22  (267)
How is SNL getting away with man-face?    01/25/22  (2)
who is the most valorous poaster in XO history?    01/25/22  (1)
*41 y/o balding lawyer listens to 25 y/o fat Tinder date explain her bipolar II*    01/25/22  (5)
"Time to get the body of my dreams" says the 34 year old balding lawyer    01/25/22  (33)
tits    01/25/22  (1)
How my days in a row can I take modafinil without bad side effects?    01/25/22  (1)
Still loling at birdshit that spent thousands to get $10 Lufthansa rubber ducky    01/25/22  (1)
*Meghan Markle's carriage pulling into Palace court, heavy bass, weed smell*    01/25/22  (1)
Operation Fishbowl | Operation Deep Freeze    01/25/22  (2)
searching for trad wife who is down for mdma threeways and boozing    01/25/22  (5)
Why is MSM trying to forcememe Dua Lipa as 'beautiful' (pic    01/25/22  (38)
Which explorers had it the roughest?    01/25/22  (14)
We haven't won a war since we changed the name of the Department of War    01/25/22  (42)
Solana $100 waiting room    01/25/22  (4)
So who knows what's really going on?    01/25/22  (5)
What kind of person reads ZeroHedge and thinks they're "onto" something?    01/25/22  (1)
Miami attorney dies under mysterious circumstances involving golf cart in Miami    01/25/22  (1)
Was John McCain right that Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country?    01/25/22  (1)
If Russia shuts off the gas, but American LNG steps up, Russia is fucked.    01/25/22  (9)
Autoadmit doesn't get blocked but porn does on a lot of wifi    01/25/22  (5)
just auditioned for a bravo TV show called "below deck," taking q's (TSINAH)    01/25/22  (23)
Why does amerikkka hold it's fake elections?    01/25/22  (5)
Been really into Asian whores lately    01/25/22  (16)

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