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180 Guy Movies: Hunt for Red October; Red Dawn; Goodfellas; Shawshank; ConAir;    05/26/22  (74)
Ukraine completely collapsing in the donbass, turning into a rout    05/26/22  (42)
LMAO @ "resumes"    05/26/22  (4)
Having "plans" is prole you should have ability to do whatever whenever    05/26/22  (3)
sovereign immunity litigators: suing Uvalde police possible here?    05/26/22  (18)
Top 3 Vegas hotels to stay at?    05/26/22  (30)
What is the most 180 U.S. time zone to conduct work in?    05/26/22  (38)
Your son shows a picture he made of you and him. You mumble, "that's nice" and    05/26/22  (39)
Should I take on a car note or just pay DAT CASH?    05/26/22  (4)
Homeless are aggressive, disgusting & will destroy everything they touch    05/26/22  (4)
Wasabi Macadamia Nuts are the most prestigious 180 snack    05/26/22  (3)
bodycam footage of Uvalde cops show 2 eating donuts during shooting (vid)    05/26/22  (2)
Which FL senator is a bigger bitch boi: Rick Scott or Marco Rubio?    05/26/22  (1)
Are chicks out in short shorts where youre at? Past week been nice    05/26/22  (4)
jfc. cops made leisurely stop at DUNKIN’ DONUTS on way to school (link)    05/26/22  (3)
do you walk around naked at home    05/26/22  (1)
Post triumphant Sega games that no one cares about    05/26/22  (44)
If you had an AR-15 and body armor, would you run inside school to kill shooter?    05/26/22  (102)
TT6, why were you discussing getting a 2nd job if you're financially secure?    05/26/22  (65)
SOL just died today btw    05/26/22  (1)
Organic Peanut Butter is absolute shit. Needs some seed oils    05/26/22  (1)
I'm a Hard right/con, but we should ban ARs (and keep caches to fight gov)    05/26/22  (6)
mainlining you ok friend?    05/26/22  (16)
What does ISIS do about homelessness?    05/26/22  (1)
Litigation is bad for the soul    05/26/22  (14)
Kissinger: Ukraine must surrender to Russia immediately (link)    05/26/22  (85)
i made so much fucking money today i almost spit on a homeless guy outside    05/26/22  (5)
In Early GameFAQs, the Subtext Was Often Sexism    05/26/22  (2)
One day we'll return together, to our home, bathed in rays of gold    05/26/22  (2)
Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode DEAD, as well as Alan White of 'Yes'    05/26/22  (2)
Would you sacrifice 20% of HHI to guarantee you'd never be a black crime victim    05/26/22  (35)
Feral Hogs Are Tearing Up Texas, So Tourists Are Shooting Them from Helicopters    05/26/22  (2)
Stop giving TSINAH shit about his girlfriend    05/26/22  (37)
Just a normal day riding the NYC Subway    05/26/22  (3)
Sad that Everest has become a huge trash dump    05/26/22  (2)
RSFs alleged sockpuppet CryptoPiglet does post gook a lot and shits on Luis    05/26/22  (189)
just realized everyone on ZoZo is literally indian    05/26/22  (12)
RIP Ray Liotta    05/26/22  (49)
just realized everyone on ZoZo is literally italian    05/26/22  (3)
so we "lost" the technology to go back to the moon,but landed a rover on mars?    05/26/22  (11)
"ur resume is fantastic. just 1 problem- we know u bumped an AssFaggot thread."    05/26/22  (43)
Last week libs were pissed off they couldn't murder kids anymore    05/26/22  (1)
Why does the US have so much cultural rot?    05/26/22  (1)
dark matter is just dyson spheres    05/26/22  (1)
Ukrainian forces now executing their own for attempting surrender    05/26/22  (31)
Biden Veers Off Script on Taiwan. It’s Not the First Time.    05/26/22  (15)
Why did the shooter crash into the culvert?    05/26/22  (5)
Litigation attorneys jumping ship to soldier of fortune gigs in Ukraine    05/26/22  (58)
Both Musk and Dalio bet their money on China    05/26/22  (2)
your 12 year old self staring at the door, why dont the police open it & save us    05/26/22  (1)
MKULTRA teens    05/26/22  (2)
radiology resident story (boor)    05/26/22  (25)
How is the Sandy Hook Truth community analyzing the TX shooting    05/26/22  (3)
Wait, why is Gabby Petito actually in that Sandy Hook video?    05/26/22  (84)
Explain what MKULTRA means    05/26/22  (1)
Cops staring at locked door "WHAT DO WE DO????"    05/26/22  (5)
Grr TT6 your condo's small. I have 400 more sqft. (RSF)    05/26/22  (4)
Would you give both kidneys to your golden retriever to save its life?    05/26/22  (1)
The Fintech bubble has to pop soon. They are just offering $$$$ to everyone    05/26/22  (3)
TSINAH going all the way to climax only to find it his beanbag chair.    05/26/22  (1)
Uvalde spends 40% of its budget on cops. This event is devastating for cons    05/26/22  (43)
NASA: "Something weird is going on with our universe" (link)    05/26/22  (3)
LA Times columnist discover Uvalde shooter is Latino; blows his mind    05/26/22  (6)
is there a single real person who actually believes in "fintech"    05/26/22  (11)
TT6, will your hapa daughter be ashamed her mother is a literal whore?    05/26/22  (42)
Thought I was getting an FBSM. Instead I got sex. It sucked.    05/26/22  (1)
Looking for a law shrew with a heart of gold :)    05/26/22  (45)
WaPo: the AR15 was invented for Nazi infantry. (link or no link?)    05/26/22  (24)
RSF just log off xo. Try again tomorrow brother.    05/26/22  (8)
Border patrol agent won firefight against a guy with 2 ARs?    05/26/22  (4)
"Omg Becky, and he has hunter eyes too- hi who just joined?"    05/26/22  (4)
scott stapp had it all figured out& tried repeatedly to help us    05/26/22  (9)
Scott Stapp circa Human Clay tp    05/26/22  (5)
Golden retriever spells out "Castiza Futurism" on kitchen floor w dogfood (link)    05/26/22  (19)
Latest TX update. Shooter was behind reinforced door, took kids hostage. Wasn't    05/26/22  (49)
Sparrow flies up to your balcony and starts sing "gas all boomers, age war now"    05/26/22  (1)
TSINAH let your beard grow down your neck a little farther my guy    05/26/22  (3)
how the fuck is HENRY KISSINGER still alive and lucid?    05/26/22  (22)
It's an open secret in Pallet Town that Ash Ketchum aka Satoshi fucks Pikachu    05/26/22  (12)
twenty years of big tech + fintech "innovation" = spying on you & reselling data    05/26/22  (5)
Rate this 1995 Sega Saturn game that was basically Elden Ring/Souls    05/26/22  (2)
ur wife squinting as "race realism golden retriever" autofills in internet brows    05/26/22  (29)
Star Female Athletes Are Fighting for More Financial Control—and Winning    05/26/22  (2)
bipartisan bill stopping bigtech from favoring own products blocked by Dems    05/26/22  (1)
Judas Jones & others, what do you think of Jeremy Brett's Holmes portrayal?    05/26/22  (6)
RSF having a Thursday afternoon MELTDOWN    05/26/22  (2)
cute coworker knocks on ur office door right after you've been farting    05/26/22  (10)
Kissinger outlived Powell, Albright, Schultz, Christopher, Haig, Eagleburger    05/26/22  (3)
Ur golden retriever pulling his leash toward fertile white female at dog park    05/26/22  (33)
A woman sent me this text message in response to planning our date    05/26/22  (82)
Why is the media still encouraging school shootings?    05/26/22  (23)
Golden Retrievers are the perfect dog breed    05/26/22  (51)
a dog uve never seen b4 pokes head thru ur doggy door, barks "Race realism" at u    05/26/22  (100)
I've started watching golden retriever videos all the time on YouTube    05/26/22  (5)
Ignored shitlib The Onion for years. Front page is same gun article over & over.    05/26/22  (1)
Obama's Uvalde / George Floyd tweet    05/26/22  (39)
my golden retriever has improved my life immeasurably    05/26/22  (41)
jerk off with random teens    05/26/22  (6)
Why did that quotemo w the same watch collection and diction as RSF stop posting    05/26/22  (3)
Concise summary for the school shooting in Texas for those not doing deep dives    05/26/22  (17)
AMC announces BCS spin off based on early Howard Hamlin    05/26/22  (31)
Chesa Boudin sent packing by SF voters (June 7, 2022)    05/26/22  (3)
A jew I used to fuck unfollowed me on IG due to my view on guns    05/26/22  (54)
Just a bunch of guys roaming the desert drinking, fucking and killing each other    05/26/22  (8)
Betting Fags: Mavs +6.5 today + Luca Double Double Parlay    05/26/22  (1)
sysco slop, the poaster    05/26/22  (3)
kenny is 5'9'' at best    05/26/22  (45)
A bunch of guys can’t get together and just sit in a room for hours and have a    05/26/22  (1)
sorry libs, we are not giving up our guns    05/26/22  (1)
hypo: going bald or kenny's haircut for the rest of your life    05/26/22  (28)
Golden retriever jumping thru air to eat engagement ring as u hand 2 hapa gf    05/26/22  (25)
What the fuck is the deal with this Trump Team Six faggot    05/26/22  (48)
Zelensky getting 300M Netflix deal    05/26/22  (2)
I want build a new dog house for emilio. Will lumber price go down?    05/26/22  (5)
Border Patrol: "Anyone have a key for this locked door?" (AP link)    05/26/22  (16)
how much noise do you make when you fill your diaper?    05/26/22  (2)
Long legged classy 20 year old hapa with an intricate hair braid in a leotard    05/26/22  (4)
Elon: "Jack-off the board!"    05/26/22  (5)
TT6 is 6x the man TT is    05/26/22  (3)
Just so we're clear on Uvalde timeline    05/26/22  (35)
Ok to send 3 year old dotter to a Mexican daycare?    05/26/22  (26)
Husband of Uvalde teacher dies from heart attack    05/26/22  (3)
Was TBF always the Rudolph of politics, or did he turn into it one day?    05/26/22  (62)
tsinah should be worried after ray liotas death , they look about the same    05/26/22  (4)
The world would be heaven on earth without Rothschild central bank ownership    05/26/22  (2)
Boom eating rotten Captain D's fish sandwich from dumpster, "Frauds!"    05/26/22  (1)
There were only 2 school shootings in all of American history prior to 1965    05/26/22  (17)
LOL JFC NOWAG and a black guy FOUGHT at pickup hockey today    05/26/22  (41)
It seems likely that Earth is a training ground for higher spiritual existence    05/26/22  (22)
I want buy a new build house next year. Will price go down?    05/26/22  (22)
golden retrievers really are blatantly "white" lol    05/26/22  (12)
so libs forgot about covid, ukraine and roe v wade? now all in on guns    05/26/22  (20)
What's the credited covid vaccine for golden retrievers?    05/26/22  (1)
Underdiscussed - RSF digging up benzo's mugshot is creepiest shit in XO history    05/26/22  (5)
Hypo: you're a student and u bring a gun to school. A school shooter shows up &    05/26/22  (3)
What is *THE* best green dinner in Manhattan?    05/26/22  (11)
Are fat women ugly?    05/26/22  (9)
"We are all fags" IFNB fan admits.    05/26/22  (162)
Do cops have a legal duty to stop mass shooter?    05/26/22  (32)
Dear CONSHITS: if 1% of US children were SHOT each year, is that worth it?    05/26/22  (27)
Some Indian dudes look legit like white people just with brown skin    05/26/22  (34)
this trash woke "culture" is absolutely awful compared to past decades    05/26/22  (9)
mid 30s faggots who are active in “group chats”    05/26/22  (32)
I'd pay a lot of money to fuck a hot midget    05/26/22  (8)
What should this biglaw partner comp be?    05/26/22  (22)
your hapa son begging you to get him a goldendoodle as your eyes narrow    05/26/22  (5)
School shooting loner bullied automatic thought prayers fuck your thoughts praye    05/26/22  (3)

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