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TMF admitted his Ukrainian family are now refugees, all escaped to the West    06/30/22  (34)
Bought COIN at $165 (Nutella)    06/30/22  (132)
People are so myopic about economic shit    06/30/22  (4)
Blacks are now yelling “y’all can’t chase him” at Chicago cops    06/30/22  (17)
vodka gf: skinny on a "liquid diet"; shrew gf: will not be made quiet    06/30/22  (2)
SCOTUS decision on Biden enforcing Remain In Mexico is imminent    06/30/22  (1)
Watching the pro-Ukrainians on xo flirt w nuclear annihilation is interesting    06/30/22  (175)
Theory: Movie industry is collapsing because proles are DONE    06/30/22  (14)
Does nutella know what Coinbase is?    06/30/22  (1)
My review of *Michelin Chat-Botte in Geneva (RSF)    06/30/22  (74)
as someone who hasn't dated in 15+ years, can't imagine having to rejoin dating    06/30/22  (12)
LeBron James son “Bronny” has stopped growing at 6’2”, colleges not inte    06/30/22  (49)
Rate this fratty bodega bro who just got shitcanned at his job    06/30/22  (24)
Scotus: 6-3 decision against EPA authority to regulate Climate change    06/30/22  (1)
BTC $17k waiting room    06/30/22  (1)
You voted for Obama in 2008.    06/30/22  (9)
why hasn't SCOTUSblog reported on R Kelly verdict yet?    06/30/22  (1)
You are at a social function. Pizza served. How many slices do you eat?    06/30/22  (29)
obama supporter > asian gf experience > xo poaster    06/30/22  (2)
Fuck cops, but also fuck blacks    06/30/22  (4)
Trannies are fucking gross! BTW i now identify as a white man named Hitler (tbf)    06/30/22  (1)
asking marriage officiant to pause vows while u quickly respond to pls fix email    06/30/22  (1)
what media isn't woke garbage or just plain bad now    06/30/22  (4)
"Let's tank asset prices and double the cost of consumer goods" (Biden)    06/30/22  (1)
Doodikoff throwing rotten pastries @ Margit    06/30/22  (1)
This "joke" from 11 years ago didnt age well    06/30/22  (24)
Bitcoin 19k    06/30/22  (6)
westworld season 4 trailer looks gay as fuck    06/30/22  (43)
has there been a single major athlete from new zealand?    06/30/22  (33)
Gazprom stock down 30% today - link    06/30/22  (11)
Doodikoff: Real talk, what’s your best case as to why you get dinged so quickl    06/30/22  (46)
Why hasn't BLM rioted over Roe v Wade? Libs say it affects Black people the most    06/30/22  (6)
20 y/o mother pushing stroller shot dead 8:30pm Upper East Side JFC    06/30/22  (7)
Except weed, pretty much every street drug is laced with fentanyl now    06/30/22  (1)
Guess the settlement based on photos (CSLG)    06/30/22  (68)
Snake Island Russians: "all right, we're going, we're going - jeez"    06/30/22  (1)
Twitter thread about the massive corruption at Gazprom (link)    06/30/22  (10)
Japanese in 1945: we are unconditionally surrendering as a sign of goodwill    06/30/22  (5)
Non-racist reason why blacks lag behind on building/maintaining great societies?    06/30/22  (20)
In Game of Thrones why doesn't Westeros have an Air Force?    06/30/22  (3)
Elites scheme nonstop to undermine & divide the educated middle class    06/30/22  (12)
Woman shot dead pushing stroller on border of E Harlem. All media calling it UES    06/30/22  (13)
VERY HARD XO TRIVIA: Which poaster had GORILLA HANDS?    06/30/22  (234)
What's the most aesthetic writing system?    06/30/22  (19)
Are the majority of back, spine, and cervical surgeries a mistake?    06/30/22  (5)
Jet Li + Aaliyah. BGWAG. BIG WAG!    06/30/22  (15)
SCOTUSBlog's Morning Read articles are 180 shitlib COPE pieces    06/30/22  (14)
"Covid" remember that you fucking fraud libs?    06/30/22  (11)
Need a clear answer: is fulano filipino or mexican?    06/30/22  (21)
doodikoff have u considered getting into the "swirling" lifestyle?    06/30/22  (1)
Russia Today journalist who bashed Ukraine is HIV positive gay rights activist    06/30/22  (1)
Rate odds that these posts are written by different ppl - RSF and a crazy pumo    06/30/22  (2)
Asians finally commit a nigger level crime    06/30/22  (4)
Did anyone here go to a violent inner city school?    06/30/22  (9)
check out gays against groomers: https://twitter.com/againstgroom
   06/30/22  (3)
Developing womanly good cravings as I get older. Love bread and cheese now    06/30/22  (1)
People with successful careers medically & psychologically better off than peers    06/30/22  (2)
Trumpmos fucked. There's VIDEO of Trump grabbing the wheel.    06/30/22  (11)
Gunfire erupts over whether enough chicken at anniversary party    06/30/22  (1)
Poll: Who (other than blacks) actually likes inter-racial BBC porn?    06/30/22  (31)
just imagine how 180 it felt to be jinx the 1st time ur cock slid into whoks ass    06/30/22  (10)
Where should my wife and I stay with GJR? (CSLG)    06/30/22  (18)
Kevin Love marries Jewish blonde supermodel    06/30/22  (50)
Russia has withdrawn its troops from Snake Island    06/30/22  (31)
Places like Nebraska and Texas are really expensive with the taxes    06/30/22  (29)
Sp Jr is, not my lover / he’s just a ricehoal, I like to use for sick fun / Bu    06/30/22  (3)
"Lord Halford, Doobs has removed his diaper and is sitting on the garden gnome"    06/30/22  (20)
SUBWAY SHOT DEAD: "Dat's too much mayo!"    06/30/22  (24)
Russia returns Snake Island to Ukraine in a gesture of goodwill    06/30/22  (1)
offered Spaceporn $50k to box Chris Hansen    06/30/22  (2)
"Damn, what a slut" archeologist says uncovering doobs fossil w/yuge cock in ass    06/30/22  (11)
Spain spent eternity irrelevant, DOMMED world for 1 century, returned to irrelev    06/30/22  (12)
🌈🌈🌈 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! 🌈🌈🌈    06/30/22  (182)
-6706 My wife informed me that she is participating in a sex strike because of R    06/30/22  (14)
Russian military destroys snake island by noting "it's more of a peninsula"    06/30/22  (1)
36 y/o Nig mother has a 17 y/o son (both commit murder on another 7 y/o daughter    06/30/22  (24)
India sends special forces to subdue Snake Island    06/30/22  (2)
TT NEWT WORTH UPDATE    06/30/22  (3)
Underrated development w/r/t Snake Island, Ukraine    06/30/22  (8)
The Troubling Secret Behind Indian Snake Charmers    06/30/22  (45)
It's FRIDAY baby! What are your plans for tonight and this weekend?    06/30/22  (4)
Tywin Lannister reciting “The Road to Mandalay”    06/30/22  (30)
POLL: Did SCOTUS make the right decision in overturning Roe v Wade?    06/30/22  (180)
Are we ever gonna pay back these loans? No! I. CAN'T. HEAR. YOU.    06/30/22  (1)
R. KELLY SENTENCED TO 30 YEARS    06/30/22  (41)
Niggers are gonna take over hockey and swimming next    06/30/22  (5)
Serious Q why do these people hate us so much    06/30/22  (1)
At least our elites hate us and want us dead    06/30/22  (2)
I Am a Trans Man. I Had an Abortion. Reproductive Rights Is Everyone's Fight.    06/30/22  (8)
Taking a weekend trip with just cowshit in 2 weeks. Need tips.    06/30/22  (4)
Coors light girlfriend telling CPS to fuck off.    06/30/22  (10)
Is Remain In Mexico done here tomorrow?    06/30/22  (2)
Is height for a male “aesthetics”?    06/30/22  (9)
If you want to destroy my shitter...    06/30/22  (24)
RATE this PIC of the 938363626 IFNB gym I found in Geneva (RSF)    06/30/22  (6)
It's not gay if you don't push back, bro.    06/30/22  (2)
Friends! Who wants to go to the San Juans with me?    06/30/22  (11)
Reminder: "Pajama Boy" was not intended to be ironic    06/30/22  (12)
seems like we should be living better than this    06/30/22  (2)
Can a 6’1 guy ever beat out a 6’4 guy for a girl?    06/30/22  (6)
Good night xo *throws Thinkpad into cheering crowd at Budokan*    06/30/22  (12)
Taking a weekend trip with just my (38) son (6) in 2 weeks. Need tips.    06/30/22  (83)
hypo: 30 yo homeless and skinny or 30yo w/ 500k income and 40lbs overweight    06/30/22  (23)
Mr. Jinx 'vaping' from a huge oversized novelty dildo    06/30/22  (8)
vodka gf: scoffs at sodomy laws / shrew gf: fine! you can have 2 White Claws    06/30/22  (9)
The Box moaning and neighing as I wreck her already wrecked pussy    06/30/22  (6)
Are Korean churches credited?    06/30/22  (10)
vodka gf: I want ass to mouth / shrew gf: I hate the south    06/30/22  (18)
vodka gf: fucks u so much u can’t think; shrew gf: is that already ur 2nd drin    06/30/22  (45)
vodka gf: drunken pool sex / shrew gf: you're a lot smaller than my ex    06/30/22  (9)
*vodka gf finishing herself off with vibrator as you take post-sex piss*    06/30/22  (4)
*slutty vodka gf forgetting she ate your asshole last night*    06/30/22  (20)
vodka gf: yay, fuck my ass! shrew gf: raincheck again, the oysters gave me gas.    06/30/22  (4)
vodka gf: *passed out nude* shrew gf: "that is a trans woman, not a dude!"    06/30/22  (4)
*vodka gf riding you cowgirl as she swigs titos directly from bottle*    06/30/22  (3)
Jesus, the red lines    06/30/22  (3)
Alexander Dugin on the JQ in america    06/30/22  (4)
Dental Plan! Mr. Jinx needs diapers!    06/30/22  (10)
Women care more about having endless casual sex than the lives of babies    06/30/22  (51)
5 weeks of snake diet starts now    06/30/22  (61)
Jinx is always asking me if he can swallow my man chowder.    06/30/22  (7)
mr. jinx getting catfished by a real woman pretending to be a ladyboy on twitter    06/30/22  (3)
mr. jinx=the RuPaul of xoxo    06/30/22  (2)
Jinx livetweets hospital trip!    06/30/22  (11)
To REM "end of the world": Doodikof, single moms, mozzarella, croissants    06/30/22  (4)
"A Twinkle in his Eye, An Itch in his Shorts: the Mr. Jinx Era"    06/30/22  (6)
Mr Jinx, thankful for non-stop flights to Bangkok    06/30/22  (4)
is dupa bloodacre? who is whokebe? totally confused about these guys    06/30/22  (11)
Haha yeah that was fun can I get you anything else?    06/30/22  (2)
Cons: Covid didn't actually increase overall deaths    06/30/22  (1)
The new Batman was horrible    06/30/22  (17)
There’s a very high chance of the USA collapsing within the next 10 years    06/30/22  (19)
So the STOCK MARKET will just be TOTAL SHIT the entire year?    06/30/22  (7)
Ever met a staunch conservative that looks like a shitlib hippie?    06/30/22  (2)
🧸🧸🧸 BEAR MARKET IS OFFICIAL: We're 20% below recent highs 🧸🧸🧸    06/30/22  (54)
Finally in DC. Where should we go for drinks? (TSINAH)    06/30/22  (89)
*tsinah's toupee crawling towards window as he begins 3rd day of megapoasting*    06/30/22  (5)
GLM: Gondoran Lives Matter    06/30/22  (14)
ITT list your top 5 hardcore records of all time    06/30/22  (177)
"but a bio girl is the same price?" *accidentally picks kenny anyways* (hvac)    06/30/22  (2)
World War III Official: Myanmar Air Force jets just attacked Thailand (not flame    06/30/22  (2)
Escape From Doobs’ House (1989 NES game)    06/30/22  (36)
Rate Korea’s first plus sized model    06/30/22  (11)
So the "U.S." is populated by greedy "enterprising" sociopaths? Founded it? :(    06/30/22  (28)
Why did Doobs shine a light into his neighbors house before getting SHOT?    06/30/22  (6)
It's amazing that XO failed to buy the crypto bottom again    06/30/22  (12)
Thai Health Minister contracts Covid-19 despite receiving SIX Vaccine doses    06/30/22  (3)
seems like brain damage from injuries is flame    06/30/22  (1)

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