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Good news Trumpmos: Trump can still run for POTUS from prison    08/13/22  (5)
41 year old prole making "$100k a year" asks MarketWatch about prenup    08/13/22  (18)
Solos: how many cases are too many?    08/13/22  (30)
ITT: we poast encouraging messages to GJR about her LSAT tomorrow    08/13/22  (56)
Black inventor nominated for Kyoto Prize for agri fertilization technique (link)    08/13/22  (5)
poast ITT and i will submit your moniker to advanced AI to generate an image    08/13/22  (291)
1990s schoolyard-isms    08/13/22  (12)
ultimate Jewish nightmare is white crowd dancing to Charlie Daniels    08/13/22  (34)
Take this IQ test and report back    08/13/22  (27)
JJCs most pathetic fake story    08/13/22  (155)
lol wesley yang retweeted autoadmit    08/13/22  (3)
What is best current flame being run on the board?    08/13/22  (1)
I love suing. Always have a minimum of two lawsuits pending at a time    08/13/22  (2)
Does Turo do BOATS? A Turo for boats sounds like the next logical step.    08/13/22  (1)
asset management is a bigger joke than law    08/13/22  (1)
Do what it is and be honest..stop caring what "others" "think"    08/13/22  (4)
cowgod being a Turo host would teach you more about business than mba    08/13/22  (11)
cow-gog has never posted about (and appears to be unaware of) Exit Options    08/13/22  (4)
Can someone link to the quote about how great western man is?    08/13/22  (1)
Tampa Bay Gays, Baltimore Gloryholes, New York Wankees, Toronto Blue Gays,    08/13/22  (10)
CSLG and other small firm lawyers: how do you manage the trust account?    08/13/22  (1)
Just heard a country song on the radio called "5 foot 9"    08/13/22  (6)
Rate this transcript of my time w/ whokebe last night    08/13/22  (12)
If you aren’t having gay sex today, why?    08/13/22  (10)
Is there a correlation between being a liberal and low testosterone levels?    08/13/22  (2)
Here is the dividing line between middle class and upper middle class    08/13/22  (42)
Has JJC ever accepted he is a sexually undesirable Asian male?    08/13/22  (5)
Extroverts, when they’re not draining your energy, are talking shit about you    08/13/22  (3)
Considering beginning all of my posts with 'As a lesbian,'    08/13/22  (2)
How many people in DC work in the liberal arts industry?    08/13/22  (5)
I hope my poasts pierce the curtain of reticence & timidity impeding discussion    08/13/22  (1)
'Woodstock '99' nostalgia seems like a forcememe. It wasn't that big at the time    08/13/22  (19)
they say next to dying in your sleep the best way to go is get stuck in a cave    08/13/22  (2)
List women over the age of 50 you would happily fuck.    08/13/22  (47)
All couples who had kids were physically attracted to each other?    08/13/22  (12)
Why do all proles want to "invest in real estate"?    08/13/22  (53)
Oakland teachers irate their reading program was effective.    08/13/22  (55)
Why did JJC tell made-up stories about HBS    08/13/22  (3)
Weekend Asian pussy thread    08/13/22  (2)
Would you pay $10k to make your current car self driving?    08/13/22  (8)
TX church performs biblical version of Hamilton; Lin Manuel Miranda sues    08/13/22  (4)
Kayleigh McEnany's sister launching dating app for conservatives (vid)    08/13/22  (23)
TULSI CARLSON TONIGHT    08/13/22  (19)
Wtf is a "butt boom"    08/13/22  (5)
Why was Christopher Gravens disowned by his white trash parents?    08/13/22  (11)
Do your parents fuck?    08/13/22  (7)
CR AGWWG couple; guy with ponytail, chick with short hair?    08/13/22  (1)
what's the best thing you cook    08/13/22  (4)
OTR trucker Redditor asks about investing in real estate    08/13/22  (4)
Obese women walking by    08/13/22  (1)
Are Asian girls a fetish?    08/13/22  (4)
Not able to find tall enough friends (need some advice)    08/13/22  (1)
Sister now saying she values me    08/13/22  (1)
Would you let this woman be the mother of your children?    08/13/22  (10)
Was at a job and my trans boss grabbed my stomach on two separate occasions    08/13/22  (27)
Lib friend called me a racist because I said I like fried chicken & waffles    08/13/22  (1)
coding is the shittiest white-collar job    08/13/22  (2)
You can constantly improve..no going backwards    08/13/22  (4)
The Microsoft paperclip should have been a cartoon Filipina going 'Hello Sirrrr'    08/13/22  (1)
Ricky just got high from two drops of CBD oil    08/13/22  (2)
Latina males    08/13/22  (6)
now with new flavors like Manana, Fizzbitch, and GUN!    08/13/22  (1)
Handing out video game recommendations ITT    08/13/22  (59)
Women, instead of improving themselves, can just find a black guy to fuck them    08/13/22  (3)
My boss telling me Trump isn’t smart    08/13/22  (2)
Many here could blow what CSLG does by not acting weird    08/13/22  (1)
ITT: photos of European beauty    08/13/22  (16)
Just having fun from here on out! Enjoy friends.    08/13/22  (8)
Libs love making inaccurate statements about things related to Trump    08/13/22  (2)
Planning on retiring at 35 with 1.4 million, keeping primary WFH job    08/13/22  (6)
Dollar value of having one day per week free from all obligation?    08/13/22  (4)
As long as you stack that fake joo ca$h the world is yours    08/13/22  (2)
am I the only militant right wing fascist Jewish poaster here?    08/13/22  (22)
luis making a diary entry: "felt mostly straight today..."    08/13/22  (4)
Every female is becoming a speech language pathologist    08/13/22  (59)
a fresh copy of Nintendo Power at your doorstep on a cool summer morning in '94    08/13/22  (23)
2nd Cousin: Somewhat virginal; Speech Pathologist GF: “Someday you’ll be ver    08/13/22  (1)
Today's winning wordle was COWGOD    08/13/22  (4)
80 IQ obese nigger armed IRS agent demanding u explain ur W2 wagecuck income    08/13/22  (4)
What percent of people are millionaires by age 40?    08/13/22  (46)
Toyota Highlander vs Lexus RX350    08/13/22  (52)
One of my lawyers lives in Marin County. Prestigious?    08/13/22  (9)
Fauci: I symbolize truth, consistency, and integrity (link)    08/13/22  (5)
Historically Unimportant Poster: signed up case that could 10x CSLGs net worth    08/13/22  (207)
Halford reached out to EPAH's "wife" and was never heard from again    08/13/22  (10)
Liz Warren “If I only had a dick.”    08/13/22  (35)
Since when did farmer’s markets not have produce anymore? Libs ruined this too    08/13/22  (9)
Dating apps and a drastically changing relationship landscape    08/13/22  (130)
8/9/2022 - Turo Redditor reports TWO cars totaled in 16 days    08/13/22  (7)
EPAH wants to get xo shut down and has said so many times    08/13/22  (16)
I think I appeal to rural voters because I have a penis    08/13/22  (5)
EPAH and my sister are the same person    08/13/22  (5)
What's the best intro to Thomas Sowell and his scholarship?    08/13/22  (3)
Avg XO poaster, >300k/yr: "I am a friend to the working folk, unlike the libs"    08/13/22  (7)
Whok, the subtext is I'm going to find u and pleasure ur little kangaroo stick.    08/13/22  (1)
Forgotten athletes from the 90s who were just shy of elite    08/13/22  (378)
Whok twists against his ropes. "Time to cum, son," u whisper as u lower ur ass    08/13/22  (4)
living in California is 180, don't give a fuck about national politics    08/13/22  (115)
Poll: rather fuck TSINAH’s girlfriend or jack off?    08/13/22  (8)
video footage of Trump doxxing the FBI (meme)    08/13/22  (2)
Trumptards are spamming the FBI agent's PSN IDs all over kiwifarms    08/13/22  (1)
GAME SHOW HOST: How would the prize change your life? XO Poaster: *panics* Well    08/13/22  (2)
Thirteen Lives on Prime - Holy shit that was harrowing    08/13/22  (7)
Here are my long term financial goals    08/13/22  (62)
XO has made me completely rethink my worldview and plans of retiring at 76    08/13/22  (7)
"God" is actually a kid from a planet 100 times more advanced than Earth    08/13/22  (3)
When I fly Southwest I sit in the middle seat    08/13/22  (72)
Do you wipe your ass sitting down or standing?    08/13/22  (5)
Tiger snatched Chinese woman (video)    08/13/22  (25)
Bringing out the bigs! It will all happen    08/13/22  (1)
Giant bank line formed, 2 black strippers deposited tens of thousands of $1s (pi    08/13/22  (19)
Anyone notice health benefits from moderate wine drinking?    08/13/22  (23)
FBI finds "mountains of illegally removed mattress tags" in Mar-A-Lago closet    08/13/22  (40)
so how many women did conquistadors fuck? ffs    08/13/22  (33)
So let me get this straight about XOers in general…    08/13/22  (23)
ITT: who was the glowie that ratted out Trump?    08/13/22  (1)
sorry abt the brain tumor my guy    08/13/22  (1)
hunter biden unveils latest artwork entitled "14-digit routing number on napkin"    08/13/22  (105)
“We caught the guy killing Muslims...” *libs cheer* “...Muhammad Syed" *li    08/13/22  (17)
Biden’s Amerika: Just paid $17.43 for a bowl at Chipotle    08/13/22  (2)
Can someone summarize the disco fries flame for me?    08/13/22  (2)
What percent of Liberal Artists make 0K at age 40?    08/13/22  (1)
CDC quietly debunks vaccine claim    08/13/22  (18)
hypo: you're a 6'4 chad but you have to murder someone daily    08/13/22  (33)
Paging the poaster who bought a House in New Fairfield    08/13/22  (1)
Rate this incredible NPR article on the “racial” wealth gap    08/13/22  (13)
"hi mykonos. hi cher. hi adelle. hi rihanna." (luis feeding his stray cats)    08/13/22  (9)
My dick gets hard when i hear a woman talking in ebonics    08/13/22  (2)
benzo vaccine lawsuit not flame. In Court of Fed Claims & he has Guillain-Barre    08/13/22  (87)
im gay    08/13/22  (2)
WFH sucks. Let's bring back 2019 work life    08/13/22  (21)
reminder: GJR did sick threesomes with sharklasers and boner police    08/13/22  (29)
Ever have a food service worker visibly disgusted by tip amount?    08/13/22  (3)
Rach has budgeted $50k for a Staff Writer. DM me resumes/samples. No pumos/jews    08/13/22  (2)
Can you apply Chekhov's Gun Rule to nuclear arms?    08/13/22  (12)
So the problem isn’t that Trump is a literal spy, but that the FBI caught him?    08/13/22  (2)
Most furniture stores are a front for Russian mafia. Discuss    08/13/22  (1)
Takes greatest propaganda machine in human history cranking 24/7 to achieve    08/13/22  (2)
Disneyland is truly a magical place    08/13/22  (2)
financial news FUDs everything like crazy on the way down    08/13/22  (1)
The 5 deadliest practice areas    08/13/22  (1)
Is there a “clique theory” for women?    08/13/22  (15)
Teens visit a Caribbean restaurant in Philadelphia    08/13/22  (24)
Oh wow libs so he gave nuclear secrets to a KGB agent? Where’s the crime?    08/13/22  (2)
Mumford & Sons just Mumford now because politics    08/13/22  (1)
Cons we’re so mad Obama was black they were like “We’ll ruin the country,    08/13/22  (3)
Gay couple transmits monkeypox to dog. Method of transmission unclear to doctors    08/13/22  (8)
any of you dorks go on the carmen sandiego gameshow?    08/13/22  (4)
Did anyone ever enter this magazine gaming contest when younger    08/13/22  (11)
ITT: photo of slow leak in my master bathroom    08/13/22  (20)

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