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If Russia were to be nuked which places would be first? Moscow? Elsewhere?    10/07/22  (3)
rate this Gen Z cuck's wedding speech (TikTok)    10/07/22  (49)
"Tall Loser" is an oxymoron    10/07/22  (16)
Founders never INTENDED for any rights to go to WOMEN    10/07/22  (14)
I love dancing (richard clock tp)    10/07/22  (51)
FBI whistleblower comes forward, says Las Vegas shooting was ISIS attack    10/07/22  (119)
the sniohebraic menace must be destroyed    10/07/22  (1)
High School Counselor arrested for sex with TRANSgender student!    10/07/22  (9)
Draymond Green punches Jordan Poole (vid)    10/07/22  (11)
If you were given everything you needed to deep fry a turkey could u do it?    10/07/22  (54)
jafar tp has a kombucha bar in ojai, ca, and has a 180 ponytail now    10/07/22  (8)
Imagine how fucking AWFUL college must be now    10/07/22  (33)
I guess Russia will detonate two nukes, not one.    10/07/22  (1)
Lmfao Biden admits Putin is ready to use nukes at fundraiser. Mkts gonna tank    10/07/22  (23)
List times when Zack Morris should have used his "Timeout" ability & didn't    10/07/22  (5)
Reminder: cons got mad at Miley for stopping lameduck Trump from nuking China    10/07/22  (3)
Hoping to buy low and sell high. Anyone have tips to perfectly time the market?    10/07/22  (2)
Turns out Ukraine *was* behind car bombing of Dugin’s daughter    10/07/22  (6)
At 10 million net worth I'm going to throw a party.. Smashmouth will play (CSLG)    10/07/22  (47)
How a Dog’s Killing Turned Brooklyn Progressives Against One Another    10/07/22  (14)
Do you love of hate Tom Brady?    10/07/22  (55)
so nutella took on $100k credit card debt to buy SPY @ $320???    10/07/22  (11)
Rating poasters as their xo RPG class items    10/07/22  (36)
Who here is familiar with the works of Alexander Dugin?    10/07/22  (2)
She’s a Doctor. He Was a Limo Driver. They Pitched a $30 Million Arms Deal.    10/07/22  (17)
Drafting amended and restated >>>>>>> drafting amendments    10/07/22  (1)
Cop fucking WASTES a 17yo kid for eating a big mac (video)    10/07/22  (100)
Ukrainian drones take out Russian strategic bombers deep inside Russia - link    10/07/22  (1)
We must discuss Height every single day    10/07/22  (27)
*cracking bones* *sucking marrow out of the bones*    10/07/22  (5)
Dugin claimed Snake Island was the key to world domination.    10/07/22  (2)
Pop star Ciara announces divorce from "washed-up has-been" Russell Wilson    10/07/22  (1)
Texas Filipina becomes first Asian American to be crowned Miss America    10/07/22  (9)
Business Idea to solve the 'incel' problem once and for all    10/07/22  (10)
Full Kanye / Tucker interview w/ summary    10/07/22  (14)
Resolved: The Pacific Northwest is literally the best place on planet earth    10/07/22  (1)
How much of a role does your mother's height factor into your height?    10/07/22  (2)
POLL | What’s more dangerous for children: DRAG QUEEN or PITBULL?    10/07/22  (1)
Conshits shld GOFUNDME like 5m to send more Migrants to Shitlib cities    10/07/22  (7)
NIGGAS are soooo much more peaceful in UK    10/07/22  (4)
racist quebec strengthens french language requirements    10/07/22  (22)
Trump won so they pressed pause, dumped a bunch of "ballots" and Biden "won"    10/07/22  (84)
Anyone here play Pickleball?    10/07/22  (52)
Take risks (CSLG)    10/07/22  (161)
Rate this pic of Biden styling on DeSantis (pic)    10/07/22  (16)
Rate this sexy Puerto Rican?    10/07/22  (6)
A person's odds of execution during Dekulakization 700x higher than Nazi Germany    10/07/22  (32)
Musk on severed relationship with troon son: "Can't win them all"    10/07/22  (27)
Luis popping open his 12th hibiscus and dandelion kombucha of the night    10/07/22  (5)
(((Stock Market))) is BACK baby!! 🐀    10/07/22  (52)
how many cute guys from XO has Evan39 hooked up with?    10/07/22  (1)
2025: most popular girl's name is "Dutchess"    10/07/22  (1)
Fair to say USA is running rings around Russia & China in this proxy war?    10/07/22  (70)
Where to go for NYE?    10/07/22  (1)
Ana de Armas is the hottest actress alive right? Who comes close?    10/07/22  (8)
Remember when Trump wanted 1/6 demonstrators to stop certification, but    10/07/22  (1)
Cons: why did you trust the FBI when they said Hunter was guilty but not Trump?    10/07/22  (12)
Rate this LLC    10/07/22  (10)
I'm objectively more attractive than GJR (CSLG)    10/07/22  (87)
Fat Bear Week (NYT)    10/07/22  (11)
Thinking about buying this house (TSINAH)    10/07/22  (25)
Happy Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!    10/07/22  (8)
Where out "West" can you go to see old wagon trails (not paved over)    10/07/22  (6)
we need to send 100 million migrants to NYC haha    10/07/22  (1)
Taking some Thursday night questions from MI (TSINAH)    10/07/22  (42)
Eric Adams declares state of emergency due to migrant crisis    10/07/22  (2)
Man’s ass enjoyer    10/07/22  (2)
Duns Scotus was an alpha Chad    10/07/22  (12)
"Blacks:13% of the population but commit 50% of murders" proven FALSE by science    10/07/22  (49)
Trannies are not an aberration/ perversion of western ideals. They are culminati    10/07/22  (5)
WTF did pierce brosnan do to his forehead in this pic?    10/07/22  (7)
Resolved: Trump Did Nothing Wrong & Live Free or Die should be Nullo Spammed    10/07/22  (8)
do people still David Lynch and Panda Express poast here?    10/07/22  (5)
Rate the Colonel in charge of our nation's rocket testing    10/07/22  (6)
Will Russia be able to turn this around or are they finished?    10/07/22  (10)
Luis running to you at breakneck speed, collapses, whispers breathlessly    10/07/22  (2)
Hey TBF, u there? how's it going in Ukraine?    10/07/22  (1)
“I’m Not Proud”: Given a Second Chance, Jane Fonda Probably Wouldn’t Do    10/07/22  (2)
Nutella uses echolocation to identify hidden wine taverns    10/07/22  (126)
Stock Market 2022 way worse than 2020 or 2008    10/07/22  (22)
"Under interests you wrote panda express, teens and Vatican II. Are you Catholic    10/07/22  (8)
The ponerology theory of civ rise and fall.    10/07/22  (20)
Something is going at Jupiter's moon Europa    10/07/22  (6)
So Millions of jobs lost under Trump, Millions created under Biden?    10/07/22  (2)
The twilight of the nominalist transhumans is at hand.    10/07/22  (8)
Rate this woman driver on the freeway    10/07/22  (1)
"Spice World" closer in time to "Pet Sounds" than music released today    10/07/22  (11)
Sara Lee, former WWE wrestler dead at 30    10/07/22  (2)
"Nigga, I Drink Juice" by Turdpac Shitkur    10/07/22  (2)
Ukrainian refugee arrives tonight. Really excited I could save her life.    10/07/22  (13)
Biden: "Yeah, we might get nuked."    10/07/22  (3)
Turdskin Gump on Netflix LMAO    10/07/22  (1)
The one WEIRD trick to deep-frying a turkey FIREFIGHTERS don't want you to know    10/07/22  (2)
Good job market? SELL! SELL!    10/07/22  (7)
fuckin luis so deeply ur cock pops out of his mouth    10/07/22  (1)
I envision 19th century "ice box" refrigerators as tremendous growth market soon    10/07/22  (1)
Are kebabs unhealthy??    10/07/22  (1)
*sips coffee* "Ah" *smiles and settles in for another mentally ill Friday*    10/07/22  (351)
Putin’s wise Golden Retriever mouthing to him “you can’t win in Ukraine”    10/07/22  (30)
180 old guy at coffee shop im overhearing is dating 4 different women    10/07/22  (1)
I have like 50 Disciples now    10/07/22  (15)
XO Darrell Brooks: Hitler did nothing wrong    10/07/22  (15)
*Girls slapping their clits in porn*    10/07/22  (19)
Insane to think we had to have WW2 because Hitler failed art school interview    10/07/22  (5)
It's 180 how LOTR never makes copyright claims on youtube videos - link    10/07/22  (1)
“Amanda, Chad really needs to mask up here” said whiteknight thru 3 masks    10/07/22  (35)
I would be happy even if I was poor... that is why you're unhappy (CSLG)    10/07/22  (48)
Informal fallacies of logic are just a special species of sophistry    10/07/22  (55)
XO German Club Video of the Day    10/07/22  (8)
Peirce coined the term "normal distribution"    10/07/22  (6)
2 interracial couples with mulatto children meet in a wood    10/07/22  (3)
Don Draper cues slide: “Black people. In the suburbs. Every one of them black.    10/07/22  (10)
Philly vs. Cardinals this weekend    10/07/22  (2)
Gex 4: Return to the Geffen Gallery    10/07/22  (6)
Nostril blew out like a NASCAR tire the other night    10/07/22  (4)
cuck@disposable.com    10/07/22  (7)
only want to buy product if I see an empowered black man using or wearing it    10/07/22  (2)
"I was just joking about that women fuck dogs stuff 😜. Drinks tomorrow?"    10/07/22  (4)
Dumb shit that always makes you laugh    10/07/22  (2)
“Not looking for sex.” (luis’s Grindr profile)    10/07/22  (13)
Libs intentionally terrify young kids with Scream mask    10/07/22  (4)
Russians now targeting Ukraine's shrew population.    10/07/22  (33)
🚨🚨🚨 MARKET CRASHING 🚨🚨🚨    10/07/22  (39)
replace one word from a famous Shakespeare line with “unload”    10/07/22  (46)
Nintendo has the benefit of 130 years of accumulated wisdom on the Toy industry.    10/07/22  (16)
What can I say to these trannies on grindr to get their attention    10/07/22  (2)
"My boipussy is self cleaning" Luis wrote on Craigslist Casual Encounters    10/07/22  (1)
How is watching porn not akin to getting cucked in your own fantasies?    10/07/22  (1)
been wearing 2" height increasing shoe lifts for 10 yrs, now have knee arthritis    10/07/22  (19)
Russiacucks, go home and get your fucking shineboxes (video)    10/07/22  (4)
There’s some weird slime pouring out of my ass    10/07/22  (1)
Looking for a lingerie e-site where they show pics of clits and hairy pussies    10/07/22  (5)
Birdshit goes on rampage smashing cars in Thailand    10/07/22  (4)
Bought 15 beers and huge pack of ice    10/07/22  (1)
Some bum just tried to throw a bowl of chili at me. Loser missed.    10/07/22  (5)
Damn just had most 180 plate of fresh Prawns for like $7.54    10/07/22  (13)
Could crypto go up 5x from here?    10/07/22  (20)
*****BASEBALL THREAD*****    10/07/22  (1)
I found the holy league and the battle of lepanto v. problematic    10/07/22  (2)
god help us all as we get to the fucking weekend    10/07/22  (2)
Retarded bitch Taylor Lorenz attacks fellow wapo reporter for not being a COVID    10/07/22  (14)
ZURICH IS STAINED, taking Qs on my plan to see Pavement tonight and tomorrow    10/07/22  (14)
average # sex partners by console (cowgod)    10/07/22  (13)
Nintendo marketing tricked UN into recognizing "Donkey Kong Country" in the 90s    10/07/22  (27)
TSINAH what will you do with the $1500 windfall you get from the dentist?    10/07/22  (5)
thought i really connected w/ karlstack on here ...    10/07/22  (1)
really connecting with one of my Bumble matches    10/07/22  (40)

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