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Cliffs on why seed oils are bad again?    12/08/22  (13)
Why have video games been $60 since like 1992    12/08/22  (7)
Elon: only people of culture can see it    12/08/22  (18)
Anyone else have a 175 life on paper but you feel 120 all the time?    12/08/22  (30)
Been poasting for well over a decade. Only today noticed there are 'Options'    12/08/22  (1)
Mexican lawyers huddling up in Home Depot parking lot waiting for a case    12/08/22  (1)
It’s surprising to me how many people are gay now that it’s no longer taboo    12/08/22  (14)
Bout for Griner not Whelan = one of most despicable political acts ive ever seen    12/08/22  (1)
Why won't whites fight back at all?    12/08/22  (47)
There’s an episode of Star Trek called “The Ultimate Computer”    12/08/22  (5)
Tawnee Stone is now a mayor of a small town in Arizona.    12/08/22  (3)
Kylie Jenner dead at just 24 years old    12/08/22  (5)
Tried watching “Yellowstone”. Seemed like globohomo boomer slop.    12/08/22  (50)
Why wasn't Paul Whelan part of Brittney Griner swap?    12/08/22  (41)
Renting a 35’ boom lift tomorrow (TSINAH)    12/08/22  (4)
The 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster -- FRAUD AND LIES    12/08/22  (113)
Can I assume reptiles are MAF about Brittney Griner release this morning?    12/08/22  (48)
RSF DESCRIBE your first class flight to LHR    12/08/22  (20)
ZZZ, you forgot to file your opposition briefs    12/08/22  (29)
Accidentally clicking the "email" field and autofilling your personal email    12/08/22  (3)
Do you own your bodyweight in silver?    12/08/22  (7)
Attacking random strangers on the sidewalk is alpha, right?    12/08/22  (3)
What is bio of smartest lawyer you know?    12/08/22  (5)
Is it okay to say “merry christmas” in a new york biglaw office?    12/08/22  (14)
few things in the world better than young children napping concurrently    12/08/22  (1)
Peak Web 3.0: Hot teens whoring themselves out in order to sell GC products.    12/08/22  (4)
___N___I___G___G___E___R____    12/08/22  (4)
Majority of covid deaths in the US are among the vaccinated (link)    12/08/22  (48)
The Amazon van video presents the perfect nig mousetrap. Wire van with C4.    12/08/22  (2)
On hour four of text debate with GF re: she feels bad I didn't like a restaurant    12/08/22  (322)
The smug in-house and fedgov posters here will have an existential crisis in 10    12/08/22  (89)
Who Will Care for ‘Kinless’ Seniors?    12/08/22  (48)
Why do schools need to “teach” the “ins and outs” of sodomy?    12/08/22  (1)
ratio of triglycerides to HDL is a very strong predictor of heart attack    12/08/22  (61)
Elon Musk basically paid 44 billion for JournoList    12/08/22  (3)
"Could a bitch boi do this?" *cuts hair with a bowl* "Yes, yes he could"    12/08/22  (4)
do cfb players like having to practice for another month for bowls?    12/08/22  (15)
Imagine being a "dad" who can't loan trans daughter a thong    12/08/22  (2)
A Selected History of the Family Rudolph    12/08/22  (581)
Jonathan Greenblatt on The Breakfast Club    12/08/22  (1)
Consuela what are your latest theories?    12/08/22  (15)
imagine being a "dad" who can't throw a baseball or football    12/08/22  (34)
ok bros what are we getting our wives for Christmas?    12/08/22  (7)
WORST night you ever had in college?    12/08/22  (58)
Cars are still expensive due to supply chain issues    12/08/22  (13)
"Could a bitch boi do this?" I ask Karen as I press up against her in the alley.    12/08/22  (32)
Elite Chicago prep school dean brags about passing out dildos, buttplugs    12/08/22  (50)
SBX gave DARK MONEY to evil GOP, clean money to ethical Dems    12/08/22  (3)
My college roomate double-majored in Classics and Physics    12/08/22  (7)
Rod Stewart’s 11 year old son collapses of heart attack during soccer match    12/08/22  (8)
"No babe. Tommy is my Indian friend who lives in Thailand and luis is Persian    12/08/22  (20)
Poll: have you ever said "nigger" in public?    12/08/22  (34)
South Asian Bar Association - AutoAdmit Chapter    12/08/22  (1)
xoxo of China    12/08/22  (1)
Bitch bois, I think even you can do better than the threads you made today    12/08/22  (3)
Should walmart be avoided?    12/08/22  (5)
Tom of Finland    12/08/22  (2)
Annie from Norway    12/08/22  (2)
/* /* NEWSWEEK: RUSSIA IS ALMOST OUT OF AMMO /* /*    12/08/22  (67)
xo poster wearing LED laser hair regrowth helmet on subway    12/08/22  (9)
EPAHs dick is barely even hangin in the pic he posted    12/08/22  (21)
   12/08/22  (1)
"Whites are so mistreated!!!" *drops rice bowl and scissors in rage*    12/08/22  (1)
Kenny, when you hear "Chop Chop" do you think of chopsticks or bowls?    12/08/22  (1)
your wife adding lo-fi hip-hop intro to your eulogy    12/08/22  (4)
adding "tp" to coin a moniker tp, tp    12/08/22  (6)
Civil War Rowan: Spread eagle at end of the Underground Railroad    12/08/22  (62)
"First of all, I do want to thank Victor Bout..."    12/08/22  (1)
1/3 Marine hurls puppy off cliff    12/08/22  (29)
TBF vindicated, Russia experiences wartime economic boom    12/08/22  (136)
strategy i talked about in that other thread had a 1 hour return of >100% (benzo    12/08/22  (171)
Thoughts on Costa Rica?    12/08/22  (2)
Otto Warnier's family in WNBA jerseys, cheering wildly (pic)    12/08/22  (1)
That other guy who Russia won't swap has to be a CIA operative.    12/08/22  (1)
At what net worth, # of kids can you start to think about SFH in a nice town?    12/08/22  (38)
Why wouldn't the Philly police just say it was obviously 1 of the parents who    12/08/22  (4)
Jews "evicting" you from your apartment built on stolen land built stolen mater    12/08/22  (1)
Why does Kenny keep a picture of epahs dick on his computer    12/08/22  (10)
Fed Soc to challenge Griner prisoner swap in federal court action    12/08/22  (6)
All of it must crash! Also stop buying crap and buying into jew crap    12/08/22  (1)
Migos star Takeoff shot dead at Houston bowling alley while playing dice    12/08/22  (39)
Home prices are down in every one of the top 58 metros    12/08/22  (53)
We still don't have info on how Christopher Sign died    12/08/22  (1)
Ricky, have you ever looked into Celtic paganism/mythology?    12/08/22  (1)
National Review: '80y/o kinless whites should load UHAUL, drive to Dakota'    12/08/22  (2)
Does satan know earth is flat?    12/08/22  (1)
Mobnik Medkit Review (Field Review with Owner Present)    12/08/22  (1)
Taylor Swift, the person, is so terrible (vid)    12/08/22  (1)
New Kanye track samples Alex Jones    12/08/22  (6)
my trading strategy (lying on the internet, hiding losses from wife) never fails    12/08/22  (8)
LJL @ coders creating a tool (GPT3) that will replace millions of coders.    12/08/22  (47)
They remade Addams Family but Wednesday is now Mexican and blacks everywhere    12/08/22  (91)
Earl picking up a rotisserie chicken and an engagement ring at Costco    12/08/22  (6)
Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!    12/08/22  (6)
Wow how Georgia has went lib    12/08/22  (35)
Doodikoff, I'm calling you out    12/08/22  (2)
"Impressive. Very nice. Let's see Paul Allen's 'Early Life.'"    12/08/22  (6)
Wheelchair life can be pretty great    12/08/22  (2)
Every day that I don't have an urgent deadline looming is totally wasted    12/08/22  (18)
strategy i talked about in that other thread had a 1 hour return of >%50000000    12/08/22  (12)
   12/08/22  (1)
Absolutely shocking was libs collectively were able to do to Trump    12/08/22  (30)
i can't be true to my innermost 'self' without speaking in random british accent    12/08/22  (1)
Pretty sure M3G4N is going to be movie of the year not 'Avatar' '2'    12/08/22  (2)
RSF's Self Awareness, CSLG's Humility, TSINAH's Perseverance, Benzos Impulsivity    12/08/22  (1)
There are people still sheltering in place this Christmas    12/08/22  (3)
*your 7th 1 post thread of day sinks to the bottom of page* "i really like it he    12/08/22  (19)
future for 'kinless' whites: state mandated euthanasia, escheat to Israel    12/08/22  (2)
MBS brokered deal for Britney Griner’s release after Biden granted immunity    12/08/22  (4)
Whoop Whoop! Pull Over, Dat Ass Too Fat! Whoop Whoop!    12/08/22  (1)
So Stacey Abrahams probably wins GA Governor in 2 years, cr?    12/08/22  (12)
Just had a Camp Lejeune cancer death widow call. Ever done one of these cases?    12/08/22  (21)
Biden will be drooling and unable to speak in 2 years (link)    12/08/22  (6)
15 more Hahols sent to Barbaro    12/08/22  (1)
🚨 🚨 🚨 AZ AUDIT RESULTS GOING PUBLIC 9/24/21 1 PM 🚨 🚨 🚨    12/08/22  (143)
Buffett. Burry. Bogle. Benzo.    12/08/22  (3)
Is it cake?    12/08/22  (2)
imagine being a "dad" who can't teach ur kid financial responsibility    12/08/22  (1)
EVs are expensive disposable phones you have to upgrade every few years    12/08/22  (2)
*casts bald dork down abyss* "I really like it hereeeeeeee..."    12/08/22  (1)
Boom growing beard, flying to Iran to shotgun women in their pussies    12/08/22  (1)
Gary Marcus reply to SSC on scaling hypothesis    12/08/22  (151)
Kars4Kidz raising money to send goy children to Camp Lejeune    12/08/22  (1)
again bros these election debates are pretty pointless w "ballot harvesting"    12/08/22  (1)
"When I'm rich I won't have to suffer this humiliation" he said scrubbing dishes    12/08/22  (1)
the satanic force actually does govern the material world - im seeing it now    12/08/22  (13)
"We need to somehow persuade more people that elections are fake." (GOP)    12/08/22  (33)
Ikari Warriors    12/08/22  (1)
Imagine edging a horny little dork like karlstack in a Mexican prison    12/08/22  (2)
Ukrainians are now using Ford F150 Raptors as technicals    12/08/22  (15)
Ukrainians now lighting nighttime campfires with $100 bills    12/08/22  (1)
Elon Musk turns Twitter into 'hotel' for staff    12/08/22  (20)
You can get a dishonorable discharge for saying nigger now    12/08/22  (2)
Paging Everybody Wang Chung tp    12/08/22  (1)
elderly counsel sitting behind the computer in a small firm    12/08/22  (2)
My wife is an email girl who makes $200k    12/08/22  (51)
u: tied down at the bottom of xo front page. ur 1 post thread = guillotine blade    12/08/22  (28)
Not a lawyer, but I poast on the most prestigious law school discussion board    12/08/22  (5)
Asians make up 7% of the US population yet account for 70% of my sexual partners    12/08/22  (5)
"quit hogging the smith machine," askav lisped    12/08/22  (8)
Putin fucked up, should have traded Griner for Ukraine    12/08/22  (1)
remember when DBG grounded his kids for wanting a Christmas tree?    12/08/22  (2)
Fat women doing stupid pelvic hip thrusts means Smith machine never available    12/08/22  (11)
Shit threads with low poast counts that get bumped for days    12/08/22  (292)
Hate to say it but xo is just modern rabbinical work    12/08/22  (1)
Andrew Anglin: This Economy Can Only Crash Now (No Survivors)    12/08/22  (123)
Had sex with an asian escort last night (Buses tp)    12/08/22  (29)
Poll: have you ever been a "wigger" in public?    12/08/22  (1)

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