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maggots cleaning biglawyers wounds    12/08/22  (2)
Crypto influencer invites Peterman to event: "the bottom is in"    12/08/22  (2)
The "lawyers" here on XO will live to 60 at the most. Fact.    12/08/22  (15)
TSINAH's materialism makes me want to puke and become a monk    12/08/22  (26)
ljl at sleezy lawyers wearing black dresses and being referred to as "honorable"    12/08/22  (2)
Fuck the "law" and fuck this fraud world and sleezy scum bag "lawyers"    12/08/22  (2)
Rate this 21 y/o Australian model chick who "just ADORE[s] lawyers"    12/08/22  (7)
How do think Elizabeth would describe the taste of TURDBARK chocobar?    12/08/22  (3)
Lawyers actually think they work harder than bankers and doctors    12/08/22  (3)
I seriously know legit lawyers working at mcdonalds no joke!    12/08/22  (4)
Uncomfortable truth: DeSantis looks like Linus Torvalds    12/08/22  (2)
Do you attend the funerals of lawyers you dont know for professional solidarity?    12/08/22  (4)
"He had sex with men..." *reptiles gasp* "... for money!." *reptiles cheer*    12/08/22  (3)
Of all the time periods to be alive, your soul chose the Computer Age    12/08/22  (15)
% of biglawyers who can play a double bass drumset?    12/08/22  (3)
G'MORNING u lil' billercucks! Arise! Your clients do not "serve" themselves    12/08/22  (11)
Undocumented lawyers taking your desk at biglaw office    12/08/22  (6)
kid’s elementary school is having a “pronoun hoedown” this week.    12/08/22  (9)
I am a screenman, like my father before me    12/08/22  (20)
Steve Sailer does rare video interview:    12/08/22  (13)
Lawyers plz help: my GF stole a dog.    12/08/22  (7)
Whoever outted Lynn Conway deserves mpm this year    12/08/22  (138)
ITT select what sushi to eat off of GJR's naked body    12/08/22  (30)
What is it about FEMALE lawyers needing to PROVE they are "TOUGH"    12/08/22  (12)
"how can i worsen the humiliation?" *uploads accidental chode pic* (tsinah)    12/08/22  (5)
A Tale of Two Phenotypes    12/08/22  (8)
Rubio’s ButtBoi Arrested for being a Venezuelan Communist Agent (Politico)    12/08/22  (3)
LMAO - the "brains" behind the Don't Say Gay bill INDICTED for FRAUD    12/08/22  (3)
Is there any demand in new zealand for american lawyers    12/08/22  (11)
"Now we proudly invite to board all active military members and current lawyers"    12/08/22  (4)
"If the Chocobar don't fit, you must acquit" - Jagdeep Cockirani, Esq    12/08/22  (4)
just fucking loled picturing Elizabeth Holmes sucking some old Indian's turdbark    12/08/22  (81)
Modern 'America' is a discarded condom that a pervert used to assfuck a dog    12/08/22  (7)
So many hook-nosed Jew lawyers out there    12/08/22  (2)
Know tons of dudes who did 4 years in army, faked back injury full pension @ 30    12/08/22  (13)
"The Bois from Breezewood: Commercial Sex Work & the Logistics Industry" (Knopf)    12/08/22  (1)
*TSINAH’s HOG oinking ferociously at repo men*    12/08/22  (26)
Go into a STORM on SAILBOAT today    12/08/22  (1)
Trump Organization convicted of fraud    12/08/22  (1)
Cliffs on Sheboygin, WI?    12/08/22  (6)
ITT: We replace a letter of a famous law firm with "T"    12/08/22  (6)
Karen, a programming language with strict bitchboi typing    12/08/22  (6)
HATP taking qs    12/08/22  (20)
Probing chatGPT filters for safety    12/08/22  (8)
Why do some threads disappear and become unbumpable and unlisted?    12/08/22  (2)
And another thing. Whenever Poochie isn't talking about Jews, all the other char    12/08/22  (1)
REMINDER: not only is Musk a giant piece of shit, he also    12/08/22  (13)
i read all XO poasts in a "Professor John Frink" voice    12/08/22  (24)
Trumpmos - u have any other mentally ill washed up athletes for senate in 2024?    12/08/22  (18)
Reminder: most posters look like the androgynous member of Hanson    12/08/22  (2)
Dems have 2/3 of the Senate now if you count eGOP    12/08/22  (17)
Armed gangs expanding in Haiti    12/08/22  (4)
It's unfortunate that "bitch boi" doesn't capture how utterly worthless most of    12/08/22  (1)
gen z males contemplating the pros and cons of sucking a wife's penis    12/08/22  (12)
Hey The Biggest Faggot, I mean "TBF" why don't u show some dignity and retire?    12/08/22  (3)
kirbymo ~~(> ' ' )> knocking on ur door with Dominos, yells “extra sausa    12/08/22  (1)
the literari boi    12/08/22  (1)
Tatted up 38 year old white woman burns to death after pouring gas on a fire    12/08/22  (1)
Know tons of golden retrievers who did 4 years in soft tooth, full diaper @ 30    12/08/22  (1)
"We need to somehow persuade more people that elections are fake." (GOP)    12/08/22  (23)
I would rather go to Nebraska than Dubai    12/08/22  (4)
Summertime Sadness / YouTube comments that go hard    12/08/22  (13)
Have laptop AC adapters in every room I use laptop (3). Neurotic/weird or CR?    12/08/22  (31)
Rate this Ole Miss grad Citadel fixed income trader    12/08/22  (26)
Her Nair on ur head, balls, face while she uses ur 🤪 razor    12/08/22  (9)
Mid-week asian pussy check-in    12/08/22  (3)
brb playing splitscreen    12/08/22  (1)
FBI to pro-life centers firebombed over the summer: “new phone, who dis?”    12/08/22  (7)
"Could a bitch boi do this?" I ask Karen as I press up against her in the alley.    12/08/22  (17)
In 20 min, I'm giving away 1 BTC to a random person who blank bumps this thread    12/08/22  (3)
2023 is almost over    12/08/22  (3)
silly strumpets styling selves "litigatrices" -- snap the second you so much as    12/08/22  (9)
WORST night you ever had in college?    12/08/22  (46)
Idris Elba's anthem: Take Them 5 by Juvenile    12/08/22  (2)
I wouldn’t hang out with many of the outed posters IRL    12/08/22  (23)
Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani gets 13 years of PRISON    12/08/22  (4)
SP’s wife and SP’s Wife’s Son snapping fingers exuberantly as SP hit’s P    12/08/22  (1)
LJL @ coders creating a tool (GPT3) that will replace millions of coders.    12/08/22  (36)
This new Nas album is fucking incredible, easily best nog thign ive heard in yrs    12/08/22  (4)
I can technically retire in 6 years. Still owe over $100k in student loans    12/08/22  (1)
Why are all of the bad guys on black TV shows greedy Jewish record producers    12/08/22  (1)
I don't think I've ever been inside a black nigger's house. Not once in my life.    12/08/22  (4)
If you can just make $3k/day you can retire in 10 years    12/08/22  (11)
A hot white woman exclaims "IT'S TOO BIG" to TBF, why?    12/08/22  (4)
Had to sit next to black negroes at a school choir concert tonight    12/08/22  (1)
What do you tell family (mom, aunts, etc.) who ask what you want for Christmas?    12/08/22  (33)
I shall glorify you, Lord, for you have rescued me.    12/08/22  (8)
Retiring guys    12/08/22  (27)
Latest craze in my MFH office bldg is shrews using wheelchairs    12/08/22  (13)
antinous gf    12/08/22  (1)
Chris Christie’s 25-yo niece flips out on airplane    12/08/22  (32)
can't believe some people put their pronouns in email sigs    12/08/22  (7)
I admit it. I'm a moron and it takes me like 10+ minutes to craft a poast    12/08/22  (1)
Researchers construct "90s chamber" to cure cancer (link)    12/08/22  (11)
the satanic force actually does govern the material world - im seeing it now    12/08/22  (6)
anonymous troll demons    12/08/22  (3)
Lasik is stupid as fuck.    12/08/22  (26)
what is ur subconscious trying 2 tell u when u dream about sucking a dick?    12/08/22  (3)
Ballots STILL being counted in NYC    12/08/22  (2)
cue gay voice "kavanaugh: you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the    12/08/22  (9)
Just found out my loser grandson is trying to put a ring on my old booty call    12/08/22  (17)
"Rinkedin" hissed the purple lips through the gloryhole    12/08/22  (116)
what happened to soulja boy's console    12/08/22  (2)
SCOTUS denied GDC's bid for cert in my ca$e thi$ morning    12/08/22  (5)
Wow. Second day here and you people are idiots    12/08/22  (11)
All it came down to was: die or adapt.    12/08/22  (1)
   12/08/22  (1)
AR-15 toting JJC to HBS student cowering under desk: "RINKEDIN?"    12/08/22  (10)
XO should charge $2 a month to post. Board proles like TSINAH/TBF would retire.    12/08/22  (1)
I am pretty sure "Voodoo Child" is just a TSINAH alt at this point    12/08/22  (6)
Dragon Warrior    12/08/22  (18)
Finland is BEGGING for Pradeep immigrants from INDIA    12/08/22  (30)
Herschel Walker sounds like a fucking retard (evan39)    12/08/22  (13)
"But Chaaaaaad...." *teehee*    12/08/22  (92)
Rate this cute All American girl next door    12/08/22  (14)
just lmao @ how these "conservative" politicians have sold us out    12/08/22  (17)
Gaming historian video documentary on history of super Mario kart    12/08/22  (3)
Zelensky = Time Magazine Person of the Year    12/08/22  (9)
Tua deserves MVP over Mahomes so far    12/08/22  (5)
Chiefs are retarded if they don't cut Mahomes and free up cap space    12/08/22  (2)
Discuss Jeep grand Cherokee vs Porsche    12/08/22  (56)
Reminder America has been dead for at least a decade now    12/08/22  (1)
Mainlining do you like the band Molchat Doma    12/08/22  (4)
everyone not following Ye/Fuentes' example and going BALLS OUT is dead to me    12/08/22  (17)
On a long enough timeline NIGGER    12/08/22  (1)
serious q: how do men get those huge round bellies?    12/08/22  (12)
on a long enough timeline, we'll all have clips of us saying the n word    12/08/22  (2)
On a long enough timeline, the value for all crypto drops to zero.    12/08/22  (21)
on a long enough timeline, we all die of cancer    12/08/22  (1)
White trash twitter is even better than black twitter. This video combines both.    12/08/22  (1)
michelle obama--time magazine man of the year    12/08/22  (2)
cop calls blm terrorists "terrorists" on facebook. gets canned.    12/08/22  (27)
Axios: Democrat dark money simply paying libs to convince people to vote D    12/08/22  (11)
Am I insane, or has traffic on xoxo been down significantly recently?    12/08/22  (17)
Just spent ~$600 on Christmas decorations, taking q's (TSINAH)    12/08/22  (27)
Ye — Someday We'll All Be Free (new song drop)    12/08/22  (1)
Dam John Cena looks old as fuck in this new commercial    12/08/22  (1)
Did benzo get his settlement money to run options trading?    12/08/22  (1)
American Girl Doll: hey girls get puberty blockers but don't tell mom or dad    12/08/22  (117)
strategy i talked about in that other thread had a 1 hour return of >%50000000    12/08/22  (6)
"IF WE DON'T GET HIM...THE MYTH SPREADS" ADL on ye    12/08/22  (1)
The retarded nigger won! -> Yay! -> No, the wrong one -> Oh no :(    12/08/22  (5)
Elite Chicago prep school dean brags about passing out dildos, buttplugs    12/08/22  (12)
Guess the national team these soccer players play for    12/08/22  (2)
"The attorneys of Skadden cannot help what they are. Their compassion ... leaves    12/08/22  (9)
how can i speed thru a bullshit HR training videos on diversity & harassment?    12/08/22  (7)
What could you do to ameliorate getting your eyelids cutoff? Would using sanitar    12/08/22  (1)
The Jews who own the judgment against Alex Jones are controlling him.    12/08/22  (9)
Ukrainians are now using Ford F150 Raptors as technicals    12/08/22  (10)

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