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Duke Nukem creator peaced our to Thailand 25 years ago    02/04/23  (6)
Trumpmos is it fair game for Dems/MSM to air J6 footage ahead of 2024 election?    02/04/23  (52)
Ironic twist: the Chinese weather balloon is an actual weather balloon    02/04/23  (1)
Ozempic is a miracle drug    02/04/23  (15)
Where does Shawn Michaels rank among the all-time greats?    02/04/23  (5)
Home of poor single mom in Jerry Maguire is worth $3.2 million now    02/04/23  (3)
Chinese Police Station In New York Closes After FBI Raid (link)    02/04/23  (3)
CA's new DEI officer: women who slept with Weinstein knew what they were doing    02/04/23  (7)
The autoadmit twitter account has very dark undertones    02/04/23  (7)
The Democratic Party is the focus of evil in the modern world    02/04/23  (1)
Watching "Jerry Maguire" to pump myself up, taking ?s    02/04/23  (6)
anyone remember the Travel Channel from 1999-2000?    02/04/23  (1)
medication extraordinaire here, here's some cheap wegovy    02/04/23  (1)
Britain's decline is unbelievable    02/04/23  (74)
Dam bro your Adenosine Triphosphate levels must be off the charts    02/04/23  (1)
Please come ITT and rate this Doodikoff vocaroo    02/04/23  (33)
"You People" on Netflix is good and combines XO's two favorite topics    02/04/23  (2)
Discovering Beau Biden handcuffed to the wreckage    02/04/23  (2)
Guy who has had sex with over 1000+ women and 75+ men taking questions    02/04/23  (33)
Welp, laptop has fan problems. Time to replace it.    02/04/23  (19)
Obeezy, is it hard to cheat on your wife now that you have erectile dysfunction?    02/04/23  (1)
Vicious nig beat down of 10 year old girl on schoolbus (vid)    02/04/23  (61)
Hypo: Bret Hart doesn't leave WWF in 1997. Impact on Attitude Era?    02/04/23  (7)
Hey Klee you cumstain the demand is now $302 million    02/04/23  (28)
I'm going to Dolores O'Riordan myself tonight    02/04/23  (7)
Don Rickles was pretty goddamn funny.    02/04/23  (9)
Are you guys excited to see Dune 2 this November?    02/04/23  (1)
Gap year 19 yr old HS grad here with college vs trade apprenticeship dilemma    02/04/23  (27)
~600k views on AutoAdmit twitter. If only 2% visit this website afterwards..    02/04/23  (38)
*Dorner emerges from the swamp* "You Brian Laundrie? Come with me"    02/04/23  (12)
Things where Losers complaining is more annoying than the thing itself    02/04/23  (8)
Sky King, Chinese spy balloon, Dorner, Frederick Douglass smiling together    02/04/23  (3)
Chinese balloon to Zimmerhero: "you watch the neighborhood, I'll watch the skies    02/04/23  (6)
(WaPo) The $400K conundrum: Why America’s urban rich don’t feel that way    02/04/23  (160)
“I was dirte the whole time” Doobs smirks as he starts walking w/o a limp in    02/04/23  (1)
Dorner riding the Chinese spy balloon    02/04/23  (1)
14yo student Chen Liu arrested for bringing helium filled red clock to school    02/04/23  (7)
Balloon shoot down video looks fake    02/04/23  (1)
My wife thinks I’m retarded and wasteful for leaving TV on for the dog    02/04/23  (7)
is law >>>>>>> Computer Science ITE 3.0?    02/04/23  (20)
Should hypocrites be stoned to death?    02/04/23  (11)
against better advice, i'm going to make an offer on a condo    02/04/23  (64)
Should I roll SOLO to the bar tonight?    02/04/23  (11)
Fervent Trump hater Steph Curry sends demand letter for no low income housing    02/04/23  (1)
not now babe we're part of a proxy war between cable news outlets    02/04/23  (48)
just ordered pizza    02/04/23  (3)
Taliban: We lived free under the Sun, now we are stuck behind screens in offices    02/04/23  (145)
Anyone else notice that Anglin has been copying a lot of xo posts lately?    02/04/23  (22)
Anglin laments loss of xo influence on Tucker. Sad!    02/04/23  (73)
night vision recs to hunt coyotes on my property    02/04/23  (18)
Mossad: Russia 19k dead, Ukraine 157k dead (link)    02/04/23  (49)
FBI agent grimmacing w hatred- "tell us who gave you Human Clay    02/04/23  (11)
really want to try Fogo de Chao but no way in fucking hell im paying for it    02/04/23  (4)
Home Depot doesn't want to just sell me a damn custom area carpet piece    02/04/23  (1)
Rate our new intern Ammad (CSLG)    02/04/23  (37)
Can’t decide between Honda Passport and Protoss Dragoon    02/04/23  (14)
Rating posters as balloons    02/04/23  (40)
Paedophile who tortured and raped children is found dead in cell before sentenci    02/04/23  (1)
Could someone file a bar complaint against Hunter's Winston & Strawn lawyer?    02/04/23  (12)
To keep kosher on the Sabbath, cowgod refuses to speak about the Gamecube    02/04/23  (2)
dreamt I was sucking cowgod's penis and he kept pulling out more peinises    02/04/23  (4)
Rate our new intern Assmad (CSLG)    02/04/23  (1)
What race is this?    02/04/23  (1)
Columbia Law professor tells international student to go fuck himself during cla    02/04/23  (38)
Top Gun: Chinese Spy Balloon    02/04/23  (1)
Daycare from ages 0-2 reduces IQ.    02/04/23  (118)
So brave of Biden to shoot down spy balloon after it completed its mission    02/04/23  (4)
Mac Mini m2 or m2 Macbook. Please help!!!!!!!!    02/04/23  (5)
What happened to clock boy?    02/04/23  (2)
gc is a big experiment to turn you into a bad guy from doom    02/04/23  (1)
lol at the weather in boston/MFH. enjoy your saturday!    02/04/23  (2)
i don't even know why i come here anymore    02/04/23  (9)
twitter shutting down "Commander Wong" jokes today    02/04/23  (1)
Women dropping their fat cuck husbands off at Buffalo Wild Wings adult daycare    02/04/23  (85)
Should I SLOW roll SOLO to the SLO town bar tonight?    02/04/23  (1)
"Any more stupid fucking questions?"    02/04/23  (3)
Imagine if Earthbound 64 came out    02/04/23  (1)
Hypo: Shawn Michaels doesn't break his back in 1998. Impact on Attitude Era?    02/04/23  (17)
I'm going to kill myself to stop the anxiety    02/04/23  (5)
I don’t mind choppin wood and I don’t care if the money’s no good    02/04/23  (2)
Being thin/really lean in your 40s = ripped/big in colleges and 20s    02/04/23  (121)
The Summer of '99    02/04/23  (2)
Shariah compliant OnlyFans revenue securitizations    02/04/23  (1)
HS senior year with prom date dilemma    02/04/23  (25)
BAM! You have to choose a WWF wrestler to give your eulogy. Who is it?    02/04/23  (37)
insane how hard the deep state came at stapp after human clay    02/04/23  (32)
yall xo women need to stop doing wicca witchcraft shit in the woods all the time    02/04/23  (3)
Should you ‘forever’ mask in some settings? Here’s what UCSF’s Bob Wacht    02/04/23  (1)
Russia is fighting like ass if their own propaganda is to be believed    02/04/23  (1)
$90 in Dell credit. Spend it on what?    02/04/23  (12)
DIE jobs hit hard by tech layoffs    02/04/23  (22)
Women confused their husbands no longer want sex after seeing newborn crawl    02/04/23  (1)
RSF, any tips for aspiring book writers (sincere question)    02/04/23  (1)
were any of Hunter's various drugs delivered in balloons? (need help for trollin    02/04/23  (4)
"The Force is strong in you!" ur grandpa screams as he rides ur dick reverse cow    02/04/23  (10)
Florida Board Of Education Removes Africa From World Maps    02/04/23  (8)
Chinese balloon SHOT DOWN over Atlantic    02/04/23  (1)
BPD = Best Pussy Disorder    02/04/23  (2)
Reading Mein Kampf solo in a bar    02/04/23  (23)
How do other former gamers feel about their time spent gaming?    02/04/23  (5)
Balloon    02/04/23  (2)
" A clique theorist has transformed the Bible Belt into the Torah Belt"    02/04/23  (1)
CDC: Chinese balloons are providing us with mask compliance data since 2021(link    02/04/23  (2)
just bought a house and didn’t realize there was “closing costs”    02/04/23  (14)
Why Did Old PCs Have Turbo Buttons?    02/04/23  (9)
Milley and Mr. Austin advised against shooting down the balloon over land.    02/04/23  (4)
PSA: This is what you should order from a "sushi" restaurant    02/04/23  (66)
The Chinese are mocking us (link)    02/04/23  (6)
they could at least TRY to catch the balloon in a giant net    02/04/23  (1)
Reptiles how do you respond to these factual points about the Pelosi attack    02/04/23  (129)
lol Sam Kinison really was a 180    02/04/23  (6)
Thought about when gyms reopened but kept bathrooms/showers closed for Covid    02/04/23  (33)
New York has 2 teams for each of the big 4 pro sports. They ALL suck except for    02/04/23  (4)
Purdue🚂 #1 in nation with crap recruiting classes (#30 #41 #36)    02/04/23  (5)
2A proponents attempt to shoot down Chinese balloon with rifles (link)    02/04/23  (15)
"Is this an orgasim," wondered 40 year old nutella after her zestimate went up.    02/04/23  (2)
the chinese spy baloon thing might be the most overtly fake news story since cov    02/04/23  (7)
Go into STEM    02/04/23  (5)
Musket battle must have been something else    02/04/23  (1)
One way Chat got can screw BIGLAW: knowing what's MARKET    02/04/23  (1)
Hipster culture alive and well in the Rust Belt    02/04/23  (10)
Sega's Destruction (Translated from Famitsu, 2002)    02/04/23  (3)
Biden delivering for Americans on jobs and infrastructure?    02/04/23  (50)
Biden posts message for Lynn Conway (link)    02/04/23  (2)
you're old. all of the 1972 dolphins are dead. popping champagne in HELL    02/04/23  (1)
scientists invent backpack for mice, give selves champagne showe    02/04/23  (25)
Which is better Mazda3 sedan or Camry    02/04/23  (11)
John Kerry under investigation for secret meetings with CCP    02/04/23  (10)
Post ITT and I will assign you a recreational activity    02/04/23  (54)
Biden judicial confirmations: 5 white men, 22 black women    02/04/23  (29)
Sitting in my living room listening to Warren Zevon    02/04/23  (5)
2022 Law Firm Financials    02/04/23  (7)
does China steal much intellectual property from America's finest law firms?    02/04/23  (1)
Update on house prices?    02/04/23  (2)
anyone have recent access to biglaw ppp data?    02/04/23  (1)
Ladies and Gentlemen. WE GOT HIM. (WE SHOT the Balloon)    02/04/23  (8)
*eats a large bowl of nanoparticles like cereal*    02/04/23  (2)
Chinese spy balloon is down, I repeat, Chinese spy balloon is DOWN    02/04/23  (2)
Accused Idaho Killer is getting hawter women than you while sitting in prison    02/04/23  (2)
GJR describes what she wants in a partner    02/04/23  (2)
🚨🚨 COVID detected at balloon crash site    02/04/23  (1)
NASA quietly posts list of painless suicide methods.    02/04/23  (66)
ATF & FBI just raided idaho balloon store, 46 dead    02/04/23  (1)
How A Woman Of Color Was Instrumental In Taking Down Chinese Spy Balloon    02/04/23  (2)
Lying in bed posting heinous racisms in my boxer shorts for 3 hours    02/04/23  (55)
Fourth NASA scientist this month steps in front of bus. NASA in media blackout    02/04/23  (8)
wtf nasa scientist at press conference drew pentacle around podium, won't step o    02/04/23  (4)
"They're asking for who bailed him out M'Lord" "Release the Balloon"    02/04/23  (1)
Overwhelming Saturday anxiety.    02/04/23  (1)
NASA scientist holding bottle whiskey, shooting pistol at sky    02/04/23  (76)

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