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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
what’s the most you’d ever pay for sex    01/26/23  (19)
me and luis slurping lo mein noodle like lady and the tramp    01/26/23  (11)
Tentative decisions are 18000 imo    01/26/23  (1)
Cholesterol is high but I exercise a lot. How bad?    01/26/23  (10)
(New York Post) Financier who fatally plunged from NYC rooftop bar was dad of 3    01/26/23  (21)
Portland is actually kind of credited    01/26/23  (30)
Libs are fuming mad because Pompeo said Jamal Khashoggi was pure shit    01/26/23  (8)
Rate my guitar skills (CSLG)    01/26/23  (46)
"Grand Central Madison" took 15 years and $11.1 BILLION 🤣    01/26/23  (94)
Veritas mark freaks out    01/26/23  (4)
i’ve been carefully collecting mental illnesses over the last decade    01/26/23  (6)
What do you think about Nation of Islam?    01/26/23  (11)
AutoAdmit is like a potluck except we bring mental illness not food    01/26/23  (72)
Santos praised Hitler in online posts - link    01/26/23  (19)
how much do you tip when you pick up a takeout order from a restaurant?    01/26/23  (71)
tamerlane are you nrx?    01/26/23  (67)
has tamerlane tp undergone METAMORPHOSIS?    01/26/23  (67)
tamerlane - who is this foreign weirdo?    01/26/23  (62)
tamerlane is anorexic. he's crying out for help. dude needs an intervention.    01/26/23  (71)
Atlantic: Don't blame (((finance))) for housing crisis    01/26/23  (6)
Pick what Anime I watch next    01/26/23  (27)
tamerlane tribute on Twitter    01/26/23  (10)
Adam Curry (no agenda bro) is on JRE    01/26/23  (2)
Protip if u ever get nominated to the federal bench read the constitution    01/26/23  (3)
Santos2024    01/26/23  (1)
Ricky is a decamillionaire from shorting FTX backed coins (FTT/SOL) pre-collapse    01/26/23  (3)
Plea hearing shock! SBF splits to reveal matryoshka of smaller, shiftier kikes    01/26/23  (1)
Biden judicial nominee doesn't know what Article II is lol    01/26/23  (110)
Groundbreaking female artist strewns 1,000 used condoms on gallery floor    01/26/23  (2)
no point in living in MFH during the winter    01/26/23  (3)
Reagan supported Osama better than Biden is supporting Zelenskyy    01/26/23  (1)
How to support women? It's SIMPle.    01/26/23  (1)
What's the name of that crypto coin OYT and donny were whales of?    01/26/23  (5)
RATE Adam Schiff's new campaign commercial in his bid for US Senate (vid)    01/26/23  (10)
Tiffany did not shower before Composition 102, 9AM Hinds Hall rm 401    01/26/23  (2)
People naturally find racists off-putting nothing's going to change that    01/26/23  (10)
New George Floyd just dropped (Memphis)    01/26/23  (49)
the average office worker basically "works" 1.5-2 hours a day    01/26/23  (33)
I loved how he made me feel. Still haven't washed my 'area' since our last time    01/26/23  (18)
Beer on a WA state ferry is now $9.50 but the cups are also smaller than pre-cov    01/26/23  (1)
What effect will the baby bust have on the legal profession?    01/26/23  (1)
purdue🚂 & nebraska😔 are on a collision course this Fall & no stopping it    01/26/23  (2)
Santos claimed to have a DDS degree, made offensive jokes about dentists    01/26/23  (1)
Obama’s election closer in time to Home Alone than today    01/26/23  (4)
“Keep New England White” banner leads to Civil Rights prosecution in NH    01/26/23  (22)
Rate this Wagner propoganda in Africa - link    01/26/23  (1)
You losers make me sick. Before I log off forever: yes, I had s-x w/ Kim Dotcom    01/26/23  (5)
"It" clown mauled by pittie rescue. NY Post: "PENNYWISE: POUND FOOLISH"    01/26/23  (7)
Daily reminder: nothing is more 180 than being idle rich    01/26/23  (2)
Herro herro (hora), I'm at a place called business school    01/26/23  (35)
can't believe they were able to make the movie "cruising" in 1980    01/26/23  (1)
"whats so funny babe?" "my internet friends called some guy a cocksucker."    01/26/23  (1)
Doctors aghast at president of surgical society suggesting they hire on merit    01/26/23  (27)
Simplord here, taking q's.    01/26/23  (4)
xo is the highest IQ group of people whose opinions I have access to    01/26/23  (9)
Came in wife’s ass, made her push it out and eat it. Feels good brothers (CSLG    01/26/23  (36)
Wait Ellen Page is a dude now? Lmfao had no idea    01/26/23  (28)
Rate my dick sucking skills (cslg)    01/26/23  (1)
Xo predicts IRL: Miley drops new single "HELLOSIR (Queen Jollibee)"    01/26/23  (3)
Everyone I’m talking to says they’re divorcing so they can chase nubile teen    01/26/23  (1)
i'm running out of excuses to skip meetings at work    01/26/23  (1)
I loved his assberries. So flavorful. What’s that! Snakes in my skin! Bird red    01/26/23  (3)
Are blacks the worst employees everywhere outside of sports?    01/26/23  (2)
I’m scum    01/26/23  (1)
What is the best book in the bible?    01/26/23  (23)
Once Ricky learns Linux its over for you all    01/26/23  (20)
HELLOSIR, I... *briefcase full of sugared pasta spills on floor*    01/26/23  (3)
Usain Bolt Faces Hardest Race of His Life: Catching Up to the "Wallet Inspector"    01/26/23  (2)
Study: Runners Often Have Ultra-Delayed Puberty, Grow Breasts In Late 20s    01/26/23  (8)
Usain Bolt loses $12 million life savings in 'scam'    01/26/23  (30)
Everyone I'm talking to says they're loading up on ammo    01/26/23  (3)
Moskal trenches BTFO.    01/26/23  (15)
cow goes moo, are you deliberately using "you're" incorrectly?    01/26/23  (4)
Biden’s shoplifting niece refused $85k job bc it was “below minimum wage in    01/26/23  (2)
Obama’s election is closer in time to Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box than today    01/26/23  (2)
Whoever nodded the GJR thread: You are the greatest mod in existence. Keep it up    01/26/23  (6)
Smells Like Teen Spirit is closer to Eisenhower presidency than today    01/26/23  (6)
Blacks love to say they're old school.    01/26/23  (3)
do the fem poasters hate the gay poasters for not noticing them?    01/26/23  (1)
HOLY SHIT guy pours Everclear down his penis hole & it basically falls off    01/26/23  (3)
"Karlstack? Like Karl Marx?" "No, like Adolf Hitler"    01/26/23  (10)
how do you guys know how to spot Ricky    01/26/23  (15)
Willing to pay for an XO add on to block poasters i loathe (GJR, Nullomo, etc)    01/26/23  (2)
Russia Using 'Meat Waves' to Expose Ukraine's Military Positions    01/26/23  (7)
[Video] Drunk HELLOSIRS partying on boat annihilated by HIMARS missle    01/26/23  (2)
Intel i7 vs i9 processor: does it make a difference?    01/26/23  (13)
Do gays miss the 90s/2000s?    01/26/23  (19)
Why are Gen X such bootlickers in the workplace? (cowgod reddit thread)    01/26/23  (7)
The more I re-watch Sopranos, the worse I feel for Artie Bucco    01/26/23  (12)
black teenagers laughing hysterically as you lick an ice cream cone in ur car    01/26/23  (6)
I'll never forgive myself for laughing at how small he felt. sorry I hurt you!    01/26/23  (1)
i now understand how and why gunneratt was such a "reddit power user"    01/26/23  (2)
Criss cross? Suicide banker jumps from window, flattens postpartum lady's kids    01/26/23  (1)
Pic of the Memphis cops charged    01/26/23  (5)
are roller coasters the only thing in life not overrated?    01/26/23  (1)
jamiroquai was right dr phil its virtual insanity    01/26/23  (3)
Watch in real time as this gamefaqs poster loses his sanity over "Republicans"    01/26/23  (4)
gunner confidently proclaiming to lawman8 that he's a "group six" hater    01/26/23  (1)
Rate this yoga video they just made all the partners watch as part of a "health    01/26/23  (37)
Reading the Christian Bible for first time - thoughts on MATTHEW    01/26/23  (77)
Downie guy screaming "Virtual Reality!" (Twist: he's duly elected POTUS)    01/26/23  (1)
I’m 41 and have no prospects in life    01/26/23  (107)
instead of building more, Boston city is subsidizing home purchases (link)    01/26/23  (4)
when is youtube going to stop trying to forcememe "lex fridman" to me    01/26/23  (5)
Lol at "paying" for "sex" don't get this practice    01/26/23  (1)
So you can just write script that does regression analysis and pass it off as AI    01/26/23  (1)
You can maek it! Nothing to lose! Hit reset&you do you!    01/26/23  (5)
Go to the media and gain wealth and fame    01/26/23  (1)
"Mirra loves me" you tell yourself. "We're going to build something together."    01/26/23  (2)
marriage of convenience between aspie dude and asian bride tp    01/26/23  (3)
Do we have to comply with this regulation? Lawyer: "Yeah." *goes back to poastin    01/26/23  (7)
"Dis card no work either Mr Brett" Sonia said impatiently at the Sbarros counter    01/26/23  (15)
a HELLOSIR just let me furk his ricehole for $20, LJL    01/26/23  (2)
The profound sadness of watching a 20+ yr friend with kids wreck it all    01/26/23  (47)
Is it CR to keep extra pants & boxers in car in case you shart yourself ?    01/26/23  (6)
ZOZOFIT | ZOZOFIT | A New Measure of Fit    01/26/23  (2)
what the max you'd ever pay in rent ever?    01/26/23  (55)
This guy gets 1100 Abrams while Ukraine withers and gets snuffed out    01/26/23  (1)
This was not a place of scholarship. Nothing 180 is commemorated here.    01/26/23  (1)
xo GTA V playthrough -- pass controller to HVAC every escort mission    01/26/23  (1)
Whats the most you’ve ever paid for sex?    01/26/23  (1)
1100 M1s in EGYPT with non-radioactive armor. Ukraine: 30 in 2024    01/26/23  (4)
5500 AD: Rogue Martian archaeologist searching for “the stack of Karl”    01/26/23  (1)
black veritas pfizer doc only did 1 yr of residency    01/26/23  (1)
Karlstack Edward Wagner    01/26/23  (1)
Lisa Simpson (playing anagrams): "Uh... Karl's — Tack."    01/26/23  (28)
Florida equestrian store Karl’s Tack wondering what happened to their SEO    01/26/23  (2)
And the Jews cried out, “Not this one, but Hellosir!”    01/26/23  (1)
Santos, despite no connection to law, asking opponents if they enjoyed DLA Piper    01/26/23  (4)
Filipino Jack is king of Hellosir Town    01/26/23  (1)
Another day, another lawsuit against Avraham Eisenberg crediting Karlstack    01/26/23  (6)
Detroit Lions Linebacker Jessie Lemonier Dead At 25    01/26/23  (20)
M1 Abrams factory is run by Shaneequa    01/26/23  (1)
Was thinking about getting this for my office    01/26/23  (9)
Ukraine is getting the M1A2 version of the Abrams    01/26/23  (6)
Professor Abraham van Hellosir killing vampires by selling them faulty coffins    01/26/23  (1)
Can ne1 EXPLAIN why libs are so pissed off about stock 'buybacks'?    01/26/23  (9)
Clive Barker's Hellosir    01/26/23  (6)
Tesla: How about one giant screen? Audi: Hold my beer, how about NO screens.    01/26/23  (8)
Matt Tiabbi not fucking women (link)    01/26/23  (4)
Literally getting my HELLOSIR workers DRUNK, they doing free shit now    01/26/23  (24)
Santos ribbing Biden for hiding classified docs at "third tier state school"    01/26/23  (4)
Cape Hellosir    01/26/23  (1)
Friend who is a V10 6th year Associate broke down in tears yesterday    01/26/23  (47)
Biden, Zelensky, Jake Sullivan, Tony Blinken talking military strategy    01/26/23  (5)
Top 10 video games of all time (OYT)    01/26/23  (12)
First 2023 Ricky weed smoking thread. weed lol    01/26/23  (9)
Be alpha stand your ground or lol    01/26/23  (1)
"Can the president fire the attorney general? Legal scholars say it doesn't matt    01/26/23  (1)
Tip 0 and exhaust everything&take what you want on the way out    01/26/23  (7)

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